Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How To Increase Sales Without Increasing Traffic On Amazon FBA

How To Increase Sales Without Increasing Traffic On Amazon FBA

Hey what’s up guys, Nev here and today? I want to show you guys something super super awesome, so you guys can probably see on the whiteboard behind me. I’m gonna talk about increase without increasing .

Now most people will have you believe that the only way to increase is to continuously bring more and more to your listing, whether that be with PPC or with you know, through Facebook Ads through literally any sort of paid advertisement or just by getting you To the first page and staying there now, while those methods do work, you know, while they will get you more , there’s, actually a more important metric that I want to talk to you guys about in this video, which is about your conversion Rate: okay, because if you guys don’t know what a conversion rate is it’s, basically the amount of people that come to your listing, how many of those people actually buy so that’s, one of the biggest Things that you know nobody’s talking about, and I actually shared this same lesson.

I’m, going to show you guys in this video on my private Facebook group, because, to be honest, when you increase PPC spend when you increase, you know, advertising spend you’re, not gonna get the desired outcome.

If you don’t have a highly optimized listening and the way you do that is through split testing. So we’re gonna talk about split testing right now and then, after at the end of the video I’m gonna show you guys something really really awesome.

They’ll, be able to use right now to help you do all the split tests we’re gonna talk about so without further ado, guys, let’s, get right into the video, alright guys. So now we’re at the whiteboard and let me explain to you guys: if you don’t know what exactly a split test is right.

So a split test is essentially having a test where you test one variable at a time now. How does this you know apply to Amazon in particular, so for Amazon, a few things you can split test to figure out what works better is, for example, you know pictures, so you can try pictures.

You can try price, you can try descriptions scription, you can try. Literally, anything titles bullet points anything like that to test one version versus another. So essentially we were trying to do.

Is you’re, trying to figure out which version is going to actually bring in more money and bring in more conversions? So let me show you one example: let’s, just let’s, just assume, okay, that your product right now has a certain amount of coming.

So let’s say the traffic is 100 people coming to your listing. Every single day, so this is your listing okay, so we’ll have the picture, the stars, the features? Okay in the description, so that’s, your listing, and if a hundred people come into your listing, then let’s.

Assume that you have a conversion rate, okay, those hundred people, so how many of those hundred people are actually gonna buy? Let’s, say it’s about three percent? Okay. So if you have a hundred people coming to your listing 3 percent of mine, you ‘

Ll. Have three sets okay, so three six now the reality is situation is right. What you can do and what people again teach you to do is to increase this number. So the more people coming into your listing, the more people are gonna buy.

No one really talks about this number right here: okay and that’s, almost the most important number right. This is, this is obviously incredibly important, but no one talks about how important this number is and it’s almost more important than traffic.

So how do people tell you? Increase PPC, spend Facebook ads bring in more people. So, for example, if you have a thousand people coming in to your listing at 3 percent, you’ll, get 30 cents, but let’s assume you know let’s, do a different thing right.

So if you don’t have to , you can put the same hundred people through your listing at a six percent conversion, and then you’ll, get six sets from those from those hundred and sixty sales from those thousand.

So in this video right here I want to show you guys a few ways to actually split test your listings and how important it is to do this. So let me just explain to you guys some of the things that I realized that I’ve noticed from split testing my main products.

Ok, few things like I said this pictures price description from my experience with the most effective things to actually split test, our pictures on your listing and price on your listening. Okay, so I’ve, read some stuff to better explain it to this topic.

Okay, so, like I said, price and pictures are the biggest factors when it comes to split testing products on Amazon. So what you want to do? Okay, so you want to have two variations of your of your listing and I’ll.

Tell you guys exactly do this in a very simple way in just a bit after I explain this concept, so let’s say the traffic comes in usually to one listing what you want to start doing. Is you want to split test, which means you want to send fifty percent of the traffic to this listing and 50 % of the traffic to this listing, and in this listing you have one main image.

You know a certain main image and in this list that you have a second image, some other image that you’re testing to see which one is converting more because when people come to your product, the one thing that you know is going to Compel them the most it’s gonna, be either your picture or your price, which is what we’re, going to focus on in this in this video right.

So I like to do picture more than price. So in this case you know you can attest that one picture and then the second picture and what you’re gonna you catch. What you’re gonna realize is that in one you know picture you might have again.

