Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How To Get MASSIVE TRAFFIC To Your Website in 2021

How To Get MASSIVE TRAFFIC To Your Website in 2021

In this post, I’m going to show you how to get massive, targeted, to your blog or in any niche. I’M gon na show you the exact things that I did personally to get 127 thousand visitors to our niche website. I’M here inside the analytics account for one of the niche websites that my wife and I own and, as you can see, we started the website in May 2000 and 19 and we’re looking at the traffic stats for between May 2019 and February 2020. And, as you can see, we’ve had one hundred and twenty seven thousand two hundred and twenty eight visitors to our website. In this time period you can see the growth of the traffic and you can see that majority of this traffic came from organic search.

So this is from Google search, so in this post I’m going to show you the exact things that my wife and I did to attract this traffic and to get this massive traffic growth that will not stop. That will continue growing. What’S up everyone. My name is Greg Kononenko. I run this YouTube channel, caffeinated, blogger and at least channel.

I put out regular posts that will help you make a full time, income online so that you can have a better future for yourself and your family make sure to subscribe. Just below this post take the bell notification icon as well, so that you never miss my future posts, alright. So the very first thing that I want to talk about is expectations. You I’m sure, want to to your website or to your blog. That’S why you’re watching this post, but I want to make one thing clear: it is impossible to get massive traffic to your website.

Just like this. You’Ve got two options: when you’re looking to to your website or to your blog, and that is either free, targeted traffic or paid targeted traffic. If you want free, targeted traffic, then you need to be patient and you need to invest some time. There is no magic solution that exists that you somehow magically get hundreds of thousands of visitors per month in your first or in your second or in your third month of blogging. It just does not happen.

You need to take time to produce high quality content. Google needs time to start trusting your website, and I want to you a couple of things here, so you can see that we started our website in May 2000 and 19 and around May. I actually did a little bit of social media on the side. That’S why there are some spikes were in some days. We had four hundred and two hundred visitors and so on, but most of that traffic was from social media.

We were getting barely any visitors in May in June and in July, so the first three months we kept publishing articles, I think, were published about 15 articles in those months and we were getting almost no results. So the sad truth is that majority of bloggers they quit at around this mark they published 15 or 20 articles. They start getting maybe 20 or 50 visitors a day, and they think this is just not worth it. I spent days of my life weeks of my life writing content and I’m still only getting 50 visitors per day and I’m not making any money and 99 % of bloggers probably quit around this point, or they think I should go into a different niche. Does any of this feel familiar if you guys have been in this situation, then please drop me a comment below.

I want to know because, in my experience with people that I talk to, this happens all the time and that’s very unfortunate, because if the people who studies websites and then they abandon them, if they keep going, it is very, very possible and very likely to start Seeing growth just like what you can see here on the screen? Okay, so I’m now in the visitor view, I’m just going to switch over to page views so that you can see how the page views have also grown. So here I am in the page view you can see that now we’re enjoying most days where we get approximately 2,000 page views per day, but it took time in August. You know we continued publishing the articles, even though we were getting almost no page views throughout the first few months and we continued publishing articles in September, nor starting getting to 3 400 500 page views and we again continued publishing articles and then finally, the payoff comes Around month, six or they’re about six seven is when no, the blogs of the continuous publishing of content start picking up steam. I have personally done this in many different niches, and this is why I kept going whereas majority of the people unfortunately quit around this two or three month mark, so my tip number one is do not give up if you believe in the niche.

You know that you’ve done the right thing in choosing the niche stick with. It continue publishing the content, it’s very, very important because it takes Google some time to start trusting your website to recognize your content as high quality content, and we have now published about 63 articles on our side and you can see that we have continued growing and We will continue growing further and further. I fully expect that later they see, we will hit 10,000 daily page views and from here onwards the only way is going up if this feels too long, for you then think about this, where were you in your online business? 12 months ago, and imagine that you started this blog twelve months ago and by now, even though it does take, you know it feels like a long time twelve months, but, as you know, these 12 months, they just go like this and in twelve months from now. If you start today, you are very likely to have a successful blog if you just commit to it and stick with it that will work for you on complete auto-pilot.

We can take time off and this blog will continue bringing us traffic day after day month after month, and this is the holy grail of online marketing. This is exactly why I personally really like blogging, because we can take time off and this traffic just keeps coming and it keeps making us money. The other thing to keep in mind here, of course, is that this website is in a super, hard niche. It’S Anna fitness niche. So if you in a less competitive niche, you can see results a lot sooner.

