Get More Traffic increase website traffic How To Increase Site Rank – Traffic Travis V4.0

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How To Increase Site Rank – Traffic Travis V4.0

in a perfect world the best sites would immediately get the traffic they deserve in the real world thousands of new web sites are created every day but only a tiny proportion of them get the majority of the traffic these days getting people to your site means meeting thousands if not millions of competitors to the top 10 spots in the search engines many people never go beyond the first page of results so if you're not there you're not getting the traffic as a small-to-medium website owner you might well be wondering how on earth you'll stand a chance remortgage your house to hire a search engine optimization professional buy up every teach yourself SEO product available spend months trawling through blogs and forums you could do these things or you could just take a couple of minutes to download traffic travis free SEO software contrary to what some SEO professionals would have you believe SEO isn't a magic trick it just takes a few simple steps and a bit of information traffic travis can walk you through these steps and get you the information you need basically it's like having your very own internet marketing guru sitting by your side get free pointers on exactly where your website isn't up to scratch and how you can improve it don't spend hours trawling through search engine listings looking for your site traffic travis will tell you where you rank for all your keywords at the click of a button and it will keep track of your positions over time so you can see if you're going up or down find out who your biggest competitors are in the search engines and then peek into their sites to see what they're doing to rank so well which keywords are they optimizing for who's linking to them copy their tricks and earn some of their success there's no need to reinvent the wheel when you can simply copy what's already working SEO is the free way to get traffic to your site the other major way to get traffic is by advertising in the search engines with pay-per-click ads luckily traffic travis knows all about this too the number one secret to running a lucrative pay-per-click campaign is finding profitable keywords and the number one secret to finding profitable keywords without spending a fortune is to watch what your competitors are doing after all they're not going to keep doing something that's not profitable are they with traffic travis you can sit back while your competitors spend up large trying out different keywords and then swoop in and steal the results for yourself see which keywords are most popular if the advertisers regularly change then it could mean that the keyword isn't as profitable as it looks who are your biggest competitors these guys must be doing something right which keywords are they advertising on and what do their ads look like chances are you can pick up some great tips dig down deeper and see whether your competitors use this keyword all the time or just sometimes and where is the best position on the page ranking number one or does a position a little further down the page deliver better profit at a lower cost with traffic travis you can quickly identify profitable ads keywords and strategies that are already working for your competitors again why reinvent the wheel when you can just copy what's already working if only your competitors new beat the big sites at their own game download your FREE copy of traffic travis right now

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