Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How to get more Free Traffic – 1.4 Million Visitors Per Month 🔥

How to get more Free Traffic – 1.4 Million Visitors Per Month 🔥

to your blogs, your websites and your videos, hi adam payne, here with the video marketing insider and in today,’s. Video, i’m, going to be revealing another and, like all of these traffic sources, if you use them correctly with consistency, then you can get a decent amount of traffic from these places back to your own properties.

Now, before we get started with this video, if you want to see any of my other traffic sources, please click on any of the links in the description. There will be some videos if you look at the top right of this video there’ll, be a little.

I you can see some other videos there. So anyway, let’s, get to it. So, first of all, as we always do, we’re, going to look at the data behind this particular . So we’re going to head on over to similar web.

So here we are, and you can see, the in question is called We’ll talk a little bit about that in a second, and you might already know what this is, because i don’t know about you, but for me, whenever i put one of my videos on youtube below the video, When you get the option to share it on different places, facebook twitter for me mix is also one of those options.

So we’re gonna scroll down. We can see from december 2020 to february 2021 4.3 million visits, so it’s, not as big as some of the other sources that i’ve mentioned, but it’s still getting a decent amount of traffic.

1.4. Monthly. Sorry, 1.4 million monthly visits – i should say 1.4 – would be pretty useless, but 1.4 million monthly visits people sticking around for about three minutes and visiting between two and three different pages.

So, first of all let’s. Go over to You can just go to, you can create your own account. It’s completely free to set one up, and then, when you log in your homepage, will look something like this.

It may look different for each person because they try and show content to people based on what’s trending and also based on what your interests are. When you sign up, you have to check a few topics to tell pixel mix what you’re interested in so then they can show you content that they think you’d, like i’m, not actually interested in lady Gaga, but i did put something about music, so maybe that’s, why that shows up now on the left hand, side here, we’ve got the actual menu.

Now, if we come down here and we’ve got settings. This is where you can update your profile. So let me just open that up. The first thing you’ll want to do. Is you & # 39? Ll want to go ahead and edit your profile upload a profile picture, a cover image.

It tells you the dimensions when you go to upload your cover image. If you’re worried about what size, and then you can fill out your personal details and there is a spot for you to paste your website url as well, which is really handy.

You can then click on interest. If you want to – and you can go through and check the things that are interesting to you, so that then, when you next come to mix they’ll show you stuff that you ‘

Ve said is interesting, so they ‘ Ve got a mixture of things from business, art, sports travel and all that kind of general stuff. If you want to link your google account, you can do so here. Um i don’t really want to get notifications from the mix.

So i make sure i ‘ Ve got those checked off. Let’s, go back over to the home page, so that’s. That now, if you want to actually share – and obviously you can see your interest down here now, if you want to share some content, you can click on this little plus button.

So let’s, go and click on that, and you can add your youtube videos and you can add blog posts or articles and then you can put them into collections which are basically themed boxes. So if you’ve got a youtube.

Video set about traffic, that would be your traffic collection or whatever it is, or traffic mix. Anyway, let’s, go ahead and share something and it can be a video or a blog post. I’ve, got a blog post ready, so we’ll click on this little plus.

We’ll plonk the url here, and it should pull in the featured image of this blog post. If it was a youtube video, it would pull in the thumbnail. Then we click on mix and then we can choose which collection we want to add it to.

This is all about youtube ads and you can see. I ‘ Ve got one video ads here, this actual thumbnail image, which looks the same as this is actually the video that directs people here. If you didn’t have one you would just basically go in here and you would type something out.

So i might pull this new stuff and i would hit create and then it would put it in there, but i’ll, get rid of that. I’ll click, video ads and then i’ll click on done, and now this is added to my video ads collection and, of course, if other people have put their interests as, for example, marketing, then there’s.

A potential that, when they go to mix they might be presented with my article or my post or my video and then be able to you, know, click through and go to my website or watch my youtube video. Now, if you click on my bookmarks in your left hand, column you’ll, be able to see all of the things that you’ve shared.

So you can see here. I ‘ Ve got a bunch of stuff that i’ve shared already. This is the one that i just showed do it, and there are a few things we can. If we click on this, i’m, not going to do that.

Now, but that will actually take me over to my article in question. What i can do is, i can click on this and then i can get a link to send to my friend, so i can send it to people on facebook or twitter.

If i’ve got that connected, i could also share it on , or i can just get a link close that off. So again, if you want to share it, you can now mix does have a mobile app, and i have heard that when people use the mobile app that there’s, a warning which comes from a third party called web of trust.

It kind of says this link just be careful with this link. There isn’t an issue with it, but just be aware that that might happen. If you do share it and people um open it up on mobile but other than that mix is something that really doesn’t take much time.

You can just share your videos on here. You can share your articles on here once you’ve got it set up it pretty much takes you a couple of seconds to share it and jobs done, and if you keep sharing stuff there’s, a potential that you can get Traffic from mix back to your website, so anyway, i wanted to introduce to you mix as a potential source of .

Again, as always, please give me a thumbs up subscribe to the channel, hit the bell notification and i will see you in another video take care. Thank you for watching. If you’ve got any questions or you need more clarification, go and watch the video once more over.

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