Get More Traffic increase website traffic How to Get Free Traffic to Your Affiliate Link

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How to Get Free Traffic to Your Affiliate Link

In this video I want to talk to you
about how to get free traffic to your affiliate link. Hey what's up my friend, AR Rizvi here hope you're doing great today. What I wanted to do is basically
give you four different ways that you can generate free traffic to your
affiliate offer okay and although I don't recommend you just drive traffic
straight to your affiliate offer I would recommend you build a landing page okay
and capture the emails of people that are interested in what you're saying
what you're talking about but for the purpose of this video if you
are looking for traffic to your affiliate link
these are the following four traffic sources that I
would recommend. Okay without further ado let's go. Traffic source number one
Facebook lives okay, if you don't know what Facebook lives are you should know
them by now they are basically ways of interacting live with your friends
people that are following you on facebook and when you're able to do that
right you can answer questions you can talk about what you're what you're doing
how you doing it, what's going on with you, what's going on in your business how
you can maybe help them.

What you've learned or what you know whether it's
from personal development side of things whether it's like from a business point
of view you can share a lot of value and knowledge and do it live and when you do
that you get more interaction, people start noticing you more and when you do
that you start getting more people interested in what you're all about what
you're talking about what you are promoting and they start doing business
with you okay so Facebook Likes is number one. Number two traffic source is
YouTube lives same thing as Facebook like I've mentioned right YouTube Live's
are powerful you can connect with your audience people that are following you
those YouTube Live's stay on your account okay
and you can answer questions right live and you know have like a live
interaction with your followers and what will happen is your followers your
subscribers will start to see you as someone who's approachable or someone
who is out there to help you help you out basically right and when that
happens again they start liking you trusting you and when that happens you
have more chance and more of a chance of them something scratching me some little
fly right so you got more of a chance of doing business with it okay.
Traffic source number three right I would recommend you check out or check
out but you start looking at creating your own podcast
okay now podcasts are there's something about podcast right which is they you're
sharing your thoughts and ideas right on something that you are interested in
something that you know about you you're an expert in right and by doing that
right by doing that people when they start listening to you right and they
start maybe you could even have people on your podcast come as guests right
talk to them interview that way but when they start hearing your voice right
regularly on a daily basis again they start
liking you they started trusting you and when that happens they want to know more
about what you're doing and what businesses you're in etc etc so – right
so it's a really good way of getting your voice heard right getting your
voice out there right and building your own brand right by doing a podcast by
doing these YouTube Live's Facebook Live's you're building your own brand right and
when you do that people are going to be more interested in what you're doing
what you're about then some random you know affiliate marketer sitting there in
the corner of wherever right and trying to promote a product right and if people
don't know you there they don't know what you're about they're not going to
do business with you simple as that it doesn't matter who you are they want to
know who you are and they want to know you as a trusted source okay.

The last
method right is doing blog posts okay if you've created your blog
great, if you haven't, start your own blog right, brand it to yourself or to to
a name that would brand you right eventually okay
and basically share value share value you could do written like you know you
could do posts written posts you could do videos you could share those videos
on your blog you could have your own podcast write links on your blog and the
thing and the thing is you're building your own brand you're building your own
name and again when you do that people want to do business with you, people
will more than likely want to buy from you okay so think about those things
four different methods I've shared with you Facebook Live's, YouTube Live's, Blog
posts and also having your own a Podcast.

Hope you found this video useful
if you did do give me a thumbs up do hit the bell button for any future updates
leave a comment if you are struggling with finding ways to drive
free traffic maybe you are doing paid traffic you know leave a comment and you know
interact with me let me know how you're doing what you're doing and you know
maybe I can share some some of my knowledge what I know and maybe that
will help you in your business right With that being said I hope you have a
great one my name's AR Rizvi, take care bye for

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