Get More Traffic increase website traffic How to Get More Organic Traffic without Ranking Your Website (100% Proven)

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How to Get More Organic Traffic without Ranking Your Website (100% Proven)

How can you increase your website traffic
internet is overwhelmed with thousands of tutorials,
articles, guides, recommendations, many of them
use only standard recommendations and they don't work anymore. The main reason is that one point seven billion
websites online want to get organic traffic, but Google only
ranks the best content on their Top 10 that use only non-standard recommendations because
there is no space for all websites online. In this video I'll show you 25 techniques,
how you can increase your website traffic and many of them non-standard recommendations. Stay tuned. What's up guys? I’m Anatolii from my SEO Tools TV. Before watching this video don't forget to
subscribe to my channel and like this video. You know SEO is extremely competitive
today there are one point seven billion websites online and all of them want to get organic
traffic and many of them have this traffic and if you start from scratch you don't have
any traffic.

This websites don't want to
to share their traffic, they don't want to give their traffic because they
sell, they get money and to what you need to
to use some different techniques. You can't
use the same techniques because many of the techniques from famous guides recommendations. They don't work anymore because if everybody
uses the same techniques how Google needs to choose this website to run their top ten. Ofcourse, you don't need to use the same
techniques you need to use new ones and I want to share with you 25 techniques from
two articles I found some interesting articles online and theze authors share their techniques
that work and what I like more because it's not the same recommendations. What you can find online and first article
from Moz. Yeah, it's such a famous blog. It's such a famous blog and the author of
this article. Ryan Stuart and he wrote six ways to get
more organic traffic without ranking your website
and the first recommendations. When the keywords are just too competitive. Ofcourse
you know when you start website you usually try to find some keywords, give high volume, because you want to get a lot of traffic.

But many big websites, they have this traffic and
they don't want to lose it and what they mean, you don't need to pay attention for these
keywords, but he showed it to interesting techniques
how you can get traffic with this keywords The first you don't submit content to your sites, submit content to other websites and here recommends to techniques towards the
technique offer to sponsor their content. For example
if you know some big websites did where you can submit your sponsor post to pay the
like two hundred dollars, five hundred dollars and you can submit they are high quality content
and promote it because if you submit the same content on your website Google considers the
parameters EAT (expertise authority and trustworthiness) and Google will not rank your website because
if you have a low level of this parameter, but
if you are talking about some famous websites like CNN, Forbes, I don't know, many of othere maybe sometimes it's enough just to submit
content because Google give to these website a
lot of ranking because of their level of trust, authority, trustworthiness and

What you need to do to find some websites in your niche. Where you can submit your sponsor post pay
money to write have high quality content and promote
it and after this you can have traffic to this website. But on this website you can submit your author
bio your or link to your commercial pages and stuff on this and pursue your products. Why not, and the second Jeep gets put on their

For example many big websites they don't have
access to submit the guest post. I mean like a sponsored post but you can submit
guest post to write some high quality content To their websites. Some interesting article for example around
Stewart are all that this gets post for most Blog because its famous blog and it’s more
simple to promote this gets post them to Submit the same article on the on your blog. For example, I started my website as your
tools to be and you know I don't have high Authority and yeah it's a good reason. If I can submit my content to other websites
and to have links to my site or for example Even though my lending pages that I got I
can sell my products. Okay go ahead and the
Second TIP when you can hijack brand alternative keywords. Yeah I like that one. For example many big brand and Ryan Stuart
is highlighted to help spot like a spot because Sport has a lot of traffic in marketing sales
niche and is difficult to outrun.

This website but many websites many customers
don't want to pay a lot of money for Hubspot Service because it's expensive and they try
to find some alternative. What you need to do to write some articles
where you can compare two different services And HubSpot has a lot of competitors and it's
not expensive like HubSpot. You can write this content on your website
and steal their brand keywords. When Some people are looking for alternatives and
what we have here many websites have the least Like this they have HubSpot alternatives.Yeah
you can promote this content and steal their Brand traffic.

Okay go ahead. Tick tick Taking advantage of store closures. It seems to a recent example few months ago
and we can see here that Starbucks decided to close
All Teavana stores and with news of teavana shutting down fans of the brand would inevitably
Search for Teavana replacements to find a new company to buy similar tea from and for
Example, if you know some big brand on your niche decided to quit their business or the
Big group. Okay, why not, you can take their customers
who can take their traffic to create similar Content and propose that alternative to their
brand. Okay go ahead. Tip number three when you want to rank for
the best keywords it’s difficult you know because
Basically what they usually have some least for different sort of products and
What you need to do? You need to reach out people bloggers who
have such content and proposed them some interest In you know.

