Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How To Get More Traffic To Your Website – How To Promote Your Website And Increase Traffic!

How To Get More Traffic To Your Website – How To Promote Your Website And Increase Traffic!

So you just finish your website, and now you’re trying to get the traffic. My name is Darrell and in this video I’m gonna show you guys step-by-step on how to properly market your website from start to finish.

So this is gonna be a complete campaign for your website. Now, after you guys watch this tutorial, you guys will be on your way to getting more traffic. What can you expect to learn in this tutorial? Well, I’m gonna go in-depth on everything, step by step, to make sure that you fully understand everything there is to know about each topic and guys it’s, all about being consistence.

Okay, don’t give up now guys we’ll talk about stuff like SEO. We will talk about . We will talk about the Display Network and also different ways that you can market your websites. So guys remember.

This video was designed to help you. Okay, so remember just be consistent and I guarantee you in the long term. You will succeed now. The first thing we’re going to talk about is getting your SEO campaign started now guys SEO is crucial for website success, and I’m, actually going to show you my numbers and show you how people are finding my website.

Through my SEO campaign and when we get to that section, I’ll talk about who you should hire, how long you can expect results from SEO campaigns, how much it costs all the information you will need to have a successful SEO campaign.

After that, we’re gonna talk about . Now is also refer to as content. Writing article writing. Whatever you want to call it, I’m going to talk about why is very important. Now guys.

Blogging is probably one of the only ways people will find your website if it’s on a google and type in something like how to do something, and you see all those blogs that’s exactly how they are receiving traffic, and I’ll, also recommend another websites where you can have a team of people writing for you and your website for less than just three dollars there’s, a lot of reasons why you want to hire professionals to write free websites rather Than yourself and I’ll talk more about that when we talk about the blogging section after that, we’ll talk about, of course, social media.

I’m sure you’ve heard everyone say: oh just post on Facebook, oh just post there guys it’s. Not that easy trust me. Many companies like chase Amazon, these big companies that all hire social media managers, because there’s, a lot that goes into it – that lot of people don’t really talk about, so I’ll, actually show you guys.

My opinion on some of the best social media outlets and how I opt Imai zit for my website, and the next thing we’re talking about is Facebook groups and forums some guys there is a lot of secrets about forms.

A lot of people do not talk about, so I’m gonna, introduce you all to a lot of really cool secrets regarding forms and also Facebook groups. Next up is a new form of . I’m, really excited to show you guys.

I’m gonna, introduce you all to what we call is influencer now this closely ties with affiliate , but it works a little differently. Basically, companies like Amazon, realized the power of these influencers, so they have actually created their own influencer department.

In short, they realize that these people on Facebook and YouTube brought higher quality traffic and conversions than their own advertisement campaigns. So they said, you know what let’s, go ahead and reach out to these influencers, so they can promote our product.

Now I’m, going to introduce you all to a resource where you can have these same. Influencers promote your products or services in front of millions of people. Now, the great part is is that they accommodate all sort of different type of categories, so you guys are into luxury or cars or food or pets or models, or you know just humor or fashion.

They accommodate all niches, so I’m, going to show you how you can get your product shown by these influencers in front of millions of people and lastly, I’ll, be introducing you all to the Google Display Network now.

This is one of the most popular platforms for branding and getting people to engage in your website. So I’ll, be running you through step by step on how you can start getting visitors, to see your content and start engaging with your websites and also stick around at the end, because I got a little bonus section.

Alright, so let’s, go ahead now and start this amazing tutorial, [, Music, ], alright guys. So we are first going to work on your SEO campaign. Now guys SEO is so important. It should be the number one thing on your list, so you guys can see right here how I have Daryl Woolston and when someone types in Darrell Wilson, you can see how my website shows up as ranked number one.

Now I’m, going to show you how you can implement this same exact idea on your website now really quickly. I want to give you guys a quick little, a preview of my success with SEO and how you can do it for your website.

As well so right here, you can see. I started my SEO campaign some time last year in March, where I only had around a hundred people a month searching and visiting my websites. As a result you can see in June I had around 111 and slowly.

You can see in July, I went up and then we had a really good month in January, where the algorithm kind of kicked in, and I was getting around 2000 organic visitors a month now. This is all due to the success of SEO.

So I recommend going to a website called freelancer com. There’s, also a link in the description that will take you directly to freelancer comm, and this is where you’re, going to outsource it to pay as little as possible.

