Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How to Increase Etsy Traffic With Pinterest, How to Get More Sales on Etsy

How to Increase Etsy Traffic With Pinterest, How to Get More Sales on Etsy

Hey guys and welcome back to my channel, if you are new here, hey hi, hello, my name is Lauren in today’s video. I’M going to be sharing with you guys my best tips and tricks for using Pinterest to help drive to your s eShop. So if you’re ready to start driving crazy and start making a ton of new on your shop, you’re gon na want to stick around for this video so without further ado guys, let’s go ahead and jump on into it. So first things: first, I’m gon na start off with some basics. When it comes to Pinterest.

If you are just starting out with Pinterest, you have a little bit of work. You need to do to make sure you’re all set up and ready to go. First thing is, first, obviously creating an account and I would highly suggest making a business account, because when you make a Pinterest business page, you can link your shop as well as your or blog. If you had one and you can actually make viable pins. So people can buy your items straight from Pinterest, but of course, when you set up your Pinterest page, there are a couple of different things you need to think about.

Obviously your name, you probably wanted to match your shop. If that’s, what you’re going to be focusing on using it for you’ll want to set up a couple of different boards that you’re gon na be pinning to so one board that catches all of your items for your shop and then I suggest making boards that are Other items related to what you sell, I was doing one for my t-shirt shop. I might have different boards for like boho items, teacher t-shirts, vacation or trip shirts, and things of that sort so plan on making several different types of boards that you can repost. All of your pins to with all of your new items in your shop, don’t forget to include a good banner as well as your logo. This is really really important so that people can recognize you from your shop to your Pinterest page and vice versa.

That is really good for branding. I also suggest putting your Etsy link in your bio use that bio and Pinterest tell them what you sell. Tell them what you’re all about what your style is, what your branding is put it there, so that if someone visits your Pinterest page, they literally have the link right in front of their face to go and check it out. So now that you have your logo, you have your banner, you have your link in your bio and your bio is filled out and you also have a business Pinterest account and finally, you’ve got all of those boards ready to go. You don’t necessarily need to fill them all up right away, but those boards are a great way to draw more attention.

You want to label your boards, something that somebody’s going to be searching for. I have a client that I do Pinterest work for their Etsy shop and they sell a lot of really cute like nursery and children’s room printable like wall art and so for them. We have a whole board where they have all of their shops items all in one place. My dog is trying to get some attention and then we also have boards for them that are all broken up into categories that people might be searching for. So those are the keywords you would maybe even include in your title of your items, things like boho nursery decor or a little boy, decor or baby boy nursery decor.

Think about the keywords that people will be searching for and trying to find when they’re on Pinterest, to get inspiration and use that to name those boards, so that you have more chances. People finding you now obviously having the boards and just throwing all your items on there, I’m never coming back to it again may drive you a little bit of to your shop, but what you’re going to need to be doing is actually repenting content, as well As making new pins as often as possible, so I prefer to do two to three new pins a day, especially for my clients, so that could be you pinning new items that you have in your shop. It could be you pinning the same item from your shop, but with a different photo, okay kind of like an a/b testing to see if one does better than the other. This could also be repenting and repenting is the number one way to draw more to your Etsy shop. So now your question probably is okay.

Well Lauren, then what is repenting? Please explain this to me because I have no idea what you’re talking about. Don’T worry guys in order to repin, you need to have already pinned your items somewhere on your Pinterest page, so this might be on that catch-all board and then you can repin one pin onto another board. That means that your pin is stored in several different locations. So that more people are able to find – and it’s gon na be easier for people to search for it and see it moving into my next tip.

This is where repinning really starts: driving crazy traffic to your Etsy shop and that’s by using what are called Group boards group boards are where multiple Pinterest accounts are pinning to the same board. They usually have really high follower accounts, Plus every time you pin there. You are getting a whole brand new audience of eyes, people that aren’t already following you or just finding you by luck in the search you’re, putting your items literally in front of people who are already looking for them. Now. I personally like to only pin to at see related boards, and there are a ton of Etsy related great boards out there.

