Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How To Get Traffic To Your Website (in 30 Days)

How To Get Traffic To Your Website (in 30 Days)

Hi guys in this video I’m, going to show you how to to your websites. I’m, going to show you how to go from zero visitors a day to your website to getting 300 or 400 visitors a day to your website, and you can achieve all of that in as little as 30 days.

My name is greg kononenko on this youtube channel, i publish regular tutorials related to generation, making money online and affiliate click. The subscribe button just below this video take the bell notification icon.

If you want to get notified about the next video that I upload to my channel, thank you so much and let’s, get into it. Alright, let’s start out with a little example here. So let’s just say that you ‘

Ve, got a website dedicated to woodworking or construction, or something like that and you might be promoting. I feel it offers related to how to build a shed. There is actually a great clickbank offer in that niche that you can promote called Ted’s Woodworking.

So if somebody types in how to build a shed, then they will see certain results here on page one, and it is a reasonably competitive term. You can see there are lots of websites here, starting with wiki, how to Family, Handyman, etc.

That are talking about how to build a shed. So how do you make sure that your website has as high chance as possible to rank here on page one for how to build a shed well? In order to answer that question, we need to use some analysis tools, so let me show you inside a giraffe’s.

The data related to this keyword, how to build a shed. So, first of all for how to build a shed, we can see that the keyword difficulty for that is 38 and it’s, not a very simple keyword to rank for that’s.

What keyword difficult actually tells us now, the volume of searches just on the US? Google is 14,000 worldwide. It’ll, probably be more, like 3040 thousand per month, searches that this keyword gets so it it is a great keyword and it would bring a ton of for somebody who ranks on page one of Google, especially if you’re In the top 3 for positions, so let’s.

Now, look at the analysis of the Serbs. I really like this feature. Nh revs, and what you will see here is that I want you to pay attention to a couple of things. So a R is a tres rank and that determines where inside edge refs ranking, where the particular website actually fits.

Now. The key here is that the lower this number, the stronger the website, is so the best website in all of hrs would be number one, and the worst would be something like 100 million now. What we can see here, based on AR is that a lot of the websites that are here are very, very strong.

Ok, they’re 407, so number four, a seven in the world from the top is wikiHow, which is no surprise of course, and we can also see that there is Pinterest, which is the number nine web site in the world, and other strong websites Are in here, but what catches my attention and probably have has caught yours is that there is a website called just the woods.

Calm, a H, revs rank of just 2.6 million and, as you can imagine, this means that this is a fairly weak website. It’s, not a particularly strong website. We can confirm that also by looking at D, our domain rating okay – and you can see that for week, outs, 91, so the higher the better for domain ranking.

However, just the woods has domain rank dr of 34, so it means once again that they’re, not a particularly strong website. So why are they actually ranking on page 1 and how come they’re? Getting all of the traffic.

I mean this kind of website, both you and I can build and we can create dr 34 within just a few months. How did these guys do it? That is the question that i’m, going to try and answer in this video. Okay.

Now the other thing that we will talk about in just a second is and domains. So what actually means is how many and that’s, just links from other websites round. The internet are pointing to this particular page to just the woods, not to the whole of the website, just the woods website.

Just to this page that’s dedicated to how to build a shed, and you can see there are actually three three backlinks from 13 different domains that are pointing to this exact page. That is a big part of the reason why, for example, this website is out ranking, medium.

com, okay, so is a very strong website. However, as you can see, just the woods. Calm comes up above medium calm article in the search engine result pages, and that is because there are a ton of backlinks that are pointing to just the woods: calm.

Okay, that’s, one thing and another thing that you will notice that also is two positions below just the woods once again, because there are actually targeted backlinks, pointing to this exact URL.

Now let’s analyze that so, if we click on this 33 and we analyze what kind of backlinks these website actually has, and I’m going to now look at just do follow links. You can see that this website only has six do follow links.

However, those links are high quality and they’re from articles that are very, very relevant, so one of them is from Rock Father calm, and it is an article as we can see about home projects. Dyr ideas for home this next article here is from a website and from an article which is about outdoor projects.

Okay, so let’s, open up this URL and actually check out where the link from Rock father to these websites to just the woods is located. And what I can see is that there is an article on the rock for the website, which has got a link right here to just the woods calm to that article on just the woods calm.

So this one here, okay, we’ve, got a link from the rock father, calm to just the woods calm, and that is what is helping this website. They just the woods website to rank on page 1 of Google for this particular term.

