Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How to Get FREE TRAFFIC to Your Website or Blog in 2021 FAST and FOR FREE

How to Get FREE TRAFFIC to Your Website or Blog in 2021 FAST and FOR FREE

In today’s video i’ll show you how to to your website, starting today using this method, just one tiny post got one and a half million views and you can publish as many of these posts as you like. This method requires no paid ads. It requires no budget, it is 100 free to use. It is completely newbie friendly. So if you have never driven before, you can absolutely use this to start getting as early as today, if you are new to my channel, my name is greg kononenko and on this channel i publish regular videos on making money online generation and affiliate Marketing my goal is to help you make a full-time income online so that you can get a better future for yourself and your family.

So click subscribe just below this video and let’s stay in touch. Thank you. Let’S get into the video as a website owner. I know how hard it is to and also how important it is to if your website is brand new, it’s not unusual to see zero traffic for many many months, but guess what it does not have to be like this. You can start getting traffic you that traffic can be in any niche and you can get started getting that traffic today and this video is going to help you so make sure to stick all the way to the end, and i’m going to show you every single Step all right, so i’m going to show you how to find this traffic and to do that.

We’Re going to be using this tool sem rush for research. Now you guys can get a zero dollar free trial for 14 days by clicking the link in the description below you can do all of your research in those 14 days. If you would like to so um you can just follow along. It is 100 free to use for 14 days once you’re inside semrush click on seo. Then click under seo dashboard into domain overview, and then we will want to start doing our research and we will do that by entering into this domain name: field: quora.

om and let’s click, search. What i’m about to show. You does not involve creating any lengthy posts on your site, we’re just going to be using quora to actually siphon off some of the traffic in pretty much any niche onto your own website in a very different, very new way that i’ve never really spoken about before. On this channel, if you’re not yet familiar with quora quora is one of the largest websites online and people use this platform to ask questions and to provide answers. So, as an example we can see here, this is what a typical quora page looks like someone asked.

The question: what are the key tips to train a puppy and then pretty much? Anyone yourself included, can get onto this question and provide an answer, and then those answers get rated based on their usefulness. For example, someone asked the question: what are the key tips to train a puppy and you can see this is currently the top answer right here, and this answer is longer than two paragraphs. So if i click this more to open up the answer, you can see that you know there are a few tips that have been provided and this answer has had two and a half thousand views. Now that’s two and a half thousand views that anyone can have as long as you manage to get your answer into the top spot, but also the other answers on this page.

They also get traffic. For example, if we expand this one, which is a few answers down, you can see this one has had almost 1 000 views. Now you can insert links into poor posts and i’m going to show you exactly how to do this. But first i want to show you something extremely powerful, because this is not your regular quora strategy. We are going to be sort of siphoning the traffic off quora and that traffic is search engine traffic.

So if we look at the overview of in the sem rush tool, you can see that they’re currently ranking for 149 million different keywords: 149 million different keywords, which is insane and if we click on this button here, the reason why we’re using a tool such As semrush, it will actually tell us exactly which keywords it’s ranking for so, if you go down here here are all the keywords: okay, that quora is currently ranking for all 149 million keywords. So on us, google alone, it’s 23.5 million keywords, so we will work with that and we will want to now start applying some filters. So let’s go and say we want to get positions just the top 10 positions.

So we want to understand, for which keywords: quora is ranking on the first page of google. Now the next thing that i just want you to make sure that you are crystal clear on and why this method is so powerful is. These are all the real keywords that people are typing in right now into google to find out that information. For example, when was walking invented, there are 27 000 people per month that are typing this in when when was walking, invented and position number one is currently occupied by a quora answer. So, let’s take a quick look at this, so i’m typing in when was walking invented into google.

Let’S take a quick look and you can see that currently quora occupies this first spot as the tool told us okay. So we can open this up and we can take a look at this, but you will be able to see that these answers are getting a huge amount of traffic. Look, this top answer here only in six months, so this was answered six months ago. Okay, in six months, this answer has had almost 11 000 views, so there is a link in here, and this link would have also gotten a huge amount of clicks. Okay, so effectively.

What is happening is we are well. This answer is siphoning traffic from google because this website is and this particular page is ranking for this term and then because all of this search traffic is coming every single day onto this page. All of these answers are getting views and i’m going to show you how to find some awesome pages in your niche, for which you can place an answer onto quora and how you can start getting that traffic. How you can be that number one person here on quora, so we have already applied one filter onto quora, which is top 10. So we just want to get all of the positions and all of the keywords that quora is ranking for in top 10, because all of those pages that are ranking in top 10 on google right now they would be getting so much traffic, it’s crazy, and now We want to enter another filter which is filtering it down to your particular niche.

So let’s say you have a fitness blog or a diet, blog or a weight loss blog. You would just type that in here, so you go filter by keyword and you would put in something like flat belly, okay, because maybe your visitors are interested in the topics such as flat belly. Now you can do this in any niche, i’m just using flat belly purely as one example, you can do this in hundreds of thousands of different keywords and issues, but this is just a way to narrow down your search results all right. So here we go. We’Ve got our results: we’ve got 37 keywords that contain the words flat belly on quora.

om, and you can see all of those keywords here all right. These are all the keywords flat belly diet, indian, how to get flat belly in 10 days how to have a flat belly. In two days i like to check things so, let’s just check it how to get fled barely in two days. All right. Are they really saying the truth and if we scroll down fair enough position, number four for this keyword right now?

