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How to Increase Your Blog Traffic for Free

Do you, like my new plant, I’m, really hoping that this one survives the wrath of Alison Lindstrom. Hmm, I try so hard to keep them alive and it just I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. If you have any suggestions for keeping house plants alive, please let me know, because I obviously don’t know what I’m doing, but fingers crossed this one’s here to stay.

Hey guys! Welcome back in this video of ask Alison, we are talking about how you can get to your site. A little disclaimer I’ve, never paid for traffic, but that doesn’t mean there’s, anything wrong with it.

I just know that a lot of my students come as bloggers on a budget. You know we’re all trying to get our up and running, and we don’t quite have consistent revenue. Yet so we’re, not ready to pay for Facebook ads or Pinterest ads, or you know.

Whatever else is out there, we don’t want to put any money into it, but we want the to come to us. So I ‘ Ve got just a few quick tips to get you started the first thing. I recommend you doing and something that I didn ‘

T do for the longest time was to ensure that all of your posts and your blog pages and everything else that you put out there on the Internet is SEO friendly. Using the right keywords. Can really help boost your appearance and search results? So if you’ve got the proper keyword and somebody goes and looks for it and you’re one of the most popular sites.

You’re, more likely to appear up at the top, because how many of us really go? Look at the second page of their Google results. I don’t. The quickest way to find the right keywords for your is just to use.

Google’s. Keyword planner, it’s, really easy to use it. Doesn’t cost you anything and it ‘ Ll kind of give you insight into what people are searching for and how you can help boost your blog posts in search results.

Tip number two. I definitely definitely recommend hosting some webinars webinars are so scary. I get it, I get it. I get it when I started doing webinars. I was really nervous. I was overwhelmed by the idea of having to be live and people seeing me and having all these people counting on me, but here’s.

The deal has changed a lot in the past couple. You know five 10 years, I would say certainly, and we are slowly moving our way towards building a closer relationship with our readers through something other than a typical blogpost webinars.

Don’t have to be really long. The only thing they have to be is jam-packed with useful information. If you’ve got a product, knock your socks off, go ahead and sell it, but the whole purpose of webinars is to really connect with your readers on a deeper level that you can’t do in a .

I sit behind a computer, I write out a and I schedule it. I’m, not actually sitting down at the same time with everyone answering questions live when you do that people get to know you a little bit better and it helps them.

Remember you in the sea of thousands and thousands of bloggers out there. It helps you, you know, show your authority on a certain subject, and it also helps you gain their trust by you know, teaching them a few things and then also getting to know them on a deeper level tip number three.

I recommend guest posting for someone in a similar niche. Raise your hand if you made the mistake of guest posting for somebody who is in a niche that had nothing to do with yours totally. That was me absolutely.

Not only did, I guess, pose once or twice or three times but like we’re talking to handful times, it was really bad and I wasn’t thinking. Clearly I just kept thinking. Oh everybody’s. Telling me. I got a guest post, I got ta, get out there and guest post, but that wasn’t good enough.

I needed to guest post for somebody who’s in a similar niche and had a similar audience. If you don’t do this, what happens? Is this new audience? Read your blog posts, maybe thinks you’re great, I hope, and then pops on over to your site, but they’re, not necessarily interested in your category.

They were interested in the original category of you know. Whatever blog they were reading, it can be a lot harder to convert them into your new fans. If you know, maybe they’re, not interested in your subject, tip number four and the final tip in this video is to routinely post on social media.

I made the mistake in the past and I’ve. Seen a lot of bloggers. Do it where we get so excited so pumped we post post, post post posts and then we get burned out so quickly and we just stop posting on social media.

This isn’t a good thing. It doesn’t, make you look good to post a lot and then disappear for a while. Take my word for it. What I recommend doing and what I wish I had done a long time ago, is just choosing one or two social media platforms and then rocking it like a boss, you can use a social media scheduling platform like buffer or HootSuite.

They have a couple of free plans and that’s, always great because it can. You know free up a little bit of your time. You can schedule in advance, maybe on a Sunday evening and then just plan out for the rest of the week, and you don’t have to panic about being.

There live here’s, a quick tip that I love and I will leave a link down below to the blog post. Where I talk about this, but I love using board. Boosters pin sourcing feature now quick, disclaimer board booster is not free, so it’s.

Definitely something you want to plan for in the future and it’s exclusively used with Pinterest. But oh, my goodness. If you can harness the power of getting traffic through Pinterest group boards, then you’re, definitely going to find a lot of you know great new readers and basically a goldmine of traffic.

Okay group words are great because a lot of bloggers get together and they post their stuff on one particular board and whoever is following that board will be able to see your pins now if they’re, not following you no problem, they’re following the board that you’re, pinning to so just look for a couple of group boards or find a blogger in a similar niche, hop on over to their Pinterest profile and see if they ‘

Re part of any group boards and then see if you can join any of those once you have just a little more room in your budget. I definitely recommend investing in board boosters pin sourcing feature. Now everybody will tell you how important it is to pin consistently throughout the day throughout the week, but that’s hard like we don’t have time to get on Pinterest all day every day and pin sourcing is the perfect solution For that, I include a step-by-step in the blog posts that I will link to and it’s great because it ‘

Ll walk you through every single step, but essentially what board booster does? Is it finds the proper pins for you and then it pins them so that you don’t have to be their lot, live pinning of the entire day board.

Booster finds the proper pins according to your specifications and then pins them for you. It’s, perfect that wraps it up for this video. Thank you so much for watching be sure to email me or tweet me any question and I would love to add them to my list.

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