Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How To MASSIVELY Increase External Traffic To Your Amazon FBA Listing (WITHOUT AMAZON PPC)

How To MASSIVELY Increase External Traffic To Your Amazon FBA Listing (WITHOUT AMAZON PPC)

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In today’s show, I’m gonna be going over part three, which is driving external to anything really so I’m gonna be talking about driving external to your Amazon, listing I’m going to be talking talking about driving to a lead, magnet driving traffic to A blog Etsy shop, YouTube channel, you name it. You can drive traffic to it with the video that I’m going to show you today in the training. I’M going to show you today, but there’s a little different twist to this training that you’ll want to stay tuned until the end of the video to see this this little twist. That will make it so much more profitable for you, but it will also make you a ton, more and drive a ton more traffic to whatever you’re trying to drive traffic to. In the example I’m going to give, you is Amazon listing again and a lead magnet.


So let’s flip over to my screen and jump right into the training. So here we are inside my Google account and you can see that we’ve spent about 180 thousand dollars of the lifetime of using this strategy that I’m about to show you. We started it in third quarter of 2017 and we’ve just we’ve come out with one or two blog posts, articles or even lead magnets, pretty much since then every single week, and it’s just something that compounds on itself over and over and over again. And so you can see that qq3 of 2017, we did 2700 clicks or is in q4 of 2019. We did one hundred and seventy eight thousand clicks, and this acceleration that we saw from q3 too cute for is what I’m gonna go over today.


We discovered something that works really well and I have not revealed it to anyone really late yet so you guys are in for a special treat. So let me show you how to do that. So what you want to do is create your Google ad, so we’re gonna hit new campaign and we’re gonna do , because Google separates their their people into clickers buyers and browsers. We want the buyers, and so that’s why we’re gonna click ? We’Re not gonna do search because display is the Display Network.


That’S all over websites shopping, a Shopping Network. Videos YouTube smart, I’m not really sure I haven’t played with it, but we’re gonna click search. We’Re gonna ignore that section. We’Re gonna hit continue. So you can name it whatever you want.


I like to keep it consistent, so free dry book lead, magnet and then on networks actually turn both of these off search Network is like your being your yahoo, all those and I like to turn those off, because I like to just to use Google and again, We talked about Display Network. I don’t want to show up on the Display Network. Let me show you the example of to show you what display network looks like you’ll see a display banner right here and you’ll see one right here. So Capital One is on the Display Network right now on ESPN, so once we turn both of those off we’re gonna scroll down pick whatever location you want come down here to budget, I usually recommend starting out at least two to three dollars a day, but Five dollars a day is best bidding.


You want to select a bid strategy directly. You want to take control of this ad, you don’t want it for you, and so after you click that you’re gonna click on that little app menu option and click. The manual CPC unclick enhance CPC. So again we want as much control over this as possible. So let’s scroll back down to ad extensions, I’m not going to go over this today.


That is something that is for a whole other video, but let’s hit save and continue now. This is where you will make all the money right here and so in our examples in the past, and if you missed those first two videos don’t worry about that. You can always go back to those that just teaches you how to make a lead magnet and how do you connect everything on your website and so, but if you’re just trying to drive traffic, that’s what this video is for. So we’re gonna start out with one cent and in the examples in the past, we’ve done Paleo, diet and Paleo. So let’s look at this.


So, for one cent bid for those two keywords: we can drive 57 clicks per day to our website, whatever page you’re trying to go to now. What, if we just kind of played with this and went up in and one set increments and just kind of kept, seeing the clicks per day all the way to the right so we’re at 3 cents, 4 cents? You can see we’re starting to go down now. So we’re gonna go back to 3 cents, so for 5 dollars a day, actually four dollars and 41 cents per day, I’m over here for 4 dollars or 41 cents per day. We can drive 163 clicks per day to whatever we want regarding paleo.


