Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How to Drive Traffic to Your Website and Online Store – 9 Different Ways

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website and Online Store – 9 Different Ways

Hey guys in this video, I’m gon na show you how to drive to your and the way I drive to my . Okay. So if you’re new around here welcome, my name is Dahlia, also known as the handmaid mastermind. I make videos and teach people on how to drive to their website, how to grow and sustain an , and on here on youtube, I make videos about tips. You know personal development finance money, all that good stuff to help business owner likes.

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So how do you drive traffic to your website? Well, there’s two different ways: okay, I wan na make that very, very clear. First before we get into all the different ways within that the two different ways is one people find you or you find people, okay. So the two different ways are, in other words, either you applying SEO, which is people find finding view and what that means is, if you’re applying SEO tactics, which means search engine optimization when people search for product like yours, that they’re gon na find you hopefully in Search whether it be on google, amazon etsy wherever okay, so that’s the first way search the next way I just mentioned where you find people is marketing. Okay and there’s many different.

You know elements to that, but it’s really important to understand the difference between both of them and that you should really have strategies for both. My first strategy is always applying SEO to any platform I sell on. That is a foundational thing I do because then, as I’m working on other things, business can roll in because of people on their own or searching for product like mine, okay, so applying SEO is really important if you’re on Etsy, it has its own SEO method. If you’re on Amazon has its own SEO method as well, if you have your own website or wherever else you sell right, they also have their own SEO method. The way I apply it well, I am it’s what I do I know SEO, so I teach courses, for example, on it on Etsy SEO, Amazon and Google put the links down below if you’re interested, but that is a first way to get traffic to your website.

Implementing those tactics so, while you’re chilling and doing other things for your business people are slowly coming in okay. A lot of these strategies for SEO are snowballing strategies, especially Google SEO takes time to build. Okay, and you know, Amazon Etsy are not so slow. Usually they could happen fairly quickly for you, you can get traffic fairly quickly, but implementing them is super important. Okay and again I teach people how to do this.

It’S what it’s, what I do, it’s the main thing of the hand-made mastermind. I teach people SEO, but applying it correctly is probably your best interest. I want to give you some tips on SEO. Okay, now, particularly for your website, because this is what this video is about. It’S about driving traffic to your website.

You want to use a tool such as Google Keyword, planner or, if you having trouble using that, because you have to either have an account, have an ad campaign with them. It’S an it’s a mess. You could use another tool called SEO. Book.Com sign up for a free account and go into the tool section, go to their keyword, you know tool and then you simply use that to figure out what keyword phrases are being searched for and how many you could also use another tool called.

I think it’s called keyword, keywords everywhere, I’ll put the link down below it’s a Chrome extension which is amazing, okay, and so, as you’re typing things in to search and things auto populate. You could see what the demand is for those types of phrases: okay after you do that, and you kind of work your way into figuring out the best phrases for your product type or people are searching for. You have to actually apply it correctly. Okay and the way to apply it to your website, I’m gon na sleaze fairly simple, well a lot more to it, but the things are fairly simple way. You apply it to your title of your product.

Okay, the title of your part is really important. Obviously it has to be relevant to your product, and you know it really does tell Google that you’re highly relevant if your title of your product is exactly that person searching for to piggyback on that, your URL, you know when you go to whatever that you know Keyword is if your keyword phrase is in your URL. It’S also makes you very very highly relevant. Okay, a few other places you want to put your keyword in is in your alt text for your image, amongst other things, in your alt text. You want to put it in your content, which is your description.

Okay, it doesn’t necessarily have to go in the meta description that is meant for user experience. Not at this moment meant before making you more relevant on google and there’s a few other things. You should be doing to get you more relevant on Google. Okay again, I have a full training on that for my Google SEO webinar I’ll put the link down below, but that should get you started understand you can apply it to everything within your listing is a smart way to go, don’t be spammy, though don’t be spammy. We’Re like okay them and take this phrase and apply it to everything.

In the exact same way, Google gets catch on they’re, not dumb, okay, they’ll catch on to you being spammy and they’ll, probably not list your site at all. Okay, now putting the data side. The second way, like I said it’s marketing, but within marketing, there’s many different ways. You could do it. Okay, I’m gon na go over several different things.

You could do now. You can’t do all them because we’re not magicians and we don’t have all the time in the world, so I’d recommend picking the ones that fit your market best. I recommend picking the ones that you know you have skill in or that you could learn not fairly quickly, but that you could learn to do so. The different ways. I have some notes here.

Okay, so don’t mind. If I read into them the different ways that you could drive traffic through marketing first way is email list. I personally use this myself. I have had an email list since the beginning of time, beginning of time me, but you know when I first started my business or shortly after that. The reason why I started the email list because I was told it was the right thing to do.

