Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How to Get Free Website Traffic – 1.4 Million Visitors per month

How to Get Free Website Traffic – 1.4 Million Visitors per month


Adam payne, here with the video marketing insider and in this video, we’re going to be talking all about a really interesting traffic source that you can potentially use to to your own pages. Now traffic is the lifeblood of the internet. We all need as much traffic as possible, but whereas everybody’s on and youtube and facebook and instagram and pinterest trying to battle each other out, there are other people that, while they’re using those sites as well, they’re also strategically using other sites that are not quite as well known, but are super super powerful, i’m going to be revealing one of these to you today so before we actually go over to the in question. I’M going to show you, inside of a couple of resources, to show you how powerful this traffic source is so first of all we’re inside a similar way. So what can we see here?

We can see 41.8 million visits from november 2020 through to january of this year . So it’s incredibly powerful. This has a global rank of 3248. At the time i’ve been making this video.

Now, yes, you know facebook, youtube are the top three but 3248. In the grand scheme of things, when we think of how many websites there are out there on the internet, it’s incredibly incredibly powerful. If we come down a little bit, you know we’re just under 14 million monthly visits, 40 million. That is a lot of people. People are sticking around for approximately six minutes, so they’re, not just you, know, clicking on a few things and disappearing they’re visiting multiple pages as well, which is really really important.

You know they’re going to one page, another page on average, we’re talking about six pages. Every time somebody visits this particular website and people are sticking around, you know they’re not just clicking through and then leaving. So it’s really really important. Now, if we come down here, we’ll just scroll down a little bit um, we can see where the traffic is. You know it’s like channel overview.

We’Ve got direct traffic, we’ve got organic search, we’ve got a little bit from social, but these this website is not doing much paid traffic. So you know people aren’t coming to this website from advertisements they’re finding it in other ways, which is really really important, and the majority of the traffic is top tier. We’Ve got the united states clear at the top, and it’s also going up. Brazil and the uk are also going up as well. Then we’ve got india and china, which do have a bunch of traffic, but they’re going down a little bit.

So it’s increasing in the uk, it’s increasing in the us, which is really important. Now, if we flip on over to ahrefs, which is more of an seo tool, we can see that it’s got. You know a very good backlink profile. It’S got a domain rating of 93 and again we can also see the . It’S similar.

You know it’s. It’S getting a lot of traffic, basically so ahrefs says it’s a good site. um says it’s a great site and you’ve probably seen the name here. This website is called dribble, but it’s got triple b. So it’s d r, i b b b, l e, which is a bit of a weird spelling, but it is what it is now if we go over to the website here.

Dribble.Com um i’ll show you inside in a second, but this is what it kind of talks about. You know it says it’s um the leading destination to find and showcase creative work and home to the world’s best design professionals. Now i’m not a design professional, i’m not a i’m, not a graphics person, which is what this website is primarily for. But if you think of pinterest, there are lots of people that take advantage of pinterest people, upload their images to pinterest and hope that people will see their images, be impressed and click through to the websites.

So dribble can work pretty much in the same way. Now, as a content creator, i’m sure you know you create content. Whether it’s you create videos, you create articles, youtube. Videos have thumbnails articles, have images, they’re featured images if you’ve got your own products. You’Ve got sales pages that have images on them as well.

So you do have a bunch of images that you can use. You don’t have to be this genius design, professional that uses photoshop. That’S not the case. So let’s come down and have a look at some of these images. Now, while some are pretty impressive, some of them are fairly basic.

So, let’s just choose something: random: let’s just choose this first one here which looks like a screenshot from someone’s website and we can kind of have a look at this and we can just get a little bit of information if we click on this little uh eye. Here we get details, look this particular shot has been viewed, 30 737 times it’s got likes and it’s got comments and saves and all that, but it’s got 30 000. Nearly 31 000 people have viewed this particular image and, as we can see here, there is a link. Now this link goes to this person’s medium blog, which, again, if some of that traffic clicks through to the medium blog, then you know it only helps that medium blog post as well. A medium is a website that ranks very well in the search results.

Let’S go back and let’s look at a different image. Let’S just choose something: look: it’s a very basic! Looking logo! There’S nothing flash about this logo. We click on details here.

What can we see? 14 570 views of this particular one, and it was posted february. The 25th you know now granted some of these people are pro users and when you join, when you sign up for dribble, you get the option to have the free version or the paid version, but still the amount of traffic is pretty pretty impressive. So i’ve already created a free account. I don’t have a paid account and it’s very, very simple: you’d click on the sign up process and then you just enter in your details.

