Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How to Increase SALES and TRAFFIC on Amazon for FREE!

How to Increase SALES and TRAFFIC on Amazon for FREE!

Have you been spending a fortune on PPC campaigns and Facebook ads, but not seeing a huge return when today’s video, what I want to do is break down a new way on how to increase your sales increase , increase your sales rank by using a cool, unique Strategy, not a lot of people are talking about so stay tuned. What’S up champs welcome to today’s video, my name is Robin Peterson, I’m a full-time, multiple, six-figure, seller and in today’s video, as you guys heard, I’m going to be showing you guys. Some new strategies on how to increase , which leads to more sales and more sales, leads to increased rink. So this is a super cool strategy. Not a lot of people are talking about and the best part about it is a lot of times it’s completely free.

So I’m gon na be diving into my screen. Sharing with you guys some hands-on exactly step-by-step of how to do this, and then you guys can go in and implement it in your own FBA , and the only thing that I ask of you guys before I share with you this information, please, please go down Hit the subscribe button share this channel with a friend on facebook on instagram, whatever the case is share this channel like this video and then leave a comment down below on anything related to , FBA or something that you guys enjoy about the video or the channel Or something you guys would like to see in the future, so that’s the only thing I ask of you guys. I would really really appreciate it and then also don’t forget to check out the links down below in the description I have links to the free Facebook group. I have links to the free, 45-minute , FBA training. I have links to my full, a twosie Champion program, so make sure to go check those out down below and without further ado, let’s dive into the video okay.

So here we are inside my screen and, as you guys know, what I like to do is be very open and transparent and basically show you guys that I’m a current FBA seller and this channel is the most up-to-date when it comes to selling on Amazon. So right here, as you guys can see, this is inside my Amazon seller account and what I did is. I did some dates from July 1st to today. Today is September 19th, and I’ve done just under two hundred thousand dollars in less than three months. Okay, so one hundred sixty seven thousand dollars in a matter of two and a half months, and I just share that with you guys just to let you know the information that I share with.

You is current, it’s up-to-date and it actually works. The things that I teach on the channel and in my course are the things that I implement in my own FBA . So, let’s dive into the video of just the the best way to really increase some cells in traffic using some . Okay. So let me kind of explain the first thing that we are going to do is I’m going to show you guys a potential product, and this is also a potential product idea as well that I came across this morning as I was thinking of what video I Wanted to come out with today, and I was doing some product research and I came across do-it-yourself dream, catcher kit.

So basically it’s a kit that you put together dream catcher. This is a great gift. This is a great just cool project for kids. It’S it’s always good for kids to learn how to do things on their own put something together, read instructions, but for me, if I was a parent, if I had a little girl, this would be something that I would totally endorse. Okay, so that’s kind of the idea behind the product, not to mention kids, love, dream, catchers, kids, love, unicorns, there’s different kind of designs of it, anyways, that’s kind of the background of the product um.

If we pull up the Chrome extension real quick, I can kind of show you the numbers right here: average reviews 47 average revenue per person selling it’s about 1,500 you’ll see some people are doing really really good. So this is a potential product idea. Maybe you can do something off of it, but this is what I want to use for the example of how we’re going to increase traffic using some cool strategies. So with that in mind, we have the product, but we need to that’s that’s the first step. Obviously, we need to have a product selling.

We need to know what the product is, and with that in mind, you need to think of okay. Who is my target audience who uses this product and what? What’S the demographic like? Okay? So the reason behind that is right here and – and the first thing like I was mentioning – is first it’s a do-it-yourself.

So the first thing that came to my mind is I see on Instagram and Facebook, there’s tons of videos do-it-yourself little crafts and projects, they’re super addicting to watch they’re fun to watch and that’s that’s what kind of struck this idea is hey. I could basically go and go to Instagram. I can make a video reach out to these different Instagram accounts and say hey. I have this video of a do-it-yourself kit. Can you post this video and maybe share a link in your bio and they may say: oh yeah, this is a great video or we’ll charge you a little bit and I’ll kind of show you right here, but so so what I did is I went to Instagram and I just searched the DIY crafts, crafts ideas and there’s tons of accounts – I mean this account.

Has 80,000 followers and you’ll see, there’s a ton of different videos, basically of these little craft ideas and something like this. Your dream, catcher kit, if you did a fun cool, unique video, take you like 20 minutes to do a video with your iPhone or your or your Android or whatever phone you have, or maybe you have a nicer camera, or maybe you have a friend that does Video you put together a video. You can go, look at some ideas, you put some fun music to it and you reach out to a Instagram account like this and and on this particular one that says paid promotions. There’S other ones that just say submit your videos through to this email or submit it reach out to us via DM or reach out to us, and it’s going to cost X amount and regardless, whether Koster doesn’t that money you’re spending on PPC. That’S not converting!