For example, if you have some content which
are related to this least you can ask them To add your content to their list but what
I like in this article that threatens to highlight That you need to propose some of what he can
he's here. You'll also want to pitch journalists for
future inclusion in articles. Scan your target
Publication for relevant journalists and sent an opening pitch and what you need to do to
Propose some advantage to Ask. Okay, at my content to your list and I do
give advantage for you or for your readers. For example, some discounts some other staff
or some gifts you know if you have my content On your list and even when reader read the
list they can see or hear I can get a 15 Percent discount and stuff like this. It’s interesting because many many bloggers
who use the same technique to promote their Websites they usually don't have advantage
but you can give them advantage to tell Know it's better to use this service.

Okay go ahead and yep it is the same you know
but it's more about software as a service. Tip Number 4, when you need to spread your
local footprint and what you can see here Is the same technique in the previous one
because on that point and Stuart highlights It both local promotion Miami organic affect,
Miami coffee shop, Miami juice bar and what You need to do? You can promote for all these free keywords
one website because it's you know like it's Related if content cannibalization when they
have the same content on different pages but What they can do you can submit your content
or Deep Web sites like yep like yellow pages And you do the same and promote their pages
you know and get this traffic.

Why not, now it's interesting and you realize
this. Tip number five and you need to boost ecommerce
sales. Yeah it's interesting because you know you
need if for example if you sell your products On Amazon you can from you can you know promote
your Amazon page not your website ecommerce Website and Stuart highlights that he has
a client and when a client asked to promote Their e-commerce website he told Okay it's
better to promote your Amazon page you know Where you can sell your products and because
in that point you can use authority of Amazon. Yeah it's a big website. It’s more simple promote Amazon page than
your e-commerce page and for example, if you Have EAT account or Amazon is better to promote
then your website if you don't have high authority.

Okay, go down and turn go down. Tip Number Six. When the SERPS call for video. You know I like that point I like even
More because if you want to promote your video you can do it for 24 hours. For example, I trust he might just started
that If you want to promote promote your website
page only 7 percent of all pages on the top 10 can be in the top 10 in the first year.

It means that you need to spend a lot of years
to get your content on the top 10 but if he Promote your video and like you know a 55
percent of all is just online at least one video. That means an 82 percent of them from YouTube
that means that if you record your video you Can get your the top 10 on YouTube in 24 hours
and if you have the top 10 on YouTube Google might take this video to show on their
search. Yeah that's interesting and deep. I like that one and you don't need to create
a lot of content to pay for optimizing just To get traffic from YouTube and from Google
only in 24 hours. Okay thanks, Ryan Stewart go ahead and the
next article mine actionable issue it keeps To increase organic traffic you know.

I definitely recommend you to read this article
because in many of this technique standard Bath explanation how you can use them differently
this techniques on this article and… Tip number five. Rank content in Google's features snippet. No if you want to achieve features feature
Snippet you need to rank your website on the top 10. It's important because 99 percent of all feature
snippet from the top 10 and Google Chooses the best content on the top 10 to
show in the future features snippet and what You need to do that at your step to achieve
the top 10, when you have the top 10 you need To do add Questions and answers in your content.

For example, you see all this keyword from
the top 10 this and what you need to do to Check what people can ask you know if your
keyword you can use some services like answered The public or I should ask or seminars or
many other services and you can find some Questions from people and the questions to
your content and give them answers and yeah its work. But you know I think it is more important
to pay attention if you have this top10 And the tip number2 link reclamation. I think yeah it’s more related to big sites
when you can, you know get backlinks. For example, when your mentor brands mentions
and what you need to do to to reach out the blow
Go to the website and ask them to make a hyperlink to your website not only mention.

Yeah, it definitely dons but I think it is
better to use for big websites because For small websites I'm not sure that you can
get a lot of mentions but it depends on the Business. For example, if you think that people are
talking about your business why not. Yeah, in that point you can use a brief mentions
because it's free. For example, you can use
Google alerts or many other websites.

Many of them are free from big websites like
some rash. I trust they have the same brand mentioned
tools. Yep, you can submit a check if people are
talking about your tool just reach all them And ask about. Keep it link if you don't have the same. Okay, and this the process here how you can
do it. Get that in contact details citizen all them
and even they have some example of a template And number three is Community hijacking. What’s it like in that do you put that the
author of this article highlights to be communities Where people are talking about some interesting
and even you can submit but link that To your website and what you need to do to
reach out these members of this community And ask them to submit links to your website
and what we can see here to our website Lookbook and the second website product hunt.

