Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How to get 1,048 new followers and increase Twitter referral traffic 159% in 3hrs

How to get 1,048 new followers and increase Twitter referral traffic 159% in 3hrs

Hey Gus Robbie Richards here in today’s video, I’m gon na walk you through a little experiment. I did recently that helped me grow my following by 1048 followers, and I did it in less than three hours while increasing my or referral traffic by a hundred and sixty percent and the best part I’m gon na show you how I did it without Spending a dime and now that this strategy works in any industry, I’ve used it in internet , real estate, health care, marine electronics, you name it. I have implemented this same strategy in a variety of different industries and it’s worked every single time. Ok, so let’s take a little closer look at some of the numbers before we actually jump into some specific tactics. So we come over to my analytics account and we scroll over here.

You’Ll see. I started my experiment on January 13 and it ran through to February 13. I spent roughly 5 to 10 minutes a day doing the tactics that I’m going to show you in just a minute. Now, as you can see, I can’t quite go back to the 13th, but the 14th. I started with 1459 followers and by the time I got up to February 13, which is a little bit past.

This point I had over two and a half thousand ended up being a thousand forty-eight new followers, so you can see a huge uptick, but the really cool thing about this is, as you can see the interests of my followers. I managed to keep a really really clean profile, so you can see entrepreneurship, SEO leadership, advertising all interests that I would expect to see resonating with my target audience. So not only was I able to grow my audience, but I was able to get people that I think are related to my target audience so good stuff there, ok, so what impact did this increase in followers actually have on my traffic? That’S the question! So, let’s head over to Google Analytics and find out now, if we head over you’ll, see up here that I’ve done a comparison between January 13 to February 13.

That’S when I ran my experiment and compared it to the previous 30 days. Now, if we scroll down you’ll see that for Twitter referral traffic during the time period of my experiment, I was able to generate fifteen hundred and twenty one referral visits from Twitter compared to five hundred and eighty six from the thirty days previously, and that’s a hundred And sixty percent increase in referral traffic to my from Twitter, which is pretty awesome. Now I only usually publish one long-form post a month on my and the month that I did. My experiment was absolutely no different, so I really had no outliers or variables that should have skewed the results. Now.

Let’S just say hypothetically, though, that I didn’t post a single piece of content to my blog post, while I was doing the experiment, so I’m going to just show you what that would have still looked like now. If I click on Twitter here, I’m going to see that during that time period my the post that I did publish was my list post that actually degenerate. Quite a lot of engagement actually 1100 shares in in a week, so it did really well, but so it generated 651 visits from Twitter in that 30 day period. Okay, so let’s just pretend that I didn’t publish it. I’M gon na go back and I’m gon na subtract 651 from the total number of Twitter referral visits, which would leave me with 870 still, which is still almost 300 more than the previous 30 days or 48 percent increase.

So, even if I didn’t publish any new content, I still would have increased my Twitter referral traffic by 48 percent, just by using this simple experiment that we are going to jump into in just a minute. Another thing I want to show you is this is actually carrying over like yesterday, I still got a hundred and twenty visits from Twitter, as you can see it’s by far my greatest referral source of referral traffic from social media, probably the channel that I focus on The most so you know, I’m pretty happy with that, and also Twitter is my number, my third largest source of email subscribers behind direct and organic traffic. So I’m getting plenty of visits and it’s also converting into email subscribers. For me, which is the ultimate goal in my case, okay, so we’ve seen that my following grew and the amount of traffic coming to my site from Twitter increased significantly. But how did I do it without spending a single penny, I’m going to show you three specific tactics.

Anyone can use in any industry to get very, very similar results. Okay, so, let’s first head over to tweet, buy now for those of you who are not familiar with this tool. What it allows you to do is a lot of different things, but one of the things that we will be using it for in this case is to manually, follow and unfollow people, and it’s a free tool to do that. So you just come in here log in with your Twitter account and you will be redirected to a page that looks like this now little word of advice with this specific strategy. What you want to do is you want to limit yourself, so I recommend that you only follow a maximum of a hundred and twenty people each day and don’t unfollow more than a hundred people each day.

If you get too carried away and start following like 500 to a thousand people a day and unfollowing the same amount like you could get your account flagged and suspended by Twitter. I haven’t seen this happen a lot, but it’s worth noting. If you stay around 100 to 120, follow unfollow you, you know, you’ll be completely fine, so just to keep that in mind. So now that we’re in here I will click. The first thing I want to do is I want to unfollow anyone that I followed today.

