Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How To Drive Traffic to Your Website or Blog With Pinterest In 2020 – My FREE Traffic Strategy

How To Drive Traffic to Your Website or Blog With Pinterest In 2020 – My FREE Traffic Strategy

Yo, what’s going on, so how do you drive thousands of free to your site every single month? I’M gon na tell you it is Pinterest. So Pinterest is an amazing source of . Most people do not understand how to you know effectively use it. I never knew how to use it for the longest time, and I wish I did now.

I know how to use it. I will never, you know never ignore. The power of Pinterest has brought thousands and thousands and thousands of people to my site each month and I’m gon na show you how to do exactly the same thing. I’M gon na take you through the full step-by-step just showing you what you need to do to better use Pinterest to drive just so much to your site. Look if you have a blog business, you have a business, you need and you know one of the main things people struggle with when they start their size is getting traffic to their site.

So I’m going to help you. You are going to learn how to get that traffic. So yeah I’ve created a video which you’re going to see now, which is just going to take you step-by-step in how to you know, just set up your Pinterest and how to you know what you need to do in order to get Lowe’s or traffic to your Site, look I’m just going to let you know this is just you know so much value you really do need just to do. I show you in this video and you’re gon na get traffic from Pinterest. So yes, so before we’re getting further, if we’re not friends yet hit subscribe, I think it’s this side.

It might be that side, unloaded press the button and hit subscribe hit the bell. So you get that and getting home fight on some more videos when they come yeah. I think that’s it. So I’m gon na jump straight in and I’ll see you there hey so in this video, I’m going to show you how to use Pinterest to drive thousands of free visitors to your blog. So I’m excited because this is the same method that allowed me to take a blog from hardly any traffic, as you can see here, 341 page views in December and then this is the time that I started to use the Pinterest strategy.

So, within a month it gone up to 6,000 pageviews the next month, it trebled to 17,000 pageviews the month after it’s gone up to 26,000 pageviews and it continued to climb, as you can see up to 60 page 60,000 page views in August, and it has continued To climb since so this is a very powerful method. I’M going to show you so firstly before we get into this, what is pincers and how does it work? So I’d share this with you. In case you least, you had no idea like. I didn’t have any idea myself when I first and really come across Pinterest.

So Pinterest is a visual search engine with a human element. So to show you what that means, if you went onto and you typed in chicken recipes for slow cooker, you would just see a bunch of articles like this stuff that you would have definitely seen before just text base sometimes of an image. But that is how it looks, so you can understand that when you go to Pinterest, though you put the same search, query in and you’re going to get visual representations off those articles, so it’s 11 text base articles you are then gon na have images that represent Those articles and on Pinterest they’re just called pins. So, as you can see, they are the images that represent the articles. The next part is the human element is the fact that everyone who uses Pinterest has a profile, whether you have a business profile like this example or whether you have a personal profile.

So most people will have a personal profile, but either way everyone will have some kind of a profile and then on each on each account. Everyone has boards, and boards are just places where you can organize your blog post or the articles that you like and put them into relevant boards. It’S very simple! So, as you can see, this account has has loads of different gardening boards with different types of topics. Then, if you click onto a board, you will then see the actual pins or the image of representation of the Articles that are pinned to this board.

So, as you can see, these are all cold climate gardening pins, so all relate to this board and also some of these may fall into another category of a board as well, so they could be pin to multiple boards, which is good, but the human element is People are manually pinning those as well. So not only do you have a I profile for actual for real people, you then also have people going and pinning to different boards and sharing them around Pinterest. If you actually clicked on one of these pins, you would then go down to the final layer, which is you can see the description of what’s in the article is going to be about and the amount of Reed it has and the that you’re going to Go to if you click that you are then going to go over to the , so that is really it, and also just so. You know you can’t. This is the point where you can save the the article to a specific board that you have, so that is really what it is.

