Get More Traffic increase website traffic How To Get Website Traffic – How To Increase Website Traffic

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How To Get Website Traffic – How To Increase Website Traffic

you need to drive traffic to your website, you need to drive traffic to your affiliate offer if the answer is yes, this video is for you hello my name is Diana Castillo and this video is going to be all about getting traffic from your sites to your affiliate listings on your landing pages it's going to be an overview, but before discussing the topic, or is this the very first time I'm on my channel Please go ahead and subscribe to the channel. Do not forget the do not hit call notification I am updating my channel nicely consistent and I usually talk about right ways to make money online passive revenue traffic services lead generation and related topics if it's something you want to pursue, forget it subscribe to the channel to call the notification bell I do not want you to miss a video like I mentioned before this video is about traffic, there are basically two types traffic that is going to be searched, it means you are looking for and there are more serious engines just than google you can go to bank can you go to pinterest yes pantries are a search engine that you can go to YouTube is a mix from a social network and a search engine well, because why go to search engine because you have a question because you have a problem you want to solve because you know that there is a situation you want to rectify and you do not know how to fix it, then go to the search engine tap to enter your question to get an answer the other one is social social uh traffic or right on social networks we now have several social networks like facebook instagram tech talk and there are many others and I'm pretty sure they will be many others who will come well these two merchants basically have two ways you can place your ads you can pay, or you can do it organically, let me go first with something else I almost missed to tell you on a social level okay, you need to understand that every time you are on the social network or in this case your potential customers on the social level network they are not looking for information on they want free time to check what they family members do to see what they know what you help their friends to do this so that they do not seek information will interruption marketing be okay what do you mean that what does it mean you have to browse right, you browse, because that's how the social network works they want you to stay on their social platform chat comment share only to see photos a relaxing time, and then there is a ad that is going to appear, just like this, it's actually me facebook account and this is the sponsor ad it's about how to invest in cryptocurrencies ok i do not look for information on how to get a do not make investment in free currency, but they know that it is a is subject that I might be interested, and they show me this app, it means I'm going to browse I can be on my Instagram account; I can be on any other technical account social network that comes and goes, but what you need to understand the principles okay, I do not know how long online, but there were other social networks facebook is not the first one that was big there it was very popular and now it's gone, there were five that were also big high five i think facebook modeled their idea of ​​high five because you was chatting to add friends but they are so gone What I want you to understand here are the principles okay okay so you can do on social network create your ads, you can create groups that you can create pages back to 2010 I think I was it 2007 maybe it was huge to have facebook pages in order the organic reach was incredible these days if you want someone to watch what you do on your facebook page you have to pay the range is not that big but you can do lives you can do live on your facebook profile, you can live on your groupIt's very good, so facebook is now because of the algorithm and you know it always changes what they pay more attention to life, so if you decide to go with facebook go with the live same with instagram and one of the coolest things about Instagram live is that it does not just appear on your Instagram profile but if you interview someone, it will be so you also know that it appears on their audience so you can maximize the range and if you look closely you see it they pay you, you know they highlight the stories and if you live there will be like a label that says that your life is okay, so these two networks of course they are on or they are under the umbrella of the same company so it works how the algorithm is in order if you want to go organic with you want to pay with payment, you must understand that it will be so interruption marketing, so you need to post videos that you need to post cash images cash labels because remember that people do not feel like buying or subscribing to anything something or to click on something okay, that is interruptions marketing of search engines on the other hand people is proactive what they are looking for information they are looking for a solution you can go with payment or you can go with our chart organically pay in case of uh uh google google owns YouTube and it is called the search engine is good if you pay at the top of all the results, it's going to happen with um with Google search and with YouTube search, but remember that I told you that YouTube is a combination of YouTube from the search engine and on a social network, is because you can do it too interrupt marketing you know when watching the video I'm pretty sure that before you see the video you saw and like a small ad which you can skip after watching it in five seconds also if i go to my community tab on my youtube channel i can post okay, remember well, depending on how many uh subscribers you can put stories you are not going to be able to watch these stories on your computer, but if you have a cell phone and the installed YouTube app on your phone be able to look at these stories, the difference between these stories and the Instagram stories is that the Instagram stories are just there like the Facebook stories that only last 24 hours the YouTube stories that last them seven days are good, so I want you to take them consideration, so let me give you an example of a your paid version of this on the search engine, for example, here I type the world how to build a website, here is wix teach me how to build a website there is a article with this you can see here it says add ad sorry tell me the 10 best how to build websites 2020 build official website merge websites best guide for building a website learn how to build a website so it's okay, search for paid ads but there is something called seo, so it means as you can see there are videos arranged on YouTube they pay nothing but they are also websites As you can see, the ad label is not here, so they are ranked there are organic good, so this site is called for example website builder expert so they have an article on how to create a website step-by-step guide for easy setup okay, so they have a great article, it's really very long, but they teach me how to do it, they refer me to um hosting pro hosting companies, so they are affiliate programs, so they make money by giving me information by helping me solve or answer a problem remember a question my question is how to build a website you can do too reviews if I want to buy a product right let's say one of the products I promote literal review right, ok if I'm looking for a review, it's not ok because this is not a review I do not want to buy builder right away I do not want to get seven days free trial run I want to review you like ok this builder overview price function and bonuses okay this is an actual another review, this is not an advertisement builder rebuilt everything 2020 got my feedback on my own possession okay, if I'm someone looking for a builder for everything, but I'm not 100 sure it's actually for me, yes, I'm going to click here also I'm going to go right on YouTube and watch the videos.

