Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How To Increase Website Traffic & Get More Subscribers on YouTube, Guaranteed!

How To Increase Website Traffic & Get More Subscribers on YouTube, Guaranteed!

Hey Miles here. This video is going to
answer the question. Why is no one finding and watching
my videos or why is no one finding and reading my posts? You know, I've done a lot of
content on this channel about doing a 90 day challenge. Um, all kinds of people are
taking action Bravo to you. If you're someone who's
publishing, but one. Question continues to come
up over and over again. And that question is miles. I'm not getting the results I expected. No one's finding my stuff. My view counts are too low. My subscriber counts are too low. My traffic's just not there. So this video is going to help
put this all into perspective. I'm going to explain what the numbers
mean and what this Venn diagram means and how that really ties into you
as a content creator, building your platform, growing your audience.

Online. And at the end, I'm going to share with
you the one skill, like the one skill that if I was to recommend, and I do
recommend you master one skill moving forward and you apply it every single
time you go through these motions, I'll share with share with you what that is. Once we're done with the
Venn diagram, examples. The first place I want to
start is with expectations. I think it's normal. I think it's human nature for
us to always want to be farther along than we already are. No growing my through the
months and years, you know, year two of growing our and still not
seeing real big returns and having to hit that 10 grand a month Mark yet. And I've been working on it for
two years on this one and then making money online at that
point for seven or eight years.

Right? Like. I wanted to be farther along than I
was, and I think that's human nature. So I think keeping our
expectations in check is one of the biggest things we can do. And one of the big ways to do that
is to focus on who you're being of service to their needs instead
of what am I getting from this? Because if you're moving
forward in and your only goal is to get. Get from this, you want to get money. You want to make money. You're trying to get from people. You've got it all wrong. And this whole thing's gonna fall
apart out from underneath you. When your focus truly is at a heart
level to be of service to an audience and to help them, no matter what
the costs, you can control your fate with me in this case handle. For example, my 100% goal is
helping you build a business online. So I'm doing everything
I can within my power. Can't build it for you, but I can sure.

Lay down a couple of different
pathways, whether you want to do paid traffic or ,
whether you're doing info products or physical products, I can lay down those
pathways in those roadmaps for you. You still have to take the
action, but that's not. That's outside of my control, right? As long as I'm focused on giving
as much value to you as I can. I can win. I can set the game up so I can win. Now. If I was thinking I have to reach a
certain income Mark every month by this date, or I have to have a hundred
thousand subscribers by XYZ month, that just puts myself in a position
to where all of those kinds of results are actually outside of my control.

What's within my control. Publishing a great piece of
content very, very regularly. Right now I'm three times a week. I'm publishing as good
of content as I can. So that's the first perspective shift
I want to offer you the second one. These numbers here, normal
right on what they are. Um, and if you're listening in
there's two columns down the left, it's just one through six.

And on the right, we've got a 55
through 3,500 and I'll explain what these mean here in a second, but. Yeah, these are the monthly,
the months that I was publishing content and the subscriber numbers. So at the end of month, one on YouTube
publishing a video every single day, the absolute best video I could possibly
muster up in my first month of publishing videos, 30 of them one a day for 30 days. I had 55 subscribers at the
end of month, two, right. 60 days of consistently
publishing publishing one video per day, every day for 60 days. I had 88 subscribers. That's barely a 50% increase right there. The end of month, three 90 days
of publishing a video every single day for 90 consecutive days. It's a helacious feat to accomplish. It's an amazing feat to accomplish, but
it's very challenging is what I meant. Um, it really pushes people to
the brink of their wits because in 90 days something's coming up,
you've got somebody's birthday. You got holidays. We just came through the holidays. It is challenging to maintain all
of your family and your kind of day job responsibilities and do
90 videos in 90 days, I get that.

I went through it myself, right? The only reason I can tell you how
this works and be so encouraging is because I went through it myself. At the end of 90 days,
I had 155 subscribers. I mean, that's not even a
hundred percent increase. That's tiny, right. 155 subscribers. Now at this point, if I had stopped,
I'm like, man, this stuff doesn't work. Well, yeah, if that was my thought
and I stopped and I never published another video, it wouldn't
have worked, but I kept going. And in fact, I published
another 30 videos in 30 days. So by the end of month four, I published
120 videos in 120 consecutive days. 496 subscribers. Now these numbers are a little bit off. I didn't do perfectly 30. I just kind of followed
the, the month number out. So give or take a day or two on any
one of these, but about 500 subscribers after 120 videos in 120 days. But here you'll notice is where
things got really exciting.

