Get More Traffic increase website traffic How to Get More Traffic to Your Website -100% FREE Strategy

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How to Get More Traffic to Your Website -100% FREE Strategy

How to get more website traffic hi, adam payne here with your video marketing insider and in today’s video i’m going to share with you a completely free strategy that will get more people to visit your blog or your website. Now, of course, this does mean that you need to have a website ready and you’re going to need to have articles already published on that website that you want to drive traffic to. So let me go and take you into one of my websites. This is the video marketing insider, and this is one of my articles that i wrote back in september of 2020., so the article has been written.

The article has been published, and importantly, the article has been indexed on google. Now, if you want to check, if your article has been indexed on google, then you have to create an account over at google search, console you’re, going to need to verify your domain and then you’re going to have to run your article through this. You can see that i’ve pasted the url of the blogging question on the blog posting question. I should say, and it’s on google and it’s been crawled and it’s got all the little green ticks. So everything is fine.

So from here we want to head on over to a website called medium now. Medium is basically a blogging platform that anybody can sign up for it’s completely free, they do have a paid version, but you can use the free version very, very simply so. This is the home page of medium and you’ve got articles on here on all different sorts of things. Now, of course, the articles on the home page are going to get insane amounts of traffic, but people can search medium by clicking here and they can type. In keywords related to what they’re interested in and if you’ve set up your article on medium correctly, then there’s a potential that you can get found now the great thing about medium is: we don’t need to copy and paste our article medium can actually import the article For us, so what i’m going to do is i’m going to go back to my article and i’m just going to copy the url of that article.

Come back to medium click on my little profile picture. If you’ve just got your account, you can add a picture yourself. We’Ll click on this, we’ll click on stories and then there’ll be an option to import a story. You can see here import story, so we’ll click on this once we’ll paste our url in here that we’ve just copied and then we’ll click on import and it’s going to basically pull in all of our article. The only thing it doesn’t pull in a youtube video.

So if you’ve got a youtube, video embedded on that article you’re going to have to hop over to youtube, get the embed code ready and then add it back to your article now when you’re here you want to click on see your story, and this is what The article will look like on medium. Medium has a very minimalistic design. There are no banners opt-in pages any of that stuff, so it really does give the viewer a good reading experience and as like, as i come down, we can see here. I could highlight that and i could get rid of the bold and get rid of that space there. So that looks good and we just kind of give it a quick read through and make sure that everything is formatted correctly.

We may need to remove some spaces. Add a space, but by and large it should be done really really well now again, if you didn’t want to embed your video, let’s pretend that your real post had a video here. What you do is you hit the space you’d hit the plus, and then you hit this little icon here and you’d paste. The embed code for your youtube, video and then you’d hit enter, and it would embed your video as is, but we don’t need to do that for this particular article. So we just scroll down double check everything.

I’M sure this is going to be fine, but i just want to show you anyway. That’S fine and we can see here, the original was published at and we have the main domain. There’S no worries whatsoever about any duplicate content or any of that stuff. Even though it’s word for word the same article, please don’t worry about that now. This come right, the way back to the top.

Now, i’m going to click on these three little dots and i’m going to come down here to more settings. We’Ve got to just check a few things and add a few things. So it’s going to give us a preview and we want to make sure that our article can be found within mediums search engine. So, as we come down uh, we click on sorry click seo settings. Here i should say we can edit the seo title.

We can edit the description, so i’ve got the description here and i’m going to probably edit this keep it between 140 156 characters. Long so make sure it makes sense it’s enticing and it’s got your keywords in there. So my keyword is video conversions, so i’m actually going to pause the video i’ll come back when i’ve rewritten this somewhat okay, so i’ve rewritten it a little bit. There is so much video content flowing around the internet today. This post shows you how to get what we all want.

More video, conversions and i’ve highlighted or made the word conversions, all capitalized. That is purely just to make it stand out a little bit. Video conversions is the key word i’ll leave the title as it is, and you want to come down here and you want to open up advanced settings now. It should be okay by default, but i want to show you it anyway. You want to make sure that this is automatic.

This is checked and that the url of the original post is here. If it’s not then check this box and put the url here, but it should be done by default. So we’ve got that. I also want to click on reader interests and we can add five tags related to our article, which again is going to help potential readers find our stuff. So i might start typing in uh video marketing and it kind of pops up.

So we’ll click on this one, it can be a bit funny. Sometimes you click on it. It doesn’t appear here so make sure it appears here we’ll try that again, video marketing strategy, strata, g, okay, it’s appeared here. We click on that. It’S come there as well.

I’M just going to put youtube in, you might want to put a couple of you, know: white tags and more focus tags and, of course, youtube is a very wide thing, as is marketing, but i’m just going to put these in anyway um and then we’re just Also going to put in video [ Music ], let’s put tips and see what comes up not really related. Is it so video, [, Music, ] marketing? Let’S see video marketing tips and see it didn’t come in for some reason, so i’ve got to do that again. Not quite sure why that happens, but one of those things, let’s try again bingo popped in hit, save just to make sure we’re all done i’ll actually come down here and hit save to this. We didn’t save the seo title and that’s pretty much all we need to do apart from one more thing: let’s get rid of that we’re going to go back to editor, and then we have two choices.

We can either publish it right away or we can schedule it and that’s entirely up to you now. I would recommend that if you have a blog or a website with a ton of articles on there, maybe publish one right away and then for the others schedule them to get published one a week. You don’t want to go overboard and publish 20 videos, 20 posts in one day or 50 posts in one week, because it’s going to be too much so i’m going to click on publish, then i’m going to click on schedule and i’m going to change this to Next month, because i’ve already got sun down and we’ll do it, the 21st of next month schedule to publishing schedule to publish, as i say and that’s it we’re all done now. On that date, media will publish this particular post on its platform and then hopefully, people who are looking for stuff related to video marketing will find the article and it will get more people viewing my stuff, but people do click through to the main website. Now, just to give you a bit of an idea on how powerful medium is right here at similar web and we can come down – and we can see that this is the 211th most popular or powerful website in the us 247 in the world.

There are millions of websites in the world, so it’s super super powerful uh. Let’S see like 210.21 million visits it people stick around, for you know two minutes the bounce rate’s a bit iffy, but we’ll have to make do with that. It’S got top tier traffic. You know almost all of the traffic is from the us and then a few other countries down there as well.

People come here through search, which is great because they can find things in search. So, whereas your article may not rank highly in the search engines on google medium does so, therefore, you can piggyback off of mediums and seo strength, and you can harness that instead and they’ve got traffic from other things as well. So it really is a powerful traffic source and it because it’s free, you can take advantage of that now they do have a paid version, but that’s not what we’re covering in today’s video so again go ahead, sign up for your free account for medium and then Schedule your posts, which are already indexed on google, on your main site and then schedule one a week to go out over the next few months and you will see an increase in traffic to your own website. Have any questions comments concerns. Let me know, please give me a thumbs up subscribe to the channel, hit the bell notification and i’ll see you in another video take care.

Thank you for watching. If you’ve got any questions or you need more clarification, go and watch the video once more over on the right hand, side we have some more trainings and reviews so go and watch those as well. Please hit the like button subscribe to the channel. If you’ve not done so already and hit the bell notification other than that ask any questions, you’ve got below and i’ll see you soon.

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