Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How to Drive Traffic to Your Blogs Posts Using LinkedIn (60,000 Website Visitors Per Month!)

How to Drive Traffic to Your Blogs Posts Using LinkedIn (60,000 Website Visitors Per Month!)

You have a blog you’re, writing all these pieces of content, but you know what No one’s gon na read it. Why? Because you’re not doing what I’m about to teach you right now, Hey everyone, I’m , and today, I’m gon na share with you how to generate using , ( soft music. ) is one of the best social networks out there, especially if you’re in the B to B niche.

’S way better than Facebook and Twitter for B to B it has your ideal customers on there And you’re not getting them. You may getting some visitors to your blog, but they’re, probably not converting into customers, and that is because you’re not leveraging .

The first thing you need to do is connect with other people within your space on Linkedin, I’m a marketer. If you look at most of my connections, they’re business owners and marketers

That means they’re my potential customers or they’re within my field, and they can promote it to other people who are following them And the cool part about Linkedin is: you can have up to 30,000 connections.
Once you hit 30,000 connections like me, sadly they cap you off. If it was up to me, I would say that they should just make it unlimited’cause. I want more traffic from Linkedin, but for now 30,000’s enough, So now that you’ve got thousands of followers.

What you wan na do is the second step is post your content on Linkedin, See if you just click the share icon within your , like on the blog in my sidebar, where, as you’re scrolling you’ll see Linkedin social sharing icons and if you Click that it doesn’t really help me generate that much traffic, But what does help me generate way more traffic is, when I take my content, put it on Linkedin and only put the first few paragraph on Linkedin and then have a click to continue. Reading link.

By having that I’m getting thousands of visitors from Linkedin per day right now, isn’t that crazy. Before I wasn’t even getting more than a few thousand visitors from Linkedin, and now I’m getting over a thousand visitors a day. It’S that big of a difference and all I’m doing is just putting the first few paragraphs and then putting click to continue reading and that drives people to my website.

Of course, the third tip and I kinda covered this – have the Linkedin social sharing button on your blogpost. It doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t help a lot to be quite frank, but again it doesn’t hurt Something’s better than nothing And last but not least, when you’re sending out your email blast ,’cause. Every time I release a . I at least tell people through my email lists: hey, go check out this post. You can put it in a PS at the bottom of your email and tell them to share it on Linkedin

Combine all those strategies you will get more traffic from Linkedin and better, yet you’ll and sales ,’cause Linkedin as some of the best traffic out there, especially if you’re in the B to B niche.

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