Let’s. Do a three percent conversion rate, so you’ll, get three sales, three singles okay, four hundred and then the second one. You might get a you know, six percent. So let’s, use the same example or six six.

So now what you know is that this second image is better than this one. So you kill this one off you don’t use it. You move on from this one and the beautiful part about split test. Is you never stop? You’re, able to continuously optimize your listing with significant data, not what you think.

Not what you might you know see from your analytics, but real data, or you have to actually see significance and for that I’ll show you guys a way to do it in just a little bit. So the second thing you do so now.

Let’s say we know that the picture is good. Take. We can then either test out another picture or we can chest out. Maybe you know at the potato. So let ‘ S have one title here so title one, and then we have another bigger title to everything else in the listings.

The same then, maybe this one converts at five percent, but this one converts at well. This one will convert at six percent and this one will convert at ten percent. So now we know to move on to this one.

So this is the winner of the split test. We kill this one off and we move on and we move on and we move on and we test and we test and we see which variation is proven to be the best for sales. Now, like I said, this is the one way that you can use to with data figure out which what will work best for your profit for your product right? What can you change to make it the best so again, some things to consider changing.

Okay pictures so especially the main price, not only the price, though right one thing have you ever noticed: okay in the listing there’s, you know let’s, say it’s, logical here, 1997 or 1999 or 1985 right.

You see all these numbers, but statistically do you know which one works better for your profit right, so you don’t actually need to change this. The whole price, just the ending of the price and see you can split test, literally with the nd to see which ending is going to bring you the most sales, so that’s.

Another thing to consider, and you’re – able to do all of this with split lis, so I’m, going to write this down here, split lis, it’s from the creators of jungle scale and what it literally does This allows you to do all of this.

It does it all with its own. You know algorithm, so what I realize is, I’ve stopped using it in the past, so I’ve used in the past and I stopped and have gone back into it and I don’t know why I ever Stopped because it is crazy to know which split test is going to be the best, so you have to continuously continuously keep using it.

Okay, and in, like I said in my fast-tracking, of course, private group. We actually went over this lesson and there’s, some people right now that already purchase it and are already seeing the results when they split this.

So what the service literally does is pay for itself. I think, like forty seven dollars, I’m gonna jump into the computer and show you guys a little bit more about split lean, how it works. But essentially, if this all of this for you automatically so you don’t have to go in and change stuff, you can literally input exactly what you want and it will switch it for you.

You know over time, so every 24 hours it literally goes in and switches. You’re listening for you to the test and it sends people’s on the traffic one way, fifty percent of the traffic by the way and comes back to you with statistically significant.

You know data that you can use to change. Your listening up, so I’m gonna jump through the computer and show you guys, but before that, okay for those of you who now know use this, that’s, awesome right.

But the reality of situation is a lot of you guys haven’t gone to this step. You guys, you know, probably still stuck on product research or on you know how to launch properly and how to do your PPC and stuff like that right.

This is a little bit more advanced stuff, so for you guys, you know happen yet this next part of the video might not be super useful for you. So if you are, you know that it’s awesome to know this, but if you don’t know the basics.

If you know the first three things I was talking about, you know still stuck on product research, then you need to hit the link in description or put it somewhere up here. You can check out the free training and we’ll, go over the three steps.

Those exact steps – I just you know, talked to you guys, the product research, how to do that. The proper launching technique, and also the proper PPC sequence so go check that register for that free training.

It’s, not live, but it’s really really good. So if you haven’t, you know gone to this point and definitely go check that. But those of you guys who want to see more about this and a jump in the computer and show you guys that right now, alright guys.

So we’re here in the computer now, and I want to share with you guys like I said how to use split Lee. You know kind of a little intro to it. If you guys want to see super in-depth in terms of like how to actually create the split test and stuff leave a comment down below, I can definitely make a video on that, but this is kind of an overview of something that I don’T see talking about enough on on, you know on YouTube, like I said it’s all about the conversions, so you need to worry about how to optimize your listing.

First before you start throwing a ton of traffic into your listing. If you’re only converting at 1 % or 2 %, it’s, gonna really hurt you and cost you a lot of money. You’re, not gonna be profitable. That’s.

A lot of the reasons why many of you guys, who are running PPC, aren’t, actually seeing that great results is because your listing isn’t converting at a high enough rate. So right here I’m, going to show you guys just a few pricing things again.

