Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How to Get More Traffic to Your Website – Free and Quick Traffic 💪

How to Get More Traffic to Your Website – Free and Quick Traffic 💪

get more traffic to your website? Hi , here with the video insider and in today,’s. Video, i’m, going to be revealing exactly that. I’m, going to show you a method of traffic that is completely free.

It will not cost you a penny and it will only take you five or ten minutes a day to implement and if you can be consistent with this and do this for five or ten minutes a day every day for two three or four weeks you’re going to see a huge influx of laser targeted traffic and let’s be honest.

We all want that stuff. So before we actually go and log in and i’ll show you the website in question. We’re, going to look at a little bit of data where i want to reveal just how powerful this source of traffic is.

So, first of all, we’re going to go to similar web. Now you can see the source of traffic in this case is called Now we’ll talk about what medium is in detail in a second, but if we kind of scroll down a little bit, we can see from december 2020 to february over a three month period, 660 million visits it’s, incredibly Powerful this website has a global rank of 247.

. So if we think google facebook youtube’s, one two three – this is 247 in the world in the us, it’s, the 211th most powerful website. If we come down here, 220 million monthly visits – this is such a powerful source of traffic and if you can implement what i’m going to show you, you can get a piece of that and direct that back to your website.

We can see here that people stick around for a couple of minutes. They visit a couple of pages and it doesn’t really matter that they only visit a couple of pages, because when we actually see the traffic source, that’s, all that we really need to do, but rather than just stick with Similar web, we’re, also going to go over to ahrefs.

So i’m, going to show you how we can use this tool here to also do a bit more research. So we can see here. Medium.Com has the 69th strongest backlink profile so from an perspective, this site ranks really really well now, medium.

If you don’t know it’s, a source of traffic that you can sign up, for they do have a paid version, but we will stick with the free version and it basically works. Like a blog, you can put your blog posts on medium and then harness the power of medium and get your sites ranked.

So what i’m going to do. Is i’m, going to show you do this? So inside of ahrs, now you don’t need an ahrefs account to do this. I’m, just showing you a little bit of research. We’re, going to come down to where it says organic keywords.

Now we click on this in this little box. Here we can put words related to our niche, so of course we’re all in different niches, so i’m just going to put in here video , because that’s, my main niche and hit enter and what It will do it will spit out all of the terms related to video where medium ranks on the front page of google.

So we’ve got why video marketing local video marketing all of these different keywords, so i’ve. Looked at local video marketing and i’ve opened up, google just to double check stuff, and if we scroll down here, we should see medium on the front there we go so there’s, a blog post.

Here it was posted july of 2020 and this is on the front page of google. Now i have my own blog, but my blog naturally is not as powerful as medium. It doesn’t have a backlink profile anywhere near astronomersmedium.

com. It’s, just not as strong, so i could either try an outrank medium or i could leverage on mediums profile, get my content potentially ranked on medium and then drive that traffic back to my own site.

So what we’re going to do now, is we’re, going to look at do that so over here at, you can sign up for a free account. There’ll, be a little bar up here, enabling you to sign up. You can sign up with your google account and then it will log you in as your google account.

So you can see here my little p um. That is because one of my google accounts is called pain marketing, so it’s pulled in the p so before we actually go and have a look at how we can utilize this, let’s.

Just um come down here and look at their home page. We can see things that are trending on different topics, so, for example, uh um how britain became the dumbest society in the world. Well, i’m from the uk, so that’s, proof that this is probably a true article, but we can read this article and you know because this is trending.

This is probably getting a ton of traffic and people are coming to this website and they’re reading it. The thing i like about medium is it’s, a very clean design. You know it’s, not full of banners and opt-in pages.

It’s, a very clean minimalistic style, blog design. So we can kind of come down here and we can read this and a lot of people are coming over to media and they’re reading stuff we can see. This is at 166 comments.

Eight point eight point: one thousand engagements: you know people clapping it’s kind of like a thumbs up on facebook. So, while this, of course is a trending topic right now and it’s getting um more than other stuff, we can take advantage of this and get our stuff ranked.

So i’m just going to click on the back browser, and up here is my little p. So i’m going to click on this little p. When it all kind of refreshes, i’ve got a ton of stuff kind of open up right. Now i’m going to click on this little p.

Then i’m going to come down here to settings. So we’ll click on this, and then we ‘ Ll, basically make our profile look a little bit better. So you can see here we’ve, got a name, a bio, a photo, a username and all that stuff.

So i’m, going to pause the video i’m, going to fill this stuff out and then i’ll, be back in a second okay, so i filled out my profile. I’ve changed my name. I’ve. Put my real name in there. I’ve. Put a little bit of a bio, i’ve uploaded my photo and i ‘

Ve changed my username, so sometimes you might find your username is not available, so you just play around and just fill it out. I always find that using a real photograph of yourself and a real name always gets better results than using a brand name, but again that’s, just my personal opinion from here.

