Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How To Get Traffic On Instagram (for free…)

How To Get Traffic On Instagram (for free…)

Aaron Chiang hope you guys are doing well. It is a Tuesday actually – and I just wanted to knock out this for you guys, because I’ve been testing a lot with right, and I wanted to show you guys get this done. Okay, cuz a lot of people here, here’s the thing right: a lot of people are on Facebook right now now the problem with Facebook is that it’s great okay, if you can get on there. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t really like affiliate. Marketers internet marketers work from home.

So you know, if you’re like me and you struggle to get on all you might get your account shut down at some point right. Also, the big Mark Zuckerberg is tightening down on a lot of. You know advertising going on because of the data breach and all that stuff, if you guys up to date, so if you’re marketing all of your stuff on Facebook, I would be very, very careful, okay. So that’s why a lot of my streams of traffic come from other sources right, and one of those other sources is get traffic on instagram, obviously YouTube. A lot of you guys know that if this is the first time you’re watching one of my blogs, I do a lot of stuff on YouTube.

You can go to my channel. You can check out some of the strategies. I really just lay it out for you on how I do that and another one that I’ve been. You know really looking at deeply and seriously is Instagram okay, but not paid Instagram free Instagram right now, I’m gon na show you my Instagram strategy today. Okay, because Instagram is a little bit tricky.

Alright, I’ve bought, you know multiple courses on it. I’Ve tried different strategies and some of the things work really well, but others don’t so I’m going to talk about it today. I’M gon na show you what I do on one of my test accounts here right and hopefully this is gon na help you to move forward in your business. Okay, but just understand that Instagram is super powerful. It’S very popular right now, right now, it’s very under priced okay, undervalued, but if there are a lot of eyeballs on there right now I mean Facebook owns Instagram, you know everything they buy.

You know they’ve obviously got this sort of crystal magic ball that they bought whatsapp they bought Instagram whatsapp is the biggest chat app globally. Okay in the world. It’S really big in Malaysia. Instagram is huge globally as well. So I mean you know the the big sucks knows exactly what’s going on.

Okay, because again he’s got that magic crystal ball. So in today’s I’m gon na go over my Grahame strategy. I’M gon na give you some tips. I’M gon na show you get set up and what you should be doing and what you should not be doing. Okay, so you can see over here that this is one of my test accounts right.

I call it dream big dude, that’s it! I’Ve got no post, I’ve got no followers. I’Ve got no following. I just set this up yesterday, just to kind of show you guys exactly what I’m doing here. Okay, so the best thing to do with Instagram really is to do it on your mobile phone right.

This should actually do it on your mobile phone, but just so that I could record this . I wanted to do it on. You know on the computer, and so it looks slightly different. Okay, but essentially the whole thing about Instagram is you’re you’re. Basically, posting pictures and blogs okay, but in the strategy that I use, I post mainly pictures all right, but the thing is is: is it’s a couple of things right with Instagram?

First of all, you want you’ve got to do a few things. You, first of all, you have to think about the niche market that you’re in it’s very, very important. So who are you in you know? Are you in home-home business? Are you in weight loss?

Are you in the love niche? Are you in you know? Gardening. Are you an automotive, it could be anything motive. Are you in crypto right crypto is, is really really you know popular right now, again guys I’d be very careful with crypto, I’m a personal investor in crypto, but if you’re looking at you know business opportunities in crypto, I would just say be very, very careful because A lot of them a little bit dodgy okay, but you know again, if you find the right ones, they could be really really good and and so on, okay, etc.

Right so find the right niche market that you’re in okay and then what I would do is is. I would create a username okay around the niche okay. So, instead of calling it you know, aaron chen, i would call it something: how to get traffic on instagram. Like so if it was, for example, weight loss right so instead of calling it aaron chen, which is very, you know again it’s it’s kind of an ego thing. You know you, you, a lot of people would think.

Okay, I’m gon na name. My my Instagram channel around my name because you know I’m the marketer, so I’m gon na call it aaron chen right now. You can have one channel like that, but what i would say is, i would also call you know some of the other channels around the name of the niche market, that you’re in so, if you’re on weight loss. I might think of you know what someone might actually type in weight loss right. So i’m just gon na go back here and you see this little search box.

This is a very, very powerful search box. Okay, you can do it on your phone. So if I pull up my Instagram app right hold on one second, you know if you pull up your Instagram app right. I don’t know if you can see that so it’s very sunny today right it’s on the bottom here I’ll press that and then it’s you go on the top and then you can search right. None of you can see that it’s pretty bright.