Previously, who hasn’t followed me back so just come over, manage Twitter flush, the unfollowers and then it’s going to pull up a list of all of the people that I have followed in the last 20 or followed and haven’t followed me back. I actually just did this 20 minutes ago, so I’m not going to start on following them just yet, because only just followed a lot of these people, but it’s very simple: I would just mass on focus: unfollow unfollow, unfollow all the way down this list until the Number up here read 100 and then once I had done that, I would come over to follow tweets and click at users. Followers and it’ll. Take me through to this page, and on this page you have to enter the Twitter handle of someone who’s audience. You want to follow now, preferably you want to follow.

You know well-known publications in your industry or even some of your competitors, so as he as an example, in my case, I am in the internet. Marketing SEO content marketing space, so I could come over and an example of an account that I would probably be interested in is in down org a very growing in popularity. This is an online marketing forum, so these people, the people following this account – are very very likely to have the same interests as my target audience. So all I’ll do is, I will just copy their handle and then I will come back over and just paste. It right in here click start following, and it will bring me through to a page here and it will show all of Indiana dogs followers.

Now, as I mentioned, I did this not long ago, so I won’t actually go through and do it right now, but I don’t want to show you a couple things that I look at that are very important when you’re doing this and first one is the number Of followers now for me personally, I only follow accounts that have the same number of followers as I do, maybe a few more or less than I do so. In my case, I have you know three thousand two hundred followers roughly, so I’m not going to follow anyone. Typically, you has more than 5,000 followers, so anyone with 5,000 or less I’ll follow them, and I also want to make sure that they have tweeted within the last couple days, because that shows me that they are engaged now. If I could find people that need both these criteria, they are roughly the same size as in terms of Twitter followers and they are engaged. These people are much more likely to follow me back and follow me back quickly.

So once I have those metrics in mind I’ll just scroll through the list and as you can see the people that I’ve already followed these people have, you know the same or less number of followers and they’ve tweeted within the last two days so to scroll through The list until this number reaches 120 and then that’s it, I’m done with that and I, as you can see this, this only took me about five minutes. I did it every morning for 30 days. You add that up that’s only at roughly two and a half hours over the course of a month, and this was by far the biggest generator of new Twitter followers for and now I’m going to show you the the next step tactic that I use. So if we come over to my blog, you can see that I have a header bar along the top here. That is promoting my Twitter account now normally, I actually would have this as a link through to one of my squeeze pages or ebook pages.

Some type of lead generation page, I hope my sole focus on my blog – is to build my email list. That’S it you’ll notice. I don’t have any social media icons or follow me buttons or anything anyway. It’S all email based, but for this particular experiment in this period of time I decided to try and leverage this header bar to help accelerate the growth of my account and the thing with this. It’S super super easy to do.

It’S free! All you do, is you use a tool called super me? So if you come over to sumo me, you’ll see that you can install this. It’S just that you can grab this snippet of code and embed it into the head of your HTML or, if you scroll down, if you have a wordpress website, you just click here and you download the zip file to your computer and once you download that zip Folder to your desktop or wherever you want on your computer, you will then just simply come in log in at the backend of your WordPress website, come over to plugins and then click add new and then you’ll click upload, plug-in and then you’ll just select your your Zip folder with the plug-in files in it and then just click, install and then activate the plug-in and then, when you come back over to your site, you’re gon na see this blue crown in the top right-hand corner of your site. Just click that first you’ll actually need to enter in your name and email.

Very simply, you just need to create an account, and one thing I want to talk about too is soomi actually provides a full suite of tools you can use and they’re free. You can see here I’m using their share app. It’S helped me generate over 11,000 shares on my blog with Outlook 10 posts like it’s fantastic, responsive, very, very good, highly recommend you check it out, but they also, if you come into the sumo store, they also have a bunch of different tools, like list builder, to Pop in scroll box, they have a bunch of different tools that you can use to increase social engagement grow. Your email list get some analytics and heatmaps contact forms and then they’ve got some other paid features in here. But you know great tools.

A lot of these stuff, you normally pay for in our case, we’ll just click smart bar and install that and then once you click that you’ll see it show up here in your little Suomi account. You have here so I’ll. Just click that I want to show you configure this, so we click click design, you’ll, see that there are a few different options in this case like if we want to have email collect like we can set it up for that, so people can enter Their email on the header bar called actions. I use this quite a lot catchy title link through to a page where you can catch your email and then you’ll notice. You’Ve got Twitter and Facebook buttons.