What about pint interest there are many people who search or for ideas for ideas on pinterest okay pinterest is also a search engine so i want you to work it in take into account remember your social traffic it is interruption marketing so you have to be really good with copiers it may be a little harder but a lot of people like it because quote quote-unlist it can be cheaper but if you ask me like my experience, it actually depends, because sometimes the quality of the clues in social networks is not so great because people are not proactively searching for information but are searching engines they actually want to buy something to solve as a problem, and that when I say it just like that is the real solution they can come up with which I recommend if you want to learn more about traffic there is a cute book I can recommend that it is a called traffic secret this is the actual book it is by russell branson it covers the whole topic on how to master social traffic search engine traffic and you can get the book for free, yes, the error can get you for free just have to pay for the shredding of the splinter, it's 9.95 if you're in the United States if you're in another country, it's 1995.

but the book is actually free, but he covers a lot of topics about traffic on how to set up your dream customer how to grow grow uh, he shows you even other examples along with others programs and you get bonuses yes you only pay for the delivery and you get bonuses um the first one is the traffic secret foundation how to your funnel with to fill your beverage customer, which is value 97, the second one the free free take advantage of how you can calculate your traffic with simple videos from your smartphone is 97 the third one, how to make it a video can go viral, if you are interested in video marketing it's definitely for you how to create videos that has such an impact that people have no choice but to share the value is 97 the ultimate traffic hat to publish on each platform without consuming your life 30 days traffic secret challenge because hello, we do not want you to just judge it, but apply it and remember that the book is actually free, you only have to pay 9.95 or 19.95, depending on where you are you're going to have everything for free, and it's by the way back copy okay of the book so that the value of 24.95 u will have traffic secret foundation that 97 is the ultimate unfree advantage of value is 97.

How to make a video go viral value is 97 the ultimate traffic hack the value is 97 the 30-day traffic secretly challenges the total values ​​of more than 500 and you will get it for free if you click on the link below and you're getting your copy of traffic secrets, so I hope you enjoyed this content I know how important it is to send traffic to you offer which is the very first part where we can have the best product the best serves the best affiliate program, but if no one is watching us opportunities we are not going to sell, click on the link below grab your copy of traffic secrets, remember the book is free you just pay for the delivery it's worth it and it's it for this video if you have any questions Leave it in the comments area, I do not like to answer them forget to subscribe to the channel and press the notification bell and i see you on the next video you

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