I usually don’t you know, go follow business strategies just because somebody told me to do it, but when I first started out, I didn’t know anything right, and I heard it was a big thing. Like you know, I always heard these big business gurus saying like email, us email list, you own it. Whenever I said okay, I’ll start it, it doesn’t cost me much to start. You can start on MailChimp it’s for free. You can start building your lessons for free.

Okay, so I recommend you do that I’ll put a link down two other helpful email lists, marketing type of videos or blog post. That will help you but start anyone who won’t. You know, cost you pretty much anything and won’t take too much of your time. So long as you set it up properly, first continue building your list, so I did when I was building my list and I’ll be the first thing that admit. I did not send anything to my list when I first built it.

Okay, so show some people that probably forgot about me when I did eventually email them, but um if they were in my target market. Hopefully it wasn’t too much of a problem and I started it and I you know, worked on some tactics and I changed things and I tested things, and I mean this is years of experience and I reached a point where any time I send an email, I Make money I make thousands of dollars, you know, and usually it’s for like a reason. So if I send an email out for back-to-school or a summer sale or Mother’s, you know, Day gifts or Father’s Day, gifts or or whatever you know just think about it. You know there’s different reasons why you send emails to your target market, but I it’s one of the well. I would say, Google and email list is one of the biggest ways I drive traffic to my website.

Okay, email, us being a really big winner. When, especially when I do send out the email in the time of a month like right now having sent out an email in about three weeks so right now at the moment, my obviously my emails does not making me money kind of send out an email that I’M working on a summary email as we speak. The point is when I do send out an email. It brings substantial amount of income for me, so that is one of the ways you build it. You set it up, you get people join and over times you have a bigger and bigger or less when you email them for several marketing reasons throughout the year you will make money.

Okay. Now, of course, it’s much more to it. There’S much much more to it. Such as what do you email them, how often do you email them? What are your emails?

Look like how you get them to click into your emails. How do you get them to click to your website? How do you get them to convert? You know what you know: offerings are better than others and all of that stuff. Okay, because really is an art form, this email marketing thing, and so, as usual, whatever I know to teach whatever that has worked for me, I created a course for okay, so the email marketing course is down below if you’re interested in taking a look at it.

You could actually see the curriculum. Okay, I go from starting in an email list, building one marketing and all I like from A to Z, okay, I even include some really cool bonuses in there for people to really get them started. Okay, almost like done for you type of you, know, templates and things, but that will walk you through everything. You need to know. Nonetheless, email marketing is one of the ways I market.

I drive traffic to my website. I do have at scene Amazon, but I prefer to drive the to my dot-com, because I own that. Okay, another way I drive traffic and you could drive traffic to your website is Pinterest again, it’s not just I’ll. Let me pin a whole bunch of things and wait for like people to flow on and there’s definitely strategy behind it at this current time I do have a Pinterest webinar and it was utilizing board booster, but at the time of this recording board. Bhushan has just closed down its doors, shut, his doors or whatever you wan na call it because of it doesn’t play.

It doesn’t play nice with Pinterest and the API and all that stuff. Okay. Nonetheless, it’s gone so I will be using tailwind very soon. I’M currently working on it. Might I’m currently working on my strategy to apply it using tailwind and I kind of figure it out.

I just have to do it and let it you know kind of groove and do its thing and then, if it it’s working the way I want to then I’ll update the course in that piece. However, the course at least the whole beginning part there’s plenty for you to do before you even get to that board. Booster part. So again, if you’re interested in you know using Pinterest as a pin, you know as a traffic strategy to your website highly recommend it, especially if your target markets hanging out on Pinterest, okay, moms, you know soon-to-be moms anything gift-giving if you are in the trendy type Of market wedding baby, you don’t say, there’s probably a few more than I’m missing, but if you’re in that market I highly recommend getting on there. Okay party planning market, any type of planning home decor.

You know I’m saying so. I highly recommend getting into a country strategy again I recommend my own, because I know what I’m doing. I use it myself and I bring to try via Pinterest with it and again, if you get it any time soon. You’Ll know that you have to know that at the time so recording the board booster section is kind of like on a pause, but there’s plenty for you to do and work on way before that, like plenty, okay, so make sure you do that, okay anyway, that’s Another way I get traffic is another way you could get traffic and it could be really great and again it’s a snowballing strategy. Literally, when you first start, you might get a few hits a few hits and then over time it sorts of snowball and that’s what you’re looking for, because if something gets you know it becomes viral and gets repin and repin and repin you’re literally sitting there doing Nothing and people are viewing your content, which happens to be, in this case a product.

Okay, it’s awesome stuff. Alright, next is Instagram. I personally don’t use Instagram as a strategy, but as a strategy that people use and our success successful with especially was product. Ok, now here’s a few tips and I know how to use Pinterest – I just don’t have the current time for it now. Pinterest.

