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How to Increase Your Blog Traffic for Free

In today’s, video, I’m, going to talk about increase your blog for free, but before we go into that, let’s. Talk about the video which I had released a few months ago, where I was expressing my frustrations with making money online and how I was so frustrated because I was creating all these videos and nothing was working.

But I gave you some time and over a couple of months what I managed to do was to take my blog seriously. So when I started doing that, I noticed something very, very interesting happening. I started gaining more income on the actual blog.

This was quite amazing, but this was all down to the that I was pushing to my blog. I just want you to take a look here at my from the point I started taking this strategy that I’m teaching you seriously so, as you can see here I mean throughout all december here nothing is happening.

My traffic is really low. You can see here I got nineteen twenty seven, so it’s really really low. So this is where now I started using my strategy. So if I come back over here, I was creating all my YouTube videos here, a little bit on Facebook – and I was notifying people here on my blog that I’ve, actually released a tutorial.

So this is how they’re. Getting push notifications and I’m sure some of you are getting these push. Notifications too. If we take a look here, this is typically how you’re supposed to run your blog, or at least this is how I did it.

So over here on the top left, we have social media. So this is where you want to create your post on Facebook: YouTube Pinterest, Instagram podcasts, whatever works for you. This is where you actually start creating your content.

There is no way around this. You really have to create content to attract people to come to your blog. So when you create your content over here, all your traffic that you get on social media comes to your blog.

Now, before I continue here, I would like to emphasize why it’s, important that the traffic has to go to your blog. So over here you have no control whatsoever. Youtube can actually change the algorithm and you could stop getting the traffic that you used to get before, and this will affect your business immediately.

Facebook same thing: they can, you know, change their algorithms and also on all these platforms. You can actually be and from you from YouTube, Facebook or even Instagram, by maybe doing a mistake or posting something that you weren’t supposed to, and this could be purely a mistake.

But the most important thing is the algorithm. Changes are the ones that are really really crucial here. This can your business really really fast. So this is why you need to bring everyone here on your social media channels to your blog now.

The question is: why are we bringing them to the blog now? The reason why we’re bringing them here is because we want to build an email list. This is the only thing that you actually own. All your traffic comes over here.

You build your mailing list. Now there’s. Also one stage here that I have, which is your push notifications now, these push notifications, are also very important because when someone comes to your , you get a little popup on the browser which says you want to get notifications when new posts are released.

So this is where this post push notification comes in now. The beauty with this is people don’t even have to leave their name or email address. This is just happening on the browser, and this is why I’m.

A really fan of this, so I’m gonna show you now how I actually use these push notifications, so this now alerts people that they something on my blog and this is how they start coming to the blog. So again, if we take a look here, you can see there’s.

A lot of spikes on 8th of January here 247 and the highest here was actually 486. I mean that’s close to you about, I’d, say 515, so that’s all in a day, so this was quite high. Now there’s, something else that I also do here and that is over here.

As I’m building my mailing list, once I publish a tutorial, I also send an email out as a broadcast to let people know that I’ve, actually released a new post or a or a video. So this is how they come back onto the blog and see that content now, why is it important to bring all this traffic to the blog now? The most important thing here is, as they come to the blog.

They start to see all your products or your services that you that you have on your , because if you really think about it, it would be very, very difficult for you to promote your affiliate product, your products that you’re selling, or even Your membership, if no one is coming to your , so if you create a really good post about, maybe build a membership website and on that post, you also have the software that you’ve used and it’s.

Your affiliate link people are most likely to want to click on that. The thing is you want to create your mailing list so that you have direct contact with all your subscribers, because over here, as you can see you don’t own anything here.

Everything belongs to Facebook YouTube and I know you can argue and say: well, the subscribers are mine, but the point is the platform is not yours, so things can change it dramatically and you have no control but over here, because you have a million in email lists.

This is really really good, so talking about me at the email list. If we take a look here as well, you can see that December here things are quite low, four thousand six hundred and then, when I started posting seriously, look at that jump.

I just went really high there and my list is actually still growing. Now let’s, see how effective is this is so we can see here. The average click rate is five point three percent, which you know, which is decent average open rate is twenty seven percent, which is also good because at least I know that people are opening my emails.

So this is how you actually direct traffic on to your website, and I’ve, also emphasized why it is important to do that. Now, let’s. Take a look here at the dashboard now over here on the dashboard. You can see here that my Nate, my net this month is one thousand seven hundred dollars and, to be honest, when I created that video talking about my frustrations with making money online, I wasn’t even making that much.

To be honest, so this is very very reassuring that this system that I’m teaching, actually works or the tea or the system that I’m. Actually following actually works so last month it was also similar.

So actually, this is going up slowly slowly. So what I’m gonna also going to do now, is to publish a bit more and promote my articles a bit more also using automations in my email autoresponder now I know the title of this video is increase your blog traffic For free now, the three components are this push.

Monkey here is for your push notifications. This is actually free up to two thousand two thousand subscribers. You can sign up for this. The link to that will be in the video description below and also if you want to sign up for an email autoresponder that is free.

I think MailChimp also is free up to two thousand subscribers, so that is how you do it and, of course, Facebook YouTube. Instagram, all those are free now, the other way of us to bring traffic to your website is to actually think about is to actually think about how you want to be known online in these social media platforms, and one way I suggest is to actually go on Facebook groups and participate in those Facebook groups.

As you answer your questions, you can also direct people back to your blog post. Do you show them what it is that you have written about on those particular topics that you’re, helping people out with so yes, it’s, a lot of work, but slowly slowly.

It’s. Gon na start to pay out, so this is how I actually do it and, to be honest, I’m starting to get even more excited about this. So what I’m, also going to do – is I’m, going to be putting together a course about how to get started with blogging, and those of you that are interested can sign up in the link that I’Ll provide in the video description below alright guys.

Tell me how you get traffic to your blogs. If you have any strategies similar to what I’ve described or even something totally different, please let me know in the video description below alright guys that’s, that does it for this video.

Thank you very much for watching and I’ll, see you in the next video

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