It’S very possible to see good results in two or three months and in 12 months it’s possible to see amazing results right. So this is one of the hardest issues that you can possibly go into and, as you can see, it’s very possible to crack this niche with some patience as well. The second thing that I want to discuss is the importance of choosing the right niche. So let’s compare to nish examples Here I am on the Hollywood, gossip Khan website and it’s a high-traffic website but think about. If you were to start a website dedicated to Hollywood gossip.

Whenever a person comes onto your website, let’s say they: google something in the land on this page about candy Lorie. She got paid. How much for pregnancy reveal think about the mindset of this visitor so they’ve, probably they either googled it or they’ve, seen post on social media if they’re reading about this, what is their mindset and are they trying to solve some kind of a problem so when they Read about this, they might have some general interest in kaeleen and how much you paid for she got paid for her pregnancy reveal. But are they looking for a solution to a particular problem right now and are they’re likely to click on any ads or buy anything as a result of looking at this? My guess would be no so the traffic that would be landing on this page.

Even if there are ads like these ads that you can see here, I would be very unlikely to click on any of these ads reading this article, because I’m just I’m not looking. I’M looking for a little bit of entertainment, a little bit of information, I’m not looking for a solution to a particular problem. Another example, if I’m looking for Best Comedy of 2019 for some movie information – and I click on this website here – am I in the mindset of buying something? No because probably I’m gon na buy the movie on Netflix or you know on my stand, subscription or something like that. I’M just looking for information, but I don’t have a burning problem that I’m trying to solve.

So in my mind, things like gossip and movie reviews. They’Re not really very good niches. Now, let’s flip over to the other side, and let’s talk about something that, I think is a great idea furnish things like best know tropics. So if you’re not familiar with no tropics, these are so-called smart drugs or things that enhance cognitive function, memory, performance, etc, and this is a huge niche and it’s growing or very fast. So if I was to consider studying a website in the future, then you know this is deaf Anish.

That I would consider – and here is the reason why a person who is looking for best nootropics or how to enhance memory they’ve got a problem that they’re trying to solve and they’re in the buying mode and or buying mood. So if they open one of these websites, for example these website here nootropics expert and the read about these best nootropics, they are researching what they should be buying, they’re interested in in perhaps dealing with anxiety, depression or to get more energy and motivation and they’re researching What kind of things that can help them, so they have a problem, an urgent problem that they’re trying to solve and they’re they are very likely to buy whatever these website recommends. Also, if this website has ads, then most likely, those ads will be targeted, they’ll be ads by manufacturers of these nootropics, and so a person would be very likely to either click on an ad or click on one of these links and buy something through the affiliate Link on this website, therefore, this traffic is so much more targeted, and this niche is so much better to start a niche blogging, there’s going to be a link in the description of this post that will take you to a full, detailed post about how to find Awesome niches I’ll try to insert a card here as well, so try to check in the top right corner. There should be a card with a link to that post as well, but one of the cool ways to do this is to Google for blogger income reports and then look at some of these compiled lists of blog income reports, and you can actually see what other Successful blogs are doing in various niches and as you scroll through the reports you can see here, there are some travel blog income reports, lifestyle blog income reports. You can actually get some ideas from just googling for income reports, because you will see real numbers and real income of blogs in a variety of different issues.

That’S one way to sort of jog. Your memory item number three that I want to talk about is the concept that I call white name and narrow start. So this is all about how to make sure that the name that you choose for your website or your blog – is consistent with your future plans. So, let’s look at one example: what I call the wrong example a wrong example: if we go with the nootropics and performance enhancement, sort of niche is to register a domain and call your website best memory, nootropics com. This is a case of your name being so far down the list of of Nicias.

So you’ve got, you know, health you’ve got supplements, then you’ve got nootropics and then you’ve got memory nootropics. So basically, this name this best memory, nootropics com, is at the very lowest level and it might sound like a very good idea, but in reality, you’ll probably run out of content to publish very soon because there are perhaps only 50 different memory, nootropics and once you’ve Published those 50 articles, it’s very hard to get any other keyword, ideas to keep publishing content on and if, with this name, you’ve locked yourself into only publishing about memory, nootropics, it’s it would be kind of funny. I guess to start publishing about natural supplements and about various diet. You know ways to increase your memory through diet, etc, because in your name, you’ve already got that it’s nootropic. So if somebody is looking at in the search results – and you see that it’s about nootropics, they might not click on to your site, if they’re looking for natural ways to increase their memory, okay, so the right way to do this is to give yourself a wide Name and the name that kind of represents the general brand, but does not go so far down the niche list.

