Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How To Get Traffic To Your Website Fast [free traffic sources 2021]

How To Get Traffic To Your Website Fast [free traffic sources 2021]

Guys, hello, guys welcome to prince wp seo. Today i’m, going to show you how to drive massive traffic to your product page to your website without doing any single seo. So i’m, going to show you the step-by-step guide: how to from these two websites to generate knowledge and 400 to 500 traffic every single day.

Okay, what you need to do to get this traffic is to write evergreen content, so i would advise you to get somebody a writer or anybody. You know that is good in copywriting to write a good content for you.

Okay, you can go to seo clack. If you don’t have anybody, i would recommend you to go to seo clark and search for content writers. So you can be able to get somebody that is going to write a unique content for you and in that case not just writing a unique content.

The person should write a vagrant content that is going to drive massive traffic from and also from the platform down to your product, page down to your athletes, uh market link or whatever you’re trying to promote.

So, in this case, i’m, going to show you how to use these two website to generate without seo. So if you’re struggling in terms of doing seo, your website struggle, no more. This channel is going to show you how to use a to again to use platforms that will allow you to publish content on their platform to get massive traffic down to your own website and product page.

Now i’m, going to show you this start the particular monthly traffic that is coming to this website that i want to use for x uh for this . This website is getting around uh three million monthly traffic.

I think you have to take advantage of getting not less than uh lexi, for example, getting the legs on 50 200 every single day from this website, and also the second website. Getting knowledge on 200 to 400 depend on your content structure.

So the more the value of your content, the more the kind of traffic you are going to drive down to your website. So now you’re, going to sign up to this platform. It’s. Very simple. Okay, just sign up the way we normally sign up to profile backlink.

They will show you the icon of creating a what story. Once you sign up, they have a premium version also they have free version, so advise you to go for the free version. If you have money, you can equally go for the premium version, but in this case i’m using the free version.

Just sign up, you will see a button showing you to create was your story, so i’m going to click. It and then accept the times and condition which you need to cool down and read what they just said here.

Okay, then, what you need to do is just start what creating it’s very simple. This is your title. Let me show you example: okay, i have a content. This is, for example, for those of you who normally ask me.

Why am i repeating one content in different platform? Please, the reason i’m doing this is just this. Video is example, so you have to go extra mind to get what you want for me. I’m, not doing it, because i’m just doing it for uh purpose of learning or teaching okay.

For you guys to understand what you need to do. Okay, i’m using it, for example, get a unique content and post on this platform that i’ll, be sharing for you, guys on how to get uh a car. Let me say: traffic, sorry: how to free.

Okay, this platform is free of charge. Okay, what you need to do for yourself is writing unique content. Don’t do copy and paste if you wish to what get more. What traffic? Now i’m, going to copy the content? Okay, go back and paste it here.

Then i’ll go up again. The best way to from this website is also to be doing what antenna linking and also referring to some products. You have on your pages, let’s, say for example, here we said: get free movies, okay or get free actual movie.

You know your niche and uh. I think you know your niche more than me. What you need to do you just go to that page that i have that movie or that category, that i have that movie. Sorry, that category i have that movie and just paste it here, hyperlink it.

Okay, just hyperlink them, and if you have any other thing, you can be able to hyperlink, get free, ebooks or get free, ebooks. Okay, anything you can offer people that is going to drive them to your email list or your product page or your website.

Just do hyperlink put call to action that is going to make the reader to click those internal linking to your website. Okay, so that’s all how to what do uh gets posted on this website to get free massive traffic in 2021.

Remember i have a lot of video that i talk about how to get free traffic. Take your time to watch it. If you’re struggling in terms of xu you don’t know how to do acu. Please make sure you watch some of my free uh traffic socks, which is the sum of the video i’ve dropped in times of free traffic, so you can be able to go after those website and write.

The unique content do hyperlink to your product, page or your website, or to your brand page. You start getting traffic or to your email list. Where you create a form of landing page offer them free stuff, then they can be able to submit their email before getting those free stuff.

This is a very simple on how to get massive traffic free of charge without doing any single seo or paying for any adverts. So the second website is this one. I’m going to drop the two url of this website.

This website is just rights.exe, so i’m going to drop this website for you guys, um. I would advise you to watch to the end, so i can be able to show you guys how to do it in this website. What you need to do now, let me use this content as an example, again remember what i said, i said, get a unique content if you are trying to get more traffic, so what i need to do is to copy my content, john repeat, the same content In web, okay just get a unique content.

Please get the writer that is going to write a unique content. Please, okay, so you can be able to get massive traffic because once your content have value – and you have more uh unique stuff, and in that green information, people are going to stick with your content and with and also click the hyperlinks, which is the internal.

Linking that is going to take them to your product page or your web page now, in this case, after placing the content, and what we need to do is to make this one our elephant legs, you can just do it anyhow, you wish and uh like say After i, i didn’t, put in your hyperlink or whatever.

Let me choose something here. I’m going to choose, as the name i just uh registered with this way platform is very simple. What you need to do just go there and sign up with your gmail. You can even sign up without gmail, since it’s free.

What version? Okay! What you need to do is just to put your name and uh. Put your uh your address, or maybe you put your uh email address: it’s optional; okay, just sign up free of charge and what and create what content.

So i’m, going to choose a particular person i want to publish, which is my name junior and after writing the content. I can be able to do hyperlink to what my product page or you paste your link here.

Maybe you put your own link inside here or maybe you give a call to action, or maybe you can even embed some code. You can even embed some code inside this place or maybe call to action code. If you are good in times of html, you can even embed call to action code inside this particular place.

After doing that, you can be able to do what publish okay, you just click publish as well, for you guys in today, and i’m. Going to keep updating you guys in times of free traffic in 2021, all you have to do for my channel is just to subscribe and smash the like button.

If you like what i’m doing, thank you guys to have a wonderful day.

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