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How To Increase Traffic To Your Blog – Increase Website Traffic with Traffic Blackbook

Hey, what’s up Chad Hamzy here and welcome to my super affiliate domain, all right that was a bit be a little cheesy. I know to be honest with you: I’m not a big fan of that whole super affiliate label. A lot of guys run around and put on themselves. Nonetheless, I’ve invited you inside my home office here nothing too special around here. However, right here on my trusty laptop, that’s where the magic happens, you could say to be honest with you right here from the comfort of my own home is where, every day I generate thousands of clicks and make hundreds of leads and as an affiliate and A vendor, and so what I want to do today and why I’ve shot the video like this is.

I only give you some actual live proof. Some live in sight of what my typical day goes like, and the type of results that I get from the comfort of my own home. Okay, now I want you understand this is absolutely real and not fake, and that’s why we’re doing it just like this. Now the thing is before we get started before I get into all the video proof and that sort of stuff. I need you to understand.

One thing now you’ve probably been misled, that the holy grail of making money online and getting traffic is with plain old, search. Ok now that, obviously you can make money like that, but that’s what a lot of guys seem to tell and i’m here to tell you that i don’t care at all about search and i don’t care about getting ranked in the search engines. Now. You’Ve probably heard the getting ranked from the search engines is absolutely where it’s at that article writing all this sort of stuff dealing with ’s panda bears is something just a necessary evil that you have to do, and again, i’m here to tell you that there Is an absolute ocean of traffic and an ocean of money outside of Google, and I’m going to expose a bit of that to you in a bit and tell you where to get that sort of traffic? Okay!

Now what you do with that traffic afterwards can be a variety of things. What I do is, I typically drive that traffic to very simple pages, often one page website and I’ll either collect leads for myself or I’ll. Generate a commission when the visitors do something like fill out a form or get a trial or buy a product like a clickbank product or something else. So what do you do with the traffic is a you know totally up to you, but, and i’m going to tell you some of the stuff that I do, but the fact is right now. What I want to do is give you some insight before getting into you can make money off with it.

I want to give you some insight. Some live proof we’re going to go into that right now and we’ll see if we got any leads or any traffic or and that sort of stuff today. So without further ado, let’s get into the video proof and we’re going to put your right inside the computer, so you can follow along with me alright. So here we are right now on the good old New York Times and we’re only here just because I want to show you what the day it is is you can see it’s Thursday January 12th and that’s 2012, and just at the end of the day there. So we’re going to be recapping how the day went and that sort of thing, and so again this is just to kind of show you that we’re you know we’re looking at live accounts now and what day it is, and what day for each stat.

So, first of all, let’s take a look at my traffic account. Now this is a prosper tool to it’s, a tracking program that i use and you’re going to be able to see out the bulk of the clicks that i’ve gotten today. So, let’s take a look. Go to the tracking 202 tab here and we’ll go to the visitors tab. Alright!

So here we are now I’m keep in mind. I’M have to block out some of this stuff in the actual video but as you can see from January 11th to January 12, and we have we’re showing 1 to 25 of 19,000 567 clicks. So that’s within this 24-hour period here and so it’s 19,500 67 clicks again. That’S not all the clicks, but that’s a good majority of them, and you know I have to block out some of the campaign information here, but to show you just how much traffic I’m getting on a regular basis and just to let you know, I know what I’M doing here you can see how a lot of these cliques are coming in. You know several clicks within a minute within a second, and you know that’s tons of traffic.

Let’S see how that traffic now is is converting into leads. So let’s go check out my one of my Aweber accounts and we’re going to see just how that Aweber accounts doing right now. So here we are at the Aweber account. Just let me log in here real, quick, ok and let’s see how that traffic is converted to leads in this Aweber account all right, so one list has 229 leads today, 167. On the other list, it’s 300 96 total for today yesterday was a bit better 698.

These lists combined or 24,000 296 subscribers and you know just a few unsubscribes but keep in mind i clean those out so so we got traffic. We got leads, let’s see how all that, though, is converting into what everyone wants to see and that’s revenue, so we’re going to go check on my clickbank account here and let’s take a look and let’s see what’s happening, clickbank to be honest with you, I don’t Do too much on clickbank, so let me just log in here and and we’ll see a lot of my revenues through cpa networks, so i’m not sure out. Today’S though work down for the rest of it, so there we go, let’s go to reporting and then we’re going to hit the transactions. Sorry guys i got ta have to hide a lot of that stuff too. All right, today’s transactions, as you saw that’s january 12, we’re going to hit go, and here we are.

This is including refunds. So keep that in mind. That’S one thousand three hundred dollars: 301 dollars and twenty-six cents in revenue, so that’s 1301 dollars and twenty-six cents and revenue that’s for one day. That’S for today and again that includes refund, so not too bad of a day over all i got ta say okay, so i hope that that was enlightening for you now, as you dig into the rest of this letter, you’re going to find out just how my Eyes were open to what it really takes to now. The fact is, i struggled for a long long time, but eventually I found the breakthrough that jumped me ahead and allowed me to start getting real results in my online , and I can do the same for you as well.

In fact, that’s what you’re going to find inside of the traffic blackbook members area, all the training and the you need to start getting real results and get earning fast. So you can start earning five figures per month. Just like myself. Now, while everybody’s frustrated and fighting fighting it out trying to get ranked in the search engines and ranked by Google, I’m going to tell you how you can leapfrog past all that stuff. So you don’t have to do any of that.

Article writing and begging for and all that sort of stuff that it takes to get ranked in Google and I’m going to show you how you can start seeing cash in your account as soon as today, but leave it or not. So all that’s left to do now is to dig in on the rest of this letter. Read every single word on this page and i look forward to guiding you to limitless traffic and fast profits.

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