Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How to Get Traffic To Your Website Fast in 2021

How to Get Traffic To Your Website Fast in 2021

In this blog, I’m going to show you how to get free, ongoing, targeted traffic to your website, for example, on just one of my sites. I’Ve generated over three hundred and forty-seven thousand page views using this method and over one hundred and twenty three thousand page views on another one of my sites and on a brand new website that I only started three months ago. I have already got ten thousand two hundred and nineteen page views. This brand-new baby site already gets as many as three hundred and seventy five page views a day. So today, I’m going to show you my sniper method, which gets insanely fast traffic results sniper method.

That’S awesome: this method requires no paid ads, no traffic budget and no . My sniper method is perfect for blogs, , affiliate websites, econ stores and pretty much any site that requires traffic. I will also show you some advanced methods that I’ve never revealed before publicly until today, so keep watching. My name is Brett kononenko, the caffeinated blogger. On this channel, I published regular blogs dedicated to traffic generation, blogging and making money online before we get to the techniques.

Click subscribe just below this blog and also take the bail notification icon to make sure you never miss my future blogs. Let’S kick things off, let me introduce you to the sniper technique, my secret weapon. The sniper method will help you get free, targeted, ongoing traffic to your websites and it works very fast and it works in any niche. Using this exact sniper method technique, I took a brand-new baby website just three months ago, and I’ve grown it to getting hundreds of pageviews every single day, all that in just a few short months. The traffic guide yet just keeps growing every single week.

What’S the source of this traffic, it’s search every day, hundreds of millions of people type very search terms into , looking for solutions to their problems, and I optimize the content on my website in such a way that my website is one of the top ten Results that displays for their search query for searches like this one and that’s exactly how the potential customers and clients find my websites – you might be thinking, but the competition to rank on page 1 of Google is way too high. And yes, there is certainly competition. However, it’s still totally possible to get massive amounts of traffic from Google search, but only if you know how to do things correctly and in just a moment, I’m going to show you exactly what you can do so that your website starts coming up on page 1 Of Google for the targeted searches in your niche, so don’t go anywhere. My sniper method helps you identify the keywords that are overlooked by others. While everyone is targeting the same old keywords, I target the keywords that nobody else is targeting and that’s exactly how I’ve been able to get page 1 rankings for some amazing high-volume keywords like these ones.

First of all, let me show you exactly how I find those keywords. The first step of the sniper method is to determine the authority or the strength of your own website. For example, as you can see, I’m looking at my website, caffeinated blogger, calm inside the H. Ref stool, the two important things to pay attention to here are a H, refs rank which, for the caffeinated blogger website is ten point. Four million and dr, which for caffeinated blogger is 17 d.

R stands for domain rank, as you can see, H, ref rank shows the target websites position among all other websites in our database rated by the strengths. In essence, stronger websites have lower value, dia shows the relative battling popularity and if you have a higher dia, it means that your domain is stronger. Note down those numbers for yourself, because we will need them later. If you don’t have access to h refs, you can also use a tool called mores bar. That’S a free SEO toolbar for the Chrome browser.

According to Moore’s bar kevinator blogger comp has a domain Authority of nineteen step. Number two of the sniper method is to find other competing websites with a similar domain rank and authority. To yours, for example, let’s say that you have a website in the numerology niche to find other sites. You would need to type in any kind of keyword, search term into Google, let’s type in meaning of eleven eleven, which is one of the hotly searched items for the numerology niche. You will see that we’ve got a whole bunch of results and all of these websites are websites in the numerology nation.

So what you would need to do is assess these domains in the ARS tool, one by one. Let’S take this first domain, the secret of the Tarot and assess it in the ATF’s tool. The secret of the Tarot calm has a dr of 53 and h refs rank of 463 thousand. So that’s a pretty strong domain. You need to repeat the process and assess all of these websites on page one and find out the strengths of those domains.

I have repeated this process for the top three websites and bingo. I found exactly what I was looking for. Ryan has each rafts rank of twenty four point: five millionths. So this is reasonably weak websites and it has domain rank of just six, which is very, very low.

What you’re looking for is a true Frank and dr, which is similar to your domain or slightly above or ideally lower than yours, with the stats like this twenty four point: five million and dr of six. Even if your website is brand new, you can definitely compete with these websites pretty easily. Similarly, you can see that most toolbar tells us that the domain authority of Reinhard org is eighteen, if you’re using the most toolbar as your SEO tool, then make sure that domain Authority is approximately similar to your own website. Step. Three of the sniper method is to check which keywords this domain ranks for so Reinhard org in href, stool is ranking for seventy one point: nine organic keywords: let’s click on that and see which keywords exactly they’re ranking for we can now see all of the keywords That Reinhard org ranks for in google.

