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In this video today, i’m actually going to show you get traffic to your affiliate links in the next five minutes. Now, i’m not only going to just tell you do it, but i’m actually going to show you my personal results. With this exact same method, you don’t want to miss this one guys we’re starting right now. What’S up guys, my name is john mcneill, and if this is the very first time you come to my channel, i do want to welcome you here on this channel. We’Ll teach you all about , making money online as well as entrepreneurship.

So if that interests, you definitely subscribe to the channel and click the notifications, so you don’t miss any of my future. Videos now remember at the conclusion of this video make sure you go down in the link in the description. I’M gon na have my number one recommendation to generating about two to five hundred dollars per day online with your business. So just make sure you go and check the link in the description. That’S gon na be my highest recommendation to generating two to five hundred dollars per day, so i’m going to jump right into this video all right guys.

So it’s going to jump right into this video. So what we’re going to be talking about today is something that a lot of people don’t use a lot of people actually think it does not work and what we’re actually going to be doing in this method, and again, i’m going to be showing you guys, my Personal results so make sure you stick to the very end of this video is we’re going to be talking about safe lists now, if you’re not familiar with safe lists, these are actual free websites that you can actually sign up for, particularly in the make money online Or business opportunity space, so it’s absolutely free to join these websites. And essentially what happens is you sign up? You agree to receive emails and what you potentially do is just click on the link in the email and then you accrue points and that’s going to give you the ability to mail out to a certain amount of people in the database so that you can actually Market, your affiliate sites or your links or whatever you’re, trying to promote right. So that’s what safe lists are in a nutshell.

So what you see here on the screen is a safe list. It’S called they’ve actually been around for a very long time, um. So they’re pretty popular in the safe list, uh space and what i wanted to do is i wanted to actually do an actual test to see. If i could actually get any traffic from this actual safe list, could i actually get any opt-ins right so, like real people actually clicking on my link and opting into my actual page?

So if you come over to, you can actually see that you can send an email to a thousand home-based business opportunity seekers in the next five minutes. So, like i said guys, this is absolutely free to sign up for you. Just basically you’re gon na just create account and within five minutes you can actually be inside of list joe and you can mail out whatever business opportunity, whatever affiliate product, whatever uh mlm, whatever you’re trying to sell and promote you can actually do that through list joe. So essentially, what you’re going to do is you’re just going to click here to say, send my message to the list and then you’re going to click that you’re going to create an account.

And then you just click this button here and then you’ll actually be here. In the inside, so what i would highly recommend, if you’re going to be doing this method is not to use your actual primary email address. So what i did was, i actually set up a whole other email address here in yahoo uh, where i just signed up for list joe. So i wouldn’t be bombarded with a bunch of these emails because you do have to pretty much agree to receive 30 emails per day from different users within the site and that’s how you would actually have to go through there and click through all the emails. And then earn your points, but essentially, once you have created your site, you’re going to be able to just mail out your actual ad and i’ll.

Take you in the site and just kind of show you what it looks like now before i actually pop into the site. I’M glad that i opted in – and i saw this page because i wanted to show you guys this. So you saw that on the initial registration page that you’re going to be able to send out to a thousand people in the next five minutes and that’s absolutely free right. But initially, when you sign up for list joe, they are going to try to upsell. You they’re going to try to upsell you to basically sign up for this gold plan, and this gold plan allows you to send out 3 000 uh emails three times per week.

So with the free membership, all you can do is send a thousand emails per week. I understand so a thousand emails per week for free and then, if you wanted to upgrade to the gold package, you could send out to 3 000 people. I believe it’s three times per week, so it’s basically 9 000 people that you can contact within that week versus just a thousand now they’re gon na try to upsell you that gold package for 197. So, of course, i didn’t buy that because i’m just testing this out anyways, but i will tell you that every time you log back into list joe, they do offer the gold package for ninety seven dollars so you’re, basically getting a hundred dollars off. So if, in the event that you wanted to get the gold package – and you wanted to do this on a regular routine basis – make sure you don’t take that initial upsell for 197, but take it for 97 right for 97, you want to get that basic upgrade.

That’S going to give you the 3 000 for three times per day, so i’m going to say no again and then i’m just going to take you into the members area here and log in and just show you how it actually works. I’Ve already sent out my message, so i don’t have a message to send right now. But if you are brand new in here, you would basically have an option here to go ahead and literally just put in your subject line, put in the link that you’re going to be promoting. Whatever link that is, and then you can type up a quick email and literally hit send and then you’ll be able to get that email sent out to a thousand people now. The question is that you guys may be having is okay, john i’ve heard of these safe lists.

They don’t work, i’ve never gotten any traction. I never got any clicks well. What i wanted to do is i actually wanted to actually track the traffic that i get from list joe specifically and see if i was actually going to get any real clicks and any real opt-ins, and i want to show you guys my actual results. Now. Some of you guys may think that the results that i have are not good, and then some of you guys may be very surprised that i got results at all.

But if we actually go over into my click, magic account – and i can show you where i actually set up my ad – and i see it here – it says list joe and so basically the total clicks that i got from my email send was 102 uh, total Clicks it was 94 unique, clicks um. This one represents a fake click right, so that wasn’t a real person, and this five represents that i got four five actions, which is basically five opt-ins, which is a 5.3 opt-in rate. So five percent of the people that hit my page of these 94 people opted in right. So you may say to yourself five opt-ins, john, that’s nothing, but i did this in less than five minutes and it was free right now.