Now guys, this is a long term goal. So how long does this take? Well, you can expect results from SEO sometime in around 3 to 6 months. Who should you hire? I recommend hiring people from India and secondary country of Pakistan medium countries that you can also work with is Bangladesh, because I find I have the most success of people from India, Pakistan and then sometimes I hire people from English.

It works out. How much should you pay? Well, you’re, looking at around $ 100 for 10 keywords somewhere along the lines of that now, if someone charges a little bit more because they are more established, that is perfectly okay.

If someone is charging way less than that’s, I would stay away because you really don’t know if they’re, reliable or not. Now, for example, what is a keyword well when someone types in Sarah Wilson? That is a keyword right, so I am being found on rank number one.

Now someone types of something else like let’s, go how to make a wordpress website. Divi theme tutorial that’s, another keyword and, as you guys can see all of my videos and my you to me – classes show up on the search engine.

So, by going to freelancer and hiring an SEO company, I recommend outsourcing it to people in India. Now I currently have around three people that I work with on SEO and they continually build backlinks.

They continually do social bookmarking there’s, a lot. That goes into SEO, but if you guys are interested learning it yourself, there is a course link in the description, but I truly recommend hiring a company out here.

So you only need to do is go to like post a project and just do like. I need SEO and then like skills, are required SEO and then SEO for my website and you’re gonna get flooded with just so many people that are SEO for my website.

I need to rank higher and then right here it doesn’t really matter. But again you should look at a price of somewhere around a hundred dollars for around ten keywords. So the more keywords you have, the more it’s.

Gon na cost, but the more cost, the more keywords you have, the more visible you are being found. So here also, you know what I’m gonna. Do a fixed price or something like this right here – a simple project and then simply go over here and go to post a project.

Now this company might ask for things like your cPanel information and your WordPress login information, guys you will have to give them that because they need to basically set the on-page optimization for your website.

I know it sounds a little scary to give someone like you, know, login information for your websites, but it’s really hard for them to do their jobs properly. If they don ‘ T really have you know the full optimization for your website.

Now. Look at that right. There I mean you can see you guys how I have all these people out here. Just spamming out offers for me and you guys can see how the first ones were around like 90 bucks and more expensive ones around 150.

You guys can also see the reviews so right here. Three thousand ninety nine reviews: that’s, why this guy is charging 150 dollars because he – and you know he’s – basically kind of proven himself. So it’s really up to you who you want to hire for SEO.

For your website, but this should be the first thing on your list because again this is gonna take anywhere between three months, all the way to even a year, depending on the competitiveness of your keywords.

So, for example, let’s say you want to rank for something like best attorneys, in Los Angeles, hypothetically guys. You may never rank for this keyword because it is so competitive because you have other companies.

Other websites, like Yelp and Hollywood Reporter, who are spending big bucks on trying to get their website ranked on the search engines. So try not to go for super competitive keywords because remember the more competitive they are, the longer it will take to rank the less competitive.

They are the quicker it will take to rank and also have your SEO company do keyword research. So that means basically what is ideal for my niche and my websites. You know you are an SEO expert. What do you recommend that I do? They may give you a list of keywords or ideas and then go ahead and say you know what that sounds good.

Let’s, go ahead and work with these ten to fifteen keywords for now and then once you start to rank higher and you build up trust, you know go for more keywords, get a little bit more aggressive with your SEO campaign because remember this Is a long term goal, but I find that hiring a freelancer will give you the best success for SEO on your websites.

So let’s. Have a quick recap of this section. So first you guys want to make sure that you outsource your SEO. Right we got that that’s, that’s, pretty much set in stone. Second, you guys want to make sure that you’re, paying around $ 100 for around 10 keywords can be a little bit more.

It could be a little bit less don’t, be afraid to pay more. You know you could get more aggressive with your campaign. It’s. Up to you, I’m, just kind of giving you the fundamentals of the price. After that, you guys want to make sure that you are consistent with your SEO, so you guys can expect results somewhere along lines of three months to six months, but I like to think of SEO as a permanent expense.

I have my company working on my website. Every single month I never saw because I never wanted to drop in ranking, so I would recommend having SEO as a permanent expense every single month. And lastly, you want to make sure that these guys provide you with some sort of report and work to show you where your keywords are ads and how well they are performing okay.

So let’s. Go on to the next section: [, Music, ], [ Applause ], so the next step is blogging now. This is also referred to as Content writer article writing content creation. Whatever you want to call it, it’s, basically all the same thing.

So why is bogging so important? Well, blogging is one of the only ways people can actually find your website when they search for something on Google. Now, just a little bit, I’m gonna show you a great example of this.

