Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How To Increase Traffic To Your Website (Get 25,000+ Blog Traffic FAST & FREE!)

How To Increase Traffic To Your Website (Get 25,000+ Blog Traffic FAST & FREE!)

Hey, what’s up guys in this video, I’m gonna show you guys how to increase your traffic super fast. This, which is going to be a full step-by-step on how I got to, in fact up fast without having to do want to do what guys and just in this we didn’t want to share how I got these fantastic visitors, prove that I actually got them And how you can actually do the same for yourself guys and your , so I’m gonna show you guys format, also getting traffic in this with you and if everyone’s gonna be tapping traffic from videos.

Ah, that’s the second method is gonna, be popping traffic from active tweeting guys, so the third one is gonna, be having your site’s traffic multiply itself by our whatsapp and the fourth one, which is the last, but not the least, is utilizing the passive traffic Meter and guys this is one of the that actually got me over 25,000 visitors single-handedly without much trash that I’m going to show you guys how to do so. Stick around in this video to actually see exactly what I did, how I did that, how you can actually do it for your as well guys so yeah what I said: we’re gonna hop right into step one, but before we do so, I wan na Invite you guys to subscribe to my channel, let’s head on below, hit the subscribe button officials but iPhone and also like this video and drop a comment down below. I do, as you would help me who see this video actually learn more guys.

So my channel is all about our digital marketing, internet marketing, making money online, affiliate, marketing, CPA magazine, Clickbank, fiber and all that guys. So I do everything about internet marketing on my channel. So with that say right to the video back so that the first one is actually tapping traffic from videos and I’ve been traffic for videos, ISM, something that most people do not utilize, but those that do get tons of traffic from you guys. So basically, this one simply involves YouTube and let me help back to you to limit about to YouTube here. Then you head back to YouTube.

Okay, so not outta. Here. What I want to do is we want to actually go to our website and find that we want to set roughly two for me now, this one that says what is Pina and how does it into what I want to send traffic to. So when I click on the article and when I forgot to call wait for me to open once in a black school, when the next place will have to open is a website called content. Samurai, I’m gonna link it in the description below now, for the samurai is open and is what its gonna look like.

It’S going to say, creates 20 videos past the first iteration video creator. That does all the hard work for you. You only have to do. Is people start a free trial and tyonne in your email, you’re gonna, send you an e-mail and inside that you may even see a link to such a passport. I’M sorry to create the password and equity password, and then you have your email and password so once you’re done with having a minute, all you have to do is completely from sign in here he’s gonna sign in, and I already have an account.

So I don’t have to go and quit an account already having a company say it’s loading. Please wait so we’re gonna wait for it to load all it wants to load. Okay, so we say to loading videos and okay. So let me just open this one or okay. Let me just do it from scratch.

Okay, this one times ten traffic buddies article, we’re gonna actually make a video professional news article and then from the video we’re gonna send traffic back to this article. So what wan na do first is wan na come to cut this time. We’Re actually gonna create a new video, and once you click on that is gonna, say, please wait and it’s gonna tell us to choose a template. I think it’s gonna seal it in templates and is gonna, show us a template to use, and we should choose something that landscape, because we’re gonna be using YouTube. So I think how we chose sort of like this one.

You know yellow and click on use this template here bin script, so we’re gonna wait for it to load the scripts and now that this piece has shown up I’ll have to go back to this place. Then I like this title here since it is this title: we want to make the video for and paste it there and then we want to go back here and wan na stop. Oh I’m stuck up in the article. Oh, what a paste is here. I’M gonna go back here.

Oh actually, no copy the full article on copy do. I should go and you wan na keep on pasted it on go down again. I’M gonna go down company you and that’s a few ones that should be in a video and okay. I think we’re actually don’t that’s this article. So there’s a version of article on your choice.

Oh and I’ve copied everything here. All we have to do is actually look at this article and change it and change the things that are supposed to make it sound more like a video, so here it says and visited in this detailed guide. What we’re gonna do is one a changes to in digital video. I will explain peony art so that you have somewhat peonies and how it works, but I notice you have to really tactical so here Isis, which that’s, who we’re gonna change it to watch. This video – I want you to watch this video in detail because I’ll be sharing a lot of important things that you must know, so you want to go to the article change change the things up that make you listen to videos so make it look good.

