Get More Traffic increase website traffic How to INCREASE ETSY SALES drastically | How to make daily sales on Etsy 2021

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How to INCREASE ETSY SALES drastically | How to make daily sales on Etsy 2021

In today’s video i’m going to share with you strategy that worked for me in taking my monthly sales from 2 492 to 32 966 dollars in one month, hello. Everyone welcome back to the channel if you’re new, here i’m kate, etsy seller and handmade business coach, and i’m super glad you’re here if you haven’t, subscribed yet make sure to hit that subscribe button and also turn on your notifications by hitting the little bell button. So go ahead, grab your favorite cup of coffee or tea, and let’s dive in got my peppermint mocha ready to go so first we’re going to take a look at the analytics. So you can see here. This was october 1st through 31st of 2019.

I had 3 408 visits and my revenue was 2492 20.. Now, if we switch over to the next month november of 2019, i had 37.3 k visits and my revenue was 32. 966.

71.. So the question is: what did i do to cause this spike from october? To november well, the truth is that spike wasn’t an accident. It was actually a series of intentional steps that i took.

So let’s talk about step number one step number one is to do trend research. The first part of this is to think about what holiday or season is coming up next and to pick a specific holiday or season to focus on you’re going to want to know what trends you should be following and what the timing should be in releasing your New products, i want you to think about trends and timing as a surfer, so a surfer goes out and uses the momentum of the wave to actually be able to surf. In our analogy, the surfboard represents the trend and the wave represents the timing. So you definitely need to be riding on that surfboard, which is the right trend, but you can’t even really go anywhere, even if you have the right surfboard. If there’s not a wave coming to carry you, so you need the timing of an upcoming season or holiday that’ll carry you through.

This is going to require some research on your part to figure out what trends are currently popular in your niche you’re, going to want to look at specific patterns. Styles, scents materials whatever it is, that applies to the product that you’re making you want to notice, which of those elements seem to be appearing over and over again. So, to start my trend, research, i want to think about the holiday that i’m targeting as well as the niche that i’m targeting. So let’s say that i’m thinking about christmas – and i want to look up what’s currently trending for christmas signs. So i might go on etsy and i would type in christmas sign now, whatever pops up on this first page and the results are usually signs that have sold either regularly or consistently.

So i’m just going to start looking at these results and noticing what in these signs is trending what colors are trending. What patterns are trending, maybe even what style of font people are using? That’S how i would basically start my trend, research. You can go a lot deeper into it and look at a lot of different elements until you decide what things to focus in on, i did want to mention the importance of not exactly copying element for element, someone else’s product. The idea is to look at the qualities of that product that you see are trending and to mimic it, but put your own twist or your own spin on it.

The second step is to decide what options or variations you can offer to your customer to personalize their product. This doesn’t mean that you have to accept purely custom orders, but it is important to let your shopper know that they can customize certain things about it. Maybe it’s the color, maybe it’s the size, but think of one or two variations that you could offer. Buyers are going to be a lot more excited to complete that transaction if they feel like they’ve had a part in making it their own. Etsy allows you to have up to 10 photos for each listing, so i would encourage you to make sure that you have a photo listed for each variation available.

The third step is to list your product and launch it with a big discount. The new product that i listed last year between october and november was the one that took off and gave me that big spike that you saw the reason that it did so well in the beginning was because, right after i elicited it, i did a huge launch And i offered 50 off when you offer a huge discount, like that. The point of it is not to sustain that product long term. My husband likes to say it’s kind of like giving your product a shot of adrenaline right in the beginning to get it going. Number one is to announce it on a big facebook live and number two is to create a sense of urgency by announcing that this discount is only going to last for a few hours.

When i did this launching my product last october, i announced it on a facebook live at about 8 p.m, and i let people know that the discount was only valid through midnight that night, okay, we’re at the fourth and final step, which is seo. It’S really important to figure out how to tag and title your listing so that they’ll be found in the etsy search. There are a couple ways that i like to figure out what my tags and titles should be. The first is going to e-rank
Com e-rank is an awesome website and tool for etsy sellers that allows you to do keyword, research to figure out what tags are currently trending.

The next thing i would do is to go on etsy and search for similar products. Let’S say you’re trying to decide on tags for your christmas sign, so you would go on etsy and type in christmas sign and i would look at one of the first ones that pops up to just check out what the title and tags look like. So the title on this listing says christmas: tree farm sign christmas, tree farm sign large christmas wall, decor christmas signs on wood, framed wood signs. If you do that for three or four of the top listings, that can give you an idea of certain tags that are working, another good thing that you can do when you’re adding tags to your listings is to think of variations of the same keyword. For instance, i might say christmas sign holiday sign, would christmas sign you get the idea following the trends will make sure that you have a product that everyone loves and wants and having the right seo will make sure that you’re actually found in the etsy search.

Okay. So those are the four steps in the strategy, but here’s a couple extra pro tips keep your processing times as low as possible because shoppers like to get their items quick. If you find that you’re getting in over your head or you’re, getting a lot of orders and you’re not able to keep up with the quick processing time before extending your processing time, i would suggest you actually look at raising your price. Now you may be thinking. I can’t raise my price people won’t want to buy it if it’s too expensive, but think about it.

When you shop, do you usually buy the cheapest thing? Probably not do you usually buy the most expensive thing? Probably not price reflects quality, and you definitely want to show your customers that your product is of utmost quality. Another great addition to your shop can be a rush shipping listing this really comes in handy closer to the holidays. When people are doing a lot of last minute shopping, you can create a separate rush shipping listing and encourage your customers to add that listing to the cart along with their other purchases.

Etsy is very open about the fact that the algorithm favors shops that offer free shipping for all of their items. So, if you’re able, i would encourage you to offer all of your products for free shipping, which means you’ll need to account for the average shipping cost. In the pricing of your item, okay, friends, so remember, the most important part about all of these steps is the timing. Etsy has a lot of great resources in the seller. Handbook like this one is a page on seasonal tips, and it gives you 68 articles that you can read that tell you all about the peak times for seasonal trends.

What’S currently trending and more information on that topic, so i really encourage you to go on the etsy website and look at the seller handbook to see what else you can find and it’s time for question of the day. I want to know what your favorite coffee or tea is. Let me know in the comments. Mine is definitely my iced peppermint mocha. I hope you’ll stick around for more content on handmade business strategy and i’ll see you guys very soon.

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