Sorry guys! It’S right on the top, but on the screen right now, it’s the same thing: it’s just on the top here right. So if its weight loss, I might type out something like lose weight and see if there and see what comes up so you see, there are few people. They’Ve got their own names. How to lose weight fast, lose weight, faster, thins, portation skinny lose weight after 40.

You know these are all keywords right that your target audience might go after. So, instead of calling your channel but your name, I would consider calling your channel lose weight or something like that right, so fits body, health, life, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla. Let’S pick them, you know the ones that pop up on the first, you know, number one she’s probably got, or he or she’s probably got a pretty big page. So let’s have a look at it: okay: how to lose weight fast! That’S what this person called it look.

15,000 followers, not bad. You know not not a huge site but enough that she’s actually popping up on and I’m assuming it’s a she, because I can just look at the picture there right, I’m assuming that she’s done enough posts to warrant when I type out something like how to lose Weight that her name pops up on the first search, if you, if your account, was brand new, you wouldn’t even pop up there. Okay, so she’s doing something right. Alright! So again, you know my picture here is a bit big sorry, but you can just kind of see that it’s all related to weight loss.

It’S not bad. 500 likes 200 likes. 296. 400. You know it’s not it’s not a huge sight, but you know she’s, probably getting some pretty good traction on her website right now, right so how to lose weight fast.

So again, I might decide to call my weight loss channel something like how to lose weight and then maybe your name. Let’S say your name is Andy: okay, let’s go Erin, okay, how to lose weight; Erin, something like that. Okay, and that could be the username of you – know one of my channels, okay, so then the next thing you want to do is you want to have a good picture. Okay, so now your picture, your profile, pic your profile pic, has got to be related to your niche. Okay, so look, you know if it’s weight loss make sure it’s it’s got to do with weight loss story.

I mean at least she knows what she’s doing right. She’S got she’s doing a handstand and you know again make sure that it looks good right. Let’S, let’s, let’s, let’s do something else: weight, loss, weight, loss, journey, weight, loss, transformation, okay, the weight loss journey. This is more of a hash tag right. So let’s look at the hash tag and that’s: let’s have a look inside and you can see people yeah.

I see people got the top. These are the top posts right. So under this particular hash tag, there’s 21 million posts. That means 21 million people have used. This exact tag and I’ll talk about tags in a second, but I just want to show you the pictures, because they’re all related to this exact tag right.

So this food there’s this guy, you know flexing here, there’s ice cream. So again before and after shots before and after shots, you know it’s picture of a salad again, this you know, picture of a side profile right, keto meal plan. Again, it’s all related to food and body and stuff like that right, the calendar that kind of thing okay. So this gives you some idea now if it was a profile, let’s go in and see so this is a top post right. So let’s go ahead and see what this person’s profile picture is like.

This is one of their posts, but I want to see what their profile picture looks like so: family fitness online training. This is the this. Is this guy’s channel and mmm? Okay, so he’s got. This is a small Channel right, 1442 followers.

This guy’s name is Kyle thumb and he’s only done one hundred and six posts. So again, this is crazy right because mm-hmm, you don’t need to have a very, very big channel, all right in order to show up on the top posts of a particular tag. Okay, that the hash tag right so that that’s just amazing, right and and I’m gon na talk about this in a minute: okay, because hash tags are really the real currency when it comes to Instagram marketing right. But let’s look at maybe this: let’s, let’s run it a different one, most recent, these ones again, these are you know what it is. This hash tag is probably not that popular, which is what, which is why it might be a good one for you to get a lot of traction if you’re in the weight loss industry.

Okay, because there are, there are three types of hash tags right and since we’re talking about that now, let’s just do that so hash tags. There is, you know, there’s the the easy, the the middle and then the hard right, so easy hash tags are hash tags. Where you use them and not that many people are using them and you can actually you know, sort of rank and get exposure on an instagrams platform, because not that many people are actually using it. But it’s popular enough for you to show up then middle. You know and easy might be, like you know, one or two hundred likes okay, one or two hundred likes like again like this right.

So you know 200 likes yeah. This is you know. This is probably more medium, I would say, but again see. 200 likes 200 hearts there right. 300.

183. 159. You know for this is again starting to get a little bit high, but if you look at most how to get traffic on instagram recent posts right, a lot of these are zero. Look at that zero is zero. Zero one, you know, so it’s not a very popular hashtag, which means that it might be pretty easy to use this hashtag to actually rank okay middle is, is you know a little bit more competitive, so competitive would be like.

