Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How to increase conversion rate and website traffic – Website conversion optimization !

How to increase conversion rate and website traffic – Website conversion optimization !

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Hey in this video, i will tell you my two favorite free, quick and easy tests to check if your is losing up to 90 of all traffic, you get and you can check your and improve it within 15 minutes, and it will help you to Better appeal to your leads and to increase your conversions, hey victor is here from this pixel agency and on this channel we share hands-on tips and tricks that we’re using every day to help our customers to get their merciless traffic squeezing websites.


If this is something you’re interested in smash, the subscribe button to receive more weekly videos – and the first test is all jokes aside – is a squint test. Yeah, you need to take a look at your ’s above default section and squint a little bit to understand on which areas of your your , visitors, are looking the most, for example. This is a website of our past client, she’s norwegian actress. This thing is called a heat map.


It is a visual representation of the squint test and it shows us on which areas of her website her website visitors are clicking the most we will jump to my camera screen in a second, where i will blur some websites to show you these cool examples of What to do and what to not, but before that, you need to understand that the most important part of your website is your cta or call to action. Usually it’s a button, but it could be a picture or a text or anything else.


Your cta is crucial in your website because it shows your website visitors what you want from them. Do you want them to schedule a free call or to add the site into the shopping, cart or to have a direct sale or to subscribe to your newsletter or social media, and this cta is arguably the most crucial part of the website for you as a Website owner and have a cool video with my six rules: create a successful call to action. You can check this video right here.


It will help you to create a successful call to action for your business website, so this screen test is measured to check. If your website visitors can see the most crucial parts of your website, let’s jump to my computer and i will show you a couple of examples: can you try to guess where your website visitors will be looking to? I guess you know it’s. This shiny red button and, let’s take a look at this website, start for free today. Of course, it’s their main call to action.


It’S an email, tool. We use it for our business too, so yeah, as you can see with this queen test. This area attracts the website visitors. Let’S have the second example. Okay, maybe some of you know this website and you can see that the main spot is right here and let’s take a look at this website – yep, it’s facebook.


Of course they want you to sign up, and let’s have this third example – and the third example is this website well number one: you can see that there is a person, it’s a subtle trick from like early web development times. If you have a person, try to see where they look and make them look at the place of your website, you want to lead your website visitors to, in this case it’s a heading as you can see, and there is a big green button. So, let’s take a look at this website: yep it’s a web hosting website and they want you to get started super easy, so you can do the same on your website. I personally love this test because it’s super easy. It doesn’t require you to install any additional software on your computer.


This squint test helps you to understand how your website looks for a newly visitor, and my second test is uh five seconds test. There is a thing called a five seconds rule in web development. The five seconds rule is not, as you know, the usual five seconds through like when you drop something and oops. I have only five seconds to get it from the floor before bacterias and stuff will attach to this uh piece of food. The five seconds rule uh tells you that your website visitors should be able to understand what your company is all about within five seconds and to do it, you need to print your websites about default or show it on your ipad screen to different people and ask Them three crucial questions: uh just give it.


If you have an internationally known logo, uh just remove this logo because it will blur the results. You need to ask this three questions: what does your company sell? What is your product or service is all about number two. What value you provide for a customer? Why should i, as your website, visitor, buy from you not from some other company?


This test is not as easy to pass, as you may think. I saw so many websites where headings were ridiculously obscure. Let’S say you’re visiting the website, and the first text you are reading is telling you we are guiding the humanity to the brighter future sounds great uh. They are selling the light bulbs yeah. It will be way better to say we are selling the light bulbs in the united states for the most affordable prices for government buildings, for example.


So, let’s jump to my commuter and i’ll show you a couple of cool examples to help you to understand how you can amend headings on your website and possibly increase conversions and better appeal to your website visitors. You have five seconds to guess what this website is. All about well, i guess you can understand it super easy that this is a japanese barbecue. You can make a reservation, purchase a coupon code and there is, like you know, some information about their exterior interior. What this haiku place is all about, and i personally love that they have a subtle background, video which helps you to understand.


You know the emotions to bear appeal to your customers and, at the same time, they silenced it. It’S just a common courtesy place onto a small bullet for your website visitors to silence the video. The only thing i personally would like to change on this website is that i know they’re in brooklyn, but it would be better to just show the address. You know, because, even if you know that this place is in your town, if you’re living in a big city like los angeles or brooklyn, you maybe don’t want to drive for hour and a half to this place. So it would be way better to understand it.


But yeah this website passed the five seconds test. Let’S have the second example. You have five seconds to guess what this website is all about. I have no idea. I need to scroll down to check that this is a commercial industrial, great fence and still i’m not sure like do you uh install it or just sell it or do you maintain it and let me try to fix it a little bit.


I would just get rid of this background because this background, actually i mean, doesn’t show me what this is all about. I just wan na show you that it would be way better to show this website, like this, probably yeah, without the pictures, or maybe to put pictures somewhere here but yeah if i land on this website, like this, at least within five seconds. I can understand that this is a commercial industrial, great fence. I have no idea what the value is for me, but in the beginning yeah it would be like this. It would be way better to have a sub heading like we provide the best value for the market in the united states.


It is a turnkey solution for small business owner. For me, this website didn’t pass the five seconds rule. Let’S have the third example: remember you have five seconds to guess what this website is all about. I know you cannot see what’s below the fault, but it does help you. I would say that this website is passing the five seconds rule, because it’s a home, appliance repairing service and take a look at this website’s name appliance repair, brooklyn new york.


This website is passing five seconds rule. I checked that this website was made on . Probably the website owner is a small business owner who created this website. The only thing is that i would make this photo uh, maybe below or maybe use it as a logo, because, right here the heading is great. Let’S just you know, move or delete this picture.


I will just delete it to be honest: yeah, like this home appliance, repairing service in brooklyn new york. This website was made by a non-professional, but it does pass the five seconds rule because if your fridge is broken, you know that on this website you can get help. You know the price, you know the services and you can have an email and call. But i would personally add here is a call back option, because some people are sitting at their jobs in their cubicles and they need an excuse to call you, and maybe they cannot call you because you know their supervisor is swirling around like a shark and they Need you to call them so they can? Oh sorry, it’s urgent.


I need to answer this phone call, but this website is passing the five seconds rule and this is a website which was made just by a common person. Not a web developer, maybe the first site he developed. It is passing a five seconds test and let’s have the next example – and this website was made by a non-professional too, and it passes the five seconds rule. It’S super quick, easy and simple: to make commercial refrigerator repair brooklyn new york. You can call them because in this case your website, visitors, don’t need a sophisticated funnel subscribe to your newsletter or social media.


They just need to call you, so you can fix their fridge or sinkhole. That’S it. You don’t need too much and they have an option to schedule a call. That’S it. This website is passing a five seconds rule.


I love this. You know playing with headings and you can do the same with your website and you can check your competitors to understand well how you can appeal to your potential prospects better than your competitors and remember the heat map. I showed you before in this video. I have a cool video: how to spawn your website visitors, how to set up all the free you need to spawn your website visitors. You can check this video right here and i’ll see you in a second [ Music ].




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