Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How To Increase Blog Traffic For FREE. 6 Ways To Grow Your Website

How To Increase Blog Traffic For FREE. 6 Ways To Grow Your Website

Hey what’s, going on guys? It’s Franklin here and in this video I’m, going to show exactly how I get to my websites. Hey guys, I’m, going to show you my six favorite ways of getting traffic to my right now.

To this day, this is all I’ve been using. I’ve, never used paid traffic, it ‘ Ll, get an awesome, steady amount of traffic to my . It’s actually growing, so these methods definitely work and I’m going to show you exactly how I’m doing it.

So I’m, going to start off number one and that’s forums. I use forums every single day. I’m, currently active on three forums and they bring in most of my . What you want to do is find about four or five forums related to your niche and there’s, a forum for everything and then once you sign up, you want to watch the forum stats for about a week.

So you go into your Google Analytics and you want to see what one’s, bringing you in the most traffic and then you pick the top two or three and you concentrate on those forums and leave the other ones alone.

That aren’t bring you in much traffic. Once you’ve found a forum you want to sign up to it and then click on the Settings or profile page and in it your signature, you’ll notice of my signature. Here I ‘

Ve got a title linking back to my now this converts for me very well. I did a lot of tests. I popped just my URL in there, but it came up as spammy and a lot of people didn’t like it. So you want to have a nice title that gets people clicking on your link.

For example, if you have an article on five best chicken recipes, you want to put in your signature, something like five delicious chicken recipes that will blow your mind and then link that to your website.

I’ve done something like this and it converts like crazy, and the best thing is. Your signature comes up every time you post. So, if, wherever you post, some, your signature will be there and people will click on it.

The next thing you want to do is find topics related to your article to your website, and you want to post in there and answer people’s questions. So if someone says does anyone know where to find awesome chicken recipes, you can go in there and say: yes, I have five awesome.

Chicken recipes click this link to check them out. This is what I do every single day. This is how I’m driving awesome traffic to my website. Another thing you want to do this has overlooked all the time is you want to actually start threads and start conversations and forums, because what happens as Google really loves forums? They’ve got a lot of authority and they’re.

Actually, updating all the time from people posting content you see over here in the picture, I actually searched for a problem of my iPhone the other day and a forum came up and this is what happens with most forums.

So if you start a topic on your five chicken recipes – and you tell people how you made it, if someone – Google’s – that at some stage down the road, you might get some if they click on the link, it’S free and it’s there forever.

So it’s really really worth doing. I do a thread about once or twice a week and I post probably about 20 times a week and it’s. Driving crazy amounts of traffic. To my blog number, two is social media.

Now you’re, probably thinking well, everyone says social media and you’re right. Everyone does say social media, but that’s. All they say you ‘ Ve actually got to find your targeted audience on social media.

What happens as people said? You use social media to get traffic, most people will go out and they’ll sign up to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest Tumblr and they’ll. Put all their effort into these social media accounts when you should only really be using one or two here’s.

A great example. So pinch of young calm is a food blog right and they get an amazing amount of traffic. They get 600,000 views. A month just from Pinterest alone, and they’re, making around about twenty five thousand dollars a month from their blog.

Now, why do they get someone’s traffic, where they found that the social media that converts well for them? Because Pinterest is about food and their blog is about food, so that’s. All you need to do.

You need to figure out what platform is best for your niche now for my niche making money online search, engine optimization and all that sort of good stuff, I’m using Twitter and that outperformed Facebook way faster.

For me, I got three thousand followers and on Facebook I ‘ Ve only got about seven hundred likes. I’m, still going to be using Facebook, but I’m, going to be putting most of my effort into Twitter because that’s, where I get the most engagement from my followers.

The key here is to find your audience on social media and stick to one or two platforms and put all your effort into them, because if you put all your infinite to four or five accounts, it’s going to take so much time.

And you might be preaching to the wrong people, you might be advertising your links to people that aren’t even interested in your products or your blog, and you’re, not going to get the traffic. You deserve number three.

Now this doesn’t bring in a lot of traffic. For me, maybe twenty uniques a day, but it brings in traffic and that’s. All that counts too, and it’s super targeted traffic. What I do is I go to blogs related to my blog, and I comment under the article and people will click on my name and I ‘

Ll, have a little link to my website to find blogs. All our doors are going to Google. I type in a keyword and then I click news and I actually find a lot of really big blogs in there that have made up articles about something that’s related to mine or something that’s related to my site, and I simply leave a message, but I leave a message that’s, actually a good one.