Yeah, it means for this website, it is. You can ask them members of this community
to submit links to your website and even get Traffic.Yep each resume examples. Tip number four. Acquiring an existing website you know how? For example, I remember New Patel What I suggest
for a hundred? No hundred no. Yeah, hundred twenty thousand dollar Yup and
todays would suggest gives to him A lot of traffic and here come on try this
traffic but he decided to have this too free and you know for example, if you have some
time to To check book sites on land because many website
owners do not have time to pay attention for All their websites or for example they want
to choose other niche and what you can do Is to buy some this websites. Many black hat techniques use this technique
for their full purpose of links. You don't need to do it just find websites
where you can get real traffic and why not, You can think how you can monetize them. For example, if you see a website are struggling
to get sales from their content but they have Traffic and don't have sales and if you see
for example, you bought this website you can add some call to action some forums or any type
of monetization.Yeah it helps and yeah, and You can read some explanation here.

I hate how you can do it by using Ahrefs. Okay. Tip Number 5 boost underperforming content. Yep I like I like that tip because you know
sometimes you have some positions, you have Traffic. What you need to do or to increase this traffic
just to its content or make more links. For example, you can use Google Search console
to check your ideal positions and if you see That you can improve your content or optimize
if it technical errors for example to have Some backlinks or even a terminal link why

You can get more and yup the author of this
article uses Google Search console to find Positions and think I think yep it helps him
to know which type of content he needs to Improve with in order to get more results. Okay, Tip Number 6. Competitor link analysis. I think it means that you need to use insurance
seminars or any other tools Morse and What you need to do to check their backlinks
and think Can you get the same links or not Just analyze of competitors and think how
they provide that along building components And use the the same their techniques. If you can get easily get this backlinks and
yep what you can see here is I think it's An insurance or yep it's more suitable if
It insurance. Okay. Tip number 7. Find questions that your buyer persona is
asking. You know all, Of course you can use Quora
you can use Reddit you can use on the public Many other tools whether you can find some
of what people are talking about your industry And what I like about quora and reddit because
if people can’t find on Google they go to this
Website and ask questions there.

It means that it's better to take part in
community to speak To speak with other related people members
and to find their questions and give this Answer on your content because you can create
only content by using only genetics keywords Because you are talking about some general
keywords of big brands big websites just occupy This directions. What you need to do to find questions where
Google doesn't have a lot of choices and you Need to create content that, yup you can use
Quora, Answered the public and I think even The Reddit you know and the Google keyword
Explorer you can use it and yep and enlightening Questions to your content.

Tip number 8 transcribe your video content. Yep, I like that point. For example, if you write some articles you
can convert them to audio or video for a month. Example In my point, I don't write articles
I just take other articles and convert them To video format because I know for example,
if I write articles I usually spent one, Two weeks you know a lot of time to find together
information to create something you need each Listing information. But when you convert to video from other articles
why not you can get the traffics it works Because YouTube is not like Google for example,
On Google you can take other content and publish On your website because he doesn't blocking
for promotion but if you do it on YouTube It works because you know.Yeah, of course
I have backlinks I have links to in my description To this I take course you can take them but
you know I just proposed different format For people who likes more to watch done to

Okay. Tip number 9. Get a column on an industry publications. Yep you can use alltop and I think the same
directory as and for example, if you use alltop You can find some niche related blogs and
there you can find some opportunities. It's not like to use only insurance or Google
search or any other tools just use directories. Yep, because or if you are talking in alltop
they are a high quality content from different Websites. Okay, and make it content make outreach. Okay. Tip number 10.

Update and publish old content.Yeah, I like
that point. That means if you write a lot of stuff a lot
of content what you need to do republish old Content or you know or for example even delete
them because if you have some. If you wrote some articles 2 3 years ago and
some information from this articles don't Work anymore and it doesn't help your readers
what you need to do you rewrite this content Or delete it.For example, HubSpot deleted
three thousand blog post because they don't Have some valuable information anymore and
I think HubSpot has all content plan and if It’s not related with old articles and if
they see that they can't republish this content Because it takes a lot of resources because
they don't need this traffic anymore or for Example they want to delay this traffic for
new content.

Yeah, in that point it's better to delete
them but if you delete it just set up free Country for reader you wrote and in that point
you can't lose your backlinks. Okay, tip Number Eleven is Run CO-marketing
campaigns. Yep, they can be considered some examples
Some examples of ideas for running Co-marketing campaigns can include a joint case study,
Report based on the original data from each brand, charitable causes, events, incentive
or award campaign, joint webinars and online courses training. You know, I like that point because the issue
is not only backlinks and content issue what You see is more broadly topic today because
you need to make to create brand awareness.