A few good guys, so the next thing we have to do now is to like at the top here here. It says after I first into any sense in this video video. I will explain Pena so that you get to understand what exactly Pena is and how it works, but you want to be like um, but before I get right into the video I would recommend you read the written Russian, this video or this video. If you have you, that’s who reading a detailed article that has images and references? Okay?

So that’s good. So this is one stunners. This is what’s gonna go into traffic, so you can see . But before I go right into the video, I would recommend you read the written version of this video. If there’s no, what I prefer minute, if you like what I have in these and references.

So, since we’re done with script, you have to click on, create scenes, and once you click on that, then I started to say creating your scene and it should be at the hundred soon. Okay, now we have our scenes created, and once this is done, we simply have to click on voice here, have to click on voice and once you’ve clicked on voice, do not to click on this auto voice. One here and you can choose between a bunch of these characters here you can just tap on one of them and to come play sound cool to see how your voice sounds. Hi. My name is Luke and I would love to read the script for your video.

I’M so sick voice, relax and I’ll do all the hard work for you and if you wanted to know what usual hi my name is Olivia and I would love to read the script for your video, so sit back, relax and I’ll do okay. Now I think we’re done, and now we have two minutes 52 seconds, Video Creator. So any please, you know watch the video in this detailed video. I will explain Payoneer so that you’ll get to understand what exactly Payoneer us and how it works. But before I get right into the video, I would recommend you read the written version of this video.

If you are someone that’ll prefer reading a detailed article that has images and references, important notice, you have to watch this simply using graphically gonna lose good continue. Our video is gonna be made for you guys. So what’s the idea, if you do it next, you have to do, is to head over to youtube click on the plus sign. Here: click on the plus sign click on upload, a video and I’m just gonna upload. One of the videos that I have on my system that I actually used to cut them.

Some rights make just gonna click on here. We’Re gonna find the video where it is and you’ll be doing this one here and obviously you want to use this title here. You want to use this item here you and then in the description you wan na write something that’s detailed like you want to be like in this video you learn. What’S Pina Pina is and works. You want to write something here, not less than 500 characters.

You can see, and now I’ve written 59 out of 5,000 write something that’s not less than 500 kind. That’S what end guys! So once you don’t the description you want to make sure you put your links over here. You wan na make sure you, like a click here, to read the detailed he asked ovation or something come here at the top of here, leaving this on to C copy. The link paste it there and then you wan na party write your description there.

So once you’re done, you simply have to add a thumbnail and I’m gonna show you guys how to make a quick thumb. You know you have to go over to camera on, because you have to make your videos good enough for it to on YouTube because the more traffic you gets on YouTube, the more traffic you gonna get what’s happening in the long run. When you start attention, you’re gonna be able to actually monetize the YouTube channel, actually start making money off of each other, so um here at camp at Scone. There should be a search bar here.

It’S time for some time, so glide YouTube, thumbnail type in YouTube. Thumbnail, I’m just gonna show you a bunch of YouTube. Demure templates. You can see a bunch of thumbnails here, so you can actually just click on one of these ones. You can click on one of these ones that you can click on something like that, like that phone, I’m just gonna open up here, I’m sure, that’s just how you can actually add it and create a thumbnail deal with me about my network, I’ll fix that Are you trying to fix it since everything’s not been working on guys?

I guess go see a bunch of other templates here I whatever temple is on. You could use so now this one has to go, so you can just click on this and change it to junior. I spend in detail and you wan na, be like what is something like that. This failure connected in detail – and you can change this image to be something and as such, for money, they’re gonna see a bunch of it. The image is taking us to a little bit of okay, let’s blow that guy’s, so you can just take any of them.

You have a click on this one and we can have it here. I can actually spread the image, so they gets as big as this access grabbed email. We simply have to click on position, click on backward backward backward and since we have this, one here also delete delete, delete, delete click on delete again. He can actually click on extra quantity, wise per click on the text. Click on this here choose a color for it.

