Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How to Get More Website Traffic – Good for Videos and blogs 🎆

How to Get More Website Traffic – Good for Videos and blogs 🎆

How to get more traffic hi, adam payne here with the video marketing insider, and that is exactly what we’re going to be talking about in this video. I’M going to share with you a powerful resource that you can use to get more targeted traffic back to your videos, to your blog posts and articles to your images, whatever it is, you’ve got going online. We all know that traffic is super important and the more targeted traffic you can get the better and there are tons and tons of unique and different ways out there that are super powerful, but are not that often talked about and i’ll be revealing. One of these today now before we get started, please make sure that you give this video a thumbs up subscribe to the channel hit the bell notification. That way, you won’t miss any future videos and i’ve got some really cool videos lined up for you.

So, as always we’re over here at similar web because we need to get some data about this resource, this is called as you can see, and if we kind of scroll down here, we can see that this gets just under 74 000 visitors per month. So it’s not the most powerful that i’ve shared with you, but it’s not bad uh. We can see that people stick around for a little over five minutes. They visit on average just over four pages, so there is a low bounce rate and again, as i always say, that’s really important if people are coming to a and leaving after 20 30 seconds and only really sticking around on one page.

That’S not a good sign, so we do know that people are going through a few pages they’re checking out some content and they’re sticking around. You know four five, six minutes, five minutes on average, so that is the actual website in question store board. So i’m going to go over here to .com. Now you can create an account for free.

You can upload a profile picture. There are premium versions, so let me go over here and show you the different versions. So, first of all, we’ve got the free version here now you are a little bit limited. You can post 10 videos, 10 blogs, 10 images and so on and so forth. If you paid 79 for three years, that’s a three year subscription it’s pretty cheap for three years.

You do have unlimited videos, you have unlimited images and blogs, so maybe a good thing to do is to start with the free one. You know use it post. Your 10 free articles or videos whatever it is, you want to do, make sure that you do select your profile as well, and you know, engage, and you are posting valuable content and go from there. If you’re getting a little bit of traction, then you can upgrade. It may be a little bit difficult to be perfectly honest with the free version to get a ton of traction, but you always want to start with free, because why spend money at first?

When you don’t have to so there’s a few ways that we can use this, it’s quite a busy site and a lot of this stuff is not going to be. You know needed for you so make sure you fill out and set up your profile. First, you can kind of come over here. You can manage your profile, you can upload an image and all that stuff, it’s pretty obvious or self-explanatory, on how to do that. Now.

If we come here at the top, we’ve got videos, blogs images audio. So i don’t know what you do the most for me, generally speaking, is video, so i can click on videos and we can click this little plus button here to upload a video so we’re going to click on this and we can enter our youtube url. So i’ve got a video handy, i’m gonna just click over here. This is another really cool that i revealed so i’m gonna copy that shortened url. I’M gonna come back.

I’M gonna put that in there i’m gonna enter the title. So it says: please use initial capital letters. So again, i’m going to come back here and i’m just going to copy that bit at the top how to get free website traffic and we’ll put that in there and then we’ll give a little bit of coffee, coffee, uh. I’Ve got my cup of coffee here, but we’ll give a bit of copy, so i’m gonna pause the video and just fill this out one sec. Okay, so i’ve got this bit of copy in here.

I’Ve got a link to my main website and i’ve got a little bit of copy. So we’re going to add some keywords. So i’m just going to copy website traffic put that in i’ll put a comma i’ll put how to get free traffic, how to get free traffic i’ll just put traffic as well. You could put a few more in, but we’ll leave that as it is category, we’ve got a bunch of things we can choose from here. It could be .

Let’S come down, we. What else we’ve got we’ve got marketing sounds good there. Now a folder, i guess, is like a group or a collection or a playlist, so i’m just gonna um have a new one and i am going to choose traffic. So i’m going to give i’m actually going to call my post of the board. Yes, is the video save for work?

Yes, so we’re gonna click on add video? Okay. So now we get this. The great thing here is: we get a share link as well, so we can share your video on different things, so you can share your video to reddit or to tumblr share it on facebook or twitter. If you want so i’m not going to do that right now, you can share it on a blogger and that’s really all you got to do okay and then you can now we’ve got our video embedded on a third-party source which can potentially get traffic.

Of course, if it’s the first time you’ve just set up your account, you’ve embedded a video, you can’t expect much to happen from there. You’Ve got to take a little bit of time. You know, like i said, fill out your profile. Make sure that you use your 10 videos or 10 articles to get some content up there get some links back to your website or some embeds going on okay, so we can now see the videos appeared here which is cool. What we could also do is we can click on blogs and, if you’ve got a blog post that you’d like to get more traffic to.

We can come up here and click this button here and we can start to add an article now. A great idea for this would maybe to have a synopsis of your main blog post. Now, whether you want to use a spinner put run it through a spinner. Get some spun content back proofread that because oftentimes spinners are pretty rubbish, um and then put some stuff in here. You can do that, but it’s like you would do a normal blog post.

You put your title in give it a synopsis. Put some keywords: your name whether you want to you know, have any geographic. Targeting on there select a category you can attach a video you can put some posts in here. You can show a image. You know you upload your image here.

So, in fact, let me actually go ahead and do that as well. Okay, so i’ve done that i’ve got a blog title, a summary, a keyword, my name category, i’m not going to attach a video. I’Ve got an image, i’ve uploaded here and a little bit of text and then i’ve hyperlinked this sentence here to direct people to my main post. I didn’t want to put the whole article here. I just got a couple of paragraphs from it and then they can read the main post here, so we’re going to hit, save and continue or post.

In fact, i’m going to hit, publish it and then hit post and we should be good to go there, and here is the blog post in question. We’Ve got the image a little bit blurry. To be perfectly honest, i didn’t upload an image that was the right size. We’Ve got the introductory paragraph, we’ve got a link here and then we can link out to the main actual post. Now, if we right click and we click on view page source and then what i’m going to do, is i’m going to look for that link that i added so i’m going to click on um up here, where’s it find and find and then read the there.

We go read the full post here, so if we just kind of look, here’s the link, that’s the actual url of my main blog post, and if we go over here, we can see that this is a do, follow link. This is going to be passing some link juice from this particular domain through to us. So that’s a nice little bonus. So again, is this the best i’ve ever seen, no, not by a long shot. There are other sources out there that are much better than this, but this does get a little bit traffic and it might be something that you want to utilize, maybe spend you know 20 minutes here and there a couple of times a week, putting some content up And seeing how you go, if you want to check out some other , then i’ll leave a link in the description to some other videos of mine.

Again, please give this video a like subscribe to the channel and hit the bell notification and i’ll see you in another video shortly. Thank you for watching. If you’ve got any questions or you need more clarification, go and watch the video once more over. On the right hand, side we have some more trainings and reviews so go and watch those as well. Please hit the like button subscribe to the channel if you’ve not done so already and hit the bell notification other than that ask any questions.

You’Ve got below and i’ll see you soon.

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