Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How To Hijack Unlimited FREE Traffic Online In 12 Hours (Or less!)

How To Hijack Unlimited FREE Traffic Online In 12 Hours (Or less!)

In this video, i’m going to show you a method that you can use to start driving traffic to your affiliate links and landing pages today and literally start getting commissions within the next few days. Some of the things i love about this method, the first one is that it’s completely free. You will not have to spend a penny to make this method work for you. The second thing i love is that it’s very easy to do. You don’t need to have a lot of skills and you don’t need to have a lot of experience in affiliate marketing or any kind of online marketing to make this work, and the third thing that i really love is once this starts working for you.

It’S very easy to outsource the entire method, so you can see right here. I’Ve actually been using bitly to track the the links that i’ve been doing with this method, and you can see right here, i’m getting on on this video right here. I’M getting a thousand clicks right here. You can see 827 clicks on this one right here, 257 up there, this one was a flop. Yes, i do flop, sometimes so i had a mentor a few years ago and when he explained to me how online marketing worked and how to like make quick money online, he said the easiest way to do.

It is to go out there and find where your traffic already exists and then just figure out how you can kind of get in as part of that, i’m in i’m in so this method focuses on that idea. We’Re going to find online, that’s highly targeted and highly interested, and we’re going to become part of this conversation and we’re going to start hijacking that very very quickly. So this first step that we’re going to talk about in this training is that step where we start to find the traffic that we’re looking for now to do that, we’re going to use a tool called ahrefs. I’Ve used this in a ton of demos. The tool is insanely powerful for getting a good idea of basically the entire internet.

But if you don’t have enough money to pay for the tool, they have a seven dollar seven day trial and you can do everything i’m showing you in that seven day trial. So for seven bucks, all of this can be done so the first thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna hop into ahrefs and we’re actually gonna go to site explorer, and this is where things get interesting. I promise we’re not gonna be making a or anything like that, but we are gonna use this we’re gonna type in and if you’re not familiar with korra, you know it’s this giant like question answer forum online, probably the biggest one that Exists and what we’re specifically looking for is we want to see what quora is ranking for in , so i did a really quick random search just so i could find some things and then shapiro height was one you can see here when i type in bench. Shapiro height, the first thing to show up is cora right here, and this is the case for literally millions of searches online, where cora or a cora forum.

Pretty much has already shown up inside of google. So after we site explore quora we’re going to need to do some really important filters. Otherwise we’re going to spend six years trying to find the right data here. So we’re going to go to organic keywords. It’S probably going to say, n a because the number’s so big, but you can see that right here.

The number is about 29 million keywords that quora is ranking for in google. Now we need to narrow this down. So the first thing we need to do is we need to choose a niche, so you’ve got hopefully an affiliate product at this point. If you don’t that’s totally fine, you can find the product after you start getting the traffic with this method. That’S one of the cool things about it, so you’re gonna hop in here you’re gonna type in include and we’re just gonna type in our niche.

You could even type in your product. So i’ve done this with specific affiliate product names and a lot of times. Quora ranks for those all kinds of things, but we’re just going to type in keto, because that’s the typical niche i use on youtube videos, don’t ask me why i have never touched keto in my life now you can see here. 18 000. We’Ve lowered our number to 18 000 searches that we’re going to have to go through.

We don’t want to do that, so we’re going to lower it, some more we’re going to go to position and we’re going to say from position one to five. This means hey what uh, what does cora have ranking in the top five positions? We don’t really care if cordo’s ranking at spot 70. That’S gonna be some really hard traffic for us to hijack. We’Ve now dropped it all the way down to 508 and we’re going to cut it even a little bit more.

We’Re going to go to volume right here and we’re going to say from i usually say about 200 to 250 is what we’re looking for meaning. Unless there’s like 200 to 300 people every month at least searching for this exact phrase, i don’t want to see it and now we’re getting somewhere now we’re able to start really seeing our opportunities a little better. You can see right here, keto hack reviews, speed, keto reviews how to take keto pills. These are all things you can type into. Google and quora is one of the top five ranking sites for this particular keyword.

Now, hopefully, your wheels are spinning a little bit. Maybe you’ve been in the game for a while. Maybe you’ve been an affiliate marketer for a while you’re starting to see the potential of this. So the next step now we only have 26 to do is we’ve got to figure out where the real opportunities are. So if these really are opportunities – or not, now you can see right here.

All we got to do is click into it, and it’s going to tell you how many people on cora have answered that question right. So we know that uh cora ranks for keto hack reviews, and i actually would double check that. So i type in keto hack reviews right here and see, is it really spot five and what the heck it totally is spot five, so we know core is ranking. We know there’s a lot of people searching for it and now we’ve clicked into it and what else do we know? We know that there’s only one person inside of quora, that’s even tried to answer this question now.