However, your first question might be: how much should I write generally most SEO experts recommend somewhere along lines of 1,000 to 3,000 words. Now, when you’re writing this, it’s very important to not kind of spam.

Your key word: basically, you should have around a 5 % keyword density. So if you’re, aiming for something like the best dog trainer in California, you shouldn’t, write that more than around 5 % of your article as a result.

If you do, you could get penalized by Google that’s, why I kind of recommend hiring an SEO company or an article, a company, because they know how to write properly. Now let’s, go ahead and go to Google right here.

Now I’m gonna type in something like best WordPress tutorials, and I’m going to enter now. The first website that comes up right here is elegant themes. If I click on this article right here, you can see this is their blog page, so their website is being found.

When I look for something like what’s, the best WordPress tutorial, let’s say you want to learn how to build a website, and then you go to google. This is the first company that shows up, so you guys can see.

They have some really good content right here, so people can actually go ahead and read through all this, and you know if they’re looking for something they can go ahead and find it. So blogging is very important because without it no one be able to find this website right.

It also be very hard to find so blogging. Guys is another long-term goal, so don’t expect any quick results. You guys can see. This article was written sometime in 2014, but then again you should expect results somewhere along the lines of three months to six months, maybe even longer, depending on your keyword.

Now let’s just say. For example, you don’t want to write this yourself. I recommend going to UPS. I called eyewriter com. Now there’s, also a link in the description to this website. This is where you can hire professionals who will write content for you so right here I’m going to my pricing and you guys can see right here what they charge.

So they have different authors so right here we have a standard author, someone that will write at least a 500 word paper for you for just three dollars or even a thousand for 750. If you want to get little bit more aggressive, you can charge, or you can ask for a 3,000 words for around 21 dollars.

Now you can also go to like a premium author elite, author or elite Plus. The difference is the reviews and how long they have been writing. So it’s really up to you who you would like to hire. I personally use this service and I’ve, seen their quality and I can vouch for it as it is really good and they ‘

Ve actually wrote a lot of articles on my website, so this is my blog right here. It’s, kind of a cool, looking style, blog and right. Here I’ll. Just say we’ll just go to how to make a WordPress website a step-by-step guide for beginners and actually hired a content writer from that websites to write it for me, so you guys can see right here.

This is my article and it looks clean. We have some images right there and we go and we look at it and it looks like a really good article, so these guys really make some good quality stuff. So this is a blog post about how to make a wordpress website and I actually feature a new plugin called the elementary page builder.

It’s, not really new came about a year ago and it’s. Well, I guess you could say it’s new, but it’s. It’s. It’s growing, so I wanted to write an article about it because it’s, a really cool page builder and everything else so blogging and content writing guys is very important and remember.

I have to be very honest: don’t get drained, or you know, if you’re, not getting the results right away, guys it’s all about consistency. If you post 500 articles in a day it won’t do much, but if you post 500 articles in a year you will have much better success with long term consistency rather than just one large burst of articles.

Okay, so I know it’s very easy to get burnouts when you’re writing stuff and it’s not being found just give it time and be consistent in the long run. It will pay off and people will find your content alright.

So let’s. Go on to the next section: [, Music, ], [ Applause, ] next up is social media. Now I’m, going to introduce you all to different social media techniques that I have used that have got me a lot of likes and followers, and I’m, also going to be talking about websites that I do not recommend advertising On and also some that I do recommend advertising on, because I’ve made a lot of mistakes during my course of being a digital marketer.

So I’m going to share with you guys my techniques on how I get a lot of likes and engagements. So this is my current Facebook fan page now before this guys. I have a full advertising tutorial on Facebook in the description.

So if you guys are interested in that, you guys can be sure to check it out, but here my thoughts about that before you check it out. So this is my current Facebook fan page and I have around seven thousand three hundred seven people that, like this with around seventy four hundred followers now I bet you guys are wondering dural.

How did you get all these people on your page? How much did you pay? Well, I paid nothing now, but you guys are wondering Derral. How did you do that? How did you get a page with over 7,000 people engaging in your stuff and pay? Nothing well guys.

I actually use cheaper forms of advertising from AdWords and also YouTube. Now I’m gonna show you why I use other cheaper sources of advertising instead of Facebook. So right here we’re, going to promote now, as you can see right here, 23 clicks or 42 for $ 35.

The main problem with Facebook is that too, damn expensive for the regular person $ 35. For that many clicks is a horrible deal. In fact, there are other websites where you can get 5 cents or even you know, post a banner ad and get constant traffic not having to pay $ 1 per visitor right.