You can make it black or something highlight everything change it to black. Again, I want to change it to change a block. We can change the font by clicking here there, a bunch of different fonts here on camera and once you’re done, you simply have to click on download and you have your tone you’re done with that. So once you have it on the dollar that, let’s just assume we’re done with it, only download, you simply have to click on upload Tom nail here and pictures here go here. I’M just want um use that I have here and this one that I have in my laptop right now and the next one wan na do is gonna put tax will not leak on here as his motions and go all the way down to get it.

A stag’s and this time please want to be like um, acting like peer-reviewed everyone, a Bridgestone, given your review in a review what’s his opinion and what we think the coop session for you to Pina Pina Pina itself. How does given your work, I’m so pissed, and that is once they don’t have to click on next and everything’s gonna be good to go and as you can actually do, that for all you need to do and that way. You’Re gonna status in views and I started said people click over to your [ Music ] articles and you’re gonna have to from video traffic from videos and that’s for Noah last metal. One, and here is for metal to tap in traffic from activities. I went ahead about to tweet.

That is one involve Twitter guys. So I’m gonna hit a bunch of Twitter here and then head over to Twitter a little bit of time to load what it’s gonna load. Definitely, and let me just go back again – I’m just go back and just go back here and find that’s cool to do this one with tune in okay. Now here’s Twitter yeah I wan na – do this one with is good to you ways to . I’M gonna right click on it become copy link address.

So now that we have the article link what we have to do in order to do something that I like to call active, tweeting guys – and this thing is very, very very effective and it can get you instant traffic and the traffic is actually unlimited guys because There is no limits to how much traffic going get from this, because I’ve known as to that exists, and as long as people keep posting tweets on Twitter, we’re gonna keep getting traffic as well as you want to get the traffic guys. So I’m just sign in to my account. You know how about Twitter accounts go sign already, but I also you’re gonna sign it too much with that hounds, guys, I’m not as good at it. So you ever see the top they’re saying I need money. It’S actually reloading again and now you can see that’s loaded and you can see here.

It says this person CSO finish ago say I need money right now. This one is replying to. I need my luck myself, so we can see that what these people have wanted in common, the only money and if you think, if we keep going on let’s see 10 minutes ago, this one just said. I need money, this one 11, in suppose to say any money this one 4 minutes ago. Second, so guys this is only limited traffic.

This is like it’s too much traffic you can see. This is people that have just 12 minutes ago, just 12 minutes ago, right before I started making this video on this one, that’s a minister who is 1 for 2 minutes ago, and all these people need money. All you have to do is to just come here. Like and work click on apply, I’m gonna be like um, hey, hey, hey dude. I I think within this will actually show you how to some cash online doing what was said in the article wan na put a link to your article.

You guys you can do this for weight loss that is for a clean website. You can do this for anything, it’s actually called traffic. That’S what I pull it in that research to number 3, which is actually your website traffic multiply itself. This one is very straightforward. Very sit forward very, very simple, so, basically written as me.

How much I don’t actually like the word fat scored fellow adds the GA 4 / net time and open up now much that guys so that you guys can see. This is a website that actually gives people away free data service and it gives away a glow and CN salon. These are all mobile communication Alliance companies in Nigeria and what this guy is doing is like it’s actually faking a giveaway, but I’m gonna give that’s a good example. So, let’s, let’s just try to enter a phone number here, this country, a time phone number here and just put something here as a phone number and choose my phone network and click continue. I’M just show you guys: how does it work and now that it has loaded in fcc, is to say free dinner service?

You qualified verify your new line. You need to verify your you. No longer forget in the free data service share is near to at least 10 groups or people or what’s happening, click on continue notes. You will not get free life. You didn’t share to ten groups of people, so what this thing does is that he just wants to share this on what happened you keep sharing like if you share it too technical.

Obviously, at least three of those ten people are gonna come here and they’re gonna share detectable again and those ten people are delicious, then people again, so your traffic keeps growing guys and how you can do this is. It is actually on your side, like an article like this one one of visitors, and you can actually put something here in the front of the article like one who click is gonna, say letting after she that this is premium content that they have to share. This article, to like ten people on whatsapp before it actually gets reading, actually get access to to the article guys. So that way, your traffic keeps growing after keep going, but where the question is, how do you put a a content? Local, I dislike something.