I’Ve already done this, so i’m just going to click on sign in. So let me just sign in let’s sign in there and now we’re inside here. So first thing we can do is we can click on a little picture? You can upload a profile picture and i’ll go to my profile. So let me just click on my profile and i’ve.

Only just i’ve only got one shot up here. You know i’m not saying that i’m a professional user of dribble i’ve just seen the potential of this by looking at the website. Looking at its data inside a and ahrefs and thinking well, this is something that i could potentially use. So we can see you know that i’ve got an image here. So let’s look at how we can actually upload an image.

So we click on this little upload. First of all – and you can see that you get the dimensions here, so they have to be big images: 1600 by 1200 um. You can upload videos if you’re a pro as well, if you’re a pro version, but i’m just going to stick with the regular ones. I’M going to click on this and i do have an image that i resized so that it’s suitable to upload and it’s this one here, which is a roadmap from my video marketing insider membership. So you upload your image and it kind of scans it to make sure it’s the right size, we’ll give it a title.

So that’s my file name, so i’m just going to call this email, marketing and conversions road map. Now we’ve got to give it some tags. So this is for branding, and this also helps our images get found within the dribble kind of infrastructure. So if you’re not sure you click on over here, these are recommended based on your tag, history and popular tags across dribble, so i might put, for example, email spell this correctly email and then i can put marketing email. Marketing came up, we put marketing, we can put conversions there and we can put in a few tags here.

Then we can put description now. The great thing is, we can put a link in this description and when we actually make this image go public all links. Naturally, are clickable now they are no follow links, so uh, no link jews is not going to be passed from dribble through to your blog post or through to your you know, sales page or landing page wherever you may send it, but we all need no follow Links as part of our link profile, it’s important if you have 100, do follow 100. No, follow it’s a little bit weird, it’s not natural, so you do need a mixture of do, follow and no follow links. So while these are no follow, don’t think that’s a bad thing, so i’m just going to pause this video and i’m going to type out a little description so be right back, okay, so i’ve typed something in so this is a graphical representation for video marketing insider Members that help understand the process of inboxing and then getting email, conversions and then i’ve just put a link here.

Now it’s a link to my home page, but you could link to a blog post. You could link to a youtube channel. You could link to a landing page, a sales page, anything that i guess is somewhat related to that image and, as i mentioned, it may be um no follow, but over time, when you start building out your profile and adding images and people start watching or viewing Your images, then the potential for people to click through to that page is going to increase. So i don’t actually check this. I’M not a pro, i’m, not a pro user.

So it’s a little bit outside. Let me just bring this up a little bit, so i’m going to click on publish to dribble, so we’ll click on that just got ta wait a few seconds for it to publish and then it will publish or it will tell us if we need to change Stuff – and you can see here that now the image is there and you can see by default – this is now clickable, so we’ve got that now. Of course, if you become a pro member which is not free, you are going to get the ability to have your image shown to more people and you’re going to have a little bit more. You know say in what you can or can’t do now. If i was to click on go pro, for example, i’ll just give you an idea: we’ve got five dollars per month, or we have 15 dollars per month.

Now, with five dollars per month. You can um get your upgraded profile, so you can put links in your profile. You can sell stuff. If you want to uh 15 a month, you get access to a few extra things. I’M sure for most people probably wouldn’t need this.

You could potentially do this. I’M going to play around with this for a bit longer and see now if we pay monthly less if you pay a year, if you pay monthly, it goes up to 12, but i mean five dollars a month over a year is not a whole bunch and If you uploaded one image per day, you know one inch per day: 365 images per year and you’re, a pro user. You’Ve got a decent profile with your social media links and you’re. Reachable and you’ve got your links and all your images. There is absolutely no reason why you can take advantage and get a ton of traffic and you can link to opt-in pages.

You can link to youtube videos to your channel grow your youtube channel. That way, it’s entirely up to you, but you don’t have to be a graphic designer to take advantage of websites like this, so that is just one traffic source of many out there that you can potentially use to get more eyeballs on your stuff. I hope you enjoyed this brief video check out dribble, it’s uh again, it’s free to join and if you did like this video, please give me a thumbs up subscribe to this channel and hit the bell notification. So you don’t miss any future videos and i will see you soon take care. Thank you for watching.

If you’ve got any questions or you need more clarification, go and watch the video once more over. On the right hand, side we have some more trainings and reviews. So go and watch those as well. Please hit the like button subscribe to the channel if you’ve not done so already and hit the bell notification other than that ask any questions. You’Ve got below and i’ll see you soon.



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