Pinterest, as you can see, is a search engine with a human element or it’s a visual search engine. Even so, if you’re wondering how do people see your pins, if you pin to pin how do people actually come across the pins in the first place, so there are two ways. So if you go onto your phone, which is most people will be using their phones, then when they open up Pinterest, they will see a feed. So it’s a Pinterest feed and it’s like having facebook, you’re gon na see all the pins that people have pinned to their own boards or shared to their boards and you’re gon na see a mix of those. Some of them are going to be from people that you follow, and some are just gon na runs that Pinterest things that you would like to see because they are in the same kind of category of the usual pins that you click on and save yourself.

So your pins, if you pin something, may show up on someone else’s feed because it’s related to the stuff they usually look at the next way is then they can actually just search into the search box. So you can use the search bar on a mobile or on a desktop, and when you search you then get the related articles up here. So that is like a search engine. You want your pins to rank high up, see people click them when they do their search. So that is really it.

That is the search engine and you can do that on a phone or a desktop, so there you go so I hope that makes sense. Now we’re gon na actually go in and show you how to actually do this yourself. So how do you use Pinterest to drive insane amounts of traffic to your block? Well, I am gon na show you how to do that now. So the first thing you need to do is have a business account, so you need to create a Pinterest business account and to do that, just create a business.

Pinterest account and you’ll see the instructions once you set up and you you’ve just you know. You’Ve logged in you’re gon na have the options then to start filling some of this stuff in so you have your URL of your blog. You have your Pinterest name here and then you have a small buyer. So the first thing to do is add your URL and verify it just follow the Pinterest instructions. You’Ll be able to do that.

But make sure you add you your own verify your URL. The second tip is well. The second point is you want to add your Pinterest name, which is probably going to be your blog name. So in this example, the is called paleo hacks, so you gon na put paleo hacks or your business, or blog name there and then with the remaining space. You want to try and put in a few relevant keywords into this point here.

So, for example, they put paleo recipes of health and fitness tips, so just use this space because you have a little bit character. Space left after you put your blog name in just use that, to put a few relevant keywords in the next thing, is add a description here, but make sure you use some nice and relevant keywords. So in this example, they’ve put health advice, easy recipes and functional workouts, just think what is relevant keywords to your blog and then make sure you have a nice simple description. Let people know what your blog is about and add those keywords in there. As you can see so now that you have your Pinterest business account and you’ve done this step, the next thing you need to do is then create some boards.

So, to start with, you need to create about 10 to 15 boards using relevant keywords. As the board names. You can add more boards as you go on, but just create 10 to 15 to get started with. So you know how many that you’ll need later on. So if you feel you need more, then add more later, but don’t create too many boards, if you’re not gon na, actually use them so start from about 10 to 15 just to get started.

So what I’m saying using relevant keywords for your boards? What you want to do is think of the topics that your blog is about. So if your blog is about recipes for example – and you have chicken recipes and you have pork recipes and beef recipes, those are going to be the broadest keywords for the topic. So obviously your recipes may be chicken easy recipes or healthy chicken recipes or grilled chicken recipes, but start off with the broadest keyword first and name that board that broad keyword, for example, you’d name the spoiled chicken recipes. Then you think of the next narrow down version of the keyword for that broad board, so easy chicken recipes or healthy chicken recipes or grilled chicken recipes or crock-pot chicken recipes or Thai chicken recipes.

Whatever is whatever is relevant to your blog, then think of the next narrowed down version here. So if you had workouts you could have workouts and then it could be high-intensity workouts. It could be. You know, cross-country workouts, gym workouts. Whatever is you get the point, just narrow it down again and have some narrowed down versions and name each board that keywords so this example, we would name the next keyboard next boards, easy chicken recipes, healthy chicken recipes, grilled chicken recipes and more whatever you need for Your blog, so if you actually want some ideas for the next or nice down version off the next board down, for instance, if you had chicken recipes on your blog, you can type in chicken recipes into the search bar on Pinterest, and you are then gon na See some keywords here which Pinterest suggests so these are things that people also search with that phrase.