How to build a shed? These are the sort of links that they have their contextual links. Okay and the link is very very relevant, so you can see that this and the article on the is about the handyman’s guide to building a backyard shed and they’re, linking as a reference they’Re linking to just the woods now the big question is: how does the owner of just the woods? How did they manage to get backlinks that we can see here from all of these websites? So how did they get a backlink from the rock father calm and how can you implement a similar technique to start scoring backlinks from high authority websites to also start getting your pages ranked on page one so that you can start getting traffic to your website? This is very important because, as you can see, just six do follow backlinks.

This is nothing just six high quality do follow, backlinks can make all the difference and they can help your page rank on page one of Google for a very competitive keyword with very high keyword, search volume.

Now guys. The answer to this is guest posts. You can put in guest post into the search box on Facebook and then narrow down your search to just the group. So click groups here and you will find all of the groups that are related to guest posts.

And this is where you can get backlinks. Often for free, you can get backlinks from other high authority websites back linking to your article to your link, and this is how you can boost your ranking very quickly.

Often in less than 30 days, you can boost the ranking of your website to get from page to page 1 or from page 5 on to page 1. It just depends on the number of links that you’re, actually able to get now.

Let’s. Take a look at some of these guest post groups at the very first one which I am a member of is called guest post, free paid and exchanged. So, as you can see, there are actually opportunities for you to get free backlinks from these groups.

As I scroll through the posts here in this group, guest post free paid exchange, you will see that there are different people posting about opportunities. Now there are buyers and sellers of guest posts, so in this group there are some people who owned web sites and who want to get links from websites.

So there are both parts of the marketplace are represented here. You can see it says, paid guest post available in each education, permanent default link inbox for deals, so this person is actually trying to sell a guest voice.

Now I want to say something here: okay, Google in general does not like paid links, so I am not recommending that you buy any links. A lot of people do this. Okay, it is a big industry, but in this video I am not recommending that you pay for links.

If you decide to do it, it’s. It’s. Your choice, however, in this video I want to talk to you about how to get these guest place for free. So let’s continue scrolling through and let’s see what else is is actually here.

So somebody is again is selling for $ 75 another link here, but we want to continue scrolling and scrolling and scrolling until we find something like this. We are accepting free guest posts with due for the link niches, a travel, real estate and more all right.

Now, Google guidelines don’t say anything about not being allowed to link from other websites to your website. Okay – and this is where the opportunity is so here – is a person who will accept your guest post as long as it is a high quality post.

They will publish it on their website and they will provide a do, follow, link from their website to any page. On your website now, this is really really cool, because it means that you are able to score a high quality backlink and do follow back link to any page on your site, and this is not the only opportunity there are tons.

There are dozens hundreds in here. If you scroll through people are looking, you know, people are accepting free guest posts with do for the links now. Why are they doing this? Well for them? This is free content.

For example, I have a team of writers and it cost me anywhere from $ 20 to $ 100 per post to create content on my post. If I accept a guest post on one of my one of my websites, this is free content. For me, I’m saving money.

It’s like I’m, getting content instead of paying somebody. You know 50 bucks for content. I’m. Getting this content for free as long as it’s, high-quality content, and if I get free content, why not? I’ll? I’ll, give you a to folder buckling.

This is the mentality of the people that are accepting these free guest posts. So this is one thing that you can do. You can get it in contact with all of these people and you can pitch your guest post idea to them, publish it on their site and link from their site to your website, and that will, in turn, boost your website in the search engine rankings.

That will increase your domain rank over time as well. So this is a very, very high quality tactic. The other thing that you can do is you can actually publish a post in here where you’re, saying that I need free guest post, for example.

This person two days ago said I need a free guest posting website with 20 plus da with instant approval, so you can make a post like that way is saying. I would like to submit a free guest post to your website in the niche of travel or in the niche of home improvement or Indonesia of make money online.

So and people will contact you and they will say. Listen. I’m running a website. You know: do you want to post your guest post on my site, so there are the two things that you can do to start squaring these high quality backlinks and don’t forget often all you need to do is just get.

You know three or four backlinks to get your page from nowhere to page one and to be competitive and to start ranking for these kind of keyword terms, how to build a shared way. Key word: difficulties 38 and volume is 14 and using this guest post groups.

Okay, you can start getting these backlinks for free. All you need to do is just write. A content may be a thousand words or so, and that will give you an opportunity to link back to your website. Now don’t forget this was just one group under guest post.

You will find dozens of groups, you can join them all and you can get dozens hundreds of backlinks and you can finally start getting this traffic that you need. What did you think guys? Did you like this method, then? Please leave me a comment below in the comment section and let me know what you thought of this video also click the like button and subscribe to my youtube channel just below this video.

Thank you. So much for watching I’ll, see you in the next video

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