Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How To Get Traffic To Your Website (Top 7 Free and Fast Traffic sources)

How To Get Traffic To Your Website (Top 7 Free and Fast Traffic sources)

Starting from today, you will be able to getthousands of new visitors to your websitein. This video, i will share with youmy top seven sources of traffic toget thousands of new visitors, fast andfree, stay tuned and follow up with me, hi everyone, i’m Hasan from H-educate and today, i’mmore than happy to be with you in this new videoto help you boost and Increase your webtraffic in this video. I will show you exactlymy source of traffic and how do i get visitorsto my website? So if you are ready, let’s starttogether, but before don’t forget, please subscribeto my channel now to get every new update almostevery day. So, let’s start with number one: beforewe start just take a look on my analytics hereis, my main website.

I have around tenthousand users every month with aroundfifteen thousand sessions. If you go down, hereyou will see that i have a referral about 45 %. What do you mean by referral? We mean people comingfrom different sources, so what are these sourcesthis is what i’m going to show you in this videowhat are my traffic sources, because i have hereorganic traffic, which means using SEO and rankingon google and this out of the scope, because SEOis not a fast method To get traffic, it requiressomehow a lot of work to rank, maybe a couple ofmonths and so on. In this video, i want to showyou fast methods that i use to get traffic.

Sowhat. Are these referral sources also in my blog ihave, around six thousand users with nine? Well, tenthousand sessions also we have a referral about 47 % and so on. If we go now to my google analyticsto my website and we go down here to the sourcesclick on referrals, you will see my top source oftraffic and this is number one which is youtubeyou. Can see youtube is the top source of trafficwhen.

It comes to my main website,, so hereis, my channel. I have around 23,000 subscribersit’s, not that big deal, but subscribers isnot a factor. The main factor is how manyviews you get and how you refer. Your viewersto your website as an example in any of myvideos like this one as an example anyvideo, you will see in the descriptionof my videos.

Let’S go down the description. Youwill see, i have a links to my websites to myother videos, to my blog and so on. So from youtubei refer people to my website and believe methis is really very important. If you don’t have ayoutube channel, you are missing a lot of visitorsso start a youtube channel. Today it’s reallyvery important and it’s a fast method.

Whybecause. You can easily rank avideo on youtube. On a certainkeyword, as i explained in my other videos, you cancheck in the description below so youtube is mytop source of traffic, and do you know that over30 percent of my is from youtube everymonth? Yes, youtube is one of the best sources, oftraffic and conversions. If you use it correctlynow, you may tell me i don’t like cameras, i don’tlike youtube.

I don’t have a channel, i don’t wantto start a channel and so on. So, let’s move on tothe next source of traffic, which i think is one ofthe fastest and the best source of traffic todayin 2020. Let’S open this link here and you can seethe. Last seven days i have around six thousandviews on my answers on quora, so the second sourceof traffic is Quora. The Q & A website with over300 million visitors every month and around 40 to50 percent from US Quora, is one of the best placesto get from you can see how fastin seven days i have around 6,000 views, soat least at least i have around 500 Visitorsfrom Quora from the last week, Quora is reallyawesome place to get traffic from it’s freeit’s.

Easy just answer questions about your topicyour website and you will see how visitors comesfrom the first day so Quora as a second sourceof traffic and by the way i have a full videoon, my channel here, on use Quora and thebest practices to get traffic to Your websitespecifically from Quora you can check also thevideo in the description below. Let’S move on tonumber three, the third source of traffic is freecourses. If you go to my profile here on udemyand, let’s go down to the second page, youwill say have a lot of free courses on udemylet’s open any of these courses. Likethis one here, email, , courseit’s free and they have thousands of studentsenrolled in you – can go here to the bonus. Lectureyou can see i’m linking all my services, myfacebook group, my websites, my youtube channelmy forums and so on.

So you can publish a freecourse on udemy, which has millions of students inits marketplace, and since it’s free you will get alot of enrollments, and i know that the percentageof enrollments will be much higher than the activestudents. But still you will get a lot of trafficfrom. Your free courses on udemy you can publish onudemy on skillshare, whatever free course websiteyou want, but udemy has a large marketplace: hasa large follower base. So it’s a great place. Tostart from and publish a free, valuable coursebe sure to make it high value for studentsso.

They will love to come and see your website andyour other services and stuff number four is guestposting, usually when we say guest posting itmeans posting on other blogs. So you search forblogs about your niche, your topics and you contactthe blog owner asking for a guest post, but herein, my video, i don’t mean just posting on otherblogs, i mean posting anywhere else: posting onsocial media profiles, posting on facebookgroups posting on Quora spaces, posting onforums, commenting Other blogs, and so on so postinganywhere else, and referring back to your websitebut in one condition, not spamming and givingreal value. In my case, i have my own forumon. My website, which i get traffic from also wherepeople, can ask and answer questions, and i will bewith them inside this forum and you can see herei have some ads. I refer to my websites from thisforum here.