That’s kind of expensive, but my personal opinion about it is use Facebook post around once or twice a week and get engaged with other people’s content the more you engage. Other people’s content. People will see your page, they will come back, they will like your stuff, and you know they ‘

Ll engage with it now, whenever you guys make a post, I personally recommend to put as much text as possible. So right here you guys can see. I have this one article right here now you guys can see. I have a lot of text with a link and this post reach around 1100 to people now right here, right below that I just kind of put a link and as a result, it only reached 300 and people now in just a little bit.

I want to tell you guys my personal opinion about advertising on Facebook, but before that I’m gonna, introduce you all to another form of advertising which is Twitter. Now this is elegant themes. Algún themes makes the best WordPress theme on the planet.

They have around 37,000 followers with around 6251 tweets. Now the problem with Twitter is that I just find the engagement rate is incredibly low on Twitter. So right here they have 37,000 followers, but the page has only received 357 likes, so the people here, aren’t really engaging with the content as much as other websites.

So my personal opinion, I would use Twitter. I would make an account and put all the description, put your link and everything. Maybe post once or twice a week, maybe put like a $ 2.00 every tweet. You know just kind of boost a little bit see what it happens, but my personal opinion is don’t go crazy with advertising on Twitter because I find that their engagement rate is just incredibly low.

Now, whenever you use Facebook Twitter, all these other profiles guys make sure to fill out everything you know fill out the about fill out all this, because these things will start popping up in search engines.

So you do want to use these to basically promote your website. So remember: whenever someone goes on, Google type, something there’s, a chance that your profile or your your Facebook page, your Twitter account will show up that’s.

What I’m, saying always put a lot of contents. You know once or twice a week and try to use as much social media platforms as possible to extend your reach now. Linkedin, I don’t, recommend LinkedIn at all for advertising.

It is the most expensive advertising platform on the internets. I’ve, seen people pay up to $ 45 a click, so I’m, not really going to go too much in LinkedIn, because I personally don’t use LinkedIn. I’ve, seen their rates and I said nope and the reason why it’s so expensive guys because they’re, basically targeting corporations with huge budgets.

So if you’re, the average person trying to you know get your stuff engaged with on LinkedIn. I would not advertise it. However, I would always link it to your websites or link it to your YouTube channel or you link it somewhere.

So people can find it. You know you don’t want to just leave it as a dead page, because there’s, always chances that people will find it, and you know, look at your stuff on LinkedIn but self, promoting or advertising on link.

I would not recommend it. Pinterest Pinterest is also a really good one, because a lot of the times when you make these things, it will be found in search engines. So I am for putting your profile on Pinterest.

However, you guys are asking me about advertising on Pinterest, I’m gonna say no, I want to say no, it depends on the niche if you are a business construction company, a web designer company Pinterest is basically pointless.

The only time people are on this website is, they want to see delicious food or they want to see some cool clothes or they want to have some nice places to go. So if you’re, not in those niches, I would just say off.

Pinterest but again you know it never hurts to put your stuff on Pinterest, but if you are in any of those ditches that I talked about so I would recommend it. But if you’re not I would not. Now let’s.

Get into the most famous and the best form of advertising that I currently recommend for all the websites is YouTube advertising. This is my current YouTube account now guys I’m gonna talk about why YouTube is the best and it basically takes everything else out of the water, but I’m gonna show you guys why.

So this is my current statistics right here now, every time I have a video right here, I like to promote it. So I’m, paying around $ 10 a day and I’m only getting around 6 cents per view. So any time someone actually clicks the ad I’m, only getting charged 6 cents.

Now, what happens if someone watches the video and skips it? I pay nothing so right here you can see. I’m, getting free impressions and I’m, actually getting a lot of an engagement rate, so you guys can see right here.

My view rate is pretty high. People love video rates. So right here are my view rates for all of my videos. You can see they’re, all around 50 percent. So what that means is every time someone watches my video at least 50 percent of the people or more will click on the ad and engage in my content.

Now I’m, also going to talk about the display advertising. So right here are the display advertising, which we’ll talk about in the next section. Now you can see right here. This is a branding campaign, so I spent around 91 dollars to get around 531 clicks, but 782 thousand people have seen my advertisement.

They know who I am so branding is the most important part of advertising. Just like McDonald’s, just like Nike, you see them everywhere. Right, you see all these food places everywhere. Branding is probably the most important part of advertising, because people know your product and down the line.