All of these people, like imagine, you’ve, got a weight loss blog right. All of these people are typing in every single day how to get flat belly. In two days and quora, is there in position number four and guess what you can place, your answer onto there and start getting that traffic? So if we just take a look at how many views this is actually getting we let’s scroll down and let’s open this up, so here is an answer that was given seven months ago. Let’S just click continue.

Reading we can see this answer has had 1
5 million views isn’t this insane 1.5 million views in just seven months. This could be your answer there getting 1.5 million views and, if you add a link to your blog, that is not a super promotional link. You know just a quality link to a quality article on your site.

You can get a huge percentage of these 1.5 million views, clicking your link getting onto your website one and a half million views, even if just five percent of them click on the link to your website. So that would be five percent. This one little post could bring you 75 000 visitors to your website. Would you like that?

I’M sure that you would. I definitely would and that’s why this strategy is so powerful. Let me show you step by step how to execute this now, just to demonstrate to you that you can do this in literally any niche if you’ve got a website, that’s dedicated to numerology, for example. You can just also play around with these filters and instead of flat belly, we might type in something like number mean: okay, like a meaning of a number, and if we click enter, we will get all of the current keywords in the numerology niche uh. In the anything that mentions meaning of numbers, there are 272 keywords: for example, we’ve got here: 10 number, meaning in bible, 529 number meaning etc.

So there are some irrelevant results, but you can sort of apply for the filters to get better results here. If your blog is in the dog, training or puppy training niche, you can just type in train puppy. I i won’t put puppy because i want both puppies and puppy to come up, so i’m going to click filter here and once again, this is going to bring up all of the keywords. Okay, so here are four keywords with decent search volumes that are currently ranking there on google and getting traffic every single day. Now you guys don’t need to worry about volume too much.

It might seem like a lower volume, but each of them will be ranking for dozens and dozens of keywords, plus each of these posts on quora is actually getting internal traffic from core itself. Okay, so as long as you can find something that is ranking in google, there is a good chance that it’s getting thousands of views. Okay. So what to pay attention to once you are in your niche. Let’S go back to the flat belly example.

Let’S say: you’ve got a blog in the weight loss dieting niche. So once you type in your keyword and you’re reviewing the results, i recommend to open up all of these results. You can just do that by clicking this kind of external, pointing arrow here. Let’S just review the top four and take a look at them which ones are worth answering and which ones are not so quickly. What i can see here is that the first result has got 60 answers.

This one has got 54, this one has got 13 and this one has got seven answers all right, so uh, seven answers is really good. It’S a lot better than competing with 60 other answers. So if you make a post, if you answer a question that has got just seven answers that you’ve only got seven other answers to compete with. Whereas if you answer a quora question with 60 answers, then your answer will be one of 60

So your chance of actually being ranked as the top answer is a lot better if you have a lower number of current answers. So if you can find a query question in your niche that has got maybe five or eight ten answers maximum.

This will give you the best possible chance of actually being recognized as one of the top answers being ranked here at the top and getting you the most amount of traffic. The best way to format your quora answer is to use bullet points, make it very clear, make it useful and make it in depth. You don’t want to just publish a one sentence answer you actually want to make it extremely useful. The next thing that people wonder is are the links actually allowed inside quora answers, and, yes, they absolutely are there everywhere. So here is a quick example for you since 2017, this particular answer has been here and it is linking out to this person’s website.

He actually says he is writer at sweet fitness, hacks, okay, so that’s his website and here are the links. So if i open up this link – and i open up this link here at the bottom – it’s taking me to his website. So all of these links are actually pointing to his website. Okay, and one of them is actually even a broken link. He must have moved something, but in any case you know these are links that are self-serving, links that he’s posted to his own and that’s exactly what you can do.

That’S the exact opportunity that you’ve got with this method. Now, let’s talk about outsourcing this, let’s say you like this method, once you’ve found some success with it, you want to outsource it so that others do this for you very cheaply and you can just get the benefit of getting the traffic. You can absolutely do this through this website called upwork
Com on upwork, you can find people who will do a variety of jobs and a lot of them have very reasonable prices, so you can just get over here and type in quora and type in click. One of these options hire professionals and agencies, and that will open up everyone who is currently marked themselves as being a quora expert or doing some services related to quora. You can review the applicants here and you can see their hourly rates as well.

So 35 is probably a little bit too high, but here we go, there is a person who does it for ten dollars an hour, and he can do a lot of answers in in an hour of course, and he’s got an 80 job success with over 10 000 earned so you can see all of the ratings here. You can see the reviews and if we open up his profile, you will be able to see that even in his his description he says, are you looking for someone who can help you get traffic from? Rather than quora he is a quara specialist and he’s got many accounts with over 50 000 views with quora marketing. So he’s got high trust factor on quora, so you can actually contact him and discuss your job and they will be able to take care of your needs, and you know there are pages and pages of people who you can find on. Who can help you?

Do your marketing on chorus, you can easily outsource this piece as well. Do you want to learn how to get 100 at scale then join my caffeinated affiliate club, it’s my premium membership and you can start for just one dollar today, uh as part of this membership, i provide weekly done-free keywords. I also provide full training on how to get traffic and make money with affiliate marketing, and i provide coaching with that as well. So the links to that are in the description below. Thank you.

So much for watching here are a couple of videos for you to watch next. I really appreciate you being on my channel and click subscribe just below this video. If you enjoyed this video – and you want to get more videos like that for me in the future, thank you very much i’ll see you next time.

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