What you want to do is you want to come to the top, and you want to click on the little um picture up here and you want to click on write a story. So we’re, going to click on write, a story. Now you might think well now i ‘

Ve got to actually write a story. I’ve actually got to create a blog, but what we can do is we can just utilize our blogs that we’ve, originally published on our own site. So if you remember, when i was showing you the power of this in ahrefs, there was a topic on local video marketing.

Well, i ‘ Ve actually got my own post on this. So what i’m going to do is i’m going to copy the title of this post and i’m, going to put it in the title, video marketing for local business. So we can kind of hover over this.

We can um, you know, put it in quotation marks. We can change the font, we can link it. We’ll. Just leave this, as is now. We’re, going to tell a story. So what i’ll do is i’ll come back and i’m, going to actually open up my blog post, i’ll.

Just take the introduction of this post. So i’m going to come up here and i’ll. Just take this little bit of introduction, so we copy this copy. Then we’ll come back over to medium and we’ll plonk this.

In now this is here we just want to hit enter and you’ll, see this little plus button appear, so we can hit plus, and you can see here, we can actually upload an image um. We can add a video. We can add an embed, so we can take a youtube video if we have one on that particular topic and embed it in here, or we can just you know, click on this little thing here and have a little bit of a space.

It’s entirely up to you and how you want to design your article. So again i’m, going to pause the video once more and i’m, going to go and do a bit of copying and posting from my article that i showed you just now and then i’ll.

Show you the finished deal in a second okay, so i ‘ Ve got the article pretty much done so i’ve got my headline and then i have my story. I’m just gonna hover over this letter. Remove that little bold thing and if we come down here, we can see this is the article in question and we can see that there are some links.

Some of these links go to third-party resources. Some of these links go back to my site now. The purpose is not to you, know, get a do, follow or no follow link. The purpose is just traffic, you know, so if some of the people can click through from this article, back to my website, i’ll, be good to go.

All i need to do is just format this a little bit so you can see here so we’re gonna. Do that and we can hover over this and we could make it a little bit bigger. We could get rid of that one and we can put the one there and we can come down.

Let’s, see if we ‘ Ve got to do anything else. We ‘ Ve got some images in there. We’ve got a bunch of um good stuff, it looks nice, it’s formatted, and once we’re done, we’re done now. What we can also do at the bottom, if we want to one.

Second, let me just come right: the way down to the bottom um, to read more on video marketing oops, one second, to read more on video marketing check out the video marketing insider, and then we’ll. Go ahead to our website.

I’ll, just grab the url of the home page uh. I’ll, come back in and make sure that i’ve spelled stuff correctly. I love a typo and then i can just you know, hyperlink that there you go plonk the link in and we’re done.

Super super simple now you need to do is proofread it and publish it. Of course, if you’ve copied it from your own blog directly, which means you’ve, not had to write a new article from strat scratch.

You’ll, be good to go. So i’m, going to hit, publish okay, publish to pay marketing. Now we can add some tags. We’ve got the image here, so my tag will be video actually local, video marketing, because that was the main keyword we wanted to rank for local video marketing.

I’ll, put video marketing um and then i ‘ Ll start typing in video marketing strategy, we’ve got five, so let’s, use five video marketing tips and video marketing [ Music, ] um. Let’s put services in as well.

Okay, video marketing is priced for connecting brands with consumers across the world. We’ve got a nice little image. Are we okay? Now we can publish now or we can schedule for later it’s entirely up to you.

So i’m, going to hit, publish and now this is the very very first story that i have related to this account on medium now, this is not going to work. If you suddenly start stuffing this with um your affiliate links, it’s, not about you, know, sending people to affiliate offers and all of that stuff.

It’s about sending people from medium uh and obviously they read they come to medium. They locate the content, they read it. It’s about potentially getting people from medium back to your website. That offers more value.

If you’re going to start trying to send people to affiliate links to video letters, it’s not going to work and you get your account in trouble. But medium is super powerful. But, like anything, you have to be consistent.

You can’t just do this once or twice and be very sporadic about it or random and expect results. You need to be consistent over a period of time. I would advocate two three four weeks: if you can do this once a day.

Just take your content, you got already on your website and just use that to save you having to craft new stuff, any questions comments. Let me know now, if you’d, like to learn about another another traffic resource, that’s, super super powerful and you can use it in a similar way.

There’ll, be a link in the description where you can get a free gift, and i ‘ Ll reveal how you can use that traffic source other than that. Give me a thumbs up subscribe to the channel, hit the bell notification and i will see you in another video take care.

Thank you for watching. If you’ve got any questions or you need more clarification, go and watch the video once more over. On the right hand, side we have some more trainings and reviews so go and watch those as well.

Please hit the like button subscribe to the channel if you’ve, not done so already and hit the bell notification other than that ask any questions you’ve got below and i’ll see you soon.

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