I learn a pop up, I’d, say Shetty’s and actually I’m gonna go, but I appreciate it or not guys so for that I use fiber. I use fiber looks like called fiber. That’S called fiber is a freelance marketplace. Um you can go, create an account. I’M gonna link in the description below so once you go to fiber.

It’S gonna you’re gonna find a bunch of freelance that’s there, but I’m gonna be able to do what you want for you. So on Google, you, when your article is going to tell to share before they get access to bring that’s on this side, so yeah. That’S, basically how the whole thing works, guys yeah! So you can I’ll link up. My description below go, create an account on fiber center for the counterfeiter just go to the search bar, a faith enough.

Your confidence sets for programmers being Chapel. The person missing human telling you what you want she’s going to do it for you, so maybe like five dollars, ten dollars to actually get that on your website, guys. So basically that comes up to the last one, which is utilizing the passive traffic method. And this one is very, very, very pop this, the one I caught me about in 5,000 visitors with almost stretch so I’m gonna show you guys proof that actually have goats and 5,000 eyeballs on my stuff from this. My top, so let me go through or okay guys, so the passive trapping method actually involves pora and here on Quora, i’m gonna show you guys, I’m gonna show you guys proof.

So this is one of my four accounts and actually have many obviously have had more than 3000 visitors from Chora boy. You guys can actually decided to account that I still remember your login details. So when I click on stats here, you can see this mods have had one hundred twenty-nine thousand views and I’m gonna show you guys one of the answers that I wrote on here, I’m gonna show you guys what our roots this answer guys like. Let me show you guys when this song was written and show you guys why it’s passive, why I call it the passive traffic metal guys? So you can see this thing was written up to okay because it will be 2016, then updated of September 8.

2017 guys. So you can see here it has had how many views four thousand views and I’ve got a lot of traffic from these two rocks. I wholeheartedly removed the link for some reasons, so that’s just it that’s under and I can see these accounts. All time has had ten thousand six hundred views on here. You can see how the traffic’s terrorizing from seven views it kept going off.

It kept going off it kept going on 18:20. Everything kept going up, so any more. You keep rats in the mountains, keep going on pollution. You guys man without account. Now I have four accounts.

Let me go out of this one and click on log. Out of this one – and I thought that I’m lucky you guys – can see this the Daniels puzzle for our account. This is the one that has my name before the newest one that creates it and I’m loving, even actually the restaurants had a question was like last year, yeah, so a little gonna click on the username here and most often, if I’m gonna click on Stats and now you can see that this one actually has three thousand five hundred views dismount and if I go to all time, if I click on all time here – and here you can see this one has gotten to me – 15900 user long system does refuse and That’S 15,000 plus deformer 10,000 equals 25,000 visitors on my content, guys so boom. That’S it guys. That’S it guys so best, actually how it works and hardware very simple.

If your website is about weight, loss simply come to the porn website, click on search and think of what people who are into weight loss will be asking around what kind of questions they will be asking so granted any here like how do I lose weight fast? You wan na hit enter and evenly in type of thing. You can see. I see a bunch of questions here. It is.

How can I lose weight quickly versus hard when you lose weight fast? I have 400 pounds on, say it’s. How do I lose without mean exercise was that I losing it with what that’s commendable with fast. So I have to be simply click on all these answers: individuals, with a lot of them individually, open them in the new tabs and then once they are opening new tabs go out there right click on this, something right here: click on the other there. I think I’ve tried written answer for this one before click on that in there and you just gonna like contents here right contents here, like writes on tinder, please, and we will link them to your article Leon’s, your own article and they descend.

That’S the point you want to write as much as you can and the more you practice the more visitors you keep getting on quality more palatable. Even about co-author. That’S how you get the traffic. An overhand gets passive and actually show you guys. The first four accounts the last time I routes and honza was in 2016 and up to today I still get like 1000 visitors from there on a monthly basis.

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