The month after that, this is when
I shifted my schedule a little bit. I started playing with
different publishing schedules. I got off of my video a day. Kinda got back on to video day, kind
of got into my three video week groove. I was playing around
with my frequency here. Um, you could see it went from month,
four day, 120 to month, five day, one 50. 1,356 subscribers. That's a threefold
increase, 300% increase. And then here in month
six, I got two, 3,568. Um, and now I'm sitting at
something like 42,000 subscribers. My goal with explaining that and
breaking those numbers down for you. So simply is to help you remember
that this is a long-term game. It takes consistent effort done over
long periods of time in order to truly. Grow an audience online. Now, the reason I was so confident and
so easily able to push through these periods, and I'm talking about months,
one through three, right videos doing 90 videos and 90 days, and seeing
what many would call, you know, very limited results from those efforts.

It's because my wife and I have already
built a business using this exact methodology with a written word blogging. So I knew at the core of my being
that come year one, year two, year three, I've had this knowing since
I started that, as long as I focus on giving you the best content I can
and I stay consistent with it, the results are going to be astounding. And we're at a point now. Where they're pretty darn astounding. Like the numbers are
actually quite incredible. And I'll tell you in a year or
two from now looking back, it's really going to be amazing how
these compounding results continue. And in order for you to get to
that range where you're getting. You know, 10, 2000 thousand subscribers. It's little things done very
consistently over long periods of time. So what I think is happening is a lot of
people are getting in this range here, you know, month, two 60 videos, month
three, they've done 90 videos or so.

And they're like, where are my results? And I just wanted to show
you, these were my results. These aren't amazing results. I started this in 2016. I made my first money online in 2003, 13
years after I made my first money online. I've been full-time online as
an internet marketer since 2010. Right? So six years of full-time dedication
to , I've grown a level of expertise in this field. That's absolutely noteworthy. These are my results.

They're not that big, 155
subscribers in 90 days, right. It just takes time. Time is the magic that makes it all
work, consistent effort over time. It's not just time, it's doing
little things over and over and over and over and over again over
long sustained periods of time. That's how you generate. The 40,000 to 50,000
type subscriber numbers.

A lot of people also are starting
and stopping in their challenges. They'll get in two, three weeks,
they'll stop for a week or two. Then they'll kind of sputter on. They'll do three videos this week,
two videos that week five videos this week that is simply going to extend
the amount of time required for you to really truly grow your audience. There is some sort of magic in pushing
through and showing the YouTube algorithm or even Google, right? If you're writing and doing a
post every day, There is something that happens with the algorithm.

When you put out content on a
very consistent schedule, over a sustained period of time. I found that somewhere right in
here around the a hundred day Mark, a hundred, 120 day Mark things
really started to kick up for me. Um, I was getting more comfortable
with the videos I was getting into new topical areas because you got to
really dig for those kinds of ideas. So I'm going to move forward
now to the Venn diagram. And if you're listening, it's just
three circles that are overlapped. Right? We've got one on the left. One on the right one on the bottom. And they all overlap with each
other, like a Venn diagram. And this is probably the
one we're getting to that. One thing that if I could share one
skill, I think would be super important.

It's going to come out of this. So the whole goal of a 90 day challenge
of building a business online, growing an audience online is to find that
intersection of what you love and what you're good at and what you're good at to
a point where you can explain it, right. Things, you know, by heart
things you've been doing. Like I said, for me, I've been
online full-time since 2010. So I had six years of like
60 to 80 hour weeks, right. Every day, but making
money online since 2003. So I had seven years of
part-time experience, six years of absolute full time. 60 to 80 hour weeks experience. Then I started bringing out the content
and I love this marketing stuff. You've probably noticed that. So those are the first two circles
is what you love and what you're good at to a point where you can explain. Yeah. Cool. So the overlap to start is what you love
and what you're an expert at the third piece is what people are searching for.

Yeah. Because if you love something
that's obscure and no, one's actually really searching for that. You might get fulfillment by putting
out this content, but you're not going to grow an audience if no
one's actually searching for it. This channel is a great example,
lots and lots of people search for how to make money online, how to
grow a business online, how to do Facebook ads, how to do funnels,
how to do WordPress, all that stuff. Right. But how do I know exactly what people
are looking for and how do I find. That center point. And I just highlighted, if you're
listening on the podcast, the, the intersection of all three circles, right? What you love, what you're an expert
at and what people are searching for now, if you feel like I'm
not an expert at something great.