Sorry Instagram, I just don’t have the current time for it, but it is a you know, a strategy. I highly recommend, but it’s a very active strategy. There are pieces to it that you can make passive, but definitely a very active strategy. You know when I think of email list building the email list is fairly passive for me: email somebody’s, not so passive, but I set up an automated email campaign that gets people. You know that gets you know, email sent to people when I’m not even doing anything, and I teach that in my email list webinar, but you know Instagram is not so passive, and so that’s why I’m hesitant to start it.

I will be eventually trust me. I work on multiple different things to bring traffic to my website and that’s really important for you to do as well. Don’T just pick one idea from this video pick multiple drive that traffic okay. If I eventually will get to Instagram the point, is you have to really target and find your target market on there so understanding what hashtags that they use for themselves following those hashtags engaging in their content? Setting up your profile correctly, your picture, your description, your link, so when they do eventually look at your profile to see who engaged with they are interested in following you.

If you’re the right fit for them, you posting consistently you’re using hashtags. They get you found. I mean this is all really like a shortened version of what I’m you know Instagram is about, but nonetheless it does take time to build. There is no real strategy that gets you from like 10 followers to 3,000 and, like you know a week, it’s not right and if you did have a strategy like that, it’s probably not gon na get you. You know targeted followers, it’s not about.

You know, having you know, 50 million followers. That would be very nice yes, but it’s about having targeted followers, people that, if they you know saw your posts can buy so I’d rather have 2,000 highly highly engaged followers than 200,000 most people that don’t give a. When I post right anyway, you know Instagram when doing it properly and being consistent with it can bring you a lot of traffic. Okay. Another thing is: if you have money, you spend money on advertising, it’s different ways you can advertise, such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads.

You know you can advertise within certain platforms. If you know this is a website type of video, but if you are an Etsy or Amazon, you can actually within those platforms, but talking about websites you could definitely advertise within Facebook or Google. Okay, depending on the type of product you have. One could be more effective than the other, but, more importantly, both could be really effective. For most people is just that people don’t know how to do them properly.

People don’t know how to get people to want to click. You know for high click-through rates, or you know, in designing a really attractive ad for your target market. That’S the trick. You know you know. Spending money on the ad is not necessarily the biggest problem for people.

I find that people will not everybody, but some people will easily spend money on it, but then waste the money because they don’t know what they’re doing so. But if you do know what they do, you know what you’re doing. That’S a really great way to go. I personally don’t teach advertising, I know a little bit about it. You know enough to maybe try it myself.

I don’t want to at the moment because I’m very busy, but you know not enough to teach a course on it. Obviously, but you know, if you ever need any, you know, advertising tips, comment down below or get into my prating on my facebook group. It’S for free and you know, feel free to ask questions I’ll answer to the best of my knowledge, only the things that I know you know, but if you do have some money to spend, that could be a good way to go. If you know what you’re doing okay just remember, also other platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram and other places, also, you could use advertising on their platforms to bring traffic to your website as well. Okay, now a few other things that people tend to forget about to bring traffic to your website, and I kinda explain to you how they’re great or how they could be great is one and the reason why it’s great is because I’m gon na kind of Make it simple for you the reason why is great, because if you have a target market who is intervening, content mom’s, you know, I think about that immediately, come to mom myself what I was looking at, how to baby-proof are or home, or you know how To pack your diaper bag, you know blah blah the most efficient way or whatever.

What we’re looking at you know the best first birthday party ideas or whatever we’re looking for condom to read to help enrich our lives better. If you have a target market that you feel that there’s content out there for them, then you create content for them. Okay, whether it’s your own ideas or you hire somebody to blog. For you that’s the thing I know, but if you’re really into what your target market you can do it yourself. However, the key here is putting your blog within your website, so the main website would be your products and there’s a blog link.

So when they get linked to your blog post, they could see that it’s really a product website, okay and then, within that blog post, when appropriate, if appropriate, not every blog post has to have this, but when appropriate you want to mention your products. Links to them. Photos: okay, it’s really important that these blog posts are give very, very high value and meet the needs of your customers are doing some little research about what your target market searching for is highly important, and why and in fact in my Google SEO, webinar there’s a Bonus section that teaches you how to blog sorry, how to do Google SEO for within that. I show you how to figure out topics that your target market is searching for it’s perfect, okay and doing so will help you get the most traffic to that blog post. Hence your website so also linking to those products when appropriate is really important.

So picking blog topics that not only meet your target markets needs, but also where you could put your blog sorry, my phone making sales making sales okay, so you could put in links to your product when appropriate. Now not only is making a blog really important for a Google SEO traffic, because Google will also like you if you have content your website, not just products, but also, if you use Pinterest, along with that strategy, you could drive a lot of traffic to your blog Post via Pinterest, ok, so not only could use Pinterest for yourself for your products because use it for your blog posts and which will drive traffic to your website and which has your products recommended within the blog post. Ok, the the key here is not being consistent in blogging. You don’t have to do 10 blog posts every two weeks like it’s, not it’s not about that. It’S about valuable content and marketing those blog posts.

