Get More Money/Traffic Online increase website traffic How You Can Increase Website Traffic W/ Google Search Console In 2021

How You Can Increase Website Traffic W/ Google Search Console In 2021


Hey welcome back. I wanted to quickly take you through a tutorial of how i use search console to improve my website’s and get more website traffic coming into my website before i jump in. If you want more and digital tips to grow, your business online make sure you hit that subscribe button, because i’m here all the time for you so assuming that you already have ’s search console set up. That’S the most important aspect. If you, if you’ve, never set it up, you would just log in here add property and follow through the steps to add your website on there.

Assuming that you already have this set up, you have some pre-established articles on your website and and specific pages and blogs and whatnot driving traffic uh. This is the initial screen that we’re gon na work. Our look at so you have google search on console, pulled up here. It’S gon na default to three months web and have total clicks and total impressions checked on here. So what the first thing that i’m going to do is i’m going to click on average position.

This is going to show the average position of everything, the individual keywords, uh pages and and whatnot. So this query section here are your individual keywords, but where i want to go into, is this pages tab? This pages tab here is really powerful. Okay, these are going to show you your top pages that are actually driving the most amount of clicks, uh, most amount of impressions and the average position over the time frame so three months. So what i like to do here is i like to look through, and i like to look at the pages that are driving significant amount of clicks, getting a decent amount of uh impressions uh and are just outside of page one uh positioning so position.

The first page of google would be roughly um one through ten, approximately um. You know 11 through 20, approximately is gon na, be page two uh, etc, and so, if i know that these pages are already driving clicks, i want to focus my efforts on increasing the rankings for these individual pages. So i don’t necessarily want to continue to only create new resources, new resources, new resources. I want to build up and strengthen the articles that are actually driving me clicks. So what we can look at here and we can even change the uh the time frame here from you know three months to uh the last 28 days.

That’ll give us a more accurate picture here, and then we can click into these urls as well. So this this article right here, uh the five drug grab rehab strategies, is my second most clicked article. It’S averaging position. 26. So i’m going to go in i’m going to click on that article and it’s going to show me this data over time here and then i’m going to go back over to queries tab once i’m i’m set on this individual page and so click data is going To be a little off here, so i’m going to sort by impressions instead and now.

What we can see here is the top keywords that we’re getting the most amount of impressions from in our average position on there. So now, what i’m gon na do is i’m gon na mark down some of these individual keywords, uh that i have a pretty good ranking for drug rehab, , uh addiction, treatment, , um treatment, center , right uh and i’m gon na look at this page and See how i can increase the information – that’s on that page to be more relevant for the keywords that it’s actually ranking for you know. Maybe that’s um, inserting a new paragraph in there. Maybe it’s putting in a video that’s specific to that particular topic. Maybe it’s driving some backlinks over into that article with the anchor text for some of these keywords as well.

The bottom line is that is how you’re going to increase your website traffic kind of the low-hanging fruit. You already have pages that are ranking pretty high they’re. Actually, driving clicks, you should work to improve those winning pages for you as much as you possibly can. This is a great way. You know, go go into these pages and work through all of these.

You know if you have an established website. Look through all of these urls now, if you want more great tips and you want to watch how i optimized and launched a brand new website and got it generating leads in less than two weeks.

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