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If you have ever struggled getting more traffic and followers and action to your own social media profiles, maybe it’s. Facebook YouTube Instagram, Twitter. You have probably gotten really mad, because the algorithms are constantly changing and you cannot figure them out.

So in this video I’m gonna give you seven free that you can actually use to increase your traffic on your social media profile as well as Facebook YouTube Twitter, Instagram LinkedIn. So you’re able to get more traffic.

More leads and more for your own and grow it for free using these seven free :. What are some poly SEOs? My name is also opinion.

Welcome to the channel that is all about helping you grow and monetize your brand and influence with social media and . So if you’re new here, make sure you hit that red subscribe button and the like button down below.

So you do not miss and we drop a new babes. So let’s, get started with tool number one which is who tweet we have talked in previous videos. That being omnipresent is extremely important for your , because the more people see you in every single place that more people are familiar with you and the shorter the gap of the KLTV process, which is know like and trust in order to buy that process is shortly.

So the more touch points, the more people see you, the more people see you everywhere, the shorter that gap is between when people know you for the first time and they buy a HootSuite allows you to solve that exact same problem, because it allows you to pose A multiple social media platforms all at the same time, from just one main hub in one single place.

On top of that, it allows you to schedule content in advance. So, for example, you can literally just take one single day out of the week to schedule. The rest of the content for the entire week and simply forget about it.

This saves you a ton of time and then, on top of that, it allows you to be on every single social media platform out there without losing or missing a day to post on every single one. So it’s, a great tool to use.

If you want to make sure you are omnipresent, the next two I have right here is one of my favorite ones period and that is Manny Jack’s. Mannequin is a bot that hooks and leverages the Facebook messenger platform and allows you to send messages, automation or broadcast messages to your subscribers and the way it works is very, very similar to email marketing.

Where you get a leave, people opt in to a form and then from there you have their content information to be able to contact them further, provide value to them and then ultimately sell to them. But now the reason why I like manage that so much is because the conversion rate on Moneta it’s, insane email marketing, you typically get between 10 to 20 percent, open rates and 1 to 5 percent click-through rate with manage chat on the flip Side, you get 80 to 90 percent, open rate at the beginning, when you’re, just starting out and all the way to 60 to 70 percent click-through rate, which is absolutely insane and just to prove this thing to you.

We actually use manage a ton in our own businesses and our clients, businesses, as well in just one single simple sequence: manitech kids, easily three, five days and 10x, your current business right now without doing anything else.

Of course, mana has a paid option, but just a free one is extremely crazy, powerful and to put a real-life example back in 2017. In summer I almost went out of business and back then I was at a really tight spot.

I only had two to three thousand dollars in my bank account and my overhead or the business. What’s five to six grand and that only had a few weeks to actually figure this out and make money in order to sustain the business and keep it alive or I was going on there.

So what I did was was literally just used. Instagram and managed hack combined in order to sell, I simply took my own account post traffic to a simple, manage hat landing page, got messengers or manage hat subscribers on there and then from there and directly send them a cell or pitch, and in 24 hours we Made over $ 11,000 – I still remember it to this day to have the screen show right here.

Over $ 11,000, we did in a 24 hour time period and that literally saved our business and is one of the reasons we’re still in business. Today and from that one we moving forward, I realized how important and powerful manitech is.

So if you’re, not using mana tap for your business or to drive traffic to your offers or your Instagram or your Facebook, you’re literally losing out on a bunch of money and that little plaque that you see back there Is in a war for making over $ 1,000,000 and using manage that was a big, significant resource and tool now tool number three is buzzsumo now tool number three is related to marker research, which, if you have follow us for quite a bit, you actually know that We’ve talked a ton when it comes to the market research part because it is the most important aspect on any business on any platform.

If you want to make sure that you are successful – and you optimize your time because you’re literally seeing what the market wants and giving it exactly that, but you will never be able to know what the market wants, how it wants it.

