Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How To Get Traffic To Your Website FAST and for FREE! How to Drive MASSIVE Traffic to your NEW Blog

How To Get Traffic To Your Website FAST and for FREE! How to Drive MASSIVE Traffic to your NEW Blog

So you have successfully launched your website and you have some high quality content already published. You would expect that things would get pretty easy and quick in terms of your website growth right, but then you will notice that on a good day, you will only get like 10 or 15 page views, which obviously is not enough.

If you want to make a living off of your website, what you need is website and lots of it, because if you don’t have people visiting your site, then your hard work will all just go to waste. Now you have two choices here: you can either just sit back and wait for the day when people will magically find your website, or you can follow this easy strategies that I will give you in this video to to your website fast hi, I’m Anastasia and you can find me at Anastasia blogger.

com and on this channel. I share what I learned while building a business online blogging, and I also share my marketing tips here. If that’s, what you would like to learn more about, then please subscribe and hit the bell button to get notified about my new videos and in this video today I will give you some easy and free strategies that will help you get more Organic to your website and fast, so the first one is marketing.

I know this wouldn’t come as a surprise that marketing is my first suggestion. If you’re, not new to my channel, you know why but hear me out. is every bloggers Holy Grail and is no wonder why you can get website, link, clicks or to your site in a very short period of time? Of course, if you are doing marketing in the right way, I would know this because about 85 % of all my traffic currently comes from Pinterest.

I’m, getting consistently over 200,000 monthly page views to my site from Pinterest and all the best months. I even get over 300,000 monthly pages and it’s, not paid traffic. It’s, a completely free organic traffic source, and some people have this notion that Pinterest is just another social media platform, but they are wrong.

Pinterest is actually a search engine just like Google, and there are already lots of bloggers and business owners who are using the platform to promote their businesses and websites on Pinterest successfully to effectively promote your site on Pinterest.

You would have to sign up or convert to a business account which is free by the way and then claim your domain and start pinning. I have tons of Pinterest marketing tips and strategies on my channel and I’m sure.

They will give you valuable information on some of the best practices on Pinterest, but to give you just a quick tip, you need to create pins that are vertical, that are at least two to three image ratio and they have to be bright.

Pleasing images as Pinterest is a visual search engine. After all, of course, don’t forget to have your website or an article page linked to your pin, and the most important part is that you need to use the focus keywords in European titles and descriptions.

Using keywords is really important because that’s. How users will find your pin if they search for something on Pinterest, and I have grown traffic to my new website with Pinterest up to 170,000 monthly sessions by the end of the first year blogging.

But I am not the only lucky one in this. I made a short survey in a large Facebook group for bloggers to see if there is anyone else who has got similar or even better results with Pinterest free traffic.

Can you imagine my surprise when, in less than 24 hours, I had a list of 20 bloggers who left their stories and comments on that Facebook, Fred and many of them managed to get accepted to media vine, publish and network just within 3 or 4 months? I mentioned that media vines minimum requirement is 25,000 monthly sessions.

So you see how fast was their growth. One blogger even managed to get over 300,000 monthly page views to her site with Pinterest in less than a year since, starting her blog, I actually separated they’re blocked by niches.

So it gives you an idea of how different topics and niches can perform on Pinterest, and I’ll, give you a link to the full list of bloggers in the top right corner and in the description below this video.

What I said so far barely scratched the surface on how Pinterest can help your blog or business grow, and once you know the full strategy and understand how the Pinterest algorithm works, your website traffic will explode.

I have a lot more in-depth information about Pinterest SEO, search engine, optimization and the use of keywords and understanding the Pinterest algorithm in my Pinterest SEO, traffic secrets course, where I give you the most up-to-date strategies and updates about Pinterest marketing.

I will give you a link to it in the top right corner and in the description below this video. One more thing that you might not even realize about growing your Pinterest organically is that it can help you with Google traffic.

