Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How To Increase Website Traffic 📈 SEO Tips

How To Increase Website Traffic 📈 SEO Tips

I want you to stay as safe as possible, so i want to go through about 12 tactics, tips, strategies, techniques that you can utilize, so you can keep your safe, so you can keep climbing up the ranks. So i want to talk about this and you know i i’m leaning more towards say like bots and and generation. This is what we’re talking about today. I want you to stay safe, all right, so, let’s get into that now.

So, first and foremost, you know the old all right when there used to be a let’s say: people were using bots all right. So when people were using bots back when all right, um people still do, i still do and there is some success. The problem with the bot all right this – and this is one of them – is the pattern that it’s generating it’s it’s a particular pattern over and over and over again now i want you to come up. I popped it off and i actually had um a page up, but one of the ways and and for normal websites. You know, adsense really, isn’t you know not everybody uses adsense, but what they’re?

Looking for as a way of detection is a pattern all right, so that was one of the main problems with using a bot or bot traffic was a particular pattern. So i want really what i really want to get into. Is you know some of the things that i’ve noticed you know from running bots and running other types of networks in order to generate traffic and increase rank? That’S exactly what i want to cover all right, so i think, and i’m just going to give a lot of random tips um i want to give as many tips as possible. I i just want you guys to stay safe.

You know because, if you’ve seen some of my past videos, you know i’ve been getting a lot of questions and it it just seems like um. I just don’t want anybody to hop in. I want you to keep all of the things that i’m going to talk about into consideration. Is is really the angle that i want to do all right, so let’s go ahead and do this, so we need to look at first and foremost, one of the things all right, i’m going to go through 12. 13 of them is the history of an actual site, all right so before you start running clicks and traffic, we need to understand so if we have our web entity the traffic that has been coming in what is the prior and past history of the site.

So if the past and and and all of the traffic that has been coming in has been coming in from a particular area, particular ip sets in a particular fashion, you need to match and mimic exactly that type of traffic that has been coming in and slightly Increase it to show popularity and an increase all right, so you really need to get into granule detail as far as looking at the history of the before you start hitting it now, if we’re talking about, say a gmb or another asset, you really need to Look at the details, your insights, your , your app whatever you’re trying to push up. You really need to look at past performance, so you can determine exactly how much traffic clicks click to impression rate that you want to increase very, very, very little because when, when we’re doing, especially if we’re doing local all right – and i want to change this detail – I want to cover something all right or not. I want to change the detail. I want to change the color of this all right. So let me um.

Let me do that. We’Ll go red. No, i don’t like red, let’s go black all right, so this is the history of the site. So let me talk about the local all right and and and let me let me keep going actually so here – here’s another one and i wrote down a bunch of tips here. So it’s just stuff that i picked up all right.

So that’s the very first one. The history of the site or the history of the actual entity, now another portion if you’ve been running traffic or clicks or you’re, trying to do this in order to uh manufactured user signals. One of the things that’s the most important is the ip range all right and – and i want to talk about this so there’s a couple different types of you know ip or proxy – that you’re going to be able to utilize all right. So uh, let’s go through those now, so one is uh ipv4 all right, two is ipv6 all right and then there’s there’s variations too. All right.

You know they have socks. Okay, they have um, they have mobile, they have residential all right. Um. I mean there’s a couple other ones too: we can, you know they’re shared and then there’s eight, which is private, you know and they make variations, but but this is what i want to talk about: the history of the ip. So when we’re talking about say ipv4 – and this should have been a six all right when we’re talking about ipv6 generally, these ipv6s are spawned off of a page uh an ip range right so say it’s number number number number uh and then uh.

You know thing: dot, dot, dot, dot, number number, number, dot, dot, dot, dot and then a port right. But this last one two three four will change and they’ll do that you know a hundred times sometimes 200 times and then that’s a new one. So you know how you could get the ipv6 like say from different types of sites and they’re, really cheap they’re, 10 cents. That’S because they’re taking and and i’m trying to simplify this as much as possible, they’re taking that asset and they’re making off of that proxy server, they’re making. So many different connections to that port.