You guys have a link in the description it’s, my affiliate link, so if you guys don’t want to support me too. I don’t want to use it then just search. Absolutely I really don’t care, but just head over to split Lee and on the pricing plans.

You can get it for $ 97 a month that gives you the profit peak, which I’m gonna explain to you guys in a second why it’s so awesome, but honestly it’s, not an absolute necessity. So you can use it without it, so let me just explain to you guys a little bit about profit pay.

So basically what the profit peak allows you to do you give it control of your price. You set up your parameters, meaning, like you know you don’t, go don’t drop below a certain BS are so or don’t drop above a certain BS are right, so you so you tell it some.

You know different kind of metrics that you want to avoid doing. I can show you guys how to do that if you want and it’ll kind of optimize, your price for you. So you know when you’re starting on Amazon, and you really don’t know what’s, the optimal price right? You think it might be $ 19.

99, but you know $ 22 also sells and $ 25 also sells. But it sounds a little bit less and you want to actually figure out which one is going to bring you back the maximum on a profit right, because sometimes dropping your price and getting more sales will still give you more profit than just having a higher profit Margin right it’s all about how much money you make it on the date.

Doesn’t matter. What the price is, so what profit peak allows you to do? Is it actually sets up? You know a algorithm thing right where it will. You know check your BSR check how many sales are coming in and it’ll, actually optimize your price for you automatically, so it literally it literally will do for you like a computer, will do it for you and change the price throughout the day.

To maximize profits, and then I’ll, come back to you with the significance test and tell you okay. Here we found out that 1999 is not an it’s, not the best price, but at you know at $ 21. You optimize! You know profits so that’s.

Why profit peak is really really good and honestly, this program, I could literally split. We pays for itself by telling you what’s gonna bring you more money, so it’s. One of those programs that literally pays for itself.

Another thing we have here is split testing. So, if you guys don’t want to go into the 97 plan. That’s totally fine right. It is a little bit expensive, especially if you’re just starting off, but this this program, isn’t for people who are just are enough, like I said, check out the training future starting off you don’t need This program right now, those of you who are looking to scale and grow.

This is like, if you don’t. If you’re, not if you’re making money from Amazon and you’re, not spending it, you know on split test on split Lea or some other it’s. You know split testing software, you’re literally stupid.

Like you’re, you’re, literally just wasting throwing away money so anyway, split testing, like I said I’d literally just explain to you how it works, and essentially there’s, ton of different ways to Split this and if you guys want more information on this stuff, you know italy has some really cool stuff here you can go to free resources and they have alright.

So i finally found that use go to free resources, type in this split testing generator and if you guys want to know more about like what you can split test, for example, the main image will tell you all the main benefits and stuff like this.

For example, this is genius right. If you’re, looking to start a product and you don’t know, you know if your first image is working, you can try something like this. You know you try from one angle and then try from another angle.

Try from you know here’s, different angles right, one with the person inside them without see which one, actually you know, cells or cells more, instead of just keeping it static, you need to optimize your listing to be better than the rest.

You can’t just keep it and think that it looks better because you know just because your pictures may be better it. Doesn’t mean that they’re converting better and that’s. Something that you know is a very hard lesson to learn for a lot of people right.

Another thing again price day: you can come here, learn about price product features, product, title, product description and literally goes through exactly what you know you should do now. If you don’t want to spend money on split-pea for some reason, then do it yourself? Okay, they also have a.

They have the significance calculator here. If you want to do the math and get the numbers yourself go ahead, it’s free to use, but if you guys want to actually you know systemize this and make this you know something actually viable, then pick up split lee guys.

I’ll, have a link description again, if you guys want to support the channel. If not, I really don’t care just search it up. It’s. Gon na help your business okay and for those of you guys who, for some reason, stuck around even though you don’t have a product.

Yet if you don’t, have you know if you don & # 39? T know how to run PPC or how to launch properly. Yet then I don’t know why you got here, but thank you for the watch time, but again check out the the free training it’s really gonna help.

You, you know kind of figure out exactly what you’re, doing kind of draw them road out in front of you, so anyways guys. I hope you didn’t just enjoy this video. If you did leave a like subscribe, the channel, if you’re new – and I will see you guys in the next video

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