Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How To Increase Traffic On Amazon 2021 | Understanding Amazon’s Algorithm

How To Increase Traffic On Amazon 2021 | Understanding Amazon’s Algorithm


More qualified on amazon means more sales. Here’S increase the traffic on your amazon, listing, hey guys, understanding, amazon’s algorithm is crucial to your success on and that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today. Two years ago, i sourced my first ever product and today i’m a multiple six-figure, amazon seller and the sky is the limit. If you want to learn more interesting tips on run a successful amazon, fba click, the red subscription button below amazon has a very complex algorithm, which takes into account so much criteria when selecting which products to rank on their search engine. Their ultimate goal is to make the best possible experience for their customer when a customer comes onto amazon search engine with a specific product in mind.


Amazon’S goal is to provide them with exactly that and more. For this reason, amazon has progressively improved their algorithm over time to make this as accurate and as best as possible. Based on the keyword that a customer will be searching for on amazon, they will pick the best products for this customer from a pool of dozens, hundreds and sometimes even thousands of products. So how can you make sure amazon chooses yours? There are countless criteria that amazon considers when deciding which products to rank, and it’s so easy to get lost on all of it and really be unsure as to what to prioritize when trying to make your product rank on the platform.


The way i see it is that all of these factors come under two main categories. The first category is sales velocity sales. Velocity is a metric that basically tracks how fast your is able to create revenue in your amazon, fba . This is how fast you are able to generate sales on amazon’s platform, so amazon will take this metric into account in order to decide whether to rank your product or not. Basically, the more you sell on amazon, the more amazon will rank your product.


Some of you might be saying, but natalia to rank on amazon, you need to have high sales velocity, but to have high sales velocity. You need to rank on amazon and well yes. This is why, when you’re ranking well on amazon, it’s gold, so how can we increase our sales velocity to tell amazon that our product is worth ranking? Here’S what doesn’t work? Historically, amazon sellers created steep discounts on their products to encourage amazon customers to purchase their product at a much higher rate.


This high sales rate would then indicate to amazon that their product was worth ranking and they would increase their in the rankings of amazon. Using this method, however, this is no longer the case. Amazon has caught on to this, and they now consider this as a way to manipulate amazon’s algorithm. Now amazon does not count the sales that you make at steep discounts as much as the sales that you make at your regular price. So keep this in mind?


Let’S look at what does work? What does work is optimizing, your listing for the right keywords. You need to make sure that, in your listing, you are including all of the relevant keywords to your product, so that amazon knows what your product should be ranking, for. This is the direct way to tell amazon that customers that look for a certain keyword will be very likely to purchase your product. For example, if you are selling a pink water bottle, if you include pink water bottle one or more times in your listing, you are telling amazon that this is what your product is.


So if a customer looks up pink water bottle, hopefully you will be able to rank for that and they will purchase your products. This is very important. You also should focus on increasing your conversion rate on your listing. The conversion rate is the percentage of amazon shoppers that visit your listing and also click buy. So, for example, if 100 customers come and see your listing and 20 of these 100 customers buy your product.


You have a 20 conversion rate. It is very important to increase this conversion rate, because you are telling amazon that the people that come on your listing actually buy, and this really encourages amazon to rank your products higher on the platform. If you want to learn more about how you can increase your conversion rate on amazon, i made a whole video, where i analyzed different listings on amazon and explained what could encourage a customer to purchase this product and what doesn’t the video is linked above here? In short, some ways of increasing your conversion rate is by providing high quality images on your listing by giving customers all of the information that they need before buying your product and by linking what they are looking for with what you can provide them with. Another important element in increasing your conversion rate on amazon is making sure that you have positive reviews.


Customers will rely a lot on other customers experiences with your product in deciding whether they also want to purchase this product or not speaking of reviews. This brings me to the second category that you should be looking at when trying to dominate amazon’s algorithm, if you’re enjoying this video so far be sure to give it a thumbs up. The second category you should be focusing on to dominate amazon’s algorithm is the positive review velocity that your product is getting the positive review. Velocity is the rate at which you are receiving positive reviews for your product. This will help you rank on amazon’s platform.


This metric is essentially a way for amazon to have an up-to-date measure of how good your product is. It measures the quality of your product and the fit it has with amazon’s customers, for example. If historically, you have had positive ratings with your product, but your most recent production was not of high quality, and your new batch of products are highly defective. You will get plenty of reviews coming in complaining about these defects, and amazon will then know that your product is no longer of super high quality and they will no longer want to promote your product in their ranking. So how can we increase our positive review?


Velocity? Well, here’s what doesn’t work! What doesn’t work is to increase your review velocity so much that if basically one in two customers that buy your product will leave a five-star rating amazon will flag this as review manipulation, because in normal times this many customers will not be leaving a review at all And much less a positive review, so amazon will flag this. They will definitely lower you on the rankings and they will even impose a review block where, for a certain amount of time, you will no longer be able to receive additional reviews. What also doesn’t work is violating amazon’s terms of service or tos by providing a free product or a steep discount in exchange for a positive review.


If you do this, when amazon finds out, they will highly penalize you, and this will not favor you at all on amazon’s algorithm. Here’S what does work providing excellent customer service, making sure that you’re answering all of your customer queries about your product is very important, making sure that they have an overall good experience with your company with your brand is essential to encouraging positive reviews on amazon. It’S also very important to provide all of the information that your customer will need on your listing regarding your product. They should not be surprised with what they receive versus what was actually on your listing. You also want to make sure to provide all of the required information once the customer actually has your product with them to prevent any misuse of the product which could lead to it breaking or with customer dissatisfaction.


You can also increase your positive review velocity rate by providing good email to them. So when customers receive their product, you can then send them an email asking how their experiences asking if they need anything at all, link this to your positive customer service, where you are making sure that they have a good experience overall and you can then encourage them To leave a review, please note, though, that encouraging your customer to leave a positive review is against tos, so make sure you are simply asking them to leave a review on your product and make sure that they are having a great experience overall with your product and Brand, the reason why amazon has all of these rules regarding reviews is because many sellers in the past have tried to manipulate these reviews in their favor, and amazon really doesn’t want that, because, if customers lose faith in the reviews that they’re seeing if they don’t believe Them anymore, then they will have very little value and overall amazon’s platform will lose out on this. So it’s very important to be aware of these rules and try to find ways to increase your positive review velocity rate in a way that is completely within tos. Amazon search engine is a monster in itself and it’s really easy to get lost in what really matters in order to increase your rankings on the platform, hopefully putting all of this under two categories in today’s video will help clarify what you need to work on what You need to prioritize so that you can increase your rankings and boost your sales on amazon. Remember.


It’S also really important to stay up to date. On amazon’s changes, amazon changes all the time it tries to improve its algorithm. So you need to stay aware of all of these changes so that you can keep up with it and benefit from amazon’s customers. Today i provided you with some very up-to-date tips on benefit from amazon’s algorithm, but this of course may change in the future. So be sure you subscribe to the channel to stay up to date on all of these changes in the future.


If you want to learn how to create a listing that sells click on the video right over here, [ Music, ]


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