In fact, I have actually an entire spreadsheet with over a hundred different Etsy related Pinterest Group boards. I sell it on my second Etsy shop and I’ll link every gear. If you guys want to go and check it out, it will take all of the hard work of going to find all of these great boards and following them. It literally took me a year to find all of these you guys, so I’m saving you some time and energy, and quite honestly, you can literally make your money back in like one sale, so it is definitely worth it. I have a ton of people who have used on my shop and absolutely love it.

Here are some lovely things that people have said about them. I personally use all of these boards on this lace and that’s how I Drive a ton of outside traffic. To my a tea shop, all of these boards are Pinterest related shops and people who are looking for items on Etsy, what’s great about group boards is that when items are being repin to those boards, and then other people start repainting your items, it helps for your Items or your pins to go viral, and this is where you’re going to start seeing some crazy traffic to your shop. If you’re consistent with three pinning, like especially your popular items out there, that you already know people love people are going to start repainting it to their pages and then other people will repin it and other people save it. And then you start getting all this crazy traffic and it starts growing and your pins go, and so many people are starting to visit your shop.

That is why group boards are my favorite way of drawing outside traffic from Pinterest to my antsy shop, because they honestly have the biggest impact, and you honestly don’t even have to have a big following on Pinterest to make them work. You can literally have zero followers. Go and join a bunch of these Pinterest boards and then start repenting to them and you’ll start seeing an increase in traffic. You guys that promise, especially if your items are really well photographed, which brings me to my next point, is that it’s really important that when you are using Pinterest to drive traffic, that you have to focus on the photo as well as SEO for Pinterest. Yes, it still counts.

You spend all those countless hours coming up with your SEO. Your keywords, titles, tags and description for your item – use them on your Pinterest page. Whenever you are pinning the item, you need to choose the best photo. You need to start using your SEO and keywords for your item in your title in your description, and you can also include hashtags in your description, so that is really helpful as well. Big big tip, though Pinterest, is all about vertical images.

So if your item is very wide and short, it’s not going to do that. Well, on the Pinterest algorithm, when people are scrolling through, it’s gon na be a lot tinier and it’s gon na be harder to see your item so find an image that is vertical and tall and more skinny, and it’s gon na do better on the algorithm when People are searching through Pinterest to find it. You can do this by actually cropping your image within Pinterest. If you drag and drop your own photo into Pinterest when you’re making a new pin, then you can actually have the option to do like a one by one and like a two by three and then, like I don’t know 4 by 6. Honestly, don’t quote me on that?

I have no idea, but it’s like 3 different sizes, and you want to try and go with the most vertical one, because that’s the one that’s gon na look the best when people are scrolling through on Pinterest and my last tip, for you guys is that you Need to stay consistent with this Pinterest loves to see that you are on there daily working to repin. Your content make new pins your active on group boards, your active on your own profile. They love to see that you are constantly on there and Penni items now, if you don’t have a ton of time and you don’t want to spend your entire day pinning to Pinterest, then you can use a tool that I love and personally use called tailwind. Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduler, so you can pick items that you want to repin or pen new and schedule them to go out at certain times of the day to certain boards. And, yes, you can pin to multiple boards at a time.

So if you want to make a group of boards, like all of your group boards, that you want to join and then put them all in a little list and then pin one item to all of them, you can do that and then save so much time. You guys and it’s crazy, like it’s so helpful. It saves a ton of time. It’S just the most useful tool. I’Ve ever come across and it comes to Pinterest.

So I’ll leave a link down below for it. If you guys wouldn’t go and check it out, it is an affiliate link. So if you sign up, I think I get a small commission, but I want to know below how many of you guys are already using Pinterest for your shop and if you are please, let me know what your Pinterest link is. I would love to go and keep you guys to follow. I think that would be so fun if you could do a little follow train down below in the comments of all of our little Pinterest accounts.

So we can all go repin and share each other’s items and just be super supportive right here on the screen. I’M going to put for you guys another, a Pinterest, related video that I think you’re going to love to watch. Next trust me: it’s a good one and I’m gon na put my entire Etsy playlist. So if you want to go and binge watch a bunch more at sea related tips, I have a ton. You guys, I’m also gon na put my subscribe button.

If you guys wan na stick around in my channel for more videos, I make new ones every Tuesday at 8 p.m. And lastly, I’m going to put the Pinterest group boards that I mentioned earlier in this video so that you guys can go and check them out if you want to, I went out for their do guys. That brings us to the end of the video. Thank you.



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