Opie will search easy chicken recipes or healthy chicken recipes or grilled chicken recipes. So if you feel that some of these keywords, that Pinterest is suggesting are relevant to your blog, you, actually, you have content or intend to pin content on that topic, then create a board which is a narrow down version of the broad board and create a board With that keyword, so once you have done that, you are then gon na move on to step what step 3 or have a step. This is is actually add a keyword, Richard board description, so you should have a 10 to 15 boards give or take it’s whatever. You need to get started and they just named for a keyword and that is it there’s no content or no board descriptions. So this step you need to go through and actually manually, just edit.

The board descriptions, which is very simple, to do and put in some keywords that are relevant to that topic or that keyword. So in this example, this board is called chakra healing. She would actually want to create so you’d want to add a description with keywords related to that topic or that keyword. So if you read this, it says articles and blog posts for chakra healing chakra, self-care, Sakura books, chakra worksheet, self-care work, she’s, opening, chakras and balancing chakras. So, as you can see, they’re nice and relevant keywords.

So that is what you want to do for your board. Just find just find some relevant keywords and add those as the description, and I usually like to do something exactly like this. This board is about then just put the keywords, just like this nice and simple. So when you have done that for each board you should have, then you should have your account set up with your bio done and all that stuff. You should have boards now and you should have keyword descriptions in those boards, as I just showed you so.

The next step is, you want to start to paint to those boards and get some board juice. So pinchers really understands what those boards are about. So what I like to do is to start by pinning about 10 to 20 of other people to pins, to each new board, and to do that, you can search more to do that. You want to search each board keyword in the search bar, pin top content to your board, which I will show you in a second and I wouldn’t pin them all in one day either and add about 3 to 5 pins each day to each board. And that is other people’s pin, so you want to do three to five each day to each board of other people’s pins and that’s just to save you looking spammy by pinning 20 pins to 20 different boards in one day you don’t want to do that and You can divide it by morning and night, if you watching do maybe two or three in the morning to it during the night to each book.

If you want to do it that way, but either way three to five periods each day to hit about 10 to 20 pins on each new board. So, like I was saying you want to search the board name into the search bar to get the pins that you’re going to pin to your board. The reason we do this is because Pinterest is showing you that these pins, that they’re showing are obviously what Pinterest thinks are related to that keyword. So if you have a board – and it’s called a chakra healing like in this example, you would type chakra healing into the search bar and then you’d pin the pins from this search here. So, as you can see, these are pigs that obviously are related to chakra healing.

So, if you pin those to your boards, Pinterest is gon na know what your board is about. You could also search the keywords that you’ve used in a board description. So in that sacra healing example, I showed you before we had their description and there was other keywords, so you had chakra healing crystal so you could type in chakra healing crystals as well and pin some of those pins to the chakra healing board, because that is Still closely related to that boards topic, so that is how you would do that so just search each board main keyword and maybe some of the keywords in the description and pin the relevant pins that each board, until you have about 10 to 20 pins of other People’S pins done on each board that way, Pinterest is then gon na clearly understand what your board is about. So once you have done that it’s time to move on and actually pin your own content to your boards, so I’ve said time to pin your own content. So you want to pin your most relevant or so you want to pin to your most relevant broad keyword board.

First, and just so, you know, if you don’t, have a pin, I’m gon na show you where you can get these done, but you need to create a pin and then pin it to your most relevant broad keyword board first. So, for example, if you have a chicken recipe which happens to be a grilled chicken recipe, you wouldn’t pin it to your grilled. Chicken recipes board. First, you’ve actually pin it to your chicken recipe board. First, because, whatever type of chicken recipe, it is, it would still fall under a chicken recipe and more people are gon na search chicken recipe ban grilled chicken recipe.

So you want to pin it to your broad keyword board first, and I want to say your first board is the most importance. It never pin it to some random board that doesn’t make sense, pin it to your most relevant board first, because that is the most important, and so you know you can create Marvel pins for each Apple. You don’t just have to create one pin. It’S actually very advised to create multiple pins for each article, or at least once you’ve pinned a pin to each board that you’re gon na pin it to then create a new pin and then work your way back through those boards. At some point – and just so you know it does take a little time to get traction.