If i could do this every week and get five opt-ins every week, well, that’s 20 opt-ins right and if any of those turn into conversions, which i’m pretty sure that one of these five actually bought the first upsell in my funnel that i promoted, because it was The same day, literally hours after i had sent the actual email, i generated a sale, but i can’t say that for definite, because i do have some advertising on youtube as well, but literally hours after i had sent my listro email, i got a sale and i Have these five opt-ins so again you have to gauge for yourself. Was it worth it? So what we have here is we have a safe list that you can actually sign up for free. You can send an email to a thousand people every single week. I did it and i got five opt-ins right now.

If i was to upgrade to 97 and i could send three times a week to 3 000 people would my results be better more than likely? Yes, because if i sent to a thousand people and got five opt-ins more than likely, if i’m sending to 3 000 people three times per week, i should more than triple my results. But you have to be consistent with this actual method and that’s one of the tips and the strategies that i would first give you guys if you’re going to utilize the safe list method that you do need to be consistent and you do need to do it. Every single week now there are opportunities in list joe to basically buy advertisements. You can buy solo, mailings and mail these people, but it’s completely up to you now i would say that a solo ad to get a hundred clicks to your may cost you about.

Let’S say fifty dollars right: you can go over to udemy and you can buy a hundred clicks for fifty dollars and you may get let’s say thirty. Opt-In. So, of course, that’s to be a much better opt-in rate than i got, but for 97 you get this gold membership. I believe it’s annual or maybe it’s one time a lifetime. I don’t even know because i didn’t really pay attention, but i think it’s a lifetime fee so 97.

So imagine if you have this 97, that you paid for a lifetime and now you’re able to send three times a week to 3 000 people three times a week over time. Obviously that’s gon na more than pay for itself because yeah, i only got five opt-ins, but if i get five opt-ins every single week i would have gotten to the 30 opt-ins. I would have paid fifty dollars for with udemy, probably over the course of two months, but now i have this gold membership for the rest of my life and i’m gon na continue to get those five opt-ins every single week for infinity for the rest of my Life and then, if i did upgrade to the 97 package, where i’m emailing nearly 10 000 people, what would my results be? Could i get 10 opt-ins a week? Could i get 15?

Could i get 20 opt-ins a week, and these are real people guys? These are real business opportunity, people that are looking to not only promote their business, but a lot of them aren’t making a lot of money. So if they see something enticing they’re going to opt in as if what you just saw here in my click magic, they opted in because they were curious of what i had on my squeeze page now i’ll go ahead and go and jump into. My account, so i can show you guys the actual squeeze page that i was using for this particular method if you’re interested. So i just popped into my , and i wanted to show you guys, the actual page that i use in list joe to get those five opt-ins, and so this is the page that i made.

Definitely nothing fancy very basic. I did this in and essentially it just says how to legally get the internet to spit out a hundred to five hundred dollars in commissions every single day like clockwork, and then i have a little video here and then when people go to play, the Video this uh comes down, and then they would actually have to opt in to you know, get the video that i’m promising them here on the squeeze page. So another tip that i would give you guys if you’re going to employ this method, is to try to use some sort of video based squeeze page or opt-in, page or even video based offer to get people to opt in. I think one of the things that will entice people on this particular site is if they are seeing video first out. You know on that actual squeeze page and if i may have had this video actually play, maybe when i’m telling them to opt in, i would probably even have a higher conversion rate on my squeeze page.

So i may test that out, but this was just a static video. Obviously this doesn’t play here. But if i had a video that played that says, hey guys, i’m going to show you how you can make two to 500 a day go in an opt-in. I’M going to show you guys some of my personal results, blah blah blah blah going to opt-in. My opt-in rate probably would have been a little higher, but of course i was just testing this out just to even see if i was going to get some real traffic right.

So this is the page that i use again. I highly recommend that you do something similar where they they see that there’s going to be some sort of video presentation and don’t use squeeze pages with just a lot of words. I’Ve actually gone through some of the websites that are promoted through list joe and i’ve. Clicked on a lot of the different links – and some of them were just very boring kind of static pages where it just had a bunch of writing on it and it didn’t pop out at all. So i would just say: keep it very simple: have a basic headline, an opt-in page, maybe showcase that they’re going to get some sort of video on the other side, and i think that your opt-in percentages will be very high.

So again guys. I wanted to show you guys this little small to show you that even safe lists, things that are free can work. You may have to work them a little bit harder. The results may not be just grandiose at first, but over time again you can build upon that. So again, if i’m getting 5 10 15 opt-ins a week from safe list, i mean that can build up to be hundreds of opt-ins and, of course that can build up to be hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of sales.

So i actually have a link for list joe in the link in the description, if you guys want to check it out totally up to you, but just wanted to show you guys that there’s different methods that you can actually use that don’t cost you any money That can actually get real targeted traffic to your actual , so this is john from john If you guys, like the video, if you liked it make sure you hit me with a comment below. If you have any questions about this actual method and i’ll see you guys on the next video peace,


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