Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How To Increase Traffic To My Website For Free – Free Tips On Using YouTube

How To Increase Traffic To My Website For Free – Free Tips On Using YouTube

Well, hey! This is chase and again in this video. A lot of people ask me as in on what I’m searching for increase traffic to for free – and I actually have done this for quite some time and I think you’ll really enjoy this video. So the answer is: do more YouTube videos that direct people to your and I’ll explain that in a second but as you’ll see right here in the last 28 days, I’ve had a hundred and seven thousand minutes worth of videos on channel watched that corresponds To thirty four thousand two hundred and five views in the last 28 days, that’s over a thousand as this graph is showing over a thousand a day, and so let me go more into why I use YouTube now, I’m using a very specialized search tool called swiss-made Marketing, it’s called se cockpit and, as you can see, it found this keyword phrase I’m going to show you do this. All for free, but I use a paid tool and at the very top, is get more traffic to get traffic and how to increase traffic.

This is the video I’m doing right now how to increase traffic to for free. So there are 30 people a month that search for this term, and I do these types of videos all the time and the the key is it’s a nine word. So, in the phrase how to increase traffic to my website for free is made up of nine words. The longer the words the better and I’ll be doing this video up here how to get more traffic to your website for free, because that has ten words. The longer the words that you have the easier it is now what I do after I find this and I’ll show you how to do this for free.

In just a moment. I do a little more research, so I have that keyword phrase and what I would do is go to youtube. I’M just going to and I would put in the search once you find your keyword phrase and I’ll show you how to find you again for free. I would put your search in double quotes like I’m showing here, and what you’re asking YouTube is how many people have done a video on this already, so I’m going to just quickly search and it’s going to come back with nine results which is pretty low.

Normally I get zero now these first two are ads. They are paying money to be in these spots number one and two, but the next. Nine videos are people that have done videos on this topic because it’s in the keyword it’s in their title, the keywords – the words are likely in the title or in the description of this video. Normally I do it with zero. I find it’s really easy because there are so many there’s less competition.

Okay, so let me show you how to get find these words. These keywords for free now, instead of increased traffic, I’m going to find something that is decreasing: okay and I’m using Google. So I’m just going to go to type in how and I’m gon na hit enter. So you can see this whoops. Let’S just take that out now to decrease okay and then immediately.

Google will give you topics to talk about now. Maybe you’re not an expert in all these health-related things, but you can just add a space and then Google will try to give you some other ideas. Now, I’m not seeing enough here. So I would type a letter. Let’S do the letter D and so I’ll type D, okay, and then you I’m looking here how to decrease double crochet.

I wouldn’t know anything about that. How did decrease the data usage? Ah, that relates to the internet, so I could continue, and now I got data and now we got data usage data usage on android data usage on pokemon go so of all these keyword phrases and the last one has the most words one. Two three four six. Seven, eight: okay: now what if your website has nothing to do with Pokemon and go that’s okay!

There are people that are asking questions about that keyword phrase and let’s just go there. Now I’m gon na put after the go, I’m gon na put it in another space, okay and then it has additional words like beta release, release date, and I don’t know what that means. So I would just go back here, and this is my keyword phrase and I found it on free for free, okay now and you would have to know something about Pokemon go. There are other words that you could have done. It could have started.

Let me just copy this. For now there are other words I could have started with the letter K. Okay, how do you decrease knee pain? You could have done there and then add a space okay, how to decrease knee pain while running now that looks good. Maybe you knew you’re a jogger you’re, a runner.

Maybe you know something. Maybe you have some experience in this. Let me just add a space after that uh-huh there’s the longest one. So here is one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine. I found another keyword.

Phrase for free on Google now I’m going to go back to the one I found originally, which is how do you know what I’m going to just change my mind? Let’S go with how to avoid knee pain while running on the treadmill. Okay. Now that keyword phrase is one two three, let’s just enter that one. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine!

It’S almost like the one I’m doing right now. So what you can do is a video on this topic and then, as I do in the description of your video and your YouTube, video you can say and if you would like more information on whatever you provide on your website, you’re going to get traffic because You’Ve answered the question of someone that they want to know something and you’re going to do a YouTube video. Now, let’s do some further research. I have to find out how many people I’m guessing this will be zero. You I haven’t done this before, so I’m just showing you, let’s put that in double, quotes how to avoid knee pain while running on treadmill and end it with a double quote: I’m gon na hit the search.

That’S what I’m talking about. Nobody has done a video on YouTube, so maybe you’re not totally an expert on this, but you could do a little research. Then you could do a one to two minute video. My video right now is over just coming up on seven minutes, but I’m explaining how to do this. If I really wanted to do this video, I could probably do it in about a minute two minutes at most then, at the very end of the video.

As you will see in this video, I will have a little section for viewers and they can go learn more on the topic that I’m trying to promote on my website. But I’ve just shown you how to use Google and YouTube to do a video there’s a long keyword phrase. Now, I’m going to just show you here on my browser, I have a lot of keyword, phrases. Okay, this is my video right here. Okay and in the description of my video and then at the end, I have a simple way to share with people to go to my website.

So that is how I increase traffic to my website for free. I use YouTube. Let’S find a couple more here and let’s say: what’s what is the difference between Google and Google Chrome come down here? This is my five free tools that, like the channel you’re watching and there is one of my websites, so I promote my website inside of my youtube video. The YouTube video is number one on Google.

So when people come to watch this video, I suggest that they find out more about me or more about what I promote by Vitt them going to my website, and I do it works very well: okay, not a hundred percent, but it works very well. Let’S just find one more here: let’s go: how to share a screen on a Mac; okay, so here’s another one of my channels, the Apple Mac. How to this video is on the first page of Google. Ok on a search, I answer the question and then I have a link to my website. This is a tracker link, but I get people visiting my website because at the end of the video I simply suggest if they want to learn more about me and I promote ways to making money online and things like that legitimately.

Of course, then I get people coming to my website all the time and it’s free. So I have increased my traffic like you’re doing right here. I found this keyword phrase I’m increasing traffic to my website for free and I’m teaching you how to do it and I use YouTube and I get lots of people as you can see here. That’S a thousand views a day. People are watching my videos, ok, so this technique works very well and I just suggest that you type in some keywords raise something you have some interest in or experience on, and then you can do a video on that and then, in the description of your video, You can put your website link and in the video at the end, like I will do in this video.

I simply have a way to let people know more about what I do and they visit my website. So I get increased traffic. All the time hope you enjoyed this video and look forward to sharing this more with you if you’d like to subscribe and learn more definitely do that and I’d appreciate a like if this helped you understand how to do that. Take care have a great day bye for now.


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