Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How to Increase Traffic on Etsy (When Etsy Sales are Slow)

How to Increase Traffic on Etsy (When Etsy Sales are Slow)

What’s up guys? My name is ELISA, and this is my first youtube videos. So please bear with me. I’m, an Etsy shop owner and I also look at 9:00 to 5:00 and today we’re, going to talk about increase your visibility and on the NC platform.

So if you were to that you would probably find make your photos brighter and clearer optimize your SEO, create a captivating about me page and all of that is well and good and make sure your shop is doing all those Great things, but what I’m going to teach you today are things that I have personally found to be helpful throughout my experience and pool them.

I just found that these things worked so number one is duplicate. Your listings of things that are working so you might have multiple products on your shop, but there are definitely some customer favorites.

So what you would do is go into the settings, the edit settings of your listing and copy that now you can change the title around. You can change the main photo to meet with one of your second favorite product photos, change the SEO around a little bit use different tags.

It increases the visibility of your shop because now you have more listings with no extra work. My second tip is make variations of your listings, so on FB I see a lot of shops will have one listing with 25 different colors 25 different fonts 25 different XYZ, and I just think that first of all, it looks amateur.

In my personal opinion, like you can’t decide what’s, the best color of your listing number 2. The customer is clicking on that listing because they like that product photo so more times than not. They’re.

Looking to buy the product that’s in your photo, I’m, not saying that you should only have one color and one variation, but I would do is minimize it. So it kind of seems, more cohesive and you’re. The creative you’re, the owner of the shop.

You know what’s best, for example, I personalized champagne fluid. I she’s. One pot that I really love that I think looks best and then I give three color options, so I had rose gold, gold and silver from on my listing and rose gold.

Surprise surprise is the top seller and that’s. Also, the main product photo go fit here. Number three is both your listings within XV. I tried Facebook ads. I’ve tried Instagram ads and I tried Pinterest ads and I ‘

Ve spent a decent amount of money, but haven’t, really seen any flow to my site because of those ABS. What’s good about FPS? Is people are already on Etsy to shop 30? Searching for the thing that you’re, offering Facebook Instagram, Pinterest people, aren’t necessarily searching there to go shopping.

Another good thing is: you can set your promoted listings budget, so you may only want to spend five cents to click ten cents to click 15 cents. A click I’ve, seen a lot of success with even just 5 cents.

A click and another good feature is that he breaks it down for you. So you see how many time is a customer clicked on it? How many times that convert it into and have ad revenue you’ve made, so you can clearly see if it’s profitable for you to run that ad, so guys.

Those are my top 3 tips duplicate listings that are working. Make variations instead of regarding one listing with a lot of variations and confusing the customer and promote your listings with it at sea, because you don’t have to spend a lot.

I hope these tips were helpful. Let me know in the comment below, if you think they were and good luck,

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