You need to work for your brand and if you
don't increase your brand recognition is difficult To get to a position because Google can't
how many times people search for a brand because A search branded or some people can search
for keywords other people can search for brands. For example, by Nike yep it’s like People
can in that point try to find some sneakers Or other sporting clothes bought into a need
to do to work with brand awareness and you Can use other type of Champaign like seminar
and take part in events and many different Points and yeah it works it helps to promote
your brand. Tip number 12 consolidate cannibalizing content
with redirects Okay for example, I can explain about that
point when you have the same content on Europe's Side sometimes it doesn't help to promote
your website because Google might be confused Which give what I related for different pages
for example a thrust article can be like a Short 20 20. Yup, how you can provide this your other article
can be as your definition for the article Can be how you can provide this your and if
this all type of content have the same keywords.

Google might confuse and wont and Google wont
track and any of this keyword because They are the same and what you need to do
just to find or perhaps you can delete some force
Or combine them to one post off to rephrase it because you can't, you don't need to compete
With yourself. Okay go ahead and tip number 13 link to influencers
within your content. Well it's interesting contrary to popular
belief linking out too relevant external websites Does not directly impact your search rankings. You know one time some SEO community asked
John Mueller if you are linked to higher authority
websites, it helps or not promote your websites. John Miller replied No, it doesn't help but
you know people need to have true proof you Know because many you know if we check online
content many of information I think they Are not.

They are outdated today and what you need
to do to prove it that you have exact data Or proven data and if you linked to other
authoritative sites some studies you can tell Your readers that is that they can trust your
website and it improves your level of trustworthiness. Okay, Tip number 14 build a linkable asset
Okay links are still the most important Thing to have in order to rank the for competitive
keywords. This is even the case for future authority
of sites like HubSpot. Okay, and what we can see here? Division number of external links versus average
organic traffic. Are you many started on the
Internet from? I checked out seminars hours and they showed
that if you have more Backlinks you will have More traffic. You'll have more ranking. Yep, that means you need to pay attention
to for links building and it's better to create Links even to earn the links to here, Informational
pages because it's difficult to have link Building only for commercial pages.

And Yep. Oh yeah, some explanation three steps what
you can do here. You can read the steps
Step number one who would link to you Before you start building some useless infographic
that bears absolutely no relevance to your brand. Take a moment to think about who would possibly
link to this. You know today it's difficult to get Backlinks
from some influencer’s big websites that if
You don't produce any useful content or for example even unique content and Yep you need
To check it's valuable to them or not. If it's nothing to do you can get this backlinks
and yeah conceptualizing an idea. I
Always start this process by looking at what kinds of ideas are working well within my
industry. Go through and use a tool like BUZZSUMO and
find popular content within your industry or around
A topic related to your business.

Okay step number three deciding on the format. Yeah, you need different use different formats
text articles info graphics video or audio. Yeah, Okay go ahead. Yep, Step number 4 Make sure you’re solving
a problem. Yeah, some examples here. And Tip Number 15.Press request alerts
Press requests requests are an absolute goldmine for earning high value links. A lot of people can be put off by them due
to the amount of time it can take each day To go through them all but they're probably
not hacking the process like I do. Yep, interesting examples there you can read
them steps and even we see a templates. Tip number 16. Create an expert roundup. You know people like you you saved their time
because when you open a roundup you can see Some reviews your opinion what type or service
they need to have or open in all.

If you have some list and to yeah it saves
their time. Help, help community help people and Yep. If you have your own expert round bar, Yeah
it takes time to your readers and it brings value. Okay, Tip number 17 build your content in
topic clusters. You know it definitely needs to do it because
you need to understand how you Make with it essential for your content because
you can have the same content or many of your Pages especially you need to pay attention
based on descriptions. They need to be unique and don’t confuse
Google the staff of content. They need to rank on top 10.Okay. Tip number 18, seeding promotion on Big Content. Okay, we can read this, one mistake that a
lot of people make when they are planning for
The lunch of a big piece of content is that they rely too heavily on the quality of the
content earning It coverage organically. I often let the launch of my content if a
couple of this plus the Relevant sites did have a lot of relevant
genetic lead as well as some relevant things. The interesting, I understand the deal.

This of this meaning that means all for before
launch on his own and then he creates some Guest posts and he launch all of them in bonfire
because he can get some traffic from guest Post and should I take from his own website
and it helps to promote his own content. Interesting. Okay and the tip number 19 get product reviews
using influencer platforms. You know its works a lot if you cooperate
with some influence to spare the minor to Promote their products services and you can
keep your product for free and yes they can Submit your summary of your turn to your products
that publicly helps. Okay I think it's enough for today. Thanks for watching my video. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel. Ask questions in the comments section. I really reply to all your questions and see
you next time. Cheers..

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