If you don’t, do the market research prior, so buzzsumo, which is tool number three allows you to do the market research see the trending topics in your niche, see the trending topics in your industry and tells you exactly what titles, what descriptions and What content you need to create in order to make sure you reach the most amount of people? If, for example, you’re talking about fitness or marketing or beauty, and have no idea what you should create, content around, you can literally just go to buzzsumo type in fitness or type in get a six-pack and a bunch of different articles.

Will show up that are the most trending in the last 30 days, 60 days 90 days, and it will show you exactly what people are sharing, what people are commenting and what people are searching for in that specific topic and industry, and that literally just gives you A benchmark and a foundation to actually go out there and start crushing it in that niche by just simply doing the market research and using buzzsumo for that.

The fourth I have for you here today is called social potato calm. It is a tool that allows you to the market research on Instagram specific. It allows you to see growth on our account. It allows you to see what content is working, what hashtags people are using on their content, the average growth on the last 30 days and a ton of more information.

So if you want to grow your own Instagram account, if you want to see the growth you want see the trajectory – or maybe you want to research other influencers to make sure to see what they’re doing on their own Instagram pages.

In order for you to model that success and implement it on your own, social, potato, comm is a great place to start researching and seeing what content? What page is what influencers and the growth they’re experiencing on their own accounts? For me, in particular, using this tool is a game changer, because obviously you’re, able to see how fast a page is growing.

You’re able to track everything, so you’re able to see if you tweak this little thing. What impact it has in just 24 hour time period and if it doesn’t have a positive impact that you can. Obviously, tweak it in order to have a positive impact, but if you’re not able to track this in this way, then it will be very hard for you to actually optimize your own Instagram account successfully.

So social potato calm is a great tool for you to utilize. For this purposes, tool number five is called hello bar and you’re, probably wondering what does this have to do with social media at all. Well is very simple.

We said at the beginning to actually increase traffic to your offers, so your social media profiles and elec itself, so you can actually sell more stuff later and with it obviously build a business. Hello bar allows you to get more subscribers and more opt-ins and leads to your own business by simply putting a bar on top of the website that stays there all time is that intrusive, like a pop-up, and it just literally sits there while people consume your good, Valuable content and hillo bar allows you to get their contact information in order to sell them more stuff later down the road.

So people go on hello bar signup as Ali and then from there. You can follow up with them through your marketing or your automation. Sequences tool, number six is called subscribers and is very similar to hellobar in the sense that you actually getting people to opt-in or leads for your business.

You can actually send notifications or information to butt. Subscribers works in a little different way where people can actually turn notifications on on their Chrome or browser extension or people can actually turn notifications on on their own browsers, so that when you post a new piece of content, or you want to inform them that you Have a webinar or you want to sell them, something they get a notification right on their computer and under browser.

This is extremely powerful because you’re, literally just reaching people when you want to and when you have to sell them something or maybe provide some type of free value to them. This is the reason when you go to several pages like Facebook, Gmail and a ton of others.

Do you want to receive notifications from us? Maybe obviously click allow or yes, you will start getting notifications from them on your computer and every business meets this. Obviously, if you want to grow it just getting in front of people instantly, a seventh tool is called Soho social.

Apart from allow and team communication in team building, which is honestly one of the most important pieces when it comes to building a business, it also lets you know what keywords and context you should use for your own particular social media post, because if you’re not using the right keywords in your content, title description and all that good stuff people will not be able to find your content piece anywhere.

So you need to make sure you’re, utilizing the right keywords for your own specific content. In order to make sure that the most amount of people see it, so social will definitely help you do this with a keyword tool that they have question of the day.

Let me know in the comment section below which of these seven : do you like the most or have utilized in the past, or let me know what is your favorite tool to build your own business, get more traffic to your own websites and all social media Profiles that you’re currently using right now and obviously this will help entire only SEOs community, because maybe I don’t know what tool that you do and if you want to find out how you can either get more traffic and Tracks into your own Instagram account and even make money from it check out this video right here check out this video right here and also in that video we’ll, do a little special giveaway, so you do not want to miss out on that.

So you click the video right here and learn grow over 10,000 followers in just 30 days. Even if you are a complete beginner

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