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How to Use Social Media to Get More Traffic

Today we’re talking about two of my absolute favorite topics. Social media and generating traffic. Specifically combine the two into one tasty traffic social media goodness. Yeah, that sounds right. Hey there, Adam Erhart here, Modern Strategist and welcome to The Modern Show where we help you make that matters.

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Alright, so you want more traffic, good call. And after all, more traffic tends to mean more eyeballs on your stuff which means more opportunities to connect, convince, and convert your ideal prospect or lead. You also likely know that social media is incredibly powerful and has all the and all the capability necessary to deliver that traffic directly to you. So here’s the thing.

When it comes to generating traffic, social media isn’t the issue. After all, it’s got billions of users and it works just fine. And a lack of traffic isn’t really the issue because there’s plenty of people out there who would be interested in what you have to do. So the trick then is how do you combine these two? Social media and generating traffic and how do you make them work for your to generate all the traffic you could ever dream of?

Well fortunately, that’s what we’re talking about today and I’m giving you my six best tips on use social media to generate more traffic.

So the first thing you need to do when it comes to using social media to generate traffic is to work backwards. And what this means is to begin with the end in mind. And to be crystal clear about that final goal. So what we’re talking about here is clearly identifying kinda that one key place we wanna be sending traffic to.

Do we wanna send traffic to our website, or to our , or to an email list, or an optim page, or a webinar, or a video series? Whatever it is, we’ve gotta pick that one key place that’s gonna give us the greatest opportunity of success.

Now the reason it’s important to be strategic here and to ideally pick kinda just one place to send that traffic to is because we don’t wanna dilute our traffic across a number of different places, at least not initially. So pick that one place that’s gonna give you the highest likelihood of success where you’ve had great luck converting those leads into prospects and into customers and clients and to go with that. Alright, the next thing when it comes to using social media to generate traffic is you need to go where they are.

So the way to do this is to first identify your ideal customer avatar.

That perfect prospect, that perfect lead, that perfect customer or client, the one that you love and loves you and loves what you do and tells all their friends about you. Well, go after them and do that by finding out where they’re spending their time online and which social media platforms they’re using. I know, I know it sounds simple but believe it or not, this is where so many people miss the boat. And they go to the channels that they wanna use or that they think are the next hottest thing and they completely miss going to the places that their customers are already active.

And that obviously is a huge waste of opportunity and a complete waste of time, energy, and marketing dollars. So find the platforms that they use and they love and then go to them. And don’t expect them to come to you. Now if you’re just getting started and you have absolutely no idea where to go, well, my five best platforms I suggest you start looking into are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Point number three to generating more traffic with social is to act natural.

Now the way to act natural when it comes to generating traffic is you wanna fit it while simultaneously standing out. Let me explain. Basically, every different social media platform is gonna have a different style, a different tone, different kind of nuances in the way that things look and the way that things feel. Well, you wanna be respectful of these differences and kinda go in there knowing what to expect and fitting into the culture. This means studying what type of content works best.

What are the image sizes, what are the video lengths, what kind of style and what kind of colors and graphics, and what really is working well on that platform? But then you need to stand out by being your own true and unique and authentic self.

Yes, look to others for inspiration for what to do and kinda model your stuff after them but don’t copy, don’t steal, don’t plagiarize, don’t do any of that stuff because you’re gonna come off looking as a second rate version of them rather than a first rate version of you. Point number four is jab jab jab right hook. Gary Vaynerchuk wrote a great book on this and he really nailed it when he said, “You’ve gotta go out there and create a ton of value “and give a ton before you make that ask.

” Basically, he was spot on.

So when you go to social media looking to generate traffic, make sure your primary aim is to give as much value as possible, which means being entertaining, or being informative, or educating, or helping, or doing whatever you can to provide value to the social platforms. Then and only then, have you earned the right to make an offer. But an important point is when you make the offer, make sure that the offer is something that people actually want. You see, the reason most people’s traffic generating efforts on social media fail isn’t because of bad social media strategies or bad traffic generating strategies in general, it’s normally because of bad offers that are incongruent with the platform and with the audience.

But let’s get back on track. Point number five is to wash, rinse, and repeat. Basically what this means is that once you’ve uncovered what works, well, you wanna do more of it. Lots more of it. Lots and lots more of it.

This is because you’ve uncovered what’s gonna work for that channel and for your business so you obviously wanna double down and make sure to try and double or triple, or even 10X your results.

You see, once you’ve figured out something that works, well, take the lessons that you’ve learned from that and see if you can apply it on another channel. And again, make sure to choose another channel that your customers and clients are actually on. When it comes to social media, there’s been a long standing debate of whether quality is more important or quantity is more important. And well, where we’re at today is that it’s kind of a bit of both.

You need quality and you need quantity. So don’t be afraid to really dial in that first channel but then take the strategies, take the lessons, and take the tactics that you’ve learned and put them somewhere else.

Where your customers are. Alright and point number six is to throw some gas on the fire. And what we’re talking about here is paid ads.

You see, the five channels that I mentioned before, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest all have advertising options available which means if you’ve identified a good strategy on a good platform that works for you, works for your business and works for your customers, well, you really wanna use all of the and resources available to you. And this means putting some money where your mouth is and really leveraging all the work that you’ve already done on these platforms by amplifying your content with paid traffic.

Now the reason that we’re putting paid traffic and throwing gas on the fire, at the end of all the tips we’ve just covered is because we wanna use paid ads to amplify and to leverage all the good stuff we’ve already done. Because paid traffic is really just like gasoline. It just takes whatever you’re doing and makes it bigger, which means if you throw paid traffic at a really bad offer in a really bad channel where nobody is, well, you’re just gonna make it a whole lot worse and you’re gonna end up losing money.

But if you throw money at a good platform in a good channel with your customers that are already active and engaged, well, again, you’re gonna amplify those results and you’re going to increase your return on investment. And my final point when it comes to using paid ads is that they are still incredibly under priced attention which means that you can reach your customers and your clients for far cheaper than almost any other advertising option available and it’s incredibly undervalued attention. So get to getting while the getting’s good. Alright, so there we have it.

Those are the strategies to help you leverage social media to generate even more traffic.

It is totally doable and totally possible and I know you can do it if you apply these tips and everything we talked about today. So tell me in the comment section below, which channel are you gonna be doubling down on? Is it gonna be Facebook, or YouTube, or Instagram, or LinkedIn, or Pinterest? Let me know in the comment section below as I’d love to weigh in and learn a little more about your strategy. So thanks so much for watching.

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