So ipv6 is totally out we’re talking about the history of the ip, because this all starts with being cheap and starting at the bottom. They’Re reselling a lot of it ipv4 and even the privates right, private and shared ipv4 proxies. These have been used for everything, scrapers uh , uh scraping. You know, crawling every single tool from every single plus other people, and – and i want to talk about this – the history of it all right. This is another tip if you go and you get your proxy go and try to create an account right say with instagram or or another.

If you know something where you’re gonna go and get uh or say wordpress, if you go to wordpress on a proxy right, you know when you sign up for a brand new website, and you know how a lot of times unless you’re logged into your main Um uh account like your main ip from your provider like at home. Did you ever notice that it’ll trigger like say you buy proxies and you go there to create another web 2 entity it’ll trigger? So if you know a site that does that very easily? This is a great way to test proxies all right, um and – and this is what i’m getting at here, so ipv4 ipv6, if their data center or even if they’re, private or shared the past history of the ip is not shown to be. You know an actual user, these types of proxies that are being sold like when they are when they buy them in blocks, say like an a b or c and they buy a block of say, 250 or usually, i think it’s 250 and then they’ll start partitioning Out the proxies right, they’ll get the ip range and then the numbers after that, that’s a proxy.

That’S a proxy! That’S a proxy all right. I hope that makes sense. So, in any case, what i’m getting down to is the history of the ip matters significantly and and what i’m saying is and and what i’m leading to is this. I want you to stay as safe as possible.

So if the history of the ip has not been used by a normal user or it’s been used for scraping or anything other than normal activities, the history of the ip cannot be used and that’s why. I think that the newest best proxies out there right now and they’re always forever changing and something that’s going to be very good for you to utilize for traffic and clicks is going to be mobile, however, and if you’ve ran any type of bots with any type Of success you, you know that it’s either mobile or residential. So if you’re brand new you’re jumping into seo, you’re trying to generate clicks, you’re trying to generate traffic, steer clear of these shared private ipv4 any of this junk. If it’s not residential, if it’s not a mobile, then it’s def, the history of the ip, cannot it’s not suitable for what you need all right. So, let’s move on all right.

So that’s that’s history of the ip now i want to talk about this all right, especially for local. Now i know there’s national guys. I know there’s international guys, but let’s let’s talk about local, because you know that’s where i have the most experience. It’S generally local within, say, you know, say the company that i work for. Let’S say that they go into a particular area and they’re hosting a dinner party right, let’s say: they’re hosting a dinner party and they’re inviting 40 people.

Lately it’s been 20

All right, they’ll blanket a town with you know, generally 10, 000. 15, 000 postcards all right now before they do that, usually about two weeks a month beforehand. Well, no and we’ll go and we’ll set up an entity and we’ll generally set up multiple map listings. All right um now with that being said, all right with the ip all right and here’s what i’m getting at, how we’ll generally be able to get in an unverified, and i know that these things are listing an unverified listing into say a map pack, one two: Three right, three, two one: how we’re able to jump it in there as fast as possible, is the ip location all right having the ip location, there’s a second step to that which is the device location. Now the ip location for local is not as important as the device location all right, and these are two separate entities.

So when a uh, we’ll just call it authentication, token, goes through whether it’s through a browser uh, whatever browser that you’re trying to use whatever build of a device you’re trying to use all right when it’s trying to authenticate it’s authenticating a couple things, but the most Important thing is the ip the ip is going to say: okay, this is the ip of where it’s at so, if you’re in the united states, you better make darn sure that you have a usa ip now, if you’re doing local work – and this is where it Talks about ip location, so, if you’re doing stuff in a usa, you want a usaip now, if you’re doing super local, you need to make sure that your device location is within the proximity of where you’re trying to generate traffic. That’S very, very important! So that’s the third one is ip and device location all right and – and i gave this example because when we’re going in – and i was i what i was getting at is so this is one two three and we set up our locations. I’M just gonna give you a hint, let’s say that the location of what what we want is here and anybody within this five mile radius. If anybody is online and they’re searching for anything and when we’re setting up campaigns, people always think all right.

I need to i need to think about um. You know i need to target these keywords, but when we’re going into a location when we’re thinking about 35 to 55 age range, what are these people in this particular area? Searching for they’re not searching for what i’m selling, but when they go searching. I better make sure that i pop up. Do you see what i’m saying so, when we’re doing research and we’re trying to expand?