Now, let’s jump into the next section when we’re going to go over the ad placement. So this is the most important part: start low, low low low, we’re just trying to drive traffic, sheer volume traffic. And so let’s go into the next section. And let’s say we did a free, Paleo diet, guide we’d put the URL there of our guide. Then we put free Paleo diet, guide, learn what to eat and what not to eat on paleo, so you’re trying to repeat what they’re searching for so Paleo diet, paleo, Paleo diet, and then you can put a description in here as well, and then you just hit Done and that’s pretty much a very simple app, you don’t need much and again, if you’re having trouble following this video or you want me to slow down.


I do have this in a down in the comments below and in the descriptions, don’t be afraid to click those, and it will have a step-by-step guide on what I’m going over. So the key part was that setting up ad groups starting at one cent and then just increasing it by one cent from there and that’s gonna show you that’s just gonna give you a ton of clicks now. You can also send this straight to your Amazon listing. So if you have an Amazon listing, you may not be able to track it that well, amazon has a new attribution system, but I don’t think it works that well, you can try it, though, and then just put the Amazon listing right here and then we’ll want To change the copy, a little bit so we’ll put like salty paleo snacks on Amazon and then we’ll put maybe indulge savory banana chips and then paleo gluten, free and vegan, [, Music, ] and so very simple ad copy, but you’re just you’re trying to drive as Much traffic as possible to your listing from an external source, and so that’s a huge huge win, because Amazon loves that and will increase your rankings as a result. You then hit save and continue and you’re pretty much done, and so that’s that’s it for this strategy.


It works so incredibly well so implement it right away, don’t be afraid to, and if you have any questions put them down in the comments below also, let me know the success you’ve had with the strategy. I get excited you can tell by the blow of my voice. I don’t get that excited that much, but you can tell by my voice that I’m very excited over the strategy. It works so incredibly well, but before you go, I want to show you how how I track this, so you can track it if you’re sending it to a lead magnet just by how many emails you’re getting and then also you can track it by sending them To a thank-you page that has a link to your product or if your lead magnet, has a link to your product, you can actually track it with an affiliate link, and so Amazon Associates is a program that is for affiliates, and so what you’d want to do Is you would want to create a tracking ID, so you go to manage tracking IDs, add a tracking ID, and then you just Paleo diet, lead, magnet, hit, create and then you’d find it and then click on it pretend this? Is it it’s not but pretend that it is you click on that and then you go to product links and then you’d look for your product and so here’s your product click this little arrow right here then here’s your link, you can also shorten it, but you’d Copy it and paste it to wherever you need to link to, and so what that will do is it will show you.


So, let’s go back to reports. I usually like to track this every two weeks and so we’re back in reports. What I’ll do is I’ll? Go back two weeks and then we’ll just look for our products, and so what I’m doing it here is I clicked on the actual tracking ID so you’d look for the one that you created. You click into it.


You can see it right here and then I’d look for our products, so this is our product. This is our product. This is our product. This is our product. This is our product and, if you add all those up together, it’s about $ 2,700 I’d go back to Google and look for that same article right here.


So we’d go that same date range so the second to the fifteenth, and we look right here and we spent a thousand one hundred and one dollars. So this is this: is the that you can click down in the comments and description down below? This? Will walk you through step by step, but I have a simple spreadsheet that you can download from there I’ll so put it down in the description below too, and this is what that spreadsheet looks like when you open the spreadsheet, you have to click file and make A copy once you make a copy, you can then edit it you can’t edit it until then, so we spent eleven hundred and one dollars to make twenty seven hundred dollars. So we have a 2.


5 centralized on this or return on adspend, so every dollar I’m putting in I’m getting two dollars and forty-five cents out, plus I’m driving external traffic to my Amazon listing, and so you can see how this really starts to add up. If you start doing article after article after article, this is an amazing article. What also happens, though, is SEO takes over on Google, too, and so you’ll might get some to that or that lead magnet as well. But I’m gonna put as much money as I can into this because for every dollar are putting in. I’M getting two dollars and forty-five cents out and then the a coast is Amazon term average cost of the sale.


Forty-One percent is still agree, echoes but you’re also driving external traffic, which Amazon loves. So try out this strategy get my Google AdWords tracking template down below check out the blog post down below as well, and if you liked this video, give it a big thumbs up down below and hit that subscribe button to be notified. Whenever we come out with great videos, just like this one, how to drive traffic to your Amazon listing


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