If you love it enough, you can go do the
research and become an expert quickly. You just need to know a little bit
more than the next person in order to be able to effectively teach them. Right. A great example. There was a course from
Nightingale, Conant called prosperity consciousness and in it. One of the examples was a guy teaching
guitar and he wasn't a great guitarist. He knew the basic chords. He knew enough to start giving
guitar lessons, putting out on Craigslist, found a local kid who
wanted to take guitar lessons. So he teaches them the basic chords
and little kids look at him like, man, you barely know how to do this. So that little kids, all kinds
of excited to try to catch up. That pushed him, the teacher
to go home and practice even more to learn those next steps.

So every weekly class, he would be sure
he was in a position ready to lay the next foundation, the next coursework,
the next, you know, pieces of the puzzle for the student every single week. So if you're moving into a niche that
you're passionate about, that you love, but you're not yet an expert in great. You need to go read three books a week,
every week for six months straight.

And. Feed your brain at a greater, faster
level than any one of your audience. And then your job is essentially
summarizing all of those ideas, bringing all of those different ideas together
and making it easy for people searching. Like I've done with this channel, right? Like my wife does with her niche ,
every that works well. That's what they're doing. If it's the golfing niche, it's
someone who has a bunch of experience, golfing someone who has a bunch
of time studying the game of golf, the approach to swing, et cetera. And they essentially simmer down all
of that knowledge into videos, blog, posts, and podcasts, and then they
put them out over and over and over. They grow an audience. They build trust. They give away, they
grow a list, et cetera. You understand how the
game works from there? So this, and I'm pointing to the part
where, what people are searching for. That's one of the most important
pieces, and this is the one skill. If I was able to recommend that you do
learn one new skill and you really push forward with one new skill and apply
it every time you put out a piece of content, it's keyword research because
keyword research there's tools out there.

And what I'm going to do is
I'm going to link this corner. It should pop up right now, um, to my
keyword research video, I've got about an hour long video that I show my exactly. Process for keyword research. And when you're creating content on
stuff that you love and stuff that you're an expert on, if you don't title it,
if you don't write the descriptions, if you don't use the exact words
in the actual body, whether it's. Spoken like it is now or written then
how are the search engines ever going to know that your content is relevant
to what people are searching for? So keyword research is
how you bridge that gap.

And oftentimes my wife and I
were just talking about this. What we do is. We come up with the idea of what we're
going to create content on first. And then we go run the idea through
the keyword research tools to see, okay, I think people are calling it
this, but let me go see exactly what the data says that people are using
the words that people are using. And then that's what goes in the title. That's what goes in the description. That's what goes in the tags. That's what we actually talk about
in the words that we use, because that's what people are searching for. And the more often you're publishing your
content based on what people are actually searching for using the exact phrases
that they're searching and truly answering it, not just stuffing in those phrases
for an irrelevant piece of content, like actually making the content about
that thing that they're searching for.

That's the trick, right? If there was one piece of magic
that I sprinkled onto my early videos that, that socked like, feel
free to go watch my early videos. They were pretty bad. But the one thing I did consistently
was I kept going back into that keyword research tool. I kept looking at the keywords with, okay,
what are people actually looking for? I wanted to make videos on funnels. What are all of the
funnels that people wanted? To kind of learn about great. I made a list and I made a video
on each funnel every single day.

It took me about nine days to
get through all the funnels. And I was like, all right,
what's next Facebook ads. What are all the searches phrases
that people are searching for, for questions on Facebook ads? And I pulled all those out custom
conversion pixels, all of the different pieces of the puzzle. And then I made a video on each
one of those, and I just went through the list and boom, boom,
boom, boom, day in, day out. Yeah. That's what I did. Um, sometimes I batch my
work in the keyword tool. Like I just explained, right. Go spend a couple of hours and
extract 10 20 ideas, and then go make a series of videos. Other times it's a little bit more
haphazard and it's on the fly. Cause I don't know, I'm not in
the middle of a series of videos. I don't exactly know what the
next video is going to be about.

So I have this idea. I go, look, I find the phrases. Bingo. I'm ready to jump and I'm ready to start. When you find that intersection of
what you love and what you're an expert at, and an expert means you just know
more than that next person, right? You have a little bit more
expertise than most people. And you know exactly what people
are searching for that intersection is where the magic happens. And then you got to go create
this kind of content day in, day out for long periods of time.