Let’s say in a month from now they need a website. They’re gonna. Remember, oh yeah, Darrell Wilson, that’s right. He’s that one guy that does WordPress tutorials. I’ll, go ahead and wash his stuff, so that’s.

Why? I personally recommend the despite network and YouTube ads, and another thing guys is YouTube. Ads is the only type of advertisement or platform where you actually get paid for promoting your content.

So right here, this is my current monthly estimated revenue. Every time I make a video – and I teach people about you know whenever they want to learn about, but at the same time I’m marketing myself and look how many shares I have.

I have two thousand eight and fifty five shares with all these subscribers, so it’s such a better platform than Facebook, and I know a lot of people disagree. But when you’re getting subscribers, you continually build an audience.

You continually get bigger, so every time you post a video, you get more views more engagements people will start to share your stuff and then, on top of that, you get paid now. The reason why I’m against Facebook advertising is because your audience shrinks every single time you make a post so right here you can see I have around 1,000 1 or 12 people, but I have 7,000 followers.

So why is this not engaging all my my followers right? Well, Facebook knows this and they said well. You want to go and advertise to your own followers. You got to pay for that so right here you can see people who, like your page so in in reality they have a backwards concept of YouTube.

So, instead of actually when you get all these followers and likers you’re thinking. All this is so cool. You know every time I make a post, they’re. All gonna see it no. That’s, not true. In fact, every time you make a post, you have to pay for it and it can be extremely expensive in the long run.

But if you guys are going to use Facebook advertising, I highly recommend using video ads. You know when you scroll down, you see a video, you stop and you look at it that’s. Why? I prefer that you guys would actually go ahead and use YouTube advertising, because it is the most powerful form of advertising now.

Another thing I want to talk about is: when you make your YouTube channel, you can go ahead and link all your stuff right here. So right here is my you to me my patreon my website, my Facebook fan page.

This is another way how I brought people from YouTube to my current facebook fanpage. I simply just put a link right there. You know – and you can put your website here and when you’re getting around.

You know three hundred fourteen thousand views a month. You’re gonna bet. A lot of people are gonna, go to your website and also your Facebook fan page. So, instead of actually using Facebook’s, basic promote puds, in which you got to pay a dollar per click that’s, crazy use.

The Display Network use, use. Google Ads use these things right here and I have a full tutorial on YouTube advertising and it doesn’t, take any skill or anything. So if you guys are interested in learning how to create videos and putting them on YouTube, I highly recommend it, because this is the ultimate form of advertising.

I see all these people out there talk about Facebook Ads. I’m. I’m looking up like they’re crazy. Like you’re spending, you know five to ten dollars a click I’m spending, five cents per view, and on top of that right here you can see that a lot of these views right here they’re, not Watching it they’re skipping it.

So I’m, also getting free impressions, so it’s, a win win. I’m, getting free impressions and I’m, also paying six cents every single time. Someone clicks and watch my video, which are ten times more influential than a picture.

You know or some text you know so that’s. My personal advice, guys as far as advertising you guys are gonna do advertising. I recommend you know it’s to go on all the websites and just kind of post once or twice a week again it’s great for finding in the search engine.

So it’s, not a total loss. But my personal opinion, Facebook is not ideal for the average person. If you are, you know interested on hiring or going on Facebook, and you know doing a full fledged campaign.

I recommend hiring a professional. You have a bigger budgets. I would go for the professional see what they can do, but if you are looking for just some quick views and some long-term goals, I would strongly recommend YouTube because YouTube has the most powerful advertising platform and you also get paid for it and all the subscribers Will actually reach, in fact YouTube will actually advertise your channel.

So whenever you make a video, they actually email and send notifications to all your all your subscribers right. It’s ten times better than actually having to keep posting all the time and spending money on Facebook, so that’s.

My personal opinion about social media. I hope it’s, helped alright, let’s. Go on to the next section: [, Music, ], [ Applause, ] next up is Facebook groups and forums. Now, in just a minute, I’ll talk about the benefits of posting and forms, but I want to give you guys some key rules to follow when joining a Facebook group and also a forum for SEO purposes, number one.

So you join the group. Do not self promote, do not spam anything about your websites or anything else, because this is a very easy way to get bands now number two. If, in the future, you decide to post something giveaways, free stuff is a great resource to sort of gain, recognition and Facebook groups and also forms now also, you will need to get involved with people’s, questions and get engaged in the community.

You know a lot of these. These forums and groups have moderators and they really know when someone’s, trying to self promote so just join the community, and actually you know make it organic. You know someone asks a question answer it, but I wouldn’t post anything about your website for maybe somewhere lines of one to two weeks.