Maybe this one right where it says here: we’re 944 hashtags. Sorry, 944 likes okay. So maybe I would say the high hundreds into the thousands is probably middle and then impossible or hard is, like you know, very short, hashtags like, for example, business right. So this this hashtag is very, very challenging and I’ll show you right now. So let’s just do I’m gon na do the business search right.

It’S a business, hashtag business, 30 million posts. Okay, let’s have a look at the posts just so that you can see it. So 30 million posts – let’s look at these guys. Okay, now these guys are not not too bad as well. So maybe you could use this and get on there, but the problem is is because there’s so many people posting, even though these guys only have you know 400 likes 135 likes a hundred likes 400 likes.

It might be still difficult for you to get on the top posts alright to get exposure, because there’s so many people using these posts. Okay, because you’re generally speaking, these big hashtags like business, you know you know another one might be like you know: MLM make money. You know these are very, very strong, powerful keywords, hashtags, sorry and and a little bit more challenging to get on there. Okay, but again you do your research. Maybe you might find a golden gem like maybe business might not be that difficult.

You know what else do you have see the most recent ones again, these ones don’t have that many likes, so maybe you can get on there. Okay, so going back to the the profile picture right profile, pic again, just make sure that your profile pic is related. Okay, really really important, and then I just wanted to show you something so on mine. If you see here underneath my name, you know under my profile I have you know. I see here want to work from anywhere enjoy the finer things in life leverage the Internet, to earn more it’s possible with this, and then I leave my little link right there.

Okay, now you want to create something like that. All right, you want it to be. Very very clean, like now on here it looks like it’s. You know two or three sentences right, but when people actually scrolling through their phone, what it will look like it’ll, actually look like bang-bang-bang. It looks like three lines right, so it’s very, very clean.

So what you want to do is every time you you use Instagram and you you actually create this right. You want to check your phone and you want to look at what your profile actually looks like, because that’s what people are gon na be doing. People aren’t going to be going through Instagram on the computer, they’re gon na be going through your Instagram account on their phone. So you want to look at what it actually looks like on your phone, okay and then at the bottom. You want to drop your link and make sure it’s interesting.

It’S related to your niche market. So, if you’re in weight loss, you don’t want to put you know your epic lifestyle, comm dream big, because it’s not really related to weight loss right, make sure you get a website where it’s about weight loss, so it could be like weight loss, shortcuts, calm. For example, right and then forward slash and then it could be start your journey here or start now. You know or weight loss tips. You know something like that right, something that’s interesting for them to want to click on it, because the whole thing is, you know if you’re using Instagram to generate traffic, then you want to make sure that this pot here the profile is interesting enough for someone to Look at your picture and then check out your profile and say: okay.

This is interesting. I want to click on it and check it out now, when somebody clicks on this is gon na lead to your landing page and that’s how you generate traffic right now. I’M not gon na show you , because that’s not what this training is about. I just want to show you how to set it up with Instagram, okay and how to get started, and then the next thing you want to do is once you’ve set up your profile. You want to start posting every day, okay, so what I recommend is doing this post.

I say I would say twice a day at least twice a day: okay and then this is what you want to do. You want to post pics, okay, I’m just gon na. How am I gon na do this? Okay, you want to put post pics related to niche okay. First of all, then you want to have make sure you use hashtags use hash tags up to 30, so I would say 15 to 30 hashtags related to your niche okay, so you want to do research, okay, so what you want to do is you want to Come back here and you wan na you wan na you know again, if you’re doing weight loss go to lose weight, go to all your competitors, you know, let’s say lose weight.

Okay, you wan na! You want to go to all your competitors. Sorry here, okay lose weight lose weight. I would go to the lose weight hashtag. Oh, I would check out all of these guys and see exactly what tags they’re using and do some research on them right.

So, let’s just say this person shake to lose weight. You know again, they’re not very, very good, so I’ll try again lose weight. You know this one might be better yeah, okay, so she’s got like 200 likes. That’S not bad! You know again, 2,000 follows still pretty small.

Okay but again I would go in there and I would check out what kind of hashtags she’s using perhaps again sorry because my blogs sticking out here. But if you go here, you can actually see what kind of hashtags they’re using and then you can steal some of those hashtags and use that for yourself. Okay and then you want to build up a list of probably 100 to 200 hashtags in your particular niche area, and then you want to rotate. You want to have. Maybe you know 50 % easy, hashtags, 30 % middle hashtags, you know and then 20 % of 5 % really really hot hashtags and in every single post that you make.

