Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How to Use Instagram to DRIVE MORE TRAFFIC to Your Website

How to Use Instagram to DRIVE MORE TRAFFIC to Your Website

Instagram is one of the best platforms that you can use to drive your audience to learn more about or purchase your products and services want to know leverage your audience and direct them to your website or landing page using Instagram stay tuned. Hey guys! Welcome back to our channel, if you’re new to our channel, we are hi season, a social media agency that helps business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers step their social media game up and break the algorithm.

Today we are talking about drive to your website or landing page using Instagram. Now, when we think about Instagram were generally thinking about building this audience and doing all the tactics and things that we talked about, but you’re gon na eventually want to do something with that audience.

Right. You’Re gon na want to activate them, and this usually involves either directing them to your website, to learn more about your products or services or a landing page. Something where you’re gon na take them from the platform and into your . Funnel Instagram is such a valuable tool in driving action, so today we really want to talk about how to leverage the following you’ve built and instagrams native platforms to direct to your website and landing page. So you can start fulfilling your business objectives.

That’S what we’re here for right, you gosh-darned right, Tiffany! Alright, let’s get started. The first way you can drive to your website from Instagram is via using the caption on an IG TV. Now this is something that is kind of little-known. I think I would argue yeah and very very underutilized, because we’re constantly maybe not constantly, but we’ve mentioned it number of times, don’t put links in your Instagram capture, put links in the captions they’re applicable except IG TV.

There you go, which is a strange thing, because the way they present it it doesn’t look any different. It doesn’t look clickable. It looks just as ridiculous as it does in a regular caption. So it’s kind of not fair for users who are maybe not aware of that, but one way to get around that, if you put in your caption click this link right here and maybe something’s like yes, it’s actually clicks it’ll. Take you to a website.

They will be able to click that and take them off, so that is probably the most underutilized way to do it. The next way to drive traffic to your website or landing page is by asking for it. So you need to use clear call to actions in your caption, so it’s enough to have these links available in certain areas that we’re talking about like IG TV, but you have to actually say in your caption that you want people to click through to your website. So that they don’t miss it so that you’re always driving them to somewhere, and we always talk about in our captions that we should be not leaving it empty. So you never just want to say something just have it there.

You want to be driving action, whether that’s asking them to comment tag. A friend share it anything that gets them involved in this instance, where we’re actually wan na drive action and get people off the platform to our website or a landing page. This is the opportunity for you to say click. The link in my bio to do. Xyz definitely take advantage of that and in your captions write, clear call to actions.

People don’t know what to do. If you don’t tell them, you know all right. The next way you drive traffic to your website via Instagram, is through adding a social landing page feature to your link in BIOS, so that link in the bio is arguably the most important real estate in the entire Instagram platform. That is able to send traffic out to the larger internet. It’S not there anyplace, but it’s the key one.

Now there are services like link tree and link and bio we’ve talked about both of these at length. I would imagine through yeah, so a social landing page is essentially a page in between Instagram and where you want to send them that allows you to list all of your links in whatever order you like, and basically what you’re able to do is list everything you Want people to do there, or I always like to keep the website other social links and every time I do a CTA in a post, I like to put that if I’m referring it to somewhere else, I put that at the top of the link. So that means when people see that they don’t have to go searching through a whole bunch of links. These things are really really helpful to make sure you’re maximizing the opportunity to send people to all your different places. So, whilst you might want to be sending them to your website, they might look and be like.

Oh I’m, on Facebook laughter. Let me check them out on Facebook, because the link is right. There right clickable in there you’ve got another follow on Facebook, so social landing pages. Another way to drive traffic to your website or landing page with Instagram is to actually add a call to action in your bio. So we’ve spoken highly about how important that bio is I’ll.

Put a video here for you to see and we’ll add it to the link in the description below about how to optimize your profile and bio, to make sure that your driving action with it. One of the key ways to do this is when someone lands on your profile to have something that says: hey check out the link below we always say just put an arrow or something check out. This link for resources check out this link to learn more about XYZ or buy our latest shoes. Using the link below definitely use that real estate to include a call to action so that people can immediately, if they’re, ready to go alright, give them the opportunity to just click and get where they need to go without even having to go through your feed. And look through your captions, another great way to drive traffic to your website or landing page via Instagram is via the swipe up action in Instagram stories.

So some of you might be like what I don’t have that great point. The only accounts that do have it are verified, accounts and accounts with over 10,000 followers, but every account, no matter how many followers you have can swipe up to an IG TV video which is a bit of a loop, because you could actually do a CTA in A story to swipe up to a nice, GTV video and then have that actual link in the caption on the IG TV video, because it is clickable. So this is a really key way. Now, if you don’t have an IG TV video to point people to you can actually just point them to the link in your bio. There are a ton of really really great fun gifts for this.

