Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How to Increase TRAFFIC to Your Blog (or Website) with YouTube (7 Tips)

How to Increase TRAFFIC to Your Blog (or Website) with YouTube (7 Tips)

Getting more views – and subscribers is one thing, but if you really want to use YouTube to grow your business, give your brand more exposure and create loyal and happy customers. You’re gonna have to figure out how to get your viewers.

The heck off of YouTube and onto your in this video I’ll, show you 6 ways to turn YouTube views into the most targeted warm traffic. Your business has ever experienced YouTube. Gods are gonna curse me for this.

One YouTube is my largest source. It’s. How new people find me it’s, how I build up my email list and create happy new customers each and every day. In fact, I’ve routinely seen 20 % of unique viewers convert into new subscribers on my email list.

I’m, not talking YouTube subscribers. I mean email subscribers, but it’s, not just as easy as uploading. A video of me playing minecraft. This is the rest of the iceburg hidden below the surface, that no one really talks about.

So let’s, get our hands dirty. Shall we, if you’ve, been building your email list for more than a day? You know the importance of offering something for free in order to encourage visitors to opt in and subscribe right.

Coaches, authors, software companies – they all do this with PDFs free video series or audio downloads. Big brands do this to opt in for a free shipping or discount on your first order, etc. This is our irresistible free offer, something so good.

You should be charging money for it, but you don’t you’ve, give it away for free. So what is your free offer? The secret to getting plus 20 % of your viewers to convert into loyal email? Subscribers begins with something that remains saftey calls that congruent carrots.

The topic of your video is relevant to your free offer. For example, if you’re, making a video teaching guys how to bulk up with a specific workout routine, I wouldn’t, offer them a free report or a free video series on how to get a six-pack.

It’s. A close match, but it’s not close enough. Instead, I’d, offer something like a bulk up in 30 days, PDF much much more relevant, create a series of YouTube videos that are directly relevant to your free offer, and you’ll, drastically increase your list building efforts.

Now let’s. Talk about how we’re gonna actually get people off of YouTube and on to that of yours. tactic number one, your call to action if even one viewer has successfully made it to the end of your video congratulations, it means they liked you and your content.

You need to tell them now not ask them what to do next, and a compelling call to action consists of three main ingredients: tell people what to do, how to do it and, of course, why to do it and to put this whole thing on steroids, you Can also add a button or a graphic to your video and point at it.

tactic, number two external link, annotation, hopefully YouTube won’t, be getting rid of annotations anytime soon. For me, I personally love the external link. Annotation. You can highlight images and turn them into clickable buttons, or you can create big fat clickable annotations right on your video anywhere.

You like annotations, take two seconds to create and they work, especially when you point at them like this tactic. Number three cards youtube’s. Newest feature is cards. In short, they’re, a classy upgrade to the annotations function.

They have a simple and clean look plus they allow you to add a graphic to support your call to action. And yes, you can link to your associated from a card for now I recommend using both your cards and your annotations, that simultaneously YouTube traffic tactic, number four or description link.

Now we’re, taking it back old-school style because in the old days this is all we had a link in the description box and it still works. So don’t forget about it. Just make sure you put a simple call to action with the full URL link and include the HTTP and do it in the first two lines of your description box.

So it doesn’t, get cut off youtube traffic tactic. Number five create a video ad. Now, if you monetize your videos, you’ll quickly, notice that YouTube puts ads for other businesses in the front of your videos.

Well, I think you should have ads two of your own business here’s, a really quick example of a 30-second commercial that I made and that I put at the end of my own YouTube videos. There are five essential videos that every owner needs.

Do you have them in this free training series I’ll, introduce you to these five videos that can start working for you to produce more traffic, more leads and, of course, more customers. In your business, once you register on the next page, I’ll.

Show you exactly what to say in these videos how to make them and then what to do with them to get maximum exposure and the best part you can do it all. Without any prior video experience and with little money, you can’t afford to ignore video any longer isn’t it time you do it right, click the link below to get started now.

This is something you could create extremely easily and put at the end of your next YouTube. Video YouTube traffic tactic number six, video directory. Now, after my video ends, I bring up what I like to call the video directory.

I play a bit of bloopers and showcase. My free report on the right – and it looks just like this – hey guys, here and in this – if you want to learn more about how to make your own video directory, I have a link to another youtube.

Video on that tutorial or right here, YouTube traffic tactic, number seven, the call to action overlay. Okay, I saved the best for last year. If you spend even one penny with YouTube’s, video advertising platform, who will AdWords YouTube, will give you an added feature called the call to action overlay.

It’s, a small thumbnail with text that goes in the lower left portion of your video and gives your viewers one more option to click. Oh and the best part you can use any URL to to not just your Associated website.

Now, even though I just gave you seven call to action traffic tactics, don’t abuse it. The goal isn’t to annoying or frustrate your viewers with incessant nagging about your free report or your free video series, so be cool about it.

Don’t overdo it. I’m serious. Well that’s. It for me in this video, I hope you enjoyed it and found value in it. I’m gonna go ahead and break all those rules that I just shared with you right now and not include any call to action at the end of this video and just say, thank you for your support.

Your viewers and I’ll, see you in the next video take care it’s an example. Thank You person, software companies and more let’s. Rewind that I didn ‘ T know that. Thank you.

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