We can see the keyword roughly how many times per month. This keyword is being searched for keyword difficulty as well as in which position Reinhard org ranks for on Google search results. Let’S apply some filters so for traffic, I’m going to use a filter, or at least a hundred searches a month and for keyword, difficulty I’m going to use a maximum of five. So I’m going for very low keyword, difficulty and I’m going to hit apply. Now you can see that got 55 keywords that are very, very low keyword, difficulty as well as a decent search volume, for example, have a look at this 1212 meaning.

So there are 11,000 people per month, searching for the meaning of 1212, and also this website. Reinhard dog, which is very weak, has position 6 in Google search results for the meaning of 1212. We’Ve just hit a jackpot now pay attention, because this is very, very important. Let me bring up these search results and, let’s see what other websites are there on page one ranking for the meaning of 1212, look at page 1 results and look at the eh rest rank as well as the domain rank of the top 10 results. I’M seeing a lot of high values in a hrs rank, which is very good news: 25 million 40 million 3.

million 5.3 million. It means that these websites are very weak, but they still managing to rank on page 1. Also, look at the domain rank of these websites. There is one with domain rank of 6 1 with domain rank of 2 and the other ones are not looking too threatening.

We’Ve got a 26 and a 31 here is what this means for us. If there are 2 or 3 other websites that are managing to rank for this term on page 1 of Google and they’re weak websites, they have a weak address, rank and a weak domain rank. That means that we can rank our own website. On page 1 of Google as well, if you don’t have access to H Refs, then you can use the free tool called ubersuggest to perform a similar process. If you enter the domain into, you suggest and click search uber suggests will tell you that it’s ranking for nineteen thousand organic keywords, and you can also simulate it to air drafts, see exactly which keywords it’s ranking for you can export these results into CSV and perform Your own filtering in Excel, you can then apply the volume filters, as well as the difficulty filters step.

5 is the research. What kind of quality content ranks on page 1 of Google for the given search term? If we go with the example of 1212, let’s have a look exactly what that website contains and why is it ranking on page one I’ve opened that page. Firstly, let’s measure the length of this content, so I’m going to select this whole article copy it and paste it into word and find out exactly how long it is Microsoft. Word has told me that there is only 875 words in this article.

That’S amazing news for us. As you probably know, google prefers longer more in-depth content. So if there are pages that are very weak and that only have 800 words and they’re ranking on page one, that means that we can easily outrank them by creating a higher quality. Page on our own site, step 6 is to create high quality content piece for our website. To do that, you can analyze the content of each of those websites that are ranking in top 10 and get a general idea of what they’re writing about then create a piece of content that satisfies two criteria.

First of all, it has to be longer than most of the Articles that you see on page one, and secondly, it has to be equal quality or better. If your page on the exact same topic, has similar quality of information but is double the length, then you’ve got a very, very good chance of out ranking a lot of these websites in top 10. Why is that? Well, because Google considers two things when they deciding what to rank on page 1: firstly, the quality of content and, secondly, its length, if you hit both of those criteria, you’ll get an amazing chance of ranking on page 1. That’S exactly what I have been doing on my new website that we started just recently and that’s exactly how I’ve been able to secure all of these rankings for high volume keywords where I’m ranking in the top 10.

For those keywords, the final step is to publish the content and repeat the whole process, finding more keywords and publishing more content, and you don’t need to build any serious, no , that’s right! No are required. Why? Because the keywords that you are competing with and the websites that you competing with are extremely low competition. As you can see, there are two websites here with zero backlinks that are managing to rank for that keyword term.

Therefore, it means that you can do the exact same thing by just beating them on the quality of the content alone there. It is. This is my sniper method for getting free, ongoing, targeted traffic to your website. If you enjoy this content – and you would like to get more similar content in the future dedicated to traffic generation, blogging and making money online then make sure to subscribe to the caffeinated blogger channel just below this blog click that subscribe button, as well as The bail notification icon to make sure that you get notified as soon as I put out my next blog. If you want access to my free online marketing course, then click the link in the description below or type in caffeinated blogger, comm, slash learn into your browser.

Thank you for watching comment below. Let me know what you thought of this information, and I will see you in the next blog


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