Simply put you start getting a lot of people from Pinterest coming to your site, Google says this traffic and recognizes it’s, a great content. So it starts ranking your pages better on Google as well, and if you want to learn more about how Pinterest can help you with Google traffic, then check out this video on my channel.

That covers all the aspects of this synergy between the two platforms in great detail and the second way of growing traffic to your site is simply writing click worthy titles and headlines. People usually search on Google or any other search engine and social media because they have a question and they want to find the answer.

But I want you to keep in mind that in most cases you have just about three seconds to grab someone’s attention, and this includes getting someone to click on your link or to your page. This is why you should create headlines that are clear, worthy and attention-grabbing.

It also helps to write a headline that already answers. At least part of the question that user was searching for some recommendations are topics or titles that start with how to why it is where to a guide list, product reviews and recommendations, DIY instructions, etc.

Now my tip number 3 is creating YouTube videos. It’s, another great strategy of driving traffic to your website by making informative YouTube videos. Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, so take advantage of this platform, create tutorials or formative, videos that are within your expertise.

For example, like I do on this channel, I post YouTube videos about Pinterest strategies, and I mentioned my website in my videos, I always linked to my relevant pages in the info icon and also in the descriptions below all of my videos.

Finally enough, my videos, often outrank in Google search results my own website and many of my competitors with high domain Authority for the folks keywords which I try to target in my long-form, a detailed articles on the website.

You know how it happens. You follow all the best recommendations for Google search engine. Optimization your write, a text over 4,000 words long. You do all the internal linking to help this page rank in this particular case by the way for the keyword Pinterest SEO.

I even have a paid course focused on this exact topic, but whatever I tried, I wasn’t able to rank for Pinterest SEO as a keyword on Google search results, and you can wait three months six months a year and nothing happens.

Your web page is hanging somewhere between top 15 and top 30 in Google search results, and that means you’re, getting almost no traffic at all, and then I get really frustrated with Google and recreate my best Pinterest SEO tips in the video format And within a month, or so it takes some VIP spots on the first page of Google search results just because it’s, a YouTube, video and Google gives priority to videos on their own platform.

As a side note here, I don’t, have anything against youtubers who document every second of their lives or do makeup in front of the camera. It’s, their way of making living, and there is an audience for everyone.

I just wanted to mention that it will be a lot harder to to your website using this kind of content on YouTube, because the audience has no reason to click through to your site. They came to observe your life through the camera lens right, since my channel is pretty niche down and focused on specific topics.

For me, YouTube works great as a traffic generator. It became the third traffic source for my site by volume after Pinterest and Google getting traffic. It’s, not just a free traffic source is also a source of worm.

Wardens people like you who already have seen me on videos and when you’re reading a text on a website and already have seen the person who wrote it at least once in a video. You generally feel a better connection with the author and it’s, not just some kind of anonymous user name on the internet.

You know who exactly is behind the website. So if you have anything at all to sell on your site like products or services, you might offer to you to your audience. Driving traffic from YouTube can be not only a fast way, but it can also bring you a warm audience and high converting visitors.

I will give you a link to my video, where I showed you how to build your YouTube channel from scratch, and you will find the link in the top right corner and in the description below this video by the way.

Speaking of growing my youtube channel, if you find the information I shared with you so far, useful then give me a thumbs up on this video, and you know what you know. What I’ll, say right, subscribe, hit the bell button and get notifications about my new video, tutorials and another way you can.

Let me know if I’m doing well. Sharing all this tips here is just go to the comments below the video and leave me a comment or ask me a question: is the best place to ask me questions by the way? Okay, now let’s, move to my tip number for its joining blogging.

Facebook groups. There are tons of benefits you can get by joining groups that are made for bloggers and engagement. First, you are meeting fellow bloggers and you have a chance to learn from them. If there are a few steps ahead of you on this journey, you will receive tons of advice about blogging, managing your website and some tips about getting traffic and a lot more.