The second place is using Quora spacesnot only answering questions on Quora. You can goto spaces here and see like something like groupsand join them, and you can start posting valuableinformation and thousands of people will see yourcontent and you can link back to your website. Alsoi have like a facebook group, the email, marketingtraining group – i think you may be in this group solike quickly, i post one or two or maybe threeposts. I give real valuable posts. You can seethis one of my posts here.

It is, and in the end, ican link to my maybe youtube video to my websitewhatever. I want to send people to and add thislink to learn more. As you can see, i have somehigh engagement with respect to the number offollowers, which is around 1,300

You can alsopost on other facebook groups, like i’m joinedto, a lot of groups here. If you go back hereto groups, i’m joining a lot of groups in my nichei can post in valuable info and refer back to mywebsite. So this is about guests posting when isay guest posting is posting anywhere else: onsocial media on facebook, groups, on Quora, spaceson forums and other blogs.

Wherever you can postvaluable info without spamming, go and post thereyou will get a lot of traffic from these sourcesnumber five, which is one of my best source oftraffic, is my email list is email marketingif. You have an email list if youhave some subscribers and followersplease utilize this source. If you are a subscriberof my list, you know that weekly when i publisha new video or a new , i send you anannouncement of this post. I have in my list around17,000 subscribers. So you can imagine how manyclicks how many views i can get whenever i sendan email campaign to my subscribersand.

By the way i showed you step by step, howi send an email campaign and how i getaround 56 percent open rate. You can find the videoin. The description below here on my channel sosource number five is utilizing your email listif. You don’t have an email list go now. Andstart building your email list.

You can finda full playlist here on my channel aboutemail marketing and build your emaillist and work with email. Marketingyou can check also in the description, belownumber, six free ebooks. Now to be honest, withyou number, six and seven i will mention alittle bit. I didn’t test yet in my environmenti am now creating some free ebooks to launch andpublish and get traffic and build my email listswith. If you go here to canva.

om to my account you will see here. Let’S see here is my firstebook, i’m creating, and i have second one here’sthe second one. So now i am creating two ebooksthe. First, one is the power of emails, it’s aboutemail marketing and the second one is aboutmaking money online and how i moved from one toten thousand dollars in less than 18 monthsso. These are the two ebooks i’m working onright now and when i finish them, i can publishon websites that promotes free ebooks like wehave this website here, freeEbooks.

et youcan publish this free ebook on this websiteand people will download the ebook. If you goto my ebook here, i started like in the first12 pages. You will see inside the ebooklet’s go down here. Let’S maximize thisyou see here, i have some links, tomy youtube channel as an exampleand. I have other links to my blog and to mywebsite and so on.

Let’S minimize this so youcan create a free ebook and from the ebook youcan link to your website or to your services. Andpeople will download and read the book and referto your website for more info and more servicesas. I told you i’m honest with you. I didn’ttest this yet, but i think it’s a good strategyespecially. If the book gives real value, peoplewill love to go and see more of your content.

Soas, i told you i’m creating now two books, the makemoney online book and the email marketing ebook, iwill, publish soon. I think next month and be surei will tell you all the results about the trafficfrom. These ebooks just subscribe to my channel andfollow up with me. Every video almost every day, sothis is strategy. Number six or source number sixto get .

The last source of traffici want to mention in this video is a websitecalled slideshare. If you go here to slideshareit’s a website by linkedin, where you can publishslides like a powerpoint presentation and thenyou can link back to your website, it hasa lot of traffic. It has a lot of searchesit. Has a lot of organic traffic from google ithas a lot of views? You can see half a millionviews here on these presentations.

You can simplysign up and publish a small presentation, aboutyour content and people will refer to your websitefor more info or to download the full version, ofthe, powerpoint presentation and so on. So you canget traffic also from this website. As i told youi’m honest with you also, i didn’t test slideshareyet. When i finish the ebooks, i will create a miniversion of the ebook and publish to slideshare andsee how it works. Then.

I will share with you theresults here on my channel. So these are my sevensource of traffic to get new visitors free andfast, just as a bonus that maybe someone is askingabout SEO. You can see here in my analytics i havearound 30 from organic traffic from SEO. Fromsearch results, as i told you, this is not fastthis – is why i didn’t mention in this videobut SEO is one of the top factors and the topsources of traffic. So also you need to think aboutSEO when you publish your blogs, your posts, yourvideos and so on.

So you can rank high on googleand, get free organic traffic on the long runbut. I think SEO is somehow out of the scopeof this video. This is why i didn’t mention ithere, but it’s very important to take carealso of SEO to get free, organic trafficto. Your website. I hope you got some benefitplease, don’t forget to check my free platformH-supertools
Com for free SEO, anddigital marketing tools read a booktoday on booksandmore.

log to boost yourknowledge and change. Your life see you later

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