You know you don’t want to be spammy and say click on my site. Do let’s. Do that. I leave on that’s, actually going to help people or interact with people. Another way to find blogs is to sign up to Google Alerts and put in your keywords and your email, and then you’ll, be sent an email every time that keyword gets used and then you will find blogs that way and other web sites.

That way related to slightly you can comment on. Then, when you’re commenting on other blogs, you want to make sure you fill out the website section. I know that might sound obvious, but some people don’t do it and what that does is when people click on your name.

They go straight to your website and then as a link to your website, and it will also come up as a backlink, sometimes most of the time they’re nofollow, but some of them are do follow. I have some do follow ones on mine and it’s, a really good link juice for your website, and this is also the same as forums.

Actually, a lot of them are nofollow, but I do have a few that I do follow. So they’ve created backlinks to my website number four, and this one is super easy. You want to optimize your articles for low searched following keywords.

Now what this means is, instead of going for the high keywords that are high difficulty: high competition, you’re, going for the low ones that have easy competition and you’re, going to rank for them super fast or even with that.

Any backlinks, if you look over here in the picture, I have one of my articles, ranking for a 260 search volume a month keyword now that’s, not a lot, but the thing is: if I’m doing that every second day, Every third day or the fourth day soon starts to add up, and I soon start to get a lot of traffic coming in from Google searches and it’s, all 100 % free.

If you’re, not sure how to optimize articles, you can click on one of my videos in the link in the description and I ‘ Ve also got a video on how to do keyword, research to help. You find those keywords that you can rank for.

They have low search volume, but you also want to make sure they have easy keyword, competition. Otherwise, you might not rank for them, even though they have 30 searches or 20 searches or 40 searches, and yes, 30 searches is fine.

I even rank for a 10 search keyword, but it doesn’t matter, because even if I get two clicks from that a month, it’s still traffic. To my website that I might get on my mailing list and I might convert into a customer, this brings us to number five and number.

Five is a website like Yahoo Answers. Now I can’t actually pronounce this. I’m just going to give it a go. I call it quota com, some people call it pura, I described quite calm and what it is it’s, an answer site people go on there and they will ask a question and you can answer the question with a nice little link to your Website I do this every second day and I’m getting around about 100 uniques a day from this.

I simply go on there. I type in a keyword so fill it. Marketing will how to make money online or . I’ll, then sort it out from the last 24 hours. So you’re, not getting any old stuff and they’ll simply go in there and I will link them to an article or even a product that you have that you can sell them.

Actually, someone had one up saying what’s, the best program for . I linked them to one of my affiliate links and I actually got a sale from so you know you can get views from it. You can get and it’s, a really awesome way to get traffic to website and the best part about this.

Is these stay forever? Unless you delete your answers or they delete the question, your aunts will stay there forever. So whenever someone sees that question and that answer, they could possibly click on your link through to your blog or your website number six.

My last traffic source is building an email list. Now this is very important. Someone might click on your site, read your article and then leave. If you don’t have an option infinate to opt in to your email.

Then you’ve, potentially lost a visitor, a future visitor and a customer. So you want to have some sort of opt-in form on the side under your post, a pop-up now pop-ups are frowned upon. People like why do you have a pop-up at stem? Well, if someone really doesn’t want to see it.

I have an program that blocks pop-ups, so you know why not use them. I get a 10 percent conversion rate on my pop-up and it’s crazy. So for every 100 people that sign visit my site, I get it. Ten people there signing up to my newsletter once you’ve written an article or a video on your blog on your website.

You want to send an email blast to your people on the email list, because what happens is they might come back and revisit your site and they could share your article share your video and then that spreads it up to more people and more people and more People, so an email list is very, very important.

Now you might be thinking well, an email list, isn’t, actually free. It’s, not free to use an email program. Well, you can use MailChimp, which is free up to 2000 subscriptions and to start off if this works just fine and then once you actually get up to about 2000, you’re going to want to be paying for a program anyway.

So from that 1,000 2,000 is going to be all free and then from then on. You’re, going to want to be buying a bit of platform anyway, and you should be making a good amount of money from your website or blog from then.

So you can afford to pay the monthly fees alright, guys. Those are my methods of getting free traffic to my website, go out and give it a go and see if you can drive even more traffic to your websites.

If you like, this video feel free to check out any of my other affiliate marketing videos and don’t forget to subscribe. If you like, my channel

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