You want to make sure that you add a little description. Okay, so I would say, add description of your post. You want to use pics that are related to your niche, and then you want to use 15 to 30 hashtags in every single post that you make, and that is your currency. That’S how you rank on Instagram. Okay and the more you play around with the hashtags, the more people will see your post and the more regular you are.

You will actually see your your your your following increase, so what you want to do is obviously right. Now I’ve got 0 right. You know what zero people followers are following me, but slowly if you’re posting every single day, what’s gon na happen is your followers are gon na start to increase right and the more followers that you get the more regular. You are the more hashtags you test. The more people are gon na find your stuff.

Okay and the more people. Excuse me, the more people will like it and if it’s interesting, they will come and they’ll check out your profile pic now. Let me give you a quick tip. Okay, if you just post, you know interesting posts like this, for example, but you don’t actually tell people to click on your profile, then people are gon na click on your profile. So the way you want to do it is you want to do this.

Okay. The last thing here before we finish up is this is this is this is what you want to do so this is the posting strategy right post twice a day at a description, use related pictures use the related hashtags, but also this is what you want to Do for your posts? You want to do this. You want to post three valuable posts: okay, two personal posts. That means you know post with with your picture, your quotes, that kind of thing and then one business post.

That’S it that’s that’s a strategy. So if you’re posting twice a day, you want to post two valuable posts and then the next day you post one valuable post and then one personal post and then the next day you post one personal post and then one business post. Does that make sense right and in the business post? What you want to do is you just want to be very blatant? You wan na have a picture of yourself, and maybe you can add some some words on the side.

That say something like I’m looking for three people to join my business today or if you want to grow your income or if you want to lose weight. If you want to work with me, if you want to consult with me, then check out this to the description below, because I’m looking for three new clients and then in your description right here right, you can write something like hey. Listen, you know this is. You know this is my journey. This is my story.

I want to actually teach three people how to do this right now. All you have to do is go to my go to the link in my bio and check this out, so actually give them a call to action, and when you do something like that, people are gon na see it. They’Re gon na go to your bio and they’re gon na click, your link, okay. Now, when they click your link, it’s gon na go to your landing page right and then you’re gon na create a your get they’re gon na opt-in and as they opt-in, you’re gon na create leads that they’re gon na go through your . Funnel hopefully, they’ll see your product and then you’re gon na generate , okay, and that’s how you actually build traffic on Instagram.

That’S the free way to do it. Okay, and but the thing about this strategy is you have to be consistent? Okay, so you got ta be consistent. You got a post daily good pics date and then use the right. Hashtags hashtags, that’s it so the these are the three things that you need to do with Instagram be consistent, post, good, pics, daily use the right hashtags and that’s how you get a lot of exposure for yourself.

Okay, that’s it! For today I didn’t wan na this was a 20 minute blog. I ran it a little bit long, but you know if you’ve been wondering how are people getting a lot of traffic on Instagram? Well, this is how they’re doing it. Okay, it’s all about consistency.

It’S about growing out your channel huge and then you can also open multiple channels open, multiple channels. Okay, you don’t just need to stick with one: create leverage open up, multiple channels, that’s how you grow really really big. Okay. So let me know what you thought about this blog in the comments below we’d love, to hear your comments. If you got some value from today’s blog, would you know really really appreciate a thumbs up?

Okay and if you want to learn a little bit more about this stuff right, so I don’t know if your, if you’re, not on my list, if you’re not getting, you know, you know deeper training for me, you can click on the link right below this blog. You will see a little link right there into the description box. It’S gon na lead, you to my landing page, enter your best email in there, and I’ve actually got a training on traffic. Okay, so I’m gon na you know show you how to go deep into traffic again. It depends on when you find this blog right, but at any point it might be me doing the training.

It might be my business partner doing the training, it might be. A webinar okay, but if you want to learn more about traffic, because traffic is everything right, if you don’t build traffic, if you don’t understand how to get, if you don’t understand how to get new people through your front door, seeing your stuff, then you’re, never really! Gon na sell anything online. Okay, you’re never really going to make that much money inside of your business. Okay.

So if you want to learn how to go deep into traffic, just click on the link right below this blog, I’m gon na, be showing you the whole world of traffic and it’s gon na be really really fun. So listen. I hope you got some value from this blog today make sure you implement Instagram, because Instagram is super powerful, okay and then maybe I’ll do another training on on on how to go deep, because again, this blog is going really really long. Have an awesome time speak to you very, very soon. Good luck in your business take care.

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