Besides pictures is much more ways you can market, but that’s just a few different ways. Okay, last but not least, is don’t forget your repeat and referral traffic, so this way stops get repeated referral traffic. Having a you know, a consumable product. They you know product. It gets used up, people need to get more of, but you know even referral traffic is really important, but in order to get those you need to have your branding on point.

People have to remember your name, so they can search back for your for your brand name and that they feel like they trust you that they feel that you’re, a professional, I’m, is obviously a million different ways. I could even go into getting that referral and repeat business such as answering your messages on time and shipping out on time, and you know packaging correctly and taking care of the customer. Something goes wrong. I mean there’s many different ways, making a good impression on your website, but each of those ways will help get that a huge part of my business as well again. This video is also showing you how I get traffic is reef, referral traffic and reap business.

I mean my product happens to be consumable, not every one of my product lines is but um. You know a huge portion of my revenue is a consumable product and you know if I wasn’t and pressing my customers providing a quality product. You know taking care. My customer something when a problem arises, I mean you name it. They wouldn’t come back to me.

You know if I wasn’t making my website user friendly said I would so forth. I would not have that so I happened to say. That is one of the ways. I’D do it is branding referral traffic. You know repeat: business is a one big thing that I do and I highly believe in because you work so hard to work on getting traffic but you’re not working on the people that actually came to your website like getting them to come back to you.

Why would you keep working on getting new new new new new traffic? Hey? I want you to absolutely, but let’s make sure that would taking care the customers that we currently get. How do we well them, so they come back to us. They search for us right.

We’Re trying to get to the top of search. You know Google SEO wherever we’re trying to email them whatever, but if we impress them that one time they’ll come back, naturally their own to search for your product, your website, name or type in your website name directly and boom there you are okay, so that is The few different ways I get traffic through SEO: okay, Google SEO – particularly for my website and then marketing okay, I’ve mentioned different ways that I get traffic in many ways that I don’t get traffic, but is a you know, an idea for yourself again: email list Pinterest For myself I don’t do Instagram, but you could blogging. I don’t do, but you could referral repeat business, I’m working out always working on those people to come back to me. That’S what I do. Okay, then miss anything.

I don’t currently do advertising, particularly where it’s like Facebook ads or Google Ads, but you could absolutely do that as well. Yeah, there has to be a plan behind it. Okay, one different way. One bonus way I’m gon na mention before I leave you guys. Is it’s not a new way?

It’S a way that most people don’t think about, because it’s kind of like the new-age way to get traffic to your website is working with influencers. Okay, so here’s the bonus tip working with influencers, if you feel it does influencer that matches your product type, that works with your product type, that has a target audience right with your product type that works in your product type, then you know partnering with them, would Probably be very ideal, a lot of influences that don’t have a huge huge following, don’t require money; they just require free product. You know, there’s some that require small fee, there’s some that require only discount code for their followers. I mean there’s many different ways. You can find influencers on YouTube here.

You can also find them on Instagram there’s many different ways: okay, if you’re interested in hearing ways you can partner with influencers, let me know in the comments below and I’ll be happy to do another video on it. Okay and that’s it, that was the bonus way, so there are many ways you could do it and the more the story is: if you have your own website, you have to have not just one thing in place, especially at least SEO. Okay least, Google SEO you have to have multiple ways: okay, to bring in you know, revenue streams from everywhere, just in case one day, Google wants to screw with you or you have no money for advertising campaign or something kind of doesn’t work at least you’re still. Having other revenue streams to your website, that’s how you build it. You know this year.

I’M sure that my website will beat my Etsy shop, which is fantastic. I want se to succeed for my shop, obviously, but and it’s doing fine, but now the fact that my website is doing better, I mean I know I’m talking about guys. Okay, you have to put these in place and – and so here’s a reality if you’re saying guy, I get you, I believe you I’m gon na put these in place, but I don’t know how again I teach Google SEO have the link down below for you the Course, okay, I teach printer s link down below okay. What else do I teach an email marketing? I teach that everything else I don’t particularly teach, but I give free advice on so if you have questions posted, my facebook group or down below and I’ll, be happy to help you as much as I can.

Sometimes I might even dedicate a video to it. Okay, all right guys, I hope you enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up. I would really appreciate it. Youtube will think I’m an awesome person if I keep getting noble like button hit, so make sure you do so and if you want to see more videos like these go ahead and hit the subscribe button. Notifications Bell, so you don’t miss the notification on when I post a new video.

Okay, guys, alright, see you later bye, [, Music ]! You

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