Now let’s, go ahead and go to a Facebook group. So this is my current Facebook page and you guys can learn more about it by typing in Darrell Wilson. You know I just I basically just put stuff about my my website, so you know this is what self-promotion.

You know what we’re talking about. So let’s, go ahead and do something like WordPress, tutorials, WordPress tutorials for beginners. So let’s, say, for example, I am the person that is trying to promote my website and I provide free tutorials for WordPress.

Now. This right here would be a great resource. So right here you can see there is a wordpress group for wordpress tutorials and resources with twenty six hundred members. It’s, a public group. So by joining that I can actually go in there and say you know I’ll.

Go ahead and join this group and then from there I can go ahead and answer some comments or some questions and then from there you can go ahead and put in whatever you want now. This is just an example.

So let’s say I put like the dog. Well, this is type in dog. Maybe we’ll have some some groups for dogs, so a dog group. So right here you can see four hundred and thirty five thousand members. Now that is an incredibly large amount of people.

So by joining this crew right here and then sort of slowly engaging and also talking about the content, you can then kind of post an article. Let’s, say, for example, you’re in the dog industry. Well, you can say hey guys.

I have a really cool article about Bashan, so you won’t, learn more about, but the Bashan frees. You guys, can, you know, go to my website and learn more about it and when you have a user base of 435 thousand people, that is a great resource for you to sort of self promote yet also get engaged within the community, because people will see you Around say: hey that guy always posting good stuff.

I’m gonna go to his website and check his stuff out now. Another thing I want to talk about is forums, so why is it so essential to join forums? Well, let’s, go to look at, so wordpress.

org is a website where you can go ahead and get involved like, for example, they have, if you have forums, themes, all sorts of really cool stuff. So here I go to the themes and then maybe look at one of these themes right here and you can leave a review.

You know you can actually add your review and then you can actually post a forum thing right here where you can talk about it or whatever. Now, if I go to the search engine and type in Darrell Wilson, WordPress guess what happens? You guys see right here where it says: WordPress org.

You can see some of my content that I’m posting on forums. So when you post a question or something like that on forums, it gets picked up in the search engines, so that’s. Another really good way for you to get down now guys.

You might not see this like the first day. You might not see on the first week, but you will see it eventually. In fact, every time I go to help for a Final Cut Pro for the software I’m currently using for this screen share, I always run into forums so right here.

Let’s type in Final Cut, set pro audio, not working and right away. You can see the first one is a forum so right here, discussions by Apple, so it’s, really not about posting in the forum and trying to make people click on your profile.

It’s, more of learning how to optimize this text right here for search engines to get found. Now I’m, not saying to go to forums and just start a spamming, spammy content, because again moderators will know what you’re doing, but genuinely get involved generally ask questions the more you engage, the more you ask, questions that help Other people, the more it will get picked up in a search engine now this is sort of a long-term goal for SEO, because this will be found and it could have a very fast result, and it also could have a very long result.

So right here you can see this was in 2011, but you can actually get quicker engagement depending on who’s searching okay. So that is a great example of forum posting and again you can always add your URL to the name right here.

So this right here is this: guy’s name, but he could have put his URL. He could put his business profile, Oh guys, whenever there’s a spot for your website or your Facebook page just put all of them, because again, these can actually be picked up by search engines as do follow links and that will actually get more Popularity and your site could grow in the search engines.

Okay, so again, remember when you’re joining these websites fill out everything. You know right a two paragraph, a section about yourself. You know. So if there’s, content to be written right, the content put in the links and again get engaged with forums, because again it will be found in search engines and that’s.

A very good idea for you to get exposure. Okay, so let’s, go down move on to the next section, so let’s, have a quick recap of Facebook groups and forums now for Facebook group guys do not self promote too much it’s, a very easy Way to get banned be helpful.

Answer. Questions remember, make this look, organic, actually be organic. You don’t want to try to just spam things about your company. You want to look helpful because then people will look up to you and they will want to learn more about you.

I always offer free stuff. Everyone loves free stuff on Facebook groups, so always provide giveaways or something for free, but remember, never overdo it and always make it. Look. Organic now for forums.

Remember fill out as much content as you want remember. This content can be picked up and will be picked up by search engines. So you want to make sure that when you ask questions, fill out enough content make a reference to your websites and hey my websites about this.

I was writing about this at a problem, etc and also remember to be helpful, always answer. People’s. Questions be helpful. People will look up to you and want to learn more about you and your website, alright guys.