Some blogging Facebook groups also have daily or weekly threads, where you can post your blog link for engagement, such as views feedback comments, and if you are interested, I actually have my own. Facebook group called grow your blog or website traffic and make money online that you can easily join, and I frequently answer your questions about online business general and about pinterest marketing in that group.

You will find a link to my facebook group in the top right corner and in the description below this video. My next tip is email. Marketing starting an email list is definitely something you should do the moment.

You created your website, it doesn’t matter. If you don’t send out emails right away start as early as you can, because you wouldn’t want to miss any user who first visited your website and was interested in what you’re offering by sending emails.

You remind your readers and subscribers that you have a new post and you offer or service, and that itself will urge users to go and visit your website to look at your new products or read your new blog posts.

An effective strategy to have people sign up for your mailing list is by giving them something from the start. It can be every principle every short course or anything that you believe will be a valuable piece of information for them.

The next strategy I want to recommend you today is writing guest posts. It’s. Another great way to attract traffic to your blog and achieve rankings in Google. Faster guest posting basically means contributing an article to another website or blog in exchange.

For your article, the owner of that blog or website, will credit you by adding a short author buyer, along with your social media channels and a link back to your blog. And if you’re lucky to get a guest post on a popular site.

You’ll, be able to reach a wider audience just make sure that you guest post on sites that are related to your niche, so that you can actually get an audience that is already interested in. What you have to offer.

Bloggers usually have a page on their site called something like contribute or write for us or even simply, guest posts. This is where you can learn the requirements they have for the guest posts and how to submit your articles, or you can always just find an email address of the website owner in the contact section on of their site and ask them if they actually accept guest Posts and the next great and free strategy of growing traffic to your site is linking internally when you’re.

Making a post don’t forget to link back to your other related articles. This is not only helping you with Google SEO, but it also helps the users see your other content and it urges them to visit more of your pages and explore your website in depth.

This will prevent them from leaving your site after checking just one page, which will improve your bounce rate metric in Google Analytics. Another method can be placing a section: usually it’s at the end of each page of your site, where you can put related articles, this will keep your audience on the site longer, and it will also help you with Google rankings, because it indicates The quality of your content, usually, if your site is built on WordPress platform, you can easily find free, plugins to add related post section to your blog pages now.

Moving to the next methods, I want to say it’s, something that most of us rarely even think about it’s, updating your old content, so don’t forget about your old pages. Actually, your old pages are most likely to be the first ones to rank well on Google search results and you have to keep them up-to-date when users find your content, it shouldn’t, look like it’s just 2 or 3 years Old, you have to keep information on your site, updated.

You can add new ideas, new paragraphs or headings to your articles. You can change the title if you have a year written inside the title, for example, how to boost traffic to your website fast in 2020, and then the next year.

You have to change the title to 2021 and it’s. Also, a good idea to look over your old posts and see if you can link back to your more recent content on the site when users see in the Google search results, an article that has a current year in the title, they will more likely click to Your page than on another page that has the previous year in the title now my next tip is answering questions on quorum.

Where is a great platform where you can promote your website when you type in a question on Google, there is almost always Quora on the top page right and you will notice that the answers on Quora are made by business owners, bloggers and very professionals.

So, yes, even you can answer questions there on Quora. As long as it is your area of expertise – and you know what you’re talking about when you do this on Quora, you can link back to your related articles or posts on your site to help users get more in-depth information and answer their Question this way I know there are a lot more ways to drive traffic to your website, but these are the ones that have worked really great for me, but if you have other strategies that work for you and I haven’t mentioned them in This video, please let us know in the comments below this video, let’s, share the knowledge and help each other to grow online, faster that’s it for today I hand-picked a few videos on my channel that will also help you Drive free traffic to your site, and you can click here and there to watch them, and I’ll, see you in the next videos: [ Music, ]

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