So if we kick Twitter yeah, that’s where it is. That’S the one that I have customize your message, font background colors a few different things here in behavior you set how often a visitor will see it once they visited your site. You’Ll enter in your Twitter username and then features here for the placement. I try make it sticky so the head of our scroll to people as they move down the site, but you can set it to not do that or hide on scroll down and show on scroll up. So there’s a few different customization settings whatever you prefer, you can test that services is more for email and then you can set some rules to show which pages it doesn’t does not show on as well as whether you want to show it on mobile or desktop Devices so there’s a few different features.

You can add some custom format. You know, so that’s pretty much all there is to it it’s very, very simple. Once you have it installed, just use these basic settings and you’ll be up and running to go as people scroll down your website. The thing the header bar will stick to the top of your page and they will be able to follow you directly with one click from your website. So that’s that’s the second tactic you can use.

The third tactic I wan na show. You is very, very simple. It’S all about optimizing, the post conversion funnel and by what I mean by a post conversion funnel, is once someone if you’re, using a double opt-in, which you should be once someone gets your confirmation email, so they enter their email. They get their confirmation email where they have to click the link once they click that link they get taken through to a thank you page. That will look in my case.

You guys probably recognize this design you’ll see here that I I asked people to share the page where they opted it in, and I also give them the link to their the e-book and then I. Finally, I ask them to follow me on Twitter, Google, LinkedIn and Facebook. Now you can just if you really want to keep it targeted, just eliminate all the other options and just keep Twitter, so they only have one option and the whole logic behind this is, if someone’s, given you their address, they’re, probably going to be much much much More likely to also follow you on twitter, if you ask them so, you know what they say: get the traffic while it’s hot and people are proven to be much more likely to convert again right after they convert it. The first time in this case we want them to follow us on Twitter right after they give us their email address, and then you know, that’s really really simple. That’S all you really have to do to optimize that post conversion funnel a lot of people.

Don’T do that? How do you recommend that you do because it really really works and then one other thing that works? Well, if say, you want to build your Twitter audience and you want to try and get some build some relationships with influences and get them to follow you. One tactic tactic that I found works pretty well, is to find some influences. You can use some a bunch of different tools for this one tool that I use is buzzsumo.

So if I come over to buzzsumo I’ll just log in here quickly, now I’m gon na just hit the influences tab and I’m just going to type in a generic term related to my target audience or the content that I write about now. It’Ll bring up a list of influences in here that, based on followers, one thing that I like to look through is I like to look at the number of followers they have and then look at their reply ratio now, if they have a large number of followers And a pretty decent like over 40 to 50 percent reply ratio is pretty good. What I will do is, I will follow them, and then I will add them to one of the Twitter lists that I have set up and from there I’ll start, sharing some of their content and start to engage with them and often times. Some of these people will follow me back and then I instantly have a power influence following me that whenever they see my content, if they share it, I can drastically increase the reach of my content and one final piece on that is. If I come over – and I click my lists button here – you can see here that I really kind of baked some of these people with the titles I have so I say the best minds in SM social media, the top bloggers on Twitter, you know and then I’Ll just I’ll kind of stroke, their ego a little bit I’ll, say top bloggers on Twitter, a short list of the most influential bloggers on the planet.

It’S kind of a catchy title. Now, if I come over here, I just created this one. You know you’ve got down rouse yaro starak Chris Drucker people who have very very large following people who I want to build connections with people who I want following me, so they can share and amplify my content. So that’s just one tactic that you can use to. Try and get some of these larger influences to follow you on Twitter and share your content.

So that is one strategy and then another thing that you can do just quickly is: you can use a tool like Twitter feed to automate some of the content sharing. You do so, you can add in the RSS feed of say Chris Drucker’s blog and then it’ll automatically share his content. Every time you’ll automatically share his content. Every time he publishes a new post and then you’ll just add a suffix to the end, which I’ve got the tool. I’Ve been here just to quickly show you I’ll just pull in an RSS feed and then I would add his Twitter handle to the end of it.

Then he would get notified every time. I share his post, which in this case would be every time he publishes something new and then you know I’m continually getting in front of him and could build a relationship with him over time, as I continually engage with his content. So that’s just one additional tip that you can use, but, as you can see, with a little setup and then 5 to 10 minutes day, I was able to grow my Twitter audience by a thousand 48 followers and send over 1500 people to my site from Twitter And I did it all without spending a single penny, and this is something anyone can do in any industry, so there you have it. That is how that is how I did with my Twitter experiment, I’m actually starting to do the same thing again for the next 30 days. So I will likely report back on that after the experiments complete.

So if you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below I’ll be sure to get back to you, oh and yeah. Follow me on Twitter until the next video have a good one, guys


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