All that great, this is a perfect audience, because you have 80,000 people that are interested in DIY crafts. So why not pay this account to post your your video of this dream, catcher kit and the same is applicable for any product. Okay, so let’s say you’re selling a sports product, there’s tons of sports accounts that you could reach out to and make a cool video, and you could pay them a little bit. Maybe 100 bucks, let’s say and post the video and then have them put their link. Your link to your Amazon product in their bio or they have the swipe up feature on their stories or whatever the case is okay, so utilize, these Instagram accounts.

That’S basically why they have the Instagram accounts. Is they want to do paid promotions? They want to have content and when people are giving you free content and another kind of tip is the smaller the account the cheaper it’s gon na be and sometimes they’ll just do it for free, because they’re just trying to get some traction going. So look at Instagram accounts related to your niche to your product and that’s a great way to increase your your traffic to your site and then, as you, have your listing, built its optimized. Your conversions gon na be a lot higher you’re gon na increase your sales and, as you get more sales, your organic rank is going to be a lot better and therefore you don’t have to spend a bunch of money on PPC campaigns and these other paid promotions.

So that’s just a little tip, I’m a little idea and then the next one. This one is 100 % free and I think that this is pretty cool. You guys know. I mean I have a Facebook group, there’s literally Facebook groups for everything you name it. There’S a group for it, so basically, what you’re going to do is the same exact thing on Instagram, you figure out.

Okay, what is your niche? What is your target audience who uses the product if it’s sports go to sports pages? If it’s a makeup product, there’s tons of makeup tutorial pages, both on Instagram and Facebook groups of okay, this is how you use this tour. Oh, this will help me so much whatever the case is. There’S a group for it and what’s cool is most of these groups.

You can join for free, so right here I search DIY and crafts and there’s group with a hundred twenty four thousand members. There’S ten plus posts a day, the official DIY group for all things, home garden, decor and crafts, so literally everything so right there that’s a good group. You could join and I’ll get to the why you would join it. Here’S another one that has three hundred and five thousand members. It is out of the UK.

So if you are in the UK this is perfect and it says, submit your videos and we could feature it on our page. So right there you just need to submit the videos and if they like it, they’re gon na post it and right just like that. You have three hundred and five thousand people that potentially could see that video and anyone that sees that video as a potential customer. That can buy your product, so that’s huge, that is a hundred percent . All you need to do is go, find a group and join it, submit the videos you do need to make the video um.

It can be literally 30 seconds long. You can have it professionally done whatever the case is. This is a great way to really increase some traffic. I mean there’s, there’s a bunch of them, but basically the idea behind this is yes, some of them are gon na, say, submit your videos and we could feature you on the page other things you can basically join this group and just act like you’re, not the Owner of the product just say: hey, I just bought this product on Amazon and my little girl absolutely loved it check this video out or check out this link. It’S a little do-it-yourself dream, catcher kit, she’d loved it.

It’S a super cheap fun. Gift idea check out this link and you could do that on a bunch of different groups. You could join twenty thirty forty and basically just have a copy paste message of basically what you want to share and just act like you are a consumer you’re, the buyer and you’re, not selling the product. You’Re. Just saying you know, I just ran into this this product.

I really like it. You post it and boom, just like that. You have more people looking at your product and the more people that look at your product, more sales, which leads to organic rings. So that’s kind of that. The concept behind this idea is yeah.

It’S gon na take some time to join these groups and to reach out and to talk to people, but it’s essentially free you don’t really need to do much and and if it leads to more sales and organic rank, then why wouldn’t you want to do this? So this is a great idea, and not only does this work for do-it-yourself crafts. Like I said sports makeup, I mean the list goes on. There’S literally a group and Instagram page for literally everything so take advantage of this um have fun with it. Maybe get creative and make a cool fun, video and and try to get it to as many people and and that’s just a another way of increasing some traffic.

So I hope you guys really take advantage of this idea. It’S really really cool and unique. It’S different and I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did leave a thumbs up like the video leave a comment and also don’t forget to subscribe. Turn on the notification Bell share the channel with a friend. I’D really appreciate it and I’d love to hear you guys’s feedback or your questions so join the Facebook group and if you guys are stuck then join my full eight to see Amazon champion program.

I’D love to have you as a student and I’m looking forward to seeing you guys inside. So thanks again for watching, and we will see you in the next video [, Music ]

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