Here I am. I think something like month 16 or
17 or something like that, right? Like starting in August of 2016. Today's date is January of 2018. I'm still on my publishing schedule. No matter what I published on new year's
day, I published on Christmas day. I had guests. At my house. I had to literally ask for everyone
in the house to go be quiet. I literally was like to my guests. Yeah. Would you guys mind going in the
room for a minute and being silent? Why cut this video? I have a video I have to do. I wasn't ahead enough. So like, I feel the pain,
I feel the challenge. I, it is, it's a struggle. The struggle is real to put out the
content, but when you do it long enough, The rewards are astounding, right? Like you see the growth on the channel.

You see the numbers on my channel now, but
I just want to put real clear perspective. It all started with puny numbers,
little tiny, like barely getting more than a subscriber a day. For what? The first couple of months, right? Like three months in like an
average of five subscribers a day. Like a lot of people would look at
that as a joke, but if you want to get really good at shooting three pointers,
you're going to need to go hit the line and shoot a whole shit load of bricks. Right? Like you just need to
go work on your form. And then you got to shoot over
and over and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of shots a day. You want to get good at free throws. You need to go shoot hundreds and
hundreds and hundreds and hundreds. If not thousands of free throws per
day, that's what we're doing here. It's the same sort of stuff, right? It doesn't the game doesn't change. There is nothing easy just because
people try to sell you an easy solution and a magic silver bullet.

My opinion, that's all fake, right? Those are the food rules, the fake gurus. Uh, thanks to whoever commented
on the food, where word I think I might be using that. It kind of. But this is the truth of the matter when
you find that intersection and then you commit to a publishing schedule and you
rock it and you make sure everything that you're doing is titled is described is
literally worded in the exact phrases that people are searching for the game works. And at that point, it's just a question
of when it's not, if this is going to work, it's not, if you're going to make
it to 10,000 subscribers, the question is when it's going to say one year,
three years, five years, I don't know. Is it worth it? I guarantee you, it is. It really, truly is because when you're
able to kind of support your lifestyle, support your family, the life, any
lifestyle that you desire, doing something you love and something that you care
about helping other people, it's amazing.

The, the fulfillment in life I'm telling
you, like not just the financial reward, but the fulfillment in life is, is worth. All the effort. And I'll tell you, I've had a lot of
long frustrated nights trying to figure this game out, trying to figure out
how to pieces work, trying to figure WordPress, all these little stupid
things that seem to get in the way and at the time a question at all repeatedly. Um, but man, looking back, I'm
really glad I stuck with it.

And if you're going through that
right now know that like, if you're going through hell, what was it? Winston Churchill said, if you're
going through hell, keep going. Get to the other side,
get through it, right. That that's really the trick. I hope this has been helpful for you. If you've enjoyed this kind of
content and what we've covered here, give me a thumbs up on the video. If you haven't subscribed, be sure
to click the subscribe button. If you have subscribe, hit the little
bell down below, and that bell will get you a notification in YouTube. When I put up new videos, um, If you
want to share the video, share the video, grab the URL, send it out to a
group, send it out to email, do what you do, engage how you want to engage. I appreciate the engagements. That's right. Really all I'm here to do is try
to be as helpful as I possibly can.

Trying to set the bar for internet
marketers, trying to put, um, I don't know, put some goodness
out in the world without sales pitches, following everything up. So that's how, that's how I roll. That's how we work. So. I thank you. I hope you've enjoyed it. Leave me a comment. Engage, do what you do and I'll
catch you on the next video because I'm still putting out my videos
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday. I don't know that third video. I'm still dialing that in, but
Monday, Wednesday, I'm good. Every Monday, Wednesday, I'm
here and it's either like Friday, Saturday, Sunday for the other one.

Um, and I look forward to kind of
helping you keep this path going. Cause you can do it. I know you can do it. I've done it. My wife's done it. We've done it a couple of times. I'm making it real clear how it
works as clear as I possibly can. The one thing you've got to
mix in is your effort over a long sustained period of time. That's the one thing I
can't do this for you. Uh, you just gotta keep going. You'll learn a lot through the
trial and error through bumping into things that don't work. That's how I learned everything. Got no college degree in
this model has got no degree. Nobody taught us any of this. We learned the hard way. I was really the only way to learn.

Um, and one of the hard things we all
learn is that find those $2,000 courses. It doesn't actually get you anything,
uh, which kind of sucks, but that's the truth of the industry. That's why I'm putting out these
free videos, trying to be helpful. Damn. I just went on a total tangent. Thank you. Engage. I'll catch you on the next
video until then be well, and thanks again for viewing.

I do appreciate your time. The forward to helping you kind
of continue on your path here. See you again soon..

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