Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How to Increase Your Organic Traffic with Google Search Console (Quick Win)

How to Increase Your Organic Traffic with Google Search Console (Quick Win)

So today, I’m going to talk about how you can get a very quick and easy win to increase your organic . So what we’re going to do right now is we’re going to hop into and if you don’t have a all you need to do. Google, and download it, and then you can basically install it on your website. It’S completely free and it’s going to show us EO metrics on your website. So what we’re trying to do right now and this video is basically to look for posts that are underperforming that are already generating impressions in the search result pages.

So that means Google is giving you credit it’s showing your page, but you’re not getting clicks you’re, not doing your end, you’re, not fulfilling your end of the bargain in terms of driving people to your website, you’re, not making the title enticing enough, you’re, not making the Description enticing enough to come to your site. So what we’re going to do right now is looking at Google search console over here, we’re going to go ahead and click on the search analytics link over here inside of the dashboard. So this is one of my sites. Right here, and once you click on that, you can see. Okay, this is going to show you how things are going on your websites, you’re, showing your queries.

The number of clicks you’re, getting per keyword, that’s nice, but that’s not what we’re trying to get to right. Now so what we’re going to do is let’s go ahead and tick. These check marks up here, so you have clicks impressions and click-through rate and then from there you can see now. Okay, now you can see the total clicks you’re getting the total impressions and your average click-through rate for me right now is 4 % in a search engine in the search engine pages. So right now what I want to do is I want to look at the pages.

The queries are nice, but I want to look at the pages, so I’m going to go ahead and click on the pages right here and then, when I look at the pages, I can see okay what’s performing well, what is it? Okay, this page, creating a successful sales team, has a ten point: five four percent click-through rate, which is fantastic, so anything above, I think one percent, or so I think, you’re doing okay, so we’re looking for the ones that are severely underperforming. So what you need to do here is switch it from clicks and filter by impressions and said from top to bottom and now we’re going to look at the post energy, the the most impressions and we’re going to scroll down, and you can see. Okay, we got five percent here. Ten percent here, four point: eight, seven percent five point: nine one percent this one right here we got 0.2 %.

This is our post on brian dean, build SEO, basically it’s a brian dean posts and he’s good at SEO. By the way you should check out his blog . So this one right here we got ta take a look at and question is like. Why is this one under performance?

So let’s go ahead and click on it and let’s see what the heck is going on for this specific page so right here we can see the title. It says GE m61 hold on there’s a pop up coming, and this is how back link goes. Brian dean built his to ninety thousand visits per month. So the question is you question to you right now is how would you go about improving this title? Think about it for a second, what looks unwieldly in this title right now, i’m going to go ahead and highlight it right.

It’S this part right here, the GEF sixty one. We don’t even see that crap, like most people, don’t know what that means that might make people think it’s like a like a scam or something like that when you see that in the title, so that’s what you might want to change initially, so you might say: Okay, well, let’s just change it to how back link goes. Brian dean built his traffic to ninety thousand visits per month. So, let’s just change it to that, and then you know you might make an experiment spreadsheet saying: okay, on this date, we tried changing a title for this post. The original click-through rate was 0.2 % when we first started. The hypothesis is that, after a thirty day period of time, when we change the title, hopefully the click-through rate increases by twenty-five percent right and then you come back to it. Thirty days later, you look at your Google search console and you can see in fact the click-through rate has in fact increase. You have to have a methodical approach to this. You can’t just say I’m going to change a bunch of titles and not know what happens afterwards.

Okay, so from here you can. You can look at that, but you also want to look at the Meta Description as well so right here, I’m just going to click view, page source and let’s go ahead and click on description. Okay, descriptions right here – actually some meta name description’, learn how Bryan Dean from use effective SEO to catapult Lee’s organic traffic. That’S not a bad metadata, Meta Description, let’s go ahead and leave that we just want to change the title. So, by doing this, hopefully you come back to it next month.

Let’S say you’re able to increase by 100 percent, then you’re at 1.6 percent click-through rate. Well guess what your traffic for that one has doubled to 15, okay or double to 100 clicks and you’re gon na get. You know an extra 50 clicks per month. Okay, let’s just say you know, hypothetically, you have to pay ten dollars per click.

Well, you know. That’S that you’re, once you start to do this you’re, going to start to stack on the free traffic that you’re getting that you would originally, then you would originally pay for. So instead of you know paying you know whatever. Let’S just say it’s a dollar per click right well, basically, you’re getting fifty dollars in free ads, but each month which can add up to six hundred dollars per year. You know you do the math from there look at that.

Look at the money pages for you, the putting good that the pages that really matter the ones that are really driving email, signups and try to optimize those – and you look at this one right here, David Ellen from getting things done. Well, look at this one. It’S 0.31 % click-through rate and we’re getting 12 clicks on 3,800 impressions that that’s one to improve. We have one on YouTube: ads: 3,300 impressions, 14 clicks, 0, 42 % this one right here – point zero, nine percent.

So there’s a lot to improve on what I would also recommend as well is exporting this and then color coding, anything that is below a 1 % click-through rate. That way, you can go in there and make changes. I mean you can even hand off this process to somebody else after you figured out do it initially, but first few rounds. Do it yourself make sure you have the process button down then do a screencast like what I’m doing right now and then you can send this to your team and then just continue to do this over time right, maybe each and every month, you’re running these experiments. You should be having an experiment spreadsheet not just for SEO but for overall conversion rate testing.

So you know at a certain level, then this is for another conversation when you have enough organic traffic SEO and conversion rate optimization start to kind of meld together. So just keep that in mind down the road. So that’s enough for for this video and make sure to join us in the next video

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