You can use ones for both swiping up and for link and buyer. I use those all the time for all of our accounts. I think they’re fantastic and we still more actually yeah yeah yeah, but no one’s doing gon na make them because they usually makes up. We should make some, but that’s a really great way to do it so make sure you up utilizing every story opportunity possible to either swipe up or you in bio. So once you have all of these fantastic stories that you’ve created, you’re gon na want to pin them as highlights to your profile, so that they’re there for anyone who’s missed it in that 24 hour instance, where it disappears.

Now we highly highly recommend that you group them into categories that make sense, so you don’t just want to have something we’ve seen that it’s just like highlights like the default is actually highlighted, and people just leave it, and it says like highlights that. No, you don’t want to do that. You want to group them into categories that make sense, so people know exactly what to expect when they land there. So, for example, if you’re a restaurant, you would have your menu items, pinned there and have menu. If you want to tell your story, if you want to have testimonials, we actually did a really great video on how to sell using Instagram stories specifically, which will put there and will also include in the description below.

For you definitely leverage highlights to consistently drive traffic to your website. Another way you can use Instagram to drive traffic to your website or landing page is via the brand new IG shop feature so before Instagram for the last, maybe twelve months or so had a shoppable feature where it was just a tag on a post and YouTube. Essentially, tap on it and then tap off into your website to purchase now what they’ve done is collated, that into a tab just above your feed, you have the feed, you have your tag posts and you also had ID TV now they’ve added the shop. So what they’ve done is collated all of those products that you’ve put on your Instagram store into one area and basically, users can tap on that. Like cool there’s, a website, you can put a little bit more information about it and then takes you right to the website to finish off the purchase.

So it’s a nice new handy way. I love it yet you pretty until they’re diving into the shops into the oh yeah, hey we’re gon na do a video on this. We see your comments. Okay, so we did the oh. We just did the video about Instagram stories and how to sell it.

Instagram stories and we mentioned the shop and then a lot of people seemed interested in us after you talking about how to set up the shop. So we’ll do that, for you guys for sure definitely but take a look at it. If you selling any sort of products on a website take a look at the store, it’s definitely helped drive more traffic to your website. Just reduce any friction for people trying to buy from you another way to drive traffic to your website. This is generally gon na be more your website than a landing page is using influencer , so influences are great, as we know, when you get the right ones, and they know what they’re doing they can be extremely extremely effective.

So you, the right influencer partner with them and in the agreement that you create make sure that there is a call-to-action to direct people to your website. So we do this with clogs, often where we engage influencers and then in their stories and sometimes depending on the arrangement that you create well, they will even add that link that you’ve requested to their bio for a period of time now you’re gon na want to Make sure that this link is trackable, so you can track your success and ensure that you’ve made the right investment in an influencer, and sometimes this can be a monetary investment. Sometimes it can be collaborative where you’re doing an exchange, but definitely give them that link. So you can see how effective the campaign was, so you can do that with UTM parameters, so creating a customized link so that you can track the purchases or you can do that with the bitly link. Something that’ll allow you to track me.

Bradley is another tool that we’ve used and it allows us to track and have a bit more information about who the audience was that came from an influencers link. So influencers are a fantastic way to come out of your own community and then leverage somebody else’s another way you can send traffic to your website using Instagram is via ads. So, of course, all the other ways we just outlined they’re all organic. They aren’t paid any of those things, except for maybe the influence of and everything else that everyone you can do that right now with zero budget now this is essentially the cheat sheet for doing it. Just with like with any of the social networks, you put your money up, you be good to go.

You break the algorithm, as we always like to say so by using ads, you can actually create ads in both the feed and in stories and allows you to do swap ups. They have to learn more option which will take you off to the website. Now. They’Re predominately for traffic ad, so you can just specifically from a post to your website with specific call to actions with an image of what you want to sell. And/Or video.

Of course, I’m sorry on Boomerang. You can do something fun in the stories as well, so using the ads, if you have a budget for that, will essentially trump all the other. Things are very, very helpful and you should be doing those, but this is one way to guarantee. If you talk it right, you’re gon na actually see some results from them, alright guys that is it. Thank you so much for coming back to watch another video.

We hope this has helped. You learn how to drive traffic to your website or landing page with Instagram. We’Re gon na keep trying to put out a bit more content about how to generate , because we know we’re in precarious time. So it’s important to build these audiences, but we also want to get into how to leverage the audience’s that we’re building to better enhance your business and fulfill your business objectives and goals right. So if you liked this video, give us a thumbs up, hit subscribe below and hit the notification bell, so you don’t miss any other videos from us.

You can follow everywhere on social media at high seas in Ko and check out our for resources at high seas and cocom. We will see you in the next video [ Music ]


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