So this is a bonus section. Now I’m, going to show you how you can get rankings on your website by using already established website. So essentially, we’re kind of borrowing, other websites authority to promote our own websites.

Now I’m, also going to talk about guest blogging, why you should do it and what other websites offer this service so really quickly. Let me just kind of show you what I’m talking about you type in Darrell, Wilson, right here, Darrell Wilson, and what happens when I type this in well, we have my website.

We have YouTube. We have udemy com now by using already established websites like you to me, Skillshare or Amazon. You basically run to the front of the pack. So right here you guys can see. I have all my information.

I had the links to all of my websites, and this is a great way to kind of promote, not just your websites, but your Facebook fan page, your Linkedin, your YouTube channel, whatever you want to promote now, let me give you guys a better example.

So let’s say you’re selling, something you know. Let’s. Say you’re, you’re selling, something you’re. Trying to get a. You know visitors, you’re. Like you know, this is frustrating by me typing in best-best desk chairs, all right.

Let’s. Say you’re. You have a website and you’re selling desk chairs, so scrolling down right here. By putting this on something like Amazon, you run to the front of the pack. So right here, I’m using amazon.

com to basically sell my desk chairs. So, by going to like eBay and registering by going to an Amazon Etsy all these sites and starting to put our information, if you’re selling, something put it on there.

This is a great way to sort of run to the front of the pack instead of having your website isolated in the middle of nowhere, where no one can find it. But by using this right here, you at least have a chance to kind of get more attention.

Now there’s, various ways your website will show up, but there’s, a lot of better ways by using these websites where your product will also show up. So I recommend you know kind of venturing off, exploring doing your research.

So again, right here, the saipin like WordPress website tutorial on udemy. So let’s, say someone’s, learning how to build a website and they don’t know where to go. But right here you can see my classes are already showing up on the front page.

So I’ve kind of bypassed the whole, like you know, learn classes from my website and I’m using udemy calm to basically get more exposure and to kind of invite people to my website and also my YouTube.

So remember guys. It’s, not just about your own website. It’s about also using other websites to sort of gain recognition. Okay, now I’m, not saying go to other websites and just start spamming and registering everything.

But I am, you know, generally engaged with you to me, and I’m, also engaged with other web sites. So by slowly going to other web sites getting involved, it will start showing up in search engines. People will start to see your websites so again guys.

This is a longer term process, but it is great because remember the Internet’s on it’s on 24 hours a day, guys and remember when you sleep people are searching. So I keep that in mind. You know now. Another really cool thing that I want to talk about is guest blogging.

What is guest blogging? Well, it’s, sort of the same thing that I’m talking about by using already established websites. So this is a website called shout me loud, and this is a great blog where they talk about the you know: SEO digital marketing email marketing.

They receive over 1 million visits a month. Now I don’t know if this website accepts guest blogging, but they do actually give you a whole list of guest blogging. So basically you are allowed to blog on already established websites.

So what’s? The purpose of that? Well, let’s say someone reads your content on a website with a million visitors and they like your content. What are they gonna do? Well, they’re, probably gonna go to your website and look at what you’re writing on your own website.

So this is a great source and I ‘ Ll also link this in the description, so even Huffington Post. They actually allow guest bloggers. So if you want to write for someone else – and you believe that you’re a great writer, I would do it because what happens? Is you write these articles for these huge websites and then end result? People may go to your website now it’s, not a guarantee, but it’s very likely.

I mean right here. This website received 1 million views or visits, so you write something for this website. The odds are. If someone likes your content, they’re, probably gonna check your other stuff out.

So they have this for like technology, they have it for SEO social media, designing whatever niche that you’re in and then random blog. So you know it was scary, mommy, so right here they talked about pregnancy or you know, whatever, whatever niche you’re in so again, this is their kind of like criteria.

Now every website will have their own criteria. You got to follow their rules. You got to follow their structure, or else you cannot write on their websites. Ok, so it doesn’t. What kind of niche you’re in every website usually does have some sort of guest blogging.

No, I’m trying to get into this more. I don’t have it, but you know by just doing some research saying: hey you know, can I guess blog on your website. You have a lot of traffic. I’ll, write some really good stuff for you and then from there you know you exchange like a backlink cuz.

I’m, like that. That is a great way to get recognition from already established websites. Ok, so I will link this guys in the description you guys are interested in guest blogging. Ok, so you know. I hope this was helpful.

I hope you know all this stuff about using other websites and guest blogging is helpful. So let’s. Go on to the next section: all right, I’ll, see you there [ Music, ], [ Applause ], so another really cool marketing technique is called influence or marketing.