To give you a little bit of context, i clicked on the next one and it looks like 11 people have answered this question you can see it just displays the answer in order just like this right here. So, even if you’re, not the first one, the second one’s still going to get some traffic as well, but i’m going to tell you right now that a ton of quora questions have hundreds and hundreds of answers. So it’s really really cool to see. Hey there’s only one answer: one person to compete with right or in in this one, there’s 11 other people. Oh sorry, i switched it there’s one person to compete with and 11 people to compete with on this one.

Now, let’s look back at this for a minute. Can you imagine how long it would take you to rank for keto hack reviews if you were just starting a or something like that to start getting that traffic that keto traffic? It would take you months or even years to get there and now we’ve got this spot where hey cora is already sitting there in the top five spots and if you want to take the top spot in quora you’re competing with one other person guys. This is opportunity that is knocking now. I do want to pause for a minute we’re going to suck up to that youtube algorithm for a minute, if you feel like you’ve, learned something thumbs up comment.

Obviously the best thing is for that subscribe, but but show me some love there if you feel like you’re starting to learn something here as we go. Okay, so we’re back, we’ve got these uh. We’Ve got these 26 questions that we’re going through. That all seem like they’ve got some good opportunities right. This is traffic that we can start working on hijacking, but the next thing is there’s also traffic right here.

So i’m not going to target this in this in this little tutorial. But any of these questions you know is also getting traffic, because cora is showing it as a related question. I promise you, of course, showing it as related. That’S because people are clicking it and people are interested in it, but the next step for us is we’ve got to hijack this traffic. Okay, so we know this traffic is coming.

We know, there’s hundreds of people coming to this quora every month. How do we hijack the traffic? We simply need to be the best one on there and you can see there’s only 11 people or one person or seven people right, there’s, not a ton of competition anymore for us to beat out. So you need to write a better answer, and that means you need to write an answer. That’S got lots of images, cora loves images, users, love images if they’re useful images, a lot of my posts that i’ve done really well have had.

Bullets in them are lists. So you’ve got these people and you’ve got to put yourself in their mind, what’s going to give them the best experience and that’s getting them the answer as fast as possible, and one of the best ways to do that is putting it in a list. The third way that you can easily be the one to show up top is, if you’re the answer that gets to the point quicker people don’t like to read through a bunch of fluff before they get to to the answer that they’re looking for, and so, if You can make your answer the one that really shines and really gives them the answer. They’Re looking for quick you’re going to get up, votes and upvotes means rank, and then the last thing is use. Some keywords right.

You know what they’re looking for is speed. Keto, a scam, for example, so use that that phrase and little variations of that phrase multiple times throughout your article and cora, will easily easily be able to tell that your article is about this exact question. I don’t know why. I keep saying article it’s more of a comment or a little post, so we’ve found the opportunity we’ve taken the traffic. Now we need to send them somewhere.

Now it’s really important for you to understand. You can go direct here and just throw your affiliate directly into your post, but you’re gonna risk. Getting your quora account deleted. So the best thing you can do here is send them anywhere else, so that could mean a youtube video that could mean a . That could mean a landing page.

So, for example, with this keyword right here, we’re looking at right is speed. Keto, a scam. You can easily make a youtube video about speed, keto. Then you go and you take this top spot or you can do it in reverse order. Whatever you want, but you you take that and then you can go, link and say hey.

You know i actually just made a full youtube video on this exact thing. You can go watch it right here, but here’s the gist of what i discovered in my learning process. Okay, that gives them on the first line. There’S a call to action, they can click and go watch the youtube video. Instead, most people prefer to watch a youtube video, but you can do the same thing with a right and then the video and the have a call to action.

So you can see right here an example called action in my youtube videos. You can see right here an example post. That’S got a really big call to action where, as soon as they get in there right, there’s, pop-ups and slide-ins and all kinds of things trying to capture emails, get them to buy affiliate products all that kind of stuff. Now one of the really cool things about cora is: you can see right here. You can click on this three dots and you can edit your answer.

So if you don’t have anything right now and you just kind of want to start posting content, you can go nuts posting your content and then once something starts to actually show up and rank and do well. You can click edit your answer and then you can go, create the landing page of the video down the road and i’ve done this on dozens of posts that i did where i just went back later and added a youtube, video or something to to to start Capturing that traffic, as well as provide more value to these questions, and if, if you start to rank for something and you don’t really have an affiliate product, that makes sense for that, all you’ve got to do is go to right here. You can go to find products and you can type in something like keto and now. You’Ve got multiple multiple keto products that you can maybe test out and then start promoting to these people, whether it’s in your youtube, video or your blog or whatever.

It is that you send them, so you find the traffic hijack the traffic. Add your links for the traffic to go to and you monetize now please do remember this channel is all about affiliate marketing. I show you everything that i learned that i do in my full-time affiliate marketing . If you want to learn more obviously, you’ve got to subscribe and then there’s a link down below to to a lot deeper training on what i do. Thank you for watching


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