That you’re looking yourself into this very narrow, small niche. So a correct example in my mind would be to name your website, something like lift yourself calm. So think about this when you’re starting a new blog, if you call your blanc, lift yourself calm, it can go in so many different directions and the first thing that you can cover is you can talk about those memory nootropics. You know you might have a lot of keywords that will fall into the memory nootropics niche and that that still works with lift yourself. Calm: okay, because you’re lifting yourself you’re lifting your performance, you’re lifting your memory, then once you’ve published all the content about memory nootropics, you can switch over to something like improving sleep, nootropics.

Okay again that that’s consistent with lifting yourself, then in the future you can switch over to dietary ways, so through diet, how do you lift yourself through diet? You can go into juicing. You can go into a lot of different things. You know into exercise how to lift yourself through exercise, so your name allows you to expand in the future and you can see you can have this narrow start and then you can expand in the future and it’s very important not to lock yourself into a super Narrow niche from the very start, the fourth thing that you need to do. If you want to start driving massive traffic to your website, is you need to make sure that you do a good job with keyword, research, keyword, research is critical and it’s very much the reason why we’ve been able to succeed in this very hard fitness niche and Keyword, research in my mind, lies at the very foundation of a successful blog.

You need to make sure that you publish the articles on the keywords where the competition is low enough for your blog to stand the chance to actually get the traffic. So, let’s work through some examples here I want to give you some tips on choosing the keywords. So if we decided to go and start publishing our first few articles on the nootropics, then one of the ways to do this would be to analyze the nootropics expert or any website out there in the href site Explorer tool. So once you’ve found another website. That is already successful in this niche.

You can plug them into the site, Explorer tool and a traps will actually tell you all of the keywords that this website is currently ranking for. So if we analyze nootropics com, then if we look at the overview, we will see that they’re currently ranking for nineteen point. One thousand organic keywords: aircrafts estimates they get about eight point: eight thousand visitors per month, even though this is normally a lot lower. They’Re, probably getting more like twenty thirty thousand visitors a month. This is usually too low, but the important thing here is: we can actually check which keywords they’re currently ranking for in Google, and we can see there are 15 different, 15 thousand different keywords.

Now I generally recommend if your website is new, that you go for keyword, difficulty of maximum 7, so under KD you can apply maximum 7 and then you can choose the keywords from this list now generally, if I see there are still thousands of different keywords that I can go for. I will generally change this and I will bring this down even further, because why would I publish one keyword, difficulty 7, when I can go for something like 4? That will make my job easier and it will ultimately result in more traffic faster. So now I can see that there are all of these keywords that this website is ranking for and I normally go through the list and I try to find good keywords and then I start looking at these keywords in more detail. So, let’s go with the example of these methylene blue nootropics.

So what we can see here is the volume of search is estimated at 250 searches per month. So I generally go for anything. That’S got over a hundred search volume per month. 250 is pretty good. Obviously, if it’s higher than that’s even better but anything for a new site, anything over 100 is pretty good.

Then I look at this thing here serve. So if you click this down, then you will actually see that we get the information about what pages are currently? What websites are currently ranking on page one for this search term, and this is really crucial information. The things here to pay attention to? Firstly, this AR and the way that these AR works.

This stands for H, refs rank, so all of the websites in href stay ranked from the strongest website, which is number one to the weakest website, which is probably something like 250 million. So the higher this AR the better for us – and I generally like to see at least one of these search engine results to be 1 million or more so here I can see that there is one at 3.2 ml 2 point formula, another one and the third One 3.6 mil, so this tells me that there are at least three pretty weak websites that are currently ranking on page one of search results, and that means that I will have with my brand new website. I will have a really good chance of getting onto page one as well.

The next thing that I normally look at is this item here, and domains. So this tells me for each of these websites for each of these pages on those websites how many they currently have so are links from other sites on the Internet to each of these sites. So, for example, what I can see here is that this last web site limitless mindset, calm, which is a pretty cool name by the way for a website. It’S got a href Swank of 3.6 mil and it has 0 backlinks now guys.

This is very important. Information for us, because it means that this weak website that doesn’t have a lot of Authority is managing to rank on page 1 with 0 backlinks. It means that if we write a high quality article and that article is at least as good as this article on this website, we have a really high chance of actually being on page 1 of Google as well. The last thing that I normally do, I take a look at a couple of these weaker domains and I analyze what their page actually looks like. So if we open this in a new tab like this, then I take a look at how long and how complicated is their content.

