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How To Increase Your Amazon Affiliate Earnings

Hey there, it’s Michael Carter here now today we’re looking at increase your Amazon, affiliate earnings. Now the Amazon affiliate program, it’s a really popular way where you can earn some serious money and a lot of people do this. However, ok, it’s not as simple as just going and posting a few products on a and then just raking in handfuls of cash. Okay, there are ways to increase your Amazon affiliate earnings belt. Okay, so here is a short list of five of the best-kept secrets.

Okay, so number one in order to earn any commissions you’re going to have to have targeted visitors to your site, and you got to do this regularly. Now, though, you know, coming to your site is only the beginning. It’S really the most important piece of the puzzle. Okay, you need to have a solid plan for driving to your offers. Okay, more than just visitors, the visitors.

They need to be targeted and willing to click through to Amazon, to make that purchase. Okay, the more purchases that are made through your site, then the higher your commission percentage can go so number two. You want to diversify. Okay, you may recall your mother telling you at some point: okay, not to keep what all your eggs in one basket. Now the same applies to your Amazon, ’s gate.

You should create more than one affiliate site, rather than putting all your hard work into one product and one site: okay, Amazon, you know there’s so many offers. You know, products that you can. You can actually have an endless number of sites with your offers on them. Now, the more that you have, the more that you create the more likely you are to earn those higher commissions, so number three be open and honest. Okay, you should never try and hide the fact that you’re part of the Amazon affiliate program from your visitors, ok, people can tell when they’re being tricked and they will not react well.

If you try and hide things from them, okay always have an earnings disclaimer on your site. So then your visitors know that you may earn a commission if they make a purchase through your site. So it’s really important to have that. Disclaimer customers prefer to buy from people that they can trust they, people that are open with them about important things. Okay, guys don’t overlook this okay, so number four combine affiliate programs: okay, you should be open to the opportunity to offer products from more than one affiliate site.

Okay, now you know some affiliate programs. They clearly state that they must be the only network that you’re selling through on one site. Okay, not all of them have that rule now, if you can offer different products that go well together from different networks. There’S no reason why you shouldn’t try this okay, so number five review your stat Amazon. They offer tracking IDs for your sites.

So then, you can keep up with how things are running. You should keep a really close eye on the sites you know and how well they’re actually performing on a daily basis and then you’re going to know. You know where you need to maybe make changes on your site. Okay. So if you’re not happy with the Amazon tracking software, you can also go and you can opt in and use Google’s free analytics software.

Ok, whatever software you decide to use, you should keep a very close eye on your sites, just so you know what’s going on and if anything needs to be changed guys, it’s really really important. Now, surprisingly, these five secrets can really help. You guys increase your Amazon, affiliate earnings, okay, you should review them and determine which ones you think might most be helpful to you in your situation in your . Now chances are that you know you know you’re already using some of these already to some degree. Now it’s time you know, you want to rethink how you’re using them ok and see.

If there’s any changes, you can make and improvements all right so take these tips, make use of them thanks for watching folks. This is Michael Carter. We’Ll see you next time,

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