You are new, you haven’t got much history of Pinterest, so it does take a little time for you to gain some traction, but that is normal. Just expect that, and I will show you a way to get more, get your pins to more people a lot quicker. So we will cover that in a minute. So if you want to know how to pin to your how to create a pin or even how to add your pin to Pinterest, it’s very simple on your desktop, you just go and see that red icon with a plus sign click that and then click create. Pin you would then go and fill in the details so after you will then have it like this.

So this is a pin example that I created. You will then add your title here and I want to say make sure you use keywords in that title. So if yours is it chicken recipe, whatever you put here, makes more chicken recipes in there, so it could be top 10 amazing chicken recipes, whatever the ark was about, but make sure you put a good keyword in the title. Then you put your description here again. Use some keywords in this description and then a few hashtags with some more keywords in so maybe three to five keyword, hashtags and, lastly, put your URL of the blog article, not just the blog like there.

You actually so be your great blog comm forward, slash. Obviously the euro saying whatever that are quiz, so just put that you are out there and then you want to pin it to the most relevant board first abroad, relevant board. First, you just click that drop-down and then choosing the board that you want and there you go. You would have pin to a board and then work your way through day by day, into the next relevant board the next day and then the next day, pin to the next book, don’t open one day and usual your boards up, pin to the next board the Next day and keep working your way through till you’ve done all the boards that are relevant to that pin and obviously you can you’ve, got multiple articles and then you’ll pin those other articles to those relevant boards and so on. So if you want to know how to create pins, it’s very simple: just go to canva.

om it’s free to use and they have a section for creating Pinterest graphic. So they have many templates. You can use the templates or you can start from scratch and just make your own either way. It’S so easy-to-use. I will just how to create pins on on canva, and you will see some great tutorials, so very simple and it’s free like I said so that is really how you create your pins.

So that’s really the strategy. I know it sounds easy, but that is how you do it and I do have one more tip. I’M going to share with you on getting some more traction early on, but just to clarify, create your business account. Make sure you use keywords in the description in your title and obviously verify you, your URL next create boards using relevant keywords. Then the next step is create descriptions using relevant keywords.

Then the next step is to pin other people’s content to your boards fast to get juice to your boards and make sure you search the boards keyword into the search part and pin those pins, because that’s going to let Pinterest know what your board is about. Then. Lastly, you then pin your own pins to your boards, starting at the motion relevant broad keyword first and then go down to the next levels. As you find appropriate and that’s weird, then you just continue doing this day in day out creating new pins, creating new articles pin into new boards. If you need new boards create new boards, but just keep going and you’ll work it out.

As you do, this you’ll learn it’s how it all works, but this is essentially how to use Pinterest, but there is one more thing that you can do to get some more traction and that is to use group boards very easy to do so all you need To do to find a group board is go to a profile that is a maybe a big player in your niche search. Keywords in the search bar and search for people and you’ll see the big accounts with loads of followers and then go to their board list and search through their boss and when you come across a board with a a circle and multiple profile. Images in like this example, that is a group board, so you just literally click on that board and it will take you down to the to the board level and you can see the information on here. So you can see it’s full of great keywords. As we said to do before, and also it has a way to join the board, so it says if you’d like to join us.

Let us know the comments and we’ll send you an invite. That is how you do it there’s many ways you can join boards. Sometimes they have a request to join button, click that sometimes they may put their email in then email them and let them know so. It’S really that simple just go through and find those boards on other people’s accounts with the circle with the month or profile images. In and then request to join them that way, you’re going to get access to the followers of that board.

So this example there’s six thousand followers, so you’re gon na get all that access to those people and which is amazing, especially when you start off. I do want to say, though, don’t just rely on group boards. Eventually, your boards will become your best bullet and and group boards would just be a you know, a part of the the you know that get my words just a part of the process. You know, but you do want to focus mainly on your boards overall and just use group boards as something extra to help to get you some traction. So that’s it.

That is really that simple. So there’s nothing else. You need to do here. So if you’re working it get back to work and do what you’re doing right, if you are you know, you’re getting your blog going at home, then go and put this stuff into action. It’S really that simple.

So I hope that helps. If you have any questions and please let us know but I’ll yeah I’ll see you soon till then


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