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You’re going to learn 20 quick fire generation tips starting right now, tip number one is to give away a free ebook and make it shareable so encourage those who actually download the ebook to also share it with their friends. And, of course, make sure that, what’s included on your ebook is a link to your to social media profiles and whatnot. Tip number two is to make sure you use an email signature.

So, every time you respond to a customer prospect or a lead, your email signature is always at the bottom of your response. The important thing to note is to make sure you add, a call to action which directs them to wherever you want them to go such as follow me here or download your free ebook or whatever it may be tip number three is to start a youtube channel.

The reason why is because youtube’s, the second largest search engine in the world people go on there to search do things or whatever get entertained. The important thing with this tip is to make sure your videos are searchable, so optimize your title, description and tags with the keywords that people actually are searching on youtube tip number four is to start an email list or build an email subscriber base. The reason why is because you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket and build all your audience or your followers on, let’s say instagram, because if one day something happens to your instagram account, there goes your with an email list.

You have complete control, so let’s say you send out an email to 10 000 of your subscribers 10 000 of those will actually receive it, as opposed to let’s say instagram, where it’s all reliant and dependent on the algorithm tip number five is to repurpose your existing Content and then post it on other social media platforms, making sure that each of those pieces of content are native and in the right format and the right dimensions for that specific social media platform. This is called leverage so that you don’t need to create new content for each individual social media platform.

Tip number six is to make sure you fill all of your social media buyers with your call to action wherever you want. Your audience to go to tip number seven is to join and engage in related facebook groups for this tip. You don’t want to spam. These facebook groups, but you want to actually engage, share some value and then that will kind of build your rapport, your credibility and your authority in your field with some facebook groups, you can also promote your links on specific days, so, let’s say promotional fridays or whatever It is for that specific facebook group next tip is to host a free webinar. You can use tools such as zoom go to webinar or easy webinar to do so with your webinar, you want to share a free 60 to 90 minute free training, no obligations and no catches.

This builds your credibility, authority and expertise in your field. So then you’ll be the trusted source in your industry. Tip number nine is to start an affiliate program and get partners on board to promote your product, or course you do require your own product. First, before you actually start recruiting affiliates and partners to promote your product and offer them a commission for any sales they make, but this is a great way to generate outside of your own circle. Tip number 10 is to do collaborations.

You can do collaborations on instagram on youtube and even guest posts on other people’s blogs if you’re liking. This so far be sure to hit that like button and let’s continue tip number 11 – is to do giveaways and competitions. Do this on the social media platform, all platforms that you are on and making sure to encourage those who enter the competition to mention your handle and also tagging so and so amount of friends tip number 12 is to do seo or in other words, search engine. Optimization now, of course, you do need your own website or , and what you want to do is to optimize those pages and your main website for search engines by optimizing, your site for search engines you’ll be able to attract organic traffic from google and other search Engines tip number 13 is to start blogging and posting articles on

The great thing about medium is that you don’t need to have your own website or domain name. All you need to do is sign up for a free medium account start posting articles around your industry or niche, and by being consistent on medium you’ll, be able to attract quite a loyal following tip. Number 14 is to answer. Questions on quora gets 3 000 to 5 000 questions a day posted on quora, and you can go in there and share your answers to these burning and pressing questions based on your niche or industry.

How you get exposure from quora is from your quora profile. Of course this doesn’t happen all automatically. You have to actually go and post consistently and answer those questions tip number 15 is to post articles on linkedin linkedin’s got a specific articles feature, so you can actually post your content on linkedin articles just be mindful of the demographics of linkedin, as there are more Professionals on that social media platform, all right tips, number 16 to 20 – all have to do with paid ads, so tip. Number 16 first is to create facebook and instagram ads. The reason why i’m combining the both together is because facebook does own instagram if you wanted to invest some money into paid ads, i would first start with facebook and instagram.

The amount of targeting that you can do on these platforms is really specific. In addition, almost everyone’s on facebook, which is why you want to put your ads and put your money onto facebook ads tip number 17 – is to use google ads. What’S great about google ads is the most obvious. It’S because they’re the number one search engine in the world. The next tip – is to use twitter ads.

Now this may or may not work depending on your industry, and i would say that twitter ads is probably great for brand awareness. Tip number 19 is youtube ads with youtube ads. You don’t actually need a video ad format to start advertising on youtube. You can actually advertise your existing youtube videos on youtube itself. The last and final traffic tip is to use ads.

I think this is one of the more underrated advertising platforms and because of that, you’re, probably going to end up paying less for all the impressions and clicks that you’re going to get from ads alright. So there we go. Those are the 20 quick fire traffic tips to help you generate more traffic to your website, grow your audience and make more sales. I hope this video was helpful and if it was by all means hit that like button and if you’re not subscribed yet subscribe below and turn on notifications too. So you don’t miss out on any future videos that i post up here on this channel thanks.

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