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How To Increase Traffic To Your Website

Hey Gary Mathieu Burri here from and you and I are friends in real life, so I happen to know in addition to all the other things that you’re into, you happen to love , especially your , and you know that In addition to my duties at happen to also own two websites, roto pass calm and roto Pass baseball calm.

Both these sites cater to enthusiasts and, frankly, I want to know what I can do to take it to the next level. I’m lucky in that I have a nice platform here at and on my Twitter and Facebook, social media platforms to be able to wrote the site, but ultimately it’s.

Just me, and I want to expand the site beyond. Just my reach, what can I do to make the site go viral? What can I do to increase to increase visibility of the site? I don’t want to take on money or try to raise anything like that.

Again it’s just me. So what can I do to take those sites to the next level Mathieu? First of all, big shadow. I love your work. We are friends in real life and digital life, two minutes uh. First of all, I hate fantasy football and I ‘

Ve never played it and never will, because my love for the Jets is too intense and I don’t want to hear all the explanations from everybody in the comments section leave it for yourself. None of them are valid.

I do love . I’m, getting ready for our draft. I’m super pumped uh. Look, I think it’s, content, content content, my friend so first of all, the first thing you should do is so many, so many people want to be in the , fantasy football, industry.

So the first thing is, the exposure of this shows. Question alone puts you in the game. I bet you that if Matthew you go into my youtube channel right now, you will see 11 people that will volunteer to be an intern to work on this project because they want to put themselves on the map and you ‘

Ve got brand equity, like I kind of you know, was weird my first inkling to answer. This is like. Let me write a guest weekly column about like my sleeper picks each week, because I want exposure in that world and you’re.

The platform for it and I’m busy and I’m rich, and I really still would do it because I don’t need to get paid. I want the exposure right and by the way I said, I was rich and I want everybody understand that, because if you’re poor or not as many dollars, it should make you want to do it even more.

That’s. The brain twist that everybody doesn’t see anyway, you need to put it out in the world Matthew that I need five. You need to take a day of your time and that 50 to 100 people and see if they can bring you value, create a team that you give exposure to, and then you need to put out content.

Basically, you need to reread Jab Jab Jab right hook, and you put need to put out fantasy sports content native look. What’s happened to this world with my content on medium and Linkedin. Like I mean you need to put where’s, your weekly video that you put on Facebook of your sleeper pick that then gets amplified.

You need to put out content. The answer to your question is content. Content content, especially in fantasy content, is a gateway drug to subscription. You need to figure out how to afford or use your leverage to bring value to youngsters youngsters normally, but maybe oldsters you’ll, be retired, chicks and dudes would do this as well, because it’s fun.

You need to find the right person that matches up to this opportunity that wants your brand equity in exchange for their work, because they love doing the work because they want to talk about how much of a sleeper James Paxton is going to be this year in Baseball

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