That’S what we’re looking for people you get they’ll they’ll, get stuck in their niche and that’s a massive tip for you. Whatever your customers, age range, whatever your customer, you know, they’re do other things than what you’re trying to offer them. You need to be everywhere that they’re looking without having to pay the google man to be able to get there. You see what i’m saying so all the entities that you’re trying to get out there you know uh need to go around, so they can end up landing on it. I’M trying to be vague, so i don’t give away everything, but i’m trying to give you the tips that so you can succeed all right, so device location, ip location, the history of the ip, the history of the website and that history of the website will go In and i touched on this operating system operating systems, uh builds, you know the bots, they made it look very good, but from all testing right so say you go and get a bot.

This is another piece for anybody. That’S new: if you’re jumping into this, you know the bot guys they make these bots right and they make it look really good right. They can send 5k in. You know two seconds right completely, not what you want to do right. They’D also add in things like okay, you can, you know, point and click uh.

You can customize the point and click um whatever it was, but one of those pieces was okay. We can vary the os now varying the os or, if we’re talking about a mobile device, if we’re talking about a build, if we’re talking about an iphone or or an android or if we’re talking about, say different browsers for the inner. You know logging on from say, desktops, like oprah or safari or or whatever you’re using right now. This variation is important, but but i wan na, i wan na, say this, and this goes back to the history of the site or the entity. If, for the for the past 30 days, this type of traffic has been coming in all right and it’s desktop and it’s opera and it’s a mobile and it’s safari and it’s mobile and it’s you know, i don’t know it’s build x86 or whatever, whatever it is.

But when you start generating your traffic right and you’re, manipulating traffic and click through and for the next 30 days, you manipulate the traffic and the click through and now it’s been manipulated. So the statistic for the site and the history has now been changed, and this is now the new norm in what google is looking for. So, that’s why you everything that you’re doing and you’re bringing in you want to bring in gradually because now you’re setting the new standard. This is the same reason why, when those bot users, you don’t want to send in 10, 000 or 20 000. Why?

Because not only is it not adjusted to the serp and it doesn’t match the serp, but it also doesn’t match your site but you’re. Actually now this is your new norm, so anything under would be a decrease. This is why a lot of those programs – you know they might have had the good idea, but guys were sending in a lot of traffic. You set the new norm. This is what you know it it’s looking for from this point forward, but then, when you stop you, you drop that’s why, when you start manipulating and you’re you’re, getting all of the small details in line you send in a little bit so that way when the Norman when the norm is now set and you create a new operating systems going there, a new amount, a new ip range, a new type of browser is going in.

You build it gradually. So now this is the new norm and then you increase those numbers to then manipulate even further. I hope that makes sense. Uh, let’s move on all right, so that’s os and and the main takeaway there is, is setting the norm moving gradually. You know if, if the first 30 days was this and you have all those different types that were coming in, like the bot guys right and then you start sending all of them like in random, you know that that throws things off, but if you send them In slower, think of it as a long game, not an instant win, think of it as a long game.

Think of it as okay, i’m gonna send you know. Normally i only get one or two: let’s bring this up to five of this type. Let’S bring it up to seven of this type. Eight of this type. Then, when the next month comes right, you can increase just a little bit more and then, after a while, you know, if you’re not seeing that increase immediately, which you should start to see something i mean within 30 days.

You should really see an increase. 10. 10. 15 generally, depending on the niche, depending on the other, you know the other signals that are within the serp. That’S why i really like uh, you know like say gmb or local serps, because there’s less signals, you know less competition, people call it.

I i look at as different signals that are going on. You know and that’s another topic, but that’s important gradually, building it up and sending the signals, but but as you’re manipulating that’s why it’s click through and traffic manipulation, you’re, manipulating you’re setting the new normal is really the point that i’m getting at and then, as you Set the new normal it starts looking for that, then you increase even more. I think i think i’m pretty clear there. Now, let’s talk about country, so this is another one and usually a huge sell point for um. You know you know it’s a massive sell point for say: proxy providers.

You know, usa, i have houston. I have this. I have that or it’s in los angeles. You live in la right, um. You know this.