So what I can see here is here is the article alright. So normally I take a quick read of the article and then I also look at the size of the articles, so I’ve got a this word counter extension installed. So if I select all of this and then I count these words, it tells me that there are only 554 words now. This information is really really important because it means that this website it’s a weak website and it has got 0 backlinks and they have written an article with just 5 150 forwards and they managed to rank on page 1 of Google. That is very important information to me, because it means that if I write a very in-depth, high-quality guide on this keyword, methylene blue nootropic, I will have a brilliant chance of ranking on page 1.

So if I write like one and a half thousand ultimate guide style post on this keyword, I’m probably going to land on page one. So this is how I go about my keyword. Research. Please drop me a comment below. Let me know what you think about this approach of analyzing keywords, and how do you guys go about this as well?

I’D love to hear from you now, let’s move on my method, number five of being able to drive traffic to my blogs and websites is making sure that I use the right tool now I use H revs and I’m not associated with aircrafts in any way, I’m Not an affiliate for them, they don’t pay me anything. I just think that it’s a brilliant tool, it’s the most useful and the most powerful keyword, research tool that I have ever used now. I know that a lot of you have told me in the previous posts that H, reps is way too expensive and, let’s face it, it is $ 99. A month is not cheap, but I want to draw your attention to something: they’re currently still offering a seven dollar trial for these first two plans and if you get the seven dollar trial that lasts you seven days and you can actually batch up all of your Research and if you are on a tight budget, you can do all of that research. All of your keyword, research, you know, find all of the keywords that you can possibly need in those seven days and then, if you’ve got no other choice, then you can cancel the subscription, but at least that gets you going.

That will be enough for you to do all of your keyword. Research for the next two or three months, just get the seven dollar trial for seven days, be organized, find all of your keyword, ideas and do all of that research in those seven days. So this is a way for you to be able to afford high quality keyword, research tool and set yourself up for success by making sure that you choose the right keywords. Item number see that you need to do if you want to drive traffic to your website or blog, is to make sure that your content is top-notch. Go on out the days where you could publish a three or 500-word article and hope to get onto page.

One of Google – it just does not happen anymore. You need to write high quality, in-depth content, so I will show you an example here. I am currently ranking for quite a few things on page one with many more blogs, but if somebody is searching for sources, I’m there on position four or five caffeine at a blogger website, and this article is a long-form article. You will notice that I’ve got probably two two and a half thousand words in this article and that’s the reason why I was able to get onto page one in such a competitive keyword like sources in this kind of competitive niche, and that’s exactly what We do in our fitness website, we publish long-form content now. The good thing is that, of course, if you’re using a keyword tool like H refs, then you will be able to see what is there on page one, and you will be able to see how many words your competitors have published.

So you only really have to beat the competitor, so, for example, you might research this competitor and find out how many words they’ve got in their article. Then research, the rest of them count the number of words and make sure that your article is ideally the longest and the most in-depth out of all of those competitors on page one. This is going to help you massively to rank on page one of Google. I have a very detailed post about how to write blog posts and articles for your websites and blogs check the link in the description below I’ll. Take you step-by-step for how to do that.

I’M also gon na try to put a card up here as well so check in the top right as well. One of the common questions that I get on my posts is how to outsource content. Writing. So, if you don’t have time or they desire to write the content yourself, you can certainly outsource the content and the way to do it is the way that I personally do. This is through up work, so upward comm is where I find all of my writers.

This is an actual example of the job post I published a little while ago when I was looking for a blog writer just recently for our fitness and weight loss niche, and you can see the exact here is the exact job post that I used. So I told them that I’m building a large content site, I need somebody who can write in-depth and I published this on the upwork website and after that, once I started getting the applications from the perspective writers. I basically gave each one of them an assignment the trial assignment, and I chose the best one out of all of them. Sometimes you have to wade through quite a lot of applicants, but you will find a person that you would like to work with the amount of money that I pay for, depending on who I’m working with is anywhere from eighteen to twenty-five dollars per one thousand words. So if I’m looking to publish an article, that is two thousand words long.

It cost me between thirty six and fifty dollars per article. So this is everything that I did with our website to get over 120,000 visitors since we started our website. If you found this useful, give this post a quick like put a comment below, let me know what you thought of the post. This helps me with the YouTube algorithm and, if you’re not yet subscribe to my youtube channel, make sure to subscribe just below this post and click the bell notification icon as well. Thank you so much.



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