Now I did mention that Amazon and other companies have now started their own influence or marketing campaigns and other websites have kind of fall on their footsteps. Now this is one website called shale cart, and now you guys can see that they have a list of what we call as influencers.

Now, what an influencer is is people who have a large following kind of like myself and other youtubers, and maybe some instagramers, who basically promote your product in front of their audience in an exchange for money.

So you can go ahead and go to the list of some of these influencers. So right here you see this cute puppies for you and they ‘ Ll, promote your posts for around $ 10. They have around 250 6,000 followers and so on and so forth.

Now there’s. Other websites that do the same thing so be sure to also check out like the Instagram and their web sites and make sure that it’s. Legit now you want to do some research, so I recommend going to a website called similar web so similar web.

Now, this right here will actually determine the amount of traffic and everything else on their website. You don’t want to take their word for it. You know I’m, not trying to sell you on these guys, but I’m saying you know in this world of business there’s very easy ways to get screwed.

So I want to make sure that when you actually see these people or engage them or talk to them, do some research before you actually decide to hire them now over. Here was one that I found. This is from Isaiah com and they had this one brand right here or this one person.

So actually did my homework and decided to see you know. Is this a real person or not, or are these people just kind of like blowing smoke, and you know they’re, not really true, so I believe it was this one right here, so they have these little quick videos that you can check out.

These are the actual creators and the actual people who will be promoting your stuff. So let’s, see right here, so they have like little cool videos. Now right there, you see that little that little website that’s.

What you want to see, so you want to go ahead and do your research so right here I’m gonna go to daily mom and I’m gonna see. You know how much traffic these guys are getting or whatever. Now, if they do a blog post, which I recommend blog post guys, are the best because they float on the internet, they get a lot of engagements and they pop up in search engines so right here now this is an ideal person.

This traffic makes sense. So right here you can see that this person’s receiving around 250,000 pages every month. So I would say you know what this does look legitimate. I would say you know what this person probably is a real blogger and you guys can always go to their websites with a daily of a daily mom or whatever, whatever they’re there.

You know – and you know also make sure, look at their blog posts and make sure that they’re dated back. You know if they all have these blog posts that are dated within the the only one year they might be like a newer company, but if they have it back to like two thousand thirteen thousand fourteen, they’re.

Probably a long-term company is someone that you can really trust. So all I’m saying is that when you get involved with influencer marketing make sure these people are worth your time, you don’t want to hire some like person with fake views or nothing like that, and another thing is: if You guys do use an Instagram, fluence or Instagram.

Quality of traffic is considered one of the lowest tears of traffic’s. That’s. Why people with four million followers will charge you $ 20 because generally the quality of traffic from Instagram is very low, so you guys can go ahead and go to this website shall cart.

They’re all there is a link in the description guys. So I actually have another article right here of other companies that you can go ahead and check out and remember. You can go ahead and hire one of these guys and they can promote your product and if they have a blog, I would preferably guys try to get on their blog, because the blogs are a little bit more permanent these right here, the Instagram shoutouts they aren’t, as you know, once they post it, they post.

If you don’t make a sale that’s it, but you know for $ 5.00 for a hundred ninety thousand followers that’s, not bad at all. You know it’s really, not so be sure to check out the influencer marketing and also guys, if you are interested in .

There are some websites that I recommend going to now. Let’s say you are a shop and you are just a regular mom-and-pop shop and you want to sell your product and you want people to actually promote it.

For you, you can go to CJ, calm and CJ. Comm is a website where it connects people like myself, advertisers and then it connects people who are merchants so people who have a product and then people who can promote it.

So I would recommend going to CJ, comm and also another one cool one is ShareASale calm. So ShareASale calm is, you can go ahead and promote your product, so you can see right here. I want to promote this merchant on my website, or I want to be one of these merchants.

So basically it’s like a marketplace where business owners come and they say: hey I have a product. Can you help me sell it as a result, you have to provide them some sort of commission rates so sort of cookie rates, all sorts of stuff and another really cool one is ccj share.

Sale, Rakatan Rakatan is also a really cool one. So, racket in right here, Rakuten affiliates these guys – are also another good one and also you know there’s. A lot of affiliate marking departments guys so share sales CJ, a Clickbank! Oh, I cannot forget click, bang click Bank.

This is probably one of the most famous ones: Clickbank. Oh no, that’s, the wrong one. All that click click there. It is Clickbank. This is probably the best one and it’s, probably the most popular one right here.

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