I want to say this country is almost irrelevant as long as it’s from the country that you’re in right. This is why, if i were to go to say micro workers for a small amount of time until the norm changes right or if there’s any type of update or whatever you know, you will see an increase right from say uh. If i’m sending indian traffic to a usa property, you know uh, will it increase yeah it will, but now you’re setting that new norm. You see what i’m saying it’s much better to give exactly what is already there, but give a slight increase, and if you’re going to make changes in gradual changes, you want it to change to something that you can reproduce easily and cheaply so country. You know if you’re in the usa, then you need to send in the usa all right if you live in india, make sure you’re sending from india all right if you’re from pakistan, if you’re from wherever you’re from make sure that the ip range the ip is Coming from that country, it doesn’t matter from the state like if we’re talking about united states, it doesn’t matter the state.

Okay, i need to be in this state because then it starts looking at the device location, especially if we’re talking about local serps, there’s device, location and then there’s ip location. Okay. Now, when you’re connected to your computer you’ll, look it up. It’Ll say: oh your computer’s! Here, that’s because that’s where your ip’s sitting, but when you’re on the mobile device, it’s looking at device all right, so uh, let’s move on now!

I want to touch on this when we’re talking about you know if you, if you go looking, there’s there’s something that stands out because where they talk heavily, if you really want to learn about clicks and traffic, where you’ll learn a lot about ways to manipulate, it Is how they they try to block it right, so you start looking at these platforms and they just give you the blueprint. Okay, they’re, laying it out for you they’re telling you what they’re looking for right. You know google’s a lot um smarter about it, but start looking at like say: crack revenue or start looking at some of these affiliate programs of how they’re tracking tracing blocking uh click, fraud and traffic manipulation. Okay start looking at some of the details because they’ll lay it out, but one of the main, so that’s a tip by itself, but one of the main um things that they’re looking for is patterns – and i touched on this in the very beginning of our conversation. Um but they’re looking for patterns all right, and so not only are they looking for patterns of out of the ordinary?

That’S why we do things on the increase but they’re looking for patterns that are ordinary. This is why you why we, if we’re starting to manipulate traffic and click through that is why we do it gradually and then, once we have a a big change in the type of traffic, that’s coming in then something that we’re controlling. Then we can gradually increase to because you can’t shut it off. You don’t want to shut it off. You know until until you’re in position and – and that brings me to another good point – all right so patterns all right.

So i gave two tips. There patterns things that are out of place and things that need to be in place and also that the other takeaway there was go and read how they’re, how they’re tracking and looking and seeing i’m not saying that manipulating traffic to generate clicks for a penny or Two is worth your time: i’m talking about seo and ranking when i’m talking about traffic and click through, but how, if you want to learn uh other ways to maneuver and then what they’re looking for then this will give you the guideline in the blueprint to be Successful with traffic and ctr manipulation, okay. So in any case, because you know it just just think about that um uh, i had something on the tip of my tongue that i wanted to share with you. Um well patterns, um of what was and what is uh. Hopefully it comes to me, so this is another one all right and and and this is something that you need to take into consideration – you know when we talked about in the very very beginning.

You know we talked about past and or current and then we’re changing it over the course of time right. So when we’re talking, you know, that’s looking at your your initial details and then you’re trying to match and mimic what’s there but apply a slight increase to get that boost and then, as time progresses it’s now the new norm. And then you increase. That’S that’s what i wanted to talk about. So, let’s touch on this first so – and i want you to remember this so if you’re, if you’re fighting for a serp, all right and let’s say, there’s ten one, two three: four: whatever right and you’re here and you start applying, we could say traffic or click, Manipulation, if you ever notice, say you launch a new page or uh say you put something up on, say: social media and you have quite a presence and you start getting a flood of traffic and clicks right or even just a steady flow say you start running Facebook ads and then you’ll notice, oh man, you know i i got a quick jump in in the serp you’ve seen this before i’m sure um.

Well, what that’s almost like a testing mechanism, because obviously there’s popularity or there’s a reason why you’re starting to generate this traffic? There must be something good about you right. So what what the powers to be will start doing is they’ll start testing you up here kind of like a brand new web page they’ll test you up here and then it’ll actually settle and it’ll give you know, you’ll end up with your normal rank and then, As you apply signals or factors, there’s transitional rank which, if they call this the google dance right, if you’re, adding factors or taking them away links traffic whatever it is. This is called transitional ranking. You know the google dance, so what i’m saying is is as you’re sending in clicks as you’re, sending in your traffic right google’s going to test to see if your property is strong enough or should be in those top positions right.

So let’s say that you’re doing gmb, you know you want to make sure i call it the customer evolution that okay, if you get tested and you’re in that position, you want to make darn sure that okay they’re looking at your photos, maybe they’re asking for directions. I’M making this up this part up about. You know what they’re doing, but what i’m saying is once they test you and you get up there. You want to make darn sure that you know everything is in order, so you belong there. I i hope that makes sense to you because, as time progresses and you you, you know, you’re, manipulating this traffic or clicks when they test your site or your property in the position of what you’re manipulating to you want to make sure that that entity belongs there.

When it does get there, because you know as more more and more people organic people start coming in if it’s not on point you’re gonna drop as fast as you got there, that’s what i was trying to get out there all right uh. I was gonna use a gmb way, but i don’t want people to think that oh this is do it. I that’s all. I’M trying to get at is make sure that the entity is proper before you start like make just like with a website, make sure you’re on pages there make sure your technical is in place right, then you start your backlinks. You see what i’m saying all right.

So, let’s move on from there and then i i was touching on this and then i i talked about you know once you’re in transitional rank and you get into position. You want to make sure that your entity belongs there all right so uh. Let’S talk about the cert, so in the very beginning of our conversation we talked about the history of the entity. The history of the site, okay and the history of the site is very, very important, because this will give us a baseline of where we can start from and – and you know what’s already coming in what. What is there that we can manipulate like what kind of numbers is there certain days that there’s an increase, because that day we want to increase even more you get.

What i’m saying is there uh a low day? Maybe you just do a little bit more there or maybe cause a spike there. You see like this is where the trickery comes in, but what i’m getting at here is this. Instead of only analyzing, that’s a baseline. We also need to look at the cert, because, if we’re looking at a serp for keyword, we’re going to use keyword as an example, if i’m looking at a cert, that’s a keyword right and the keyword is 2200

Uh, monthly searches well and we go and we look at our website or our property.

We need to come to a decision of what is the percentage for the top position. So what would be advisable is okay, well, who’s ranking there. Take it. Take a look. Do a competitive analysis of their site to see the percentage of clicks and traffic.

That’S going to that page from that serp and each serp is different. You see what i’m saying, so each keyword is different. Each serp is different so and – and this is why those bots and whatnot we’re losing, because you know it was easier cheaper i go and i use say a scrape box. I pull in a bunch of you, know: data center, anonymous, uh proxies. I put them in and i i see that the keywords 2200, if you go and look at any review online, talking about traffic generation or or bots or click bots they’re, sending in 600 700 from junk ips and then they wonder why their site tanks, after a Significant boost in the first two weeks right, so i want you to completely avoid this type of nonsense.

You want the best ip. You want to really take a look at the serp. You know if i’m getting 2200 and i’m down here at 10 and i’m getting. I don’t know 100 think to myself what would be a half of a percentage. I mean you really need to think about it all right.

That’S that’s what i’m getting at you need to think about your site or your entity. Think about the top position and then come to um a factor, a number, a percentage that makes sense for the serp. That’S what i’m getting at don’t go above, don’t go over. Think of something that makes sense that will increase your site. That’S all!

I have to say about that one and i call that percentage to the serp and percentage to the competition. So that’s a couple ways to look at it to think about. Okay. What should i be sending in all right? So it goes by your website.

The serp and the competition, but it really you need to look at this right. What’S the main number, because you definitely don’t want to go above that all right so um i talked about, i mean i gave that’s that’s a lot of tips. I mean if you’re, if you’re, deep, diving into traffic and click manipulation and you want to send safe traffic. I went through about 13 different tips in, however long all right. We talked about different os’s and builds.

We talked about the history of the site. We talked about the history of the ip, the ip and device location, your os’s or builds the ips patterns. We talked about the country insert percentage to competition, the percentage to the serp and i covered it all i mean my name is chris palmer. If there are any questions related to traffic click through rate uh seo, if you need seo advice, tips, really anything at all definitely feel free to go ahead and ask in the comments below – and i most certainly look forward to seeing you in the next increase seo tips, video have a blessed day all right, let’s head over here, let’s see if anybody

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