Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How To Increase Your Pinterest Traffic by 262% in 7 Days!

How To Increase Your Pinterest Traffic by 262% in 7 Days!

What’S up guys in today’s video, I want to go over one of my last videos and show you some results, because when I did a video are two weeks ago now on and a lot of people said it won’t work. It doesn’t work you’re wasting your time. Well, no because we’ve been I’ve been doing this type of stuff for a super long time, a long long time now, and although the method I taught was a very slow process, it can snowball to a lot of money and a lot of traffic. So I wanted to do an update to show you now we haven’t made a lot of money with this right now, but I’m bringing in a lot of traffic that can be turned into money when we monetize it.

So I’m gon na, if you haven’t seen this video guys I’ll, leave a link below it’s how to make money on Pinterest $ 100 a day 50 bucks, whatever you want to make, but the whole concept the whole point of that video actually was about more the Traffic, not so much the money, so it was more about getting the traffic and you can get insane amounts of traffic from Pinterest.

Not only that guys, you can use this traffic to rank websites, because you know it counts as like kind of backlink social, backlinks and interaction to your site when people click on your site, it gives Google good signals, and once I implemented this strategy, okay, so the Reason I did it guys, because there was a guy that comments on this video and it kind of annoyed me. I said you know the few haters actually said it wouldn’t work and stuff like that. So I thought it’s works for me heaps in the past, so I’m gon na fire it up again. I got one of someone on my team to do this. For me, I don’t do it.

They I pay them to do it. I think it cost me. Like 100 bucks a week and they’re going and they schedule all the posts, but you can do it yourself, but it made sense to me just to try it right and one of the websites that we’re sending traffic to – and this is a fresh increased in Rankings we had a good increase in ranking disease for sitting at in a most of these. So if you don’t know what this is guys, this is pretty much ranking ranking for keywords in Google and the the Pinterest traffic acts as interaction. So Google sees that your site’s getting interaction and they put you up a little bit and it also acts as social backlinks, which is really good as well, and this is actually how I started ranking websites way back in the day.

So we started the we that of this myth that around about here you can see we had some nice increases. We have come down a little bit now, but we have some nice increases and rankings, so it can be used to actually get your higher and the Google rankings as well. So let’s look at some results guys. First of all, this is the profile we tested. It on, if this is my old arm by one, I don’t really use anymore Franklin Hatchett, don’t worry about these steps have an updated, yet they are a lot more and show you on a second and what we do.

Okay, this is kind of the plan we reap in other people’s pens and then, in the middle of that every single day we put four or five of pins to my own . Okay and we’ve grown followers I’ll show you that I’ll show you all the steps right now. Okay, so the first steps we’re going to look at is the overview and check this out. It’S incredible look at this increase. We have had an insane increase now.

This was we’re starting to go viral now. This is kind of what I mean with the with the snowball effect. So this was actually let’s go back to when we started doing this. So the first two like the tenth. Let’S do that?

Not even that, let’s go back more July, so there okay guys check this out. So I did the video like a couple of weeks, two weeks more like three four weeks ago, and then we started implementing this after the video, I think, was like two days after some of those hate comments. You can see the impressions guys and look at this. Look at this okay, incredible and we are getting we’re not getting a lot of clicks, but we have a lot of pins getting traffic like hundreds of pins and they’re. Getting like one.

Two three clicks: each we’re getting hundreds of clicks all the time right, but you’ll see that these impressions are now going insane. Okay, so we’ve had an increase of three hundred and sixty three hundred thirty six thousand percent. Since I started this method, okay, so it works right. Well, I’m not gon na sit here. Is there as a work because it works and let’s just go back and have a look at some more stats here as well people you reach.

We now have a reach of five thousand monthly viewers. Average engage is 180 clicks to my website it down a bit, but we have. We have an increase in that as well. Okay, so that’s the Pinterest stats, guys good man like like we’re going viral now we’re going viral, so probably the start to monetize this a bit more. Now, let’s look and here guys so what I do and now the money made we have made some money on affiliate stuff.

It is a little bit hard to track certain of tracking numbers. Although I can track, I can track Shopify and click funnels and so far with Shopify we’ve got about 20 trials and click funnels. I think we’ve got about 6 or 7 click funnels trials with this in the last about three or four weeks right, or was it tools back in 23rd of move? It’S a two or three weeks, so we’ve got quite a few trials and they are making money. Now that those are the ones I can track and then just probably a few more as well in there like Bluehost, I think, but guys we go through here.

We have right now, 800 pins, really the schedule using this program called tailwind. Ok, we’ll go down we’ll! Try finding some of mine, so here’s one of mine here looking for your 60 days, Shopify trial. Okay. This is one of my pins that my team made custom made it this links to one of my websites, and these are all search engine optimization.

You know this notices, hashtags and stuff, so these get traffic forever and we go down guys and there’s another one here I think . This is another one for Shopify we compare Shopify of click funnels and then all these other ones in the middle guys. These are not mine; these are other people’s. We use these to build up the followers which I’ll show you in a second, but this one here, that’s not mine. Let me just have a look here.

I think we do two or three a day: yep, that’s one of my ones. I click funnels one as well. That should be one of mine. Go down. There’S that see there’s another one.

We just keep repeating the same stuff guys and we’re getting traffic to my websites. Okay and it’s there’s so much benefits to this we’re getting traffic we’re ranking higher in Google, we’re getting more followers checked out. Let’S serve up some stats insights profile performance performance. If you guys, you don’t know what any of this is go back to my other video, I explained how this all works now I did initially have some followers from back in the day. Okay, so it’s not like.

I started with nothing so that probably helped me, but since we started doing this, guy’s we’ve gone from like we’ve gained about 200 followers, which is not a lot right. That’S not a lot of followers, but we’re gaining followers for free. We have a good engagement rate around about twenty four percent, which is not too bad. It’S pretty good for Pinterest and all the stats are good. All the stats are good, so you really can’t complain guys.

This is free traffic. Well, it’s not free! I’M paying someone to do it, but essentially it is free traffic. If you set this up yourself and do this yourself and we’re getting insane amounts of traffic and we have made some money we’re getting Shopify trials, we’re getting clickfunnels trials. We probably have made some money with a Bluehost as well.

I promote the Bluehost inside my pins. We are doing Bluehost as well. So let me just get my iPad out and I want to explain to you why I’m doing this alright guys now, when I post a video online about how to make a hundred bucks a day online. I have made money online, there’s always a bunch of people that say this doesn’t work. It’S not gon na work.

It does work, that’s why we post about it but, more importantly, it’s more about the traffic. If you can get the traffic guys, you can use that traffic to do a lot of things, because you’d probably know you’re not going to make any money unless you have traffic. So what we do is we use Pinterest guys as the traffic source? Okay. This is the traffic source.

Then, once you have that traffic you can distribute it to wherever you want. You can distribute it to, and I recommend not sin as straight to affiliate links, even though I’ve said it in the past. It’S better. If you do it properly. So what I’m doing right now guys is I’m sending them to a page, with a little article on it, with linked to an affiliate link right which, which will do and red goes to an affiliate page, where I then make money?

Okay, so that this is how we that’s the affiliate page, so that’s one of the ways to make to make money with Pinterest right so send them to a bridge page or a page. I think I see them to my clickfunnels review on one of them and there another one I’ve seen them to where Shopify review and there’s a trial. Okay and then they go to the page, and then you make money right. Another way is you can build up? Your social media accounts – you can see them to your Facebook.

You can send them to your Instagram right. You’Ve got this. The thing is you’ve got you’ve got tailwind this program. That does everything automatically for you. You can spend a couple of hours a week sitting this up.

It does everything for you and you can send that traffic and distribute it to all sorts of places online right like we’re going viral guys we’re going viral um. That’S not it there on that! One! We’Re going viral now like ruthless amounts of traffic, we’re going to be getting ruthless amounts of traffic soon, and we can send it to anywhere click funnels. We can send it to a pre sale page.

We can build an email list guys you can send these people to an opt-in form which I’m going to actually start doing. I haven’t really done that. That’S probably what I should be doing. You can send them to an opt-in form guys. Will you click an email?

Ok or facebook, Messenger bot, or something like that, and then you can promote your products that way right and then, once again you make money. Ok, so that’s why we do these videos guys think of Pinterest as the traffic source. This is your traffic source or suela. Whatever you’re using and then distribute that traffic to your various ways of collecting emails, collecting commissions making money on your own courses, you can do this to make make money on courses and actually Pham recently the last kind of 2 to 3 weeks. I’Ve had a big increase, in course in my own courses.

I think this probably has something to do with that, because people go and search me that buy my stuff purchased my content so yeah. That’S why we do it guys all right! That’S why we do it it’s working, it’s a great traffic source, especially if you’re a blogger, it’s a great traffic source for bloggers. Financial bloggers have them how to build a bloggers, DIY bloggers, women bloggers. This is a lot of woman on there’s a lot of women on Pinterest, so that’s it all right guys!

That’S why I do this video is to show you that can help your business grow. Okay, you might not want to use this traffic to make money. You might want to use it to grow. Something grow your blog or grow, something all right guys. Now, as always below, we have the competition.

The winners are only pinned to post, go to the pin post, see if you’ve won. We have two winners. Once again, I don’t think we have 500 likes in the last video, but we’ll do two winners anyway and there’s also some information down. There are some links as well for my courses and stuff go and check those out guys and the instructions to win on the next time. Okay, we’re going to win we’re going to do another competition.

I don’t think we’ll get a lot of likes in this video, but throw down alike will probably pick another person for the next one as well, but either way we’re going to pick at least one person for the next competition. The add the information instructions is in the description, so go and leave a comment drop. A like I love to stay interactive guys are apply to every single comment. You know I do you can look on all my videos. I apply to every single comment: go and get some traffic go and grow.

Your social media accounts go and grow your websites and possibly make some money alright, guys and um. We are running out of time, but I should have showed you. I should have showed you something. Let me just get this up action. I want to show you something really really cool.

Okay, all right guys. I got this up real, quick, sorry for dragging the video on, but these are two guys that from my facebook group that started watching me a couple of years ago on YouTube, and one of them here has made 5,000 that day $ 800. That day, in affiliate commissions, following my strategies – and this guy here found me two years ago, I think and he I think he sold one of those websites for a million dollars or something so guys, the stuff i teach works. You just need to implement it. Sorry, it’s a bit late here, i’m a bit tired!

You just need to implement and it does take time that we’re not teaching any get-rich-quick scheme stuff here. The stuff does take time like I don’t even really know these guys existed. They’Ve been in the back end. Working on their businesses, then, two years later they come in into my group and give me a testimonial right: they’ve been working on their businesses, they haven’t, be messing around they’ve, been working on their businesses, growing them to the next level, all right guys! So you see you in the next video don’t forget to subscribe like and I’ll